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      Need a pet insurance provider?

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        Rated with 5 stars
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: Nov. 6, 2019

        While I could write what would amount to a War and Peace Novel I'll stick to the Readers Digest Version for the sake of simplicity. I have been a pet owner the majority of my life (read a senior citizen) and I can't imagine having a 4 legged kid and not having Petplan coverage. From PureBred Rottweilers to Mixed Breeds, one never knows what might the future holds by way of joint issues, ligament issues, cancer or any other of a host of health issues. Thru all of them PetPlan has been there to help mitigate the extraordinary expenses incurred with surgeries, allergies, physical therapy and more.

        Claim filing is easy, payment fast, and their customer service reps knowledgeable, helpful, and always willing to take as much time as needed to answer questions or resolve open issues. Recently Sarah helped me close out a claim and it was a pleasure dealing with her. Prior to joining PetPlan I had coverage under 2 different Pet Insurance companies, and my experiences with both was less than even mediocre. PetPlan was recommended by a trusted vet and after thoroughly researching them I switched and have never looked back.

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        Rated with 5 stars
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: Aug. 28, 2019

        How much are you willing to spend to make sure your four-legged baby is healthy, happy, and safe? I'm glad I don't know the answer - because it's probably everything in my savings account, all my credit cards, and my right arm. I still have both arms and no debt thanks to Petplan's coverage of my beloved puppy. Brody, less than two years old, is suffering from a serious muscular condition that has caused him intense pain, exhaustion, and muscle-atrophy all over his body. He is the happiest dog on earth, and it has been awful to watch. Unfortunately, he did not respond well to the usual treatment options and after almost two months of trying different things, we eventually ended up in the emergency room.

        After a couple days in the hospital and a neurological consultation, Brody is on a revised "get healthy" plan and improving slowly each day. Between the vet visits, the recurring bloodwork, the prescriptions, anesthesia for exams (too painful to do without), a cancelled vacation due to emergency treatment needs, emergency room bills, and everything else that may be coming our way, we were (and are) looking at thousands of dollars in care. PetPlan has been there since Day One.

        When Brody first received a diagnosis, I called Petplan to make sure I understood where we were headed financially. The first thing the person asked me was, "How are you and Brody holding up?" That's how all my interactions with Petplan have gone - they ask first about our well-being, then answer any questions openly, honestly, and quickly (I've never waited to speak to a real person).

        The most recent time I spoke with a Petplan representative, I called in a panic because the bill for Brody's emergency room visit and subsequent hospital stay was a big burden and the hospital refused to work with Petplan for payment directly (they required it upfront). The person I spoke to at Petplan - once again, asked how Brody was doing - and then assured me that she understood the issue completely and would do everything she could to get the claims expedited. They were approved and a check was in the mail within 48 hours of that conversation.

        I can't say enough positive things about my experience with Petplan, and I hope this story encourages you that it's the right option. I know other doggie-parents who have had very different situations, and I am so glad that Petplan has never asked me to choose between Brody's well-being (or even his life) and my financial stability.

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        5 people found this review helpful

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          Rated with 5 stars
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: June 25, 2019

          When our Dover was diagnosed with liver problems, it was devastating as he was only 3 years old. Petplan stepped up to the plate and has been there for us emotionally as well as financially as we knew we could do treatment for him. Once our deductible was met, they have been efficient in responding to our statements sent. It is almost 6 months later and he is doing well on his medications and is a happy 4 year old lab. Our daughter also has Petplan for her wonderful dog, and we will always look to this company for their continued support. THANK YOU Petplan! You are the best!!!! I will always refer people to you as you continue to be there for our furry friends.

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          Rated with 5 stars
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          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: March 14, 2019

          I was nearing the end pretty tough overseas work trip when my friend who was dog-sitting my pet Barkley texted me saying he was at the Vet/ER because Barkley broke his leg. I called the vet immediately and was told it was a bad break, definitely required surgery and it had to happen ASAP. I honestly thought he might lose his leg. The doctor was upfront and told me this could cost as much as 6k. When I said I had pet insurance she was relieved for me and Barkley and said she tells everyone it's a must have for pet owners. She's right. Barkley is getting the care he needs to recover and Petplan is really coming through.

          This was the first claim I filed so I was a little overwhelmed with the process at first but they are very reachable, kind and understanding over the phone and they walked me through every step of the process. Having pet emergencies is undeniably stressful and this was no different but it's nice to know Petplan was there for me and Barkley to make this whole thing a little bit easier. I highly recommend Petplan to owners.

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          Rated with 5 stars
          profile pic of the author
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Feb. 16, 2019

          Petplan is a lifesaver! They are a great company to work with and I’m so glad I found them to protect my fur babies. They always respond to inquiries timely and are extremely friendly and helpful. All claims I’ve ever submitted have been reviewed when promised or faster. They’ve always paid what the policy says they will. They don’t try to overreach known conditions to get out of covering other ones. And although when I pay my vet bills the workers always grumble a little when I mention insurance, my vet and hospitals have never expressed any issue working with this company when documentation is needed. It’s very easy to see what will be covered – pick your limit, pick your deductible, pick your co-payment % and done. And their terms and conditions are very easy to read and follow. Anyone considering paying for pet insurance should be getting annual well visits for their pet anyway.

          Why pet insurance? Why Petplan? I’ve had two cats and both turned out to have undiagnosed genetic deformities in their internal organs that eventually turned into serious medical conditions. Once the trouble started, diagnosis and treatment cost thousands of dollars. Because of Petplan I never had to say no to any of the recommended treatment because I knew they had my (and my kitty’s) back. They cover hereditary conditions and chronic conditions as long as the condition had not manifested itself and was not detectable when the policy began. And they pay what the vet charges – no fee schedule and no different coverage for regular vets vs. hospitals. Those things distinguish Petplan from other companies offering similar products.

          Read the fine print when you compare companies. If you are looking for insurance to cover well visits, then this is not the company for you. However, if you’ve ever had your feline best friend act normal one day and be on death’s door the next, you know how stressful it can be worrying about your pet and how you are going to pay for his or her medical care. And medical care for pets is expensive! Petplan provides great coverage, excellent service and offers very reasonable premiums. If you are looking for an accident and illness policy to cover your cat or dog, I highly recommend Petplan.

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          10 people found this review helpful
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          Rated with 1 star
          Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
          Original review: Jan. 25, 2020

          PLEASE reconsider joining PetPlan. This company maybe the first one to pop up on your Google search but they are not worth all the headaches of their irresponsible and downright terrible upper management. I will go so far as to say they have "breached my contract" and made changes to my policy without my consent. Please read this before choosing PetPlan. I cannot express how strongly I recommend you consider other pet insurance companies before choosing PetPlan.

          I have been with PetPlan Insurance for close to four years now. They handle their claims well and pay relatively quickly but that is not the whole picture. When I received my annual renewal notice for this year, I was a bit shocked at just how much my monthly premium was going to be. On 9/28/19 I called PetPlan and spoke with a customer service representative. She said I could lower my premium if I went from an Unlimited Annual Limit to $250,000 annual limit. She explained that nothing else would change on my policy. I would still have $100 deductible per year and 90% reimbursement. I repeated this to her at least 3 times. I wanted to be sure my deductible would stay at $100. This was my primary concern. She reassured me each time that nothing would change other than my annual limit.

          I got a call back from the same representative the next day. She apologized and said she had made a mistake. If I lowered my annual limit to $250,000 this would make my deductible change to $250. I immediately told her never mind, I would rather pay the higher monthly premium, I did not want a deductible of $250. That is when I was told my policy cannot be changed. She had made the changes and supposedly nothing could be done to change it back. I insisted on speaking to someone above her. Same story. Over and over again person after person.

          I finally got someone who claimed they would take the matter to a supervisor and see what can be done. At this time I am told I will get a call back in few days. After a week passes, I call again. I cannot speak with the same person as before so I must go through the whole story again. This happens week after week. I call, I repeat the story, I am told I will get a call back and nothing.

          As of 10/21 nothing had been corrected so I call again. Once again, I cannot speak with the person from before. This time however I am told the notes in the system show the matter has been sent to the IT department and they are working on it. Apparently, their computer system is not set up to make such changes. I will get a call when IT has made the correction.

          11/13 Nothing has changed. I call again! I finally speak to a representative (we will call this person Agent S) who says she truly understands what has happened. She is the only person who has been on the phone with me ever since. She returns my calls and does seem to care about what has happened, however my account is still not corrected. This company has the worst upper management/ back office/tech support and or computer system of any company I have ever heard of.

          Remember now, this all began because one of their customer service representatives gave me incorrect information and made a change to my account to my account that I did not want. When this first began I had claims that needed to be processed. Claims that happened in August. With the account being so messed up I was told to hold off on submitting the claims until this matter could be fixed. At around mid-December I told Agent S I needed to get these claims turned in. I wanted them done before the end of 2019 so I could start 2020 paid up. She had me send the claims directly to her and she submitted them so that she could make sure everything was processed as $100 deductible.

          Yesterday in the mail I received two letters. One letter telling me that $117.24 will not be paid since the claim is over 90 days. (This is the first I have heard about claims having to be filed within a specific time frame.) The second letter says that $156.51 will not be paid because it does not meet my deductible of …$250.

          I cannot just leave and go to another company and PetPlan knows it.

          My dogs have knee issues. They each had a knee replacement by the time they were 2 years old. We know the other knee will need surgery at some point as they age. This is considered a preexisting condition and no other insurance company will cover the surgery when the time comes. There are other medical issues that will not be covered by another insurance company as they will be considered preexisting. PetPlan has me trapped. I can not stress enough…consider other companies. This company has the worst management of any company I’ve dealt with in years.

          Respectfully, A

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          Rated with 1 star
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Jan. 16, 2020

          This company should not be in business. They turn around the vets words written in the notes. My dog bloated and needed surgery. They claimed it was elective. He would have died if he did not have the surgery.

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          Rated with 1 star
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Jan. 3, 2020

          Yes like many others Petplan refused my claim because it was a pre existing condition. Diarrhea....if your pet has had it and then you claim for another stomach problem whatever it is and however caused they don't pay lifetime coverage? Baloney! Absolute con and no contact through claim to discuss what was happening. Money paid for big boss to have a holiday!

          3 people found this review helpful
          Rated with 1 star
          profile pic of the author
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Dec. 19, 2019

          Been paying them insurance premiums for over 8 years, without having to file one claim. When my baby got sick at 8 years and 8 months old, they found a way to deny my claim. I could've paid the Vet bills 10 times over, if I had just put the money in savings, instead of paying this worthless company. They don't even deserve 1 star. Rest in peace my Haole girl :'(

          7 people found this review helpful
          Rated with 1 star
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Dec. 18, 2019

          Petplan denied coverage for surgery for my dog, claiming he had a preexisting condition, which he did not. I've been paying for this policy for 7 years, and could have paid for his surgery 10 times over by now. When I called to try to get them to reconsider or file an appeal, they had nothing to offer me but the "opportunity" to change to a lower level of coverage. Ridiculous!!

          Do not use Petplan. They claim to care but absolutely do not. Check out their Facebook page--there is a reason why they don't have a Reviews section on their company page. I have so many friends and family with pets, including some who work with and in dog rescues, and they'll all be hearing about this. Shame on you, Petplan!

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          6 people found this review helpful

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            Petplan expert review by Matthew Brodsky

            Drawing on more than 35 years of experience in the pet insurance industry, through their relationship with sister company Petplan UK, Petplan offers policies in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. As the insurer of choice for rescues and animal shelters nationwide, they are an industry leader in the pet insurance space.

            • High annual limits: With annual expense reimbursements reaching up to $22,000 per year, pet parents will have access to a high level of care.

            • Tiered pricing: Get as much or as little coverage as needed, based on personal circumstances. For those that have access to in-home care, Bronze coverage gives them the same health benefits without the added costs for boarding coverage.

            • Customizable coverage: In addition to tiered coverage, there is also considerable customization available. Choose a deductible and reimbursement level based on personal finances and affordability.

            • No networks: Petplan policyholders can pick and choose their pet health provider. There are no networks or preferred providers.

            • Fast reimbursement: Vet bills can cost thousands of dollars, so quick reimbursement can be crucial. Petplan typically processes and pays out on claims within 14 days.

            • Best for: Dog lovers, cat lovers and multi-pet households.

            by Matthew Brodsky Insurance Contributing Editor

            Matthew Brodsky is an established expert on insurance, having written hundreds of articles and other pieces of content on the subject, interviewed countless practitioners, and attended dozens of conferences and events. He served as an editor at industry magazine Risk & Insurance for six years.

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            Newtown Square
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            United States
            (866) 467-3875

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