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I recently lost a 6-month-old puppy and a 2-month-old puppy both eating Red Flannel Puppy food. I had other dogs who got ill and still have bloody stool. These dogs were all on the puppy food. My dogs eating the adult food never got sick... I went to the dealer of the food. They told me it wasn't the food. I'm so sad I lost my baby to a dog food.


Within two weeks of feeding our dog Red Flannel’s adult formula dog food, he began developing trigeminal and facial neuropathy and fatigue. He required fluid administration from a bottle for a time to maintain hydration as he could not drink from a bowl. We ultimately stopped the food, but thought this was likely coincidental as trigeminal neuralgia in dogs is most often idiopathic reportedly. The neuropathy was partially resolved. Upon trying to resume the food, he began having vomiting (coincidence?). We wonder if others have had our experience and if there have been some bad batches of food. We will not be feeding this food any further because we are not certain of its safety. Veterinarian visit with thyroid testing resulted with no treatment available. He is a registered intact French Brittany spaniel hunting dog and thus far has permanent atrophy of the muscles of his face and head, but he can at least now drink water again.

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