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We purchased a cane corso from the store on route 35. We had very little experience with the breed but fell in love with the dog and had her home before we knew the depths of her defects and the owners deceptions. She claimed she had cane corsos from the same breeder (Julia **) and they were perfect both in health and temperament. Within hours at our house she seemed terrified and would snarl at our other dog - recall this is a puppy! We asked to contact the breeder and got the runaround. She called a number with us but there was no answer.

The breeder website is bogus, the address on one paper is a PO box in the middle of nowhere, another address is clearly a PUPPY MILL on Google maps, and our vet confirmed she was from a mill given her health problems. The breeder is a sham/lie used by this con-woman. 3 years and two knee replacements, horrible joints and stiffness, fearful aggressive behaviors, a terrified disposition... We consider our dog a very expensive rescue. We Got Played and lied to by a con-woman. You've been warned!!!!


I purchased Evo Small Bites 3kg dog food on May 1st 2010 and quickly realized it had expired on the 29th April 2010. I returned it to the store approx 5 mins after the purchase and informed the manager of the expiration date. She told me the food was fine to use for 6 months after the date. I told her it is illegal to sell products that are expired. She told me that it was not and then asked another staff member to replace it.

This product should have been exchanged with no questions asked, the fact that the product would be fine to use for another 6 months is irrelevant. My dog has allergies and this product was advised to me by one of the staff. There maybe a chance that something could have aggravated my dog purely because it was past the expiry. Also, this product was sold to me at full price. I am sure that it should have been made clear that it was expired and the option given to buy it at a discounted price at least!

Because of this experience, I have decided never to shop at that store again, and I will be sharing this experience with fellow animal owners and encourage them to shop elsewhere as you cannot trust the quality of the stock.


Beware the owners of Pet Paradise have now opened a new store, The Pet Shoppe in Middletown, NJ.


We bought a 9 week old Beagle from this store 5 years ago and believe me if I had read the complaints on this site first I would not have done so. Almost immediately after the puppy came home he started acting sick, sneezing, runny nose, etc. I took him to one vet. he said don't get attached because you'll probably have to return him, well that's not easy when you have two small daughters who love the dog.

So, I took him to another vet. who said the dog had a bad upper respiratory infection and he gave me medication for him. Eventually, he recovered. I submitted the vet bills to Pet Paradise, as per their contract, and was never reimbursed. Now, my sweet puppy is 5 years old and suffers from seizures. Please, investigate your sources before buying a puppy


My mom brought me a puppy from there about two years ago. When she was about one year old she got really sick so we brought her to the animal hospital and they said she had a liver shunt which meant that the blood flows outside of the liver instead of through it. She wouldn't live for much longer and the only options were surgery or medication. They said it was very very likely that it was a genetic disease.

The surgery would cost about $8,000 and we just paid over $100,000 for my brother and my dad's medical expenses. Right now my puppy is on medication that cost about $100 a month. Pet Paradise probably gets their puppies from puppy mills. PLEASE DO NOT BUT YOUR ANIMAL FROM THERE!!! I read these same things before I got my dog and I thought they were overreacting or it was just a couple situations. Please go to a breeder or a shelter. Those people actually care about their animals. The people at Pet Paradise act like they do but they really don't.

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We bought a puppy a few weeks ago from this store. She has been sick ever since we got her home. We took her to OUR OWN vet because I don't trust their vet. And they found a few semi-life threatening diseases, which also put our current dog in danger. So we had to medicate both dogs, which cost us about $400.00 with tests and medications.

So I decided to call the store back and they told me the that the condition was NOT a unfit for purchase. Plus, it took until today 7/12/08 for a person to call me back, which I had left numerous messages. The employee that called me back was rude and disrespectful. Then the lady proceeded to tell me I got ripped off by the vet. They should make sure their dogs have no problems before selling them at the prices that they sell them at.


I am the former Manager of Pet Paradise in Manalapan New Jersey and would love to help shut them down..I have alot of information that would be helpful..

I was the manager for about 3 years..I quit after that time because I could save more puppies..I own 5 dogs myself that were sick and purchased there for full price..A few have died since I quit..


My friend went to purchase a puppy, put deposit on puppy but first asked where the puppy came from. They said it absolutely did not come from a puppy mill, it came from David Zimmerman Kennel in Pa. She signed about 5 documents and gave a $600 deposit. The next day she was to pay the difference and pick up the dog. When she went home she reseached D Zimmerman Kennel to find out it indeed is a puppy mill that was actually closed down last month for animal cruelty and unsanitary conditions. She went to the store the following day and asked to see the papers on the dog again and they refused. When she told them what she found out, they denied it and refused to give her deposit back or a copy of any of the papers she signed the day before. The owner, Dana, told her to get out of her store and if she ever told anyone she would take her house away.

The police were eventually called and they agreed to give her her deposit back as long as she did not discuss the incident with anyone else. She is extemely upset and wants to report them and let other people know what they are doing, but she is too scared due to the threats made against her.


I purchased oil and oil filter from pep boys and I mailed my rebate form and receipt. I did not receive my rebeait. I called they tolled me they send a check, since I have not got the first one they are sending me a 2nd check. I have not received the 2nd check for over month. I do not know how much longer I have to wait. I think I waited enough. I think 3 months is enough time.

I can not trust the rebait from any store based on getting smal rebait how much we have to go back and forth


About 4 months ago I bought a Pomeranian from Pet Paradise. The sign said TOY Pomeranian on the cage. She was a pound in a half when I bought her, the owner told my mother & I she wouldn’t get much bigger than what she was & the smaller the dog the MORE you pay. I paid $750.00 for her. She already is at 4lbs and the vet told me to expect at least a 5-6 lbs dog, she still has another 6 months to grow. I have wasted a tremendous amount of money on dog clothes.


I purchased a Maltese puppy on 11/14/05. The paperwork showed the dog in good health with no problems (3 visits from their vet are detailed). Within days my dog was terribly sick, it turned out she had pneumonia and a dangerous case of Coccidiosis (parasite). I also found out she has a disease involving her windpipe where she has a hard time breathing and often gasps for air.

As of today 12/14 (30 Days) my vet bills total more than $700.00 with more to come. When I called and spoke to someone at Pet Paradise and told them I was concerned because I had done research and found out alot of sick dogs come from there, I was told You are wasting my time. I was further told that Coccidiosis was no big deal, What was I upset for. When I purchased my dog she was 2.5 pounds she is now 1.7 pounds - That is what I am upset for. Furthermore I was told We have so many dogs and sometimes some of these things slip thru the cracks and are not caught. I spent a week sleeping with my hand on my puppies chest becuase she was so ill my vet told she could die and I am told I am wasting their time because there have been no complaints from the owners of the other dog she was housed with.


I purchased a puppy (Jack Russell Terrier) on 7/16/2005 and was told that I had 14 days to have the puppy examined and bring the puppy back if he was unfit for sale). On 7/22/2005 I had the puppy examined and he was diagnosed with a slight cough. I was told by my vet to watch the cough and return with the dog if it worsened. The cough did worsen and actually became pneumonia on 7/31/2005. I decided that because I have a young son at home and that the dog may need further treatment, I would return the dog for a full refund (the dog was $999).

I obtained a certificate of unfitness from my vet as well as documentation of the dog's illness. When I called Pet Paradise and let them know what was going on and what I requested the nightmare began. I was told that because I obtained the certificate of unfitness on 8/1 the 14 days had elapsed and I was too late. I tried explaining to them that the underlying diagnosis was made on 7/22 which was well within the 14 days. I asked to speak with Dana and was told that she would be away until Wed. (this was Mon.). I told the employee that I was very uncomfortable having this sick dog in my house and would like to bring him back as soon as possible. She told me that Dana said that under no terms were they going to take the dog back.

At that point I made the decision that I was not going to send my dog back to that awful place and that instead I was going to let my vet (whom I truly love and trust) take the dog and find him a good home. I think Pet Paradise is the most awful, shady, unethical, establishment I have ever encountered in my entire life. I would not send my worse enemy there to get a pet. I lost well over $1000 in this transaction but my piece of mind lies in the fact that my dog didn't have to back to that awful place.


Purchased a puppy from Pet Paradise. The dog got kennel cough (pretty common), then she had an infection in her paw where the poor thing was limping for a week, then she starts itching like crazy. The doctor says it's mange. Needless to say, the doctors bills are already adding up. I called Pet Paradise to inform them of the mange. Dana, the owner, offered to pay HALF the medical bill and give me half in a store credit. When I asked why she was giving me half in store credit she replied with What? you don't buy puppy food? You can use the credit here just like cash. I told her that wasn't the point and that it was an expensive bill and I wanted to the whole thing paid and not half of it in a store credit.

She responded with Expensive? What is it? 3,4 hundred dollars? That's nothing. Maybe to her that's nothing. So I told her I really wanted them to pay in full and she agreed as long as I RETURN THE DOGS PAPERS and just threw in at the the way she cannot be bred now because she'll pass mange on to her puppies. Ok this means I now paid $3,000 for a dog with no papers. So, I called her back and said I wanted some sort of money back for a dog with no papers. She refused and was very rude to my husband. My husband then got upset and said what if he returned the dog to the store, would he get a refund now? She said yes.

About an hour later, she called my home and asked me what time I was bringing the dog in. I told her that my husband was just upset and that we are not returning the dog. She then called me every name in the book and told the whole store that I was returning a dog with mange and what kind of person was I. She kept asking the people in the store what they thought of a person like me.


I purchased my puppy (shiba Inu) from Pet Paradise for $1,000. She was diagnosed with hip dysplasia,& patellar luxation in both rear legs. A result of poor breeding. I traced the pup's origins back to a breeder in Kansas that relinquished all her dogs due to the AWA. I received the reports and all documentation from the Kansas Animal Health Dept. proving that in fact my dog is a puppy mill dog. Pet Paradise advertise that the dogs come from the best breeders' across the country.

My pup has endured 2 knee surgeries, lives with hip dysplasia, and suffers from arthritis at a young age. Clearly not the life I had envisioned for her. The vet fees have cost $4,000 thus far. When I contacted Dana the co-owner of Pet Paradise she was rude and refused to reimburst me any of my expenses. Still denies that her animals are from mass production. When I have the proof that they are. the reports I received will make you sick. As I was to learn that this is where my pup came from!


I purchased a puppy from Pet Paradise 1/10/04 when he was 9 weeks old. He was always sick for the first 6 months I had him. He was at the vet constantly. At the age of 6 months, I had to rush him to the emergency room one night because he was acting strange. He went blind. The vet confirmed there was no trauma to the eye and was most likely an immune related condition and that he's never seen a puppy so young go blind with no trauma caused. I contacted the store several times and they said there was nothing they could do. I have been in contact with several pet owners who have purchased their animals from there and each and everyone of them say that their animals are very sick as well with unexplained causes.

With all of my puppy's illnesses in the past 7 months, I have had to endure very expensive medical costs and I am looking for reimbursement for these costs. Three different veterinarians have diagnosed by puppy as Unfit for Sale. My puppy also has major behavioral problems. These people are selling sick animals at extremely high prices and are getting away with it. I spoke with Dana and Joe, the owners, and they claim that their pets are not from pet mills but a few veterinarians in the area have confirmed that they are. In addition, they are guaranteeing healthy animals.

In addition, when I went there to purchase my puppy, there were dogs who were crammed in cages, some two or three to a cage. There was no water in some of the water bowls. In the cage of the dog that I purchased there was no water in the bowl, two of the puppies that were in the cage were curled up in a ball in the bowl. The cages were not clean, there was no food in some bowls. THe dog we bought looked so scared when we took him out of the cage. He sat in the corner of the room for about 25 mins. shaking. The puppies are out in the open for anyone to come over and pick up. I saw some small children picking up puppies. These dogs are not healthy.

The store claims that they do not get them from puppy mills, but vets in the area have confirmed that they are coming from mills. There are a number of people I know that have nothing but sick animals from this place. My puppy is now blind and has behavioral problems. I have endured $992.00 in medical bills so far and they are ongoing.

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