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Recently I visited the mall directly adjacent to Puppy Country. and while there I noticed an overwhelming stench -- it was so bad that I commented about it to the shop owner. He said that the smell was coming from the animals next door. As a concerned mom of two extremely healthy mixed breeds (adopted from my local SPCA) I went in next door to check it out. The stench of urine, feces and other doggie smells was overwhelming, the open pens were very soiled, the dogs lethargic, and the store employees generally unfriendly.

Anyone considering purchasing a pure breed puppy should always check with their local animal shelter first. Broward county has an award-winning facility that provides outstanding customer service and thoroughly vetted, healthy and friendly animals, they always have a variety of mixed and purebreed animals and will even call you when your desired breed arrives. ... I hope that anyone considering a purchase with them will consider my experience and elect not to support the unethical sale and breeding of dogs purely for profit.

I was looking for a particular breed of puppy. I was looking for a tiny Brussles Griffon puppy. I was in the store and was looking around when the tiny female came out of hiding. She was everything I was looking for and much more. I held her and instantly wanted to take her home. I advised the owner that I wanted the puppy and she aggreed, even though she was crying. She had taken this pup home every night because she was so tiny.

I asked if she was for sale and was told yes...everything in the store is for sale. I was advised she did this a lot with puppies...growing attached then not selling them. I had told the store that I would buy her right now, I just would prefer to bring back my husband to show him. They even agreed to give me a crate for training. I had made up my mind and the puppy was a good as mine. I asked if I needed a deposit and was told no need, as long as I was back in the store before close, I did not need to place a deposit.

Later, I called to let Puppy Country know I would be there in 10 min. When I made the call I was placed on hold and told that the puppy was not going to be for sale. I argued that they made a verbal agreement with me and I had even offered to put down a deposit. I was speaking to Jennifer and advised it was bad business to verbally agree then go back on your word. I was told that it was not bad business by her boyfriend, Chris. He proceeded to inform me that they had the best puppies, and they could do whatever they wanted with their store and puupies. If I wanted to wait a new litter was coming around Christmas time. But they would be more expensive.

Before hanging up the phone, Jennifer said she would stay at the store so my husband could see the puppy and what I was looking for. When we got to the store she had already left. I was again infuriated.

I was offered the brother of the female but by then I had an extremely bad taste in my mouth for Puppy Country. I was not going to allow them to treat me the way I was treated and then give them a huge sale. I have since discouraged other friends and family of making purchases at this store. ... I was lucky and with some skill I located the breeder from whom she bought these particular puppies. And for much less, might I add!

I came down to Florida to visit family and purchased a puppy from Puppy Country (tea-cup pomerainian), which had ear mites. Though treatable, Puppy Country denied responsibilty. Within the first week the puppy had died of a congenital heart defect. Puppy Country required an autopsy from their doctor, which he provided, (Dr. Bellows) stating in fact, the heart condition was something the puppy was born with.

The owner Jennifer, will no longer take my calls even though 3 months ago she promised to reimburse me for not only the puppy but for the major expenses I incurred from the doctors visits. I recently traveled down to FL again to participate in a protest against such puppy mills. Jennifer refused to see me and had me barred from the store. All without any compensation or care of what she has put me through. I am heart broken and they have no consideration for me or my dead puppy. There have been numerous complaints of abuse stated in the local paper (Sun Sentinal).

Damage Resulting: $900.00 cost of puppy, alomost $2000.00 to Puppy Country's vet Dr. Bellows, extreme heartache and anger.

I purchased three puppies from Puppy Country, first a blk. & tan pomeranian, which had ear mites. On the second purchase I bought a parti color pomeranian which had such severe diarrhea that she had no hair on her bottom. Both of these treatable. The third was a tea-cup chihuahua. I went to Dr. Bellows on all cases.

The chihuahua would not advance, he stayed at the weight or lost. Blood tests were run and his blood counts were off. We treated with antibiotics, still we were not getting anywhere. About 5 wks into it, this puppy became ill and more tests were performed. Transfusions were done and the puppy still died. Autopsy was preformed and the findings from the vet in a letter to Jennifer stated that the heart was 2 to 3 times the size of normal range which led to the bleeding of the vessel. Jennifer was notified in writing of this on 11/06/03. As of 12/18/03 there has been no response.

I purchased a Miniature Schnauzer from Puppy Country February 2003. In July she had her first professional haircut. It was then that we noticed that her ear was not cropped properly. There is a 1" X 3/8" piece of skin that hangs from one ear. I called Puppy Country, the young lady that answered the phone, said, "No problem, bring her in". They would take care of it. I called on the day that I was going to bring her in to make sure that someone would be available to see her. Jennifer took the call, and said we can't do that here, you will have to go to our vet.
I told her that Chloe (my Schnauzer) was on the Wellness Plan at Banfield, and that I could take her there. She said "no way -- We will only pay for it if you take her to Dr. Bellows." So I called to make an appointment with Dr. Bellows' office. I told both Jennifer and Dr. Bellows office that it was important to me that it was taken care of the day that I brought her in. Weston was a very long way from my home. Chloe gets very car sick.
Since she was scheduled to have the surgery, I was not supposed to let her have anything to eat or drink. Chloe was very sick the entire way. I get there, Dr. Bellows looks at her. He agreed that they were not cropped properly. He then proceeded to check her, and tell me that she needed two teeth pulled, probably two cuts to allow her other teeth to come in. She had an additional tooth that needed pulled, there was an overbite. Chloe had just been spayed. She was examined at the time. Two teeth were pulled. Now I am hearing a few weeks later that she needs all of this additional dental work. He also said she needed to get her teeth cleaned.
I told him that Chloe has her own vet. I was only there to deal with the ear scenario. I asked him to reconfirm that Puppy Country was going to pay for the repair. He went out of the room and called, came back, and told me that they said that they would not pay for it because it was cosmetic. I was shocked! Why would I have brought my Chloe to Weston if they were not going to take care of it?
I called Puppy Country. Jennifer would not take my call. A man came to the phone. He was very rude. I told him the scenario. I also told him that I had just realized that I needed to have her put under anesthesia to have the work done. He started yelling, "I can't believe you would put your dog under anesthesia for a cosmetic reason." I told him that since I found that out I would prefer to have the work done by her vet when I have her teeth cleaned. He started yelling that I should have read my contract.

He hung up on me. Chloe was very sick all the way home. Why didn't someone tell me that they wouldn't cover it when I called the first time. Chloe would have been spared two very sick trips to their vet. I would have been spared a trip up, and back to Weston.

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I purchased a puppy ($950.00) on 12-27-02. On 12-31-02 the puppy died in the care of the store owners. I had first taken the puppy to their vet, per their policy, because the puppy was not eating. The vet, Dr. Jan Bellows, Weston, Fl. stated that the puppy had hypoglycemia. In my papers at the time of purchase, there was a clause stating that hypoglycemia was not covered under their guarantee.
After news of the puppy's death I contacted my own vet. He states that hypoglycemia stems form a genetic disorder through breeding. All I wanted from the store owners was a replacement, not even as expensive. I was told that I would still have to pay for another pet. (mine was a Tea Cup Yorkie) They had another that was larger for $650.00, and still expected me to pay additional.
I basically wanted some consideration for my purchase, as I basically only had him for 2 days. Further, during the time that I had him, he was never very energetic. I attributed this to new sorroundings, etc. I was instructed at the time of purchase as to my responsibilities for the extra special care needed for the puppy. I assure you that my alarm was set every 2 hours, in order to take care of him. I have raised 7 children, and am very accustomed to waking at all hours.

The company responds:

I am writing becuase of a past client of mine that posted a complaint on your site. First of all the complaint is not the true facts. Second, the costumer has already taken me to court and did not win the case. In fact the case was dropped due to lack of evidence or proof my company did anything wrong. I am telling you I now want this site off and am giving you 5 working business days from recieving this email. Otherwise I will be taking legal action against you and Mrs. Katz for posting incorrect information. I think it would be in your best interest if you screened complaints first before bashing a very reputable business like mine. I would like a reply asap.
Jennifer Augenstein
Puppy Country

Sunrise, FL

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