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Early this year, my husband and I adopted a Sphynx kitten from a breeder up in Canada. She shipped our kitten, along with two others, after driving to the US to send at the Fargo airport. Another woman expecting a kitten from the same breeder received my kitten instead (and vice versa). My kitten ended up in Buffalo, NY, and the other woman's ended up with me in Tulsa, OK. When the wrong kitten arrived at the TUL airport, they did not notice that the carrier was clearly marked for BUF (Buffalo airport to arrive to **) ALL OVER the container, or that they had handed me an airbill for the other woman instead of me.

Thankfully they let me take the kitten anyway (even though my ID was CLEARLY not the right one, which blows my mind) because they probably would have kept him in a kennel and he would have frozen to death since he arrived with an upper respiratory infection due to the stress from travel. The other woman was also able to take the other kitten into her own care while we sorted out our next steps - steps which ultimately ended up requiring that we keep both kittens instead of letting them ride on another two airplane flights and stop-over in kennels where they risked more exposure to infections worsening.

I requested a full refund because it blew my mind that this could happen. I have photos of the carrier and the wrong airbill handed to me, and the other girl has photos of her carrier and documentation that her kitten's sweater was removed, compromising his warmth and resulting in an even worse physical condition (they are Sphynx cats and require sweaters and heated pads during travel for extra warmth). The person we dealt with at Buffalo airport was horrible and took forever to even figure out basic logistics. While I did end up with a refund after hounding United for weeks with almost no interaction or updates, I definitely don't plan on allowing any animals to ride as PetSafe passengers. I regret my decision, and will drive next time, should I end up adopting another kitten.

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Be very wary if they tell you it has a Lifetime warranty. Now that I need it, they tell me that "lifetime" refers to the life of the product. In other words, there is only a warranty until it breaks.

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I purchased a replacement pump for my pet water fountain. Although I read a review about a leaking problem, I thought that I could resolve the issue with some vaseline on the seal. I was wrong. Now, I lose the money I originally paid for shipping and the money I have to pay to ship it back.


I purchased the Guardian Outdoor Bark Control at Kmart in S. Attleboro, MA to stop my neighbor's dogs from barking, their kennel is about 15 feet away from my apartment door. Under Trusted Solutions on the outside of the box it says, "It sends the ultrasonic sound up to 50 feet." Also it says under Common Questions: "Is the Guardian Outdoor Bark Control effective on all dogs?” Under Trusted Solutions it say's "not effective on deaf /hearing impaired dogs." My neighbor's dogs are neither deaf nor hearing impaired. I used the product correctly for 2 months with no results. Inside the box, from the operating guide it says, “You should expect a noise reduction in two weeks.” Under the Terms of Use section, it also says: "The specific temperament of your pet may not work with this product."

On the outside of the box under Common Questions where it reads, "Is the Guardian Bark Control effective on all dogs?” I believe the manufacture should have added the specific temperament of your pet may not work with this product, so the consumer could make an adequate decision on whether or not to spend approximately $50.00 on this product. I called the representative concerning the ineffectiveness of the product, and he said "that would be something he would discuss with the company, and it would be a good idea to add that to the outside of the box." He also said to "return it to the store I bought it from if I was unsatisfied with the product."

I just thought it was misleading to the customer that they didn't print on the outside of the box under Trusted Solutions, that "due to the specific temperament of your pet, it may not work on all dogs," otherwise I would have made the decision not to purchase this product if there was a possibility of it not being effective on all dogs. This product had no effectiveness on my neighbor’s dogs, and I was very disappointed with the outcome of this product. Their website for your information is **. I don't believe it mentions the fact that "due to the specific temperament of your pet, it may not work on all dogs.”


I bought five of their pet doors, four of which were large extreme wheather doors. I asked the sales person if these doors would be good for pregnant female Beagles and their puppies and he asured me they were. So I installed these doors on my Beagle unit which holds four Beagles. Then I lost a puppy that was six weeks old, I caulked it up to nature, then some time went by and I had another litter and then I lost three puppies when they were six weeks old and then I thought it was a reaction to medicine,

also each time when I cleaned up I noticed they were chewing on the pet door's insulating center piece, I did not pay much mind to it because puppies chew on everything, but then after some time went by I lost three more puppies I consulted with my Vet and he told me that the insulation in the door can cause stomach and bowell inflamation which causes the puppy to get a severe case of diarea and die in a very short time. I only lost the puppies when they were big enough to start chewing and get into trouble which was between 5-6 weeks of age.

When I contacted the company from their web site their response was they were sorry and that I should use a product called bitter apples to repel puppies from chewing on the insulation, and then yhey went on to tell me I could buy replacement flaps for $28.00. I could just scream. Do you tell a mother who's child got sich from eating lead paint on a toy well you should put bitter apples on the toy to stop it from chewing on it or do you make a change to your product so that nothing like this happens again.

I was very heart broken over the lost of those puppies after spending so much time with them. I removed all traces of that flap from my units and now looking for a suitable replacement. But I really cannot brlieve the so called remeady they gave me and then to ask for more money on a product that is fatal to young and for all I know even older dogs.

The physical damage was the lost of seven puppies and also the lost of the money I would have received if I was able to sell them when they came of age, also I spent many of sleepless nights trying to save them only to lose them to exhaustion. I become emotionally attached to my puppies and it is hard enough to let them go yet alone lose them to a defective product, at least when they go to a new home I know they are going to get a lot of love and attention.

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We have 3 dogs of various sizes, a lab mix, a pug and a chihuahua-pug mix. The other night while we were sleepin our smallest dog, the chihuahua-pug mix,apparently got her tags caught in the edge of the pet door. She must have struggled a long time to get herself loose, because when we got up, at about 5:45am, she was bloody and had a hole in her throat. Apparently she had struggled to the point of stabbing herself in the neck with one of the tags on her collar.

We took her to the vet and, thank God, he was there early and took her in. She had a hole in her windpipe and he had to place a shunt in her throat for a few days to allow for drainage. She seems to be doing better now and the doctor said her prognosis is good. She is 13 years old and we know is not as likely to recover well as a younger dog would, but we are praying for a full recovery.

We looked all over and tried to find where she had hurt herself. We thought at first it may have been a coyote attack, but the vet said not likely to have been an animal attack.

When we got home we noticed that most of the blood was around and on the doggy door and after playing around with the tags on her collar, we found that the tags could quite easily get lodged in where the magnet raises up to attach to the flap and as long as you are pulling sideways, no effort will dislodge the collar. Pulling straight up it can be dislodged, but apparently, in her panic, she did not do this. Because of her height, she would be the most likely of our dogs to have experienced this disaster.

We have ordered breakaway collars for all of the dogs, but are concerned and may leave the rabies, license and identification tags off of the dogs entirely. We know that if for some reason the dogs should get out of the yard, we may not see them again. I am forwarding the information to PetSafe.

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