I enrolled my 5 month old German Shepard to be trained by Robinswood Kennels on 11/12/09. I was to visit and train with her 0n 11/20/09 and again on 11/27/09 and then bring her home. On 11/19/09 they called me to cancel my appointment to go there and train with her the next day. I asked if I could just come to see her instead and grew very suspicious when her trainer, Tony, said absolutely not and became angry with me. Against their advice I arrived the day to find my dog in terrible shape. She limped out to me, unable to lift her rear end and then laid on her back to show me her cuts and welts on her stomach. As obvious as her trauma was, Tony insisted she was fine and that she had scratches from another dog and limped as a result of growing pains.She had also lost 10 lbs.

Tony was not helping the situation or admiting to any wrong doing & then the owner arrived and admited that she had an accident. He was vague but admited that she might have gotten twisted in a wire chord that hung in her kennel to open the door and that she might have been tangled and hanging from it for some time since the kennel is not monitored from 10 pm to 8 am. He would not tell me when it happened, why I was not contacted, nor why he tried to hide it from me. He also did not tell me what type of medication or treatment she was provided. I called the police and filed a report and then took her to my vet.

Her vet said that she is unable to walk due to the severe trauma her insides suffered. Her stomach is swollen from th trauma and her cuts are already scabbing over which makes the vet believe this happened early in the week. Her liver enzymes were also elevated 5 times their norm due to either her trauma or medication they may have provided. Because we do not know the vet could not give her more medication. Her urinary tract apprears to be torn or ruptured. We are still unsure? She continually release blood from her anal and strains when doing so.My dog was a happy and healthy pup full of life and energy. Due to whatever happened she now is in severe pain, unable to walk, or go to the bathroom like normal, and afraid of everyone. Whether this was an accident or not, why did they try to deny that she was hurt and why didn\'t they contact me when she was hurt? My poor dog laid in her own blood in that kennel untreated while they told me she was perfectly healthy. Please help me protect our dogs.

Let me thank you in advance for your timely attention to this matter.