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I purchased a min-pin puppy at the Willow Brook mall. This puppy was under a warranty. After paying $1,278.00 for this dog from this store, when the pup turned 7months, he was diagnosed with Legg-prethes disease in both hips (LPD is an extremely painful bone disease, where the bone in the hip joint just crumbles and falls apart in the dog's body, which is a hereditary/congenital disease covered in their warranty that was sold to me for an extra $100)! After getting my two letters of 'unfit for sale' and brought them to the pet zone, the manager argues with me about the refund ! They just wanted the puppy to be put down& give me anew one- this was my first puppy ever and I was just in love with him and could not just put him down

The surgery rate for this disease was 99.8% effective and my pup being perfectly healthy (besides this disease) deserved that chance. Finally, the store manager agreed to refund me, as did the insurance company due to their policy. After all was said and done, I went and got my baby this $4,000 surgery. The bills came, so I called the insurance company P.A.W.S. to see where my check was? They informed me that my claim along with several others was being sent back to the corporate of the pet zone for payment, as they will no longer be covering/Insuring the pet zone.

I was very upset at this point and called the store to get the corporation's telephone number. When I called the employee "so nicely" told me there is no corporate just Ted, the owner. I was given Ted's number and called him right away, he rushed me off the phone telling me to e-mail him all the info. As I did. And I waited and waited, so I called again, left a message still nothing sent him another second and final request for a response and still nothing ! He refuses to respond to anything. After all why would he want to take responsibilities for selling sick diseased puppies?!

Now I am here, 21 years old working 3 jobs to try and pay this back $4,000 that I would not have spent if they didn't agree to pay 1/2! Now my credit will more then likely get messed up because this jerk doesn't know how to run a proper trust worthy business ! I lost my job, had to care for my puppy round the clock. teaching him how to walk again. emotional damage .


I bought a Doberman puppy for my daughter around December 2010 because she lost her best friend to bone cancer. I explained this to the girl whom I bought the dog from. This dog has had a urinary tract infection since I bought her. I have spent over $1,200 in vet bills with no end in sight. She promised that all expenses would be paid for, but it is now May 20th and I have not yet received a penny. The dog is still sick. They are going to run more expensive tests if the last batch of pills didn't work. I think someone should look into Pet Zone's policies.


My fiancé purchased a dog for me for my birthday. While I was looking, I began to have an allergy attack and had to leave the store. When I went back, the girl that helped me said the dog we were getting was hypoallergenic. We filled out the papers and she said just sign at the bottom and did not mention to tell us we were unable to bring the dog back if I had any problems. When I called, they told me we signed and was unable to return the dog, but never mentioned it to us. I had to go to the doctor on Tuesday because of an asthma and allergy attack.

The doctor informed me that I needed to get the dog out of the house and then I called the vet and they told me that the dog was not definitely hypoallergenic. So I again called the store and the manager (April) told me I could return the dog but would not get my money back. I told her it was a matter of life and death and she kept repeating herself that it was in fact hypoallergenic. So I asked her if I returned the dog would she give me a receipt saying I returned the dog and she was not sure about that. So now I have the dog and waiting for her to call me back and I am suffering. How could people like this be able to be in any kind of business dealing with customers?

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