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    Pet Kingdom

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    32 Pet Kingdom Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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    Original review: July 11, 2017

    I recently purchased a baby bunny from Pet Kingdom. She was very sweet and I was instantly attached to her. A day or two after I had her I noticed she was weak and had a large amount of wet stool. I did some research and saw that this could be a sign of a fatal illness. I rushed her to an emergency vet at 2 am in Naples. I found out she was infested with worms and that the worms had caused a bloat in her intestines that is fatal to rabbits. Over a period of three days I racked up over $1300 in vet bills.

    She is currently stable but still has quite a fight. I have worked/managed pet stores in the past and am familiar with pet store issues and animals mills. I called Pet Kingdom to make them aware of the situation since these worms are extremely contagious and most likely all the other bunnies are infected. My main concern is the health of all animals and those who purchase their companions. I have purchased animals from pet stores before but this will be my last. BREEDER OR RESCUE ONLY!!!

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    Original review: May 21, 2017

    I purchased a Wheaten terrier from Pet Kingdom as was happy with everything over the years I purchased a cockatoo. So when I wanted a Goldendoodle I contacted pet kingdom and they told me they had a standard doodle in apricot. I was thrilled. I went to see the dog and after a few visits I purchased him. I asked if he was a puppy mill dog and was told no. I had my vet check him over and he was fine except for a kennel cough. I had Teddy Bear for 2.5 years and he passed away from megaesophagus. I had no idea what that was and did research on this. I found out that this was typically a hereditary disease and should have been noted by the pet store.

    Long story short I am heartbroken. Teddy was just a wonderful guy from the minute I got him until the second I lost him. I called the store and tried to tell them what happened and that they needed to check into this devastating disease. They never called me back. After 3 calls I gave up. I finally got a call back 1 week later and was asked what I was looking for. I replied, "Nothing at all but an 'I'm so sorry for your loss' would have been nice." The person was very combative and could care less. I would recommend anyone that is looking to purchase any pet check the place or breeder carefully.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 14, 2015

    I am very upset with this pet store... I recently purchased a German Shepherd puppy that was 12 weeks old. She seemed fine at the time. I have had her less than a week and knew there was something wrong with her. She wasn't playful like a normal HEALTHY puppy should be. So I took her into my vet. Come to find out she was running a 103.5 temp and has a major respiratory infection. While we were at Pet Kingdom there was another German Shepherd puppy there that was not moving and look very very thin. I am assuming she caught this from him.

    I went onto Pet Kingdom's site to read other reviews and have read a lot of similar reviews stating that people have purchased sick puppies and Pet Kingdom's response to them is to just return the dog for another one or a full refund. SERIOUSLY? This place need an overhaul and to hire new employees who truly care about the well-being of these animals.

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    Original review: Aug. 8, 2015

    Hi! I bought a male Chinchilla from this Pet Kingdom and he seemed kinda tired and I thought it was from being looked at in the window and the glass being knocked on. The lady brought him out to me in a towel - Said "He likes to spray you." I got him home and his hair was falling out. He just sat in his cage in the hut. I had him a week and he died. I tried giving him water with a syringe and mashed up pellets but he didn't want any. I called the pet store when I found out he passed away. I said I would bring him back the next day as I couldn't get there before they closed. They wanted to sell me another one and I said "No." I got a refund. The store smelled of urine and the dogs and cats were living in feces and urine. Employees don't care about animal welfare and aren't animal lovers. So sad seeing all the sick animals and being in small cages.

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    Original review: May 8, 2015

    On spring break purchased two little turtles at $20 each for my children. One had an eye issue from day one. My son researched and tried to help it. He lost interest cuz he knew the turtle was dying. Surprised it lasted 3 weeks... 2 days later my daughter's "healthy" turtle died. They were all over us to help in store, all to make a quick sale and it appears they work on commission since so and so had to get the credit for the sale. It's pathetic that they use living creatures and play on one's emotions to make a living at a reductions rate.

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    Original review: March 3, 2015

    I bought a nine week english bulldog many years ago from P.K. After having him for two weeks and loving him he started dragging one hip off and on. I took him to a vet, my own expense, and was told that he had Hip Dysplasia and a small fracture. After consulting with a specialist no fracture and the Dysplasia would be ok with growth. Pet Kingdom wanted me to return the pup to them so I could have a refund. I said no, since I had fallen in love with him already and I made them pay all vet bills.

    The next dog we bought had mange and was in the back area all alone and scared. We felt sorry for her and truly rescued her and healed her coat back to her beauty. Terrible care to the dogs!!!!! We saved a cat that was hiding there one day. It was nine weeks old and would not come up to people. The staff said she was mean and would most likely be sent back. Poor thing! They could care less. So we saved her and now loves people, happy and sassy. Pet Kingdom is terrible to their dogs and cats!!! Save the dogs.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 24, 2014

    I got two dogs, beagles, same father, 6 months apart. 5 years later both dogs have had seizures, Boomer last week, Eli tonight. Both dogs are afraid of loud noises, thunder, music, fire works, ice maker, spent lots of money at the emergency vet. I believe it is a hereditary disease and think breeding should be stopped.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 4, 2014

    My son lives in Ft Myers. They bought a puppy that was very ill.. They returned it three days later. The place is not sanitary.. puppies are living in filth.. cockroaches in pet dishes. Horrific conditions. They should be shut down!

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    Original review: June 28, 2014

    From the front door it may seem like a awesome pet store, BUT do not be fooled. Just bought an animal yesterday from this "Pet Kingdom". The animal we bought was nothing like they told me it would be. It was all just lies. Had to tear up the house to get the stinker out of the wall, went to give it back (not even 24 hours later) and just had accusations and rudeness thrown at us. They are not helpful what-so-ever nor do they even care about the health or well-being of the animals there. The animals in the pet store seem sick; runny noses, fuzzy eyes, wheezing, wounds and sores on the animals.. Not to mention, the poor puppies did not have any room in their encounter at all, plus it all reeks of urine.

    The owner and staff do not Love animals, they just want Money. It is completely absurd. Very disappointed. EXTREMELY RUDE SERVICE - NOT ANIMAL LOVERS. THIS PLACE NEEDS TO BE REMOVED. How can we do something about this?

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    37 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 14, 2014

    I'm organizing a group lawsuit against this store. The conditions those animals are kept in are horrible. The puppy I have bought from this place had Giardia Infection and Coccidiosis in addition to kennel cough. As you know Giardia is contagious to humans and other pets. It's not enough to return the sick pet to the store (you have 24 hours from purchasing to return the pet for full refund).

    PLEASE get a vet, check your other pets, Kids and yourself for Giardia. Ask the vet for an ELISA test. The parasite not always shows on a regular fecal float test at the vet office. Keep checking monthly fecal float test for the first 3 to 4 months after treatment is completed, followed by an ELISA test to make sure the infection is truly cleared. If you had a bitter experience with Pet Kingdom, please call me with information. This place got to be stopped. No animal deserve to get there. My phone is **.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 7, 2014

    My daughter got a rabbit on her birthday (4-3-2014) at Pet Kingdom Fort Myers. I tried to talk her out of it as the rabbit looked a little off to me. She somehow convinced me the rabbit was probably tired from all the noise and traffic in the building. I let her get it and we took it home. The rabbit seemed to be very loving when in reality I now believe it was just sick. Friday after work/school when we got home the rabbit was acting real weird almost as is if it were brain dead. It appeared to be breathing okay but we were able to just lift its head and it was like dead weight and she was not blinking. We put her back in her cage to let her rest. An hour later I went to check on her and she was laying on her side gasping for air. I had to explain to my daughter the rabbit was dying. She was devastated. I wrapped the baby rabbit in a small blanket and put her in a box so I could take her back to the pet store in the morning as she passed away after the pet store had closed for the evening.

    The next morning I was there when the store opened and the owner was not in. The person who was helping me said they need to call the owner. After waiting for the owner to call back the person helping me decided to go ahead and refund my daughter her money. They asked me if I would like another rabbit and I had read several bad things about this place between the time the rabbit had passed and we took her back. Please be aware of where you get your pets. If I had known how bad that place was I would have NEVER agreed to buy the rabbit there. My daughter does have another rabbit she got two years ago for her birthday and she is doing wonderful. She has had a litter of her own and I never had any problems with her or her babies. She was only $10 compared to Pet Kingdoms $35 and the person I got her from had mom and dad on the property and knew when they were born. Pet Kingdom knew none of that info...Buyer Beware.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 9, 2014

    Myself and family witnessed one of the monkeys in the green cage at the right rear of the store peeling the green paint from the wall. The monkey used its mouth and hands to peel and expose the white color under the paint. The area exposed didn't look like a one day job by the amount the monkey was able to peel at a time. The amount exposed today was about the diameter of a 1 gallon paint lid.

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    Original review: Feb. 23, 2014

    Not a PK customer, although I've been there. I just want to clear up a couple of things stated in a previous post regarding hiring an attorney to pursue a pet store for damages. First, it is NOT the law anywhere in the U.S. that you have 72 hours to back out of a contract or a sale. Having never bought an animal from PK, or any other pet store, I can't say whether or not there is a written contract that goes along with the purchase, but if there is, whatever is stated in that contract controls. If there is no contract, then unfortunately, in Florida, and probably every other state, a pet is regarded as any other kind of property and the store has the right to have a "no returns" or "all sales final" policy. In other words, no company has the obligation to give you your money back unless they have a written policy on it, in which case the policy is the contract and whatever it states controls, for example on the back of every Target receipt it says you have 90 days to return items and under what conditions you can do so.

    That said, Florida has a pretty healthy consumer protection statute and you could probably sue for the price of the pet and the vet bills and any other out of pocket costs under that statute, but only your actual out of pocket costs - not pain and suffering or emotional damages or punitive damages or anything like that. Also, please don't tell people "any attorney would love to take your case and not charge you" or whatever you said to that effect. Unless you've personally interviewed every attorney licensed in the State of Florida about whether or not they would sue PK and under what conditions, you are just talking out of your **.

    Moreover, a contingency basis is not really "no cost to you." What it means is that if you paid $1000 for a dog and $7000 in vet bills and you are able to get the full payment of $8000 in a settlement (unlikely - that's why they call it "settling") or they pay it after a trial (again, you could still end up taking less than what the judgment is for in order to get them just to pay something), the attorney would charge between 33-40% of that $8,000 depending on how far the litigation had progressed, and after that subtract the costs of the litigation - filing fees, copies, postage, deposition costs, mediator fees.

    So let's say you end up going to trial and getting that $8000 judgment and your attorney gets the $8k check from PK the day after the verdict is rendered. Since you went all the way to trial your attorney would have earned a fee of 40% of the judgment, that's $3200, then a minimum of $350 in filing fees to file the complaint in Lee County county civil court and to get it served. Then there's the other fees should you mediate or take a deposition or subpoena anyone for trial, including the vet. And if you went to trial, you'd have to hope that the vet decided to show up as doctors and even cops have been known to ignore subpoenas because often nothing happens when they do. But you can't just admit the vet records. The vet would have to testify. You could get their testimony in via deposition and hope that the judge or jury reads the deposition transcript (I'm convinced that many don't), but that will cost you probably over a thousand dollars between the vet's charging you for the time it takes for him/her to be deposed, the court reporter, and the transcript of the deposition.

    I would guess to try a case like this would have overall costs of at least a few thousand dollars, but let's conservatively say they're $2000. So out of your $8000 judgment, that actually gets paid in full & without you incurring any additional costs in getting payment (i.e. collection fees), you would net less than $3,000.00 and it would probably take about two years from the time you hired the attorney until the time you actually went to trial and were paid, and again that's if they don't appeal the judgment and pay promptly.

    I'm not saying no attorney will do this or that it might not be worth it to a person who has gone through an ordeal as many have described here, but so many people have no idea how the legal system really works and what happens is they get their hopes up based on someone telling them they can get all of their money back or even more, then they are disappointed and angry (usually at their attorney) when what they read on some random website, or they saw on Boston Legal or what their non-attorney neighbor told them or my favorite, what their cousin who is an attorney in NJ who knows nothing about FL law and does only real estate closings and no litigation work told them, ends up not being what happens in their case.

    Also, I've seen so many people screw up their case before they even hire an attorney because they've based their actions on a misunderstanding of the law. For example, let's say you really believe that "in every state you have 72 hours to cancel a contract" and that even though you look at your contract with PK and it says you have 24 hours to cancel it (again, I have NO IDEA if PK even has contracts and if they do, what those contracts say), you THINK you know the law is really 72 hours and you ASSUME that this law will override what's in the contract. That's all wrong. If it says 24 hours, you only have 24 hours. But because you think you have more time you don't go to PK to "cancel the contract" and get your money back until after the second or third day and guess what? They don't have to give you your money back. At least not under the contract. Again, there may be other ways, but you never want to do anything to jeopardize any of your legal bases for being compensated.

    Sorry to go off on a rant, but I just had to correct the statements about the law and about whether or not an attorney would take the case, and if so under what terms of payment, because if anyone does decide to pursue legal action against PK, or any other company for any other type of purchase of a defective product, they need to be informed as to the limitations of doing so. I wish these limitations weren't there, that you could get pain and suffering and emotional trauma damages for the loss of a pet as the result of someone else's negligence or intentional act, but you can't. However, anyone who gets a petition to put this on the ballot will definitely have my support, even though I doubt it would be successful. :(

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 10, 2014

    We purchased an English Bulldog on the evening of Thursday January 16th 2014. We were told that that dog had been examined by the vet that morning and it had just a slight case of Kennel Cough and we were sent home with 3 syringes of antibiotics. The morning of January 17th the dog was coughing more so I called pet Kingdom and was told that I just needed to give the medication time to kick in. I was also told if it worsened to bring it back on the 23rd when their vet would be in again. The evening of 17th it became so hard for the dog to breathe I had to take her to the animal ER at 11 pm. Roxy was examined and we were told that she had Pneumonia and needed to be admitted. She was put on IV antibiotics and Nebulizer treatments every 4-6 hours.

    I called Pet Kingdom on Saturday January 18th after they opened and told them what had happened and they told me to bring the dog back. I then called the Dr. at the ER and was told they would highly recommend not removing the dog at that point because of the severity of her illness. I spoke to the owner and was told I wouldn't be reimbursed for any vet costs but she wanted what was best for the dog. On Monday January 20th we had to pick Roxy up and take her to another vet to be cared for during the day so she could have her Nebulizer treatments every 4-6 hours as well as still being on IV antibiotics. IV antibiotic and Nebulizer treatments were continued 24 hours a day for the entire week until the morning of Saturday January 25th when we were called and told that Roxy's condition was worsening despite the treatment and it was recommend that she be put to sleep.

    I went to Pet Kingdom and showed the owner all of the receipts and recommendations from the other Veterinarians that cared for her over the last 8 days and was told she wouldn't pay for any of the cost (almost $7000.00). I told her that we were sold a very sick dog and there was no way that she had been examined the morning of the 16th, or if she had her condition was completely ignored. Her x-rays on the evening of the 17th showed her lungs were full and if any vet had examined her they would have known she was very ill. I was given my money back for the dog and would be given another dog but no compensation for vet costs for that week. Our family is still heart broken from the loss of Roxy, out several thousand dollars in medical costs and haven't heard a word from Pet Kingdom.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 5, 2014

    I purchased a Beagle for my wife and kids on Valentines Day 2012. They had fallen in love with him on a previous visit. We would occasionally stop in when we were out and about just to look at all the animals. I have always been against buying from pets stores and instead going through private breeders or sellers. For the same reasons all of these other folks have stated.

    The dog "has papers." Except after two years, he still doesn't. They won by waiting us out. After nearly a year, I finally gave up. It was always "We'll get back to you", or "There's a holdup with this or that", etc. No one ever did a thing. I am giving the extremely condensed version of that whole fiasco. I grew up with a Beagle, then had a roommate who had a Beagle that lived with us. I am no expert, although the dog we got from Pet Kingdom was like no Beagle I'd ever been around. Again, long story short. Problem after problem with health and demeanor, etc.

    I have also never been a fan of circuses. Over the years, it seems as though Pet Kingdom has turned into as much a kind of mini zoo/animal attraction type of place as a pet store. They really load up on the exotics to draw people in, but do not seem as though they are equipped to properly care for the animals they have. Maybe the bare minimum to pass state standards but that's really a shame. I'm not some hippie treehugger but come on, these animals are clearly not happy or comfortable. And by the comments on here, including mine, it's obvious they are not concerned with operating an ethically proper business.

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    Original review: Oct. 30, 2013

    I have been going to Pet Kingdom for all of my animal supplies the last nine months or so. I've bought two snakes from them, and a baby Neapolitan Mastiff. The snakes were a bit pricey, but its retail what do you expect? The employees are constantly swamped from the insane amount of people, but all of my questions were answered and my animals are happy and healthy. I don’t know if maybe their standards have gotten better or if you guy just like complaining, but I’m very satisfied with the way they run the business.

    In fact, once I was looking at a ball python they had and noticed it had mites. I flagged down the closest worker and let him know. I went back two days later for pinkies and saw that ALL of the snakes had been treated for mites. And do you honestly believe that puppy mill bull? The workers will GLADLY show you each puppy’s pedigree, so how the heck can they be from a mill? I've watched the owners mother bottle feeding kinkajous. I've seen the amphibian expert there GIVE somebody the highest tier water filter they had because the cheap one they bought from them was defective and they had to drive all the way back. In fact, I’m going there today to get bedding for the Pacman frog I’m about to purchase.

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    Original review: Sept. 12, 2013

    I did not buy a puppy from Pet Kingdom, because I saw how awful the puppies looked. There were two German Shepherd puppies no older than 9 weeks and the little girl puppy was very unhealthy. I could see all over her ribs, back bones, and her hip bones sticking out. Her coat, what there was left of her out was horrifying and extremely dirty. I also saw both of these two puppies coughing (kennel cough). I asked the lady who was working why they were coughing and if they have kennel cough and she said, "Yes, they do but just stick them out ln The sunshine and it will fix it." (I thought are you kidding me!!!) Then I continued to ask why they were so skinny and she said she didn't know but they should probably change their food and give then canned food to help their weight, but then she said, "But we won't do that," and walked away.

    After being disgusted, I walked again and call animal service to have them alerted about the problem. They asked me what the name of the pet store was. I said "Pet Kingdom". Then they said, "Yes, we know but every time we go there, they always have vet papers up to date." So even though a completely helpless 9-week-old puppy is suffering, they WILL NOT DO ANYTHING!! I am disgusted by everything that has happened today. I will never buy anything from this store and I will guarantee no one I know will ever buy anything from this store and support it being open!

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    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 20, 2013

    I am very disappointed that there are so many employees and none of them care for the animals in the shop. I first went to check on the Betta section where they always put them in little cups. I almost cry looking at just some of them because the water was all green for most of it and two Betta fishes (maybe more) were dead and many seem like they were about to die too. I just walked away while looking for an employee to talk with. I think those dumb ** people do not feed them because they also looked very hungry. I felt like punching those fools in the face. How would they feel if that was them in the cage sitting in their piss and ** until taken into a better place?

    I went to speak with the cashier and told her about this situation. They better do something and fix it or it will be sent to the authorities (and YouTube) after I film it. Well I'm just getting started. After checking the Bettas, I saw another dead one in a large tank maybe dead for 2 days now... It was even worse than what I saw earlier. While looking at the rabbits that were displayed for the customers, one of the larger ones jumped over to eat the hamsters' food and none of the employees did anything. Whatever I guess... One day, those who does not care for all living things will be treated the same in their after life. Working in these kinds of environment should have more caring people, not people who want to kill time and play games.

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    Original review: May 11, 2013

    I just want to say that anyone that has had a bad experience there should contact an attorney, when it comes to a sick animal and not entitled (as they say) to a full refund because they are absolutely required by law to refund your money if you have a sick pet. Any contract or purchase in the United States, you have 72 business hours to get out of any purchase made. Any attorney would be more than happy to go after a store like this with no charge to you as the consumer. They work based upon contingency. So if you do not get your money back, they do not get paid. Just thought I would put that out there for all of the misfortunate people that have had a bad experience.

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    Original review: May 6, 2013

    I came in to look at a puppy. Toni was the employee who helped us. She was very rude and too pushy to sell the dog. If that wasn't enough to make us leave, she was so high she couldn't even keep her eyes open. You need to drug test your employees.

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    Original review: May 5, 2013

    I purchased a 5-month-old Weimaraner from Pet Kingdom in 2002. After he grew a little, it was very obvious that he was not a pure breed Weimaraner. He grew to be a lean 120 lbs., about 40 lbs. more than the breed standard. My veterinarian believed he probably had Great Dane in his blood line as his muzzle was also very square and not standard to the breed.

    Additionally, my dog had health problems from the time I brought him home. The worst was the severe allergies he had to almost everything. He would swell up so much he couldn't breathe and had to be taken to the emergency vet many times over the years. After years of medications and trips to specialists to keep my pet going, he passed away recently with hip dysplasia. In his 11-year life I spent over $25,000 on emergency and additional medical treatments for my dog.

    I purchased a second Weimaraner in 2005 from a reputable breeder and we have not had a single vet visit outside of her regular visits. She has been healthy and I believe it is because of good breeding. Unfortunately my first dog who I loved so very much did not start off with the same good genes and Pet Kingdom is to blame for that.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 28, 2013

    I was in Fort Myers on Sunday, April 28, 2013, and decided to stop in at Pet Kingdom to see if they carried hedgehog food and to possibly purchase some if, after reading the ingredients, it seemed like a good enough food. I was stopped at the door and was told that, on weekends, there is a $2 per person entry fee and that if you bought something, you would get a partial reimbursement! Are you kidding me? She explained to the woman in front of me that they are doing this now because it gets very busy in the store on the weekends. Yeah, no kidding. Most stores do because people are off of work and school on the weekends. I just turned around and left because I didn't even know if they carried the product I was looking for! What a joke! Maybe they have to collect money for all of the sick animals they sell from puppy mills, etc. I don't usually shop there because I don't support puppy mills, but I needed hedgehog food and they do sell exotics. This just sealed the deal on me never shopping and looking for anything at Pet Kingdom in Fort Myers, FL.

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    Original review: Jan. 20, 2013

    My husband and I purchased a 9 week old Maltipoo on September 27, 2012. We noticed she was very lethargic and was sleeping all the time. Also, she had very little hair on her tail and a spot on her back was almost void of hair. We asked the puppy manager what could be the cause, and her explanation was that she was suffering from hypoglycemia. We were told we could not take her home as she had just arrived at the store and had not been checked by their vet. We paid for her and were told to pick her up the next day around 3:30pm. We were there at 3:00 waiting anxiously for our new puppy. She was still very lethargic. The vet said she was fine so we got her vet papers telling us what shots they had just given her.

    When we got her home, we noticed several more areas where there was no hair. The next day, we called for an appointment with our vet. We showed her the spots; she did scrapings to see if it was the mange or ringworms. The test for mange came back negative; however, she sent the ringworm scrapings off to be tested at a laboratory. This came back inconclusive. Our vet said she was very malnourished. She weighed a mere 1.3 pounds. When we fed her, it was as if she had never eaten food before because she did not know how to pick it up in her mouth. We had to hand feed her so she would eat.

    After having her for a week, we took her back to our vet and found she had gained a whole pound. She is now 6 months old, weighs 6.8 pounds and is very healthy. She has gotten hair on her tail, and the spots all filled in with hair. Our vet told us she may develop problems with her knees and other genetic deficiencies, all of which come from puppy mill dogs. If I had known she was a puppy mill puppy, I would have probably never walked through Pet Kingdom's doors. The only thing the pet manager told us was our puppy came from Missouri. My husband and I feel we rescued our little one because if she had been left at the store, she probably would have died. No one would have taken her because of the loss of hair on her body and a tale that looked like a rat's tail. I would advise anyone who is considering buying a dog at Pet Kingdom to run, do not walk away from a store that sells puppy mill dogs

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 23, 2012

    I am 8 years old. And I did not know my puppy was from a mill. Now, my dog has a mean temperament whenever my family or I get close to him when he is eating. My mom tried to give him an operation to calm his mean behavior, but it didn't work and now we have a bad dog. So I’m never getting a dog from Pet Kingdom ever again. I love my dog very much, but I feel sad for him :(

    13 people found this review helpful
    Original review: March 26, 2012

    Buying a puppy from Pet Kingdom was one of the biggest regrets I have ever had. As you can see from the other reviews, the store is nice, fun even, but none of these people purchased a pet while they were there. They just enjoy the scenery. It is catchy and helps distract you from the terrible condition of most of the animals, specifically the puppies. If they did make a purchase, they would know that they get their puppies from a broker named Lambriar, who transports them via semi-truck to many other stores in the area, including Petland. I found the dog that I was looking for and I was asking questions. I was told Lambriar was the breeder.

    This is not the truth, they buy from breeders and resell nationwide and have a very poor reputation. I wish I stopped to research this. As we were paying, the salesclerk was sure to let me know that they made commission and that she was putting someone else's name on the sale because she was salaried. Glad to know they care about animals here, oh wait, no just sales. The worst part of all is that the puppy came home with a severe case of kennel cough and giardia, two very common conditions for pet store pets and both very noticeable if you spend even 5 minutes with the puppy. I was very upset that I was not told about this. I have made three trips (60 miles round trip each) to their vet in Fort Myers, who spent more time selling me dog food than examining the dog. It is clear he enjoys his contract with them because he had the audacity to tell me I was lucky the puppy had kennel cough now because he would be stronger later and it is a good thing.

    I watch this puppy have coughing fits two dozen times a day and he often gets nauseous. He sleeps most of the day. I have missed work for his vet visits, to pick up medicine and to watch him on the days he has been very bad. I have tried calling the pet store 3 times. I was told once that the manager would call me back. Four days later, I called because they never did and I was told there really was no manager for "that department". The person I spoke with the third time was supposed to get me the form for the microchip to be put into our name and they said they needed to find it from someone at Lambriar. It has been two weeks. This has been a really sad and upsetting processes and it is clear to me that they do not care for their animals or their customers. I will never enter this store again and I suggest you do the same. These are living things.

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    Original review: March 10, 2012

    Out of all the pet stores in Fort Myers, this is by far the worst I've seen. This place needs to be investigated by Humane Society Officials and shut down. More than 3/4 of the dogs I witnessed in the store have breathing problems--very rapid breathing (most likely due to pneumonia) as well as coughs and extreme lethargy. Most won't even get up when you pet them.

    I visited the store with my father who is a board-certified veterinary surgeon, and he was appalled at the condition of these poor animals. There are also two gibbons along with two Capuchin monkeys being held in tight, cramped rooms which are obviously distressed due to their aggressive behavior and loud howling.

    I was also taken aback by the price they put on these sick and possibly diseased animals, anywhere from $400-$1000, when the pet store gets them for miniscule prices from abusive puppy mills. On top of all that, this store has been accused by Fox 4 News of selling animals with fake health certificates that have been blindly signed by a quack veterinarian.

    If you truly care about the well-being of animals, go to the animal shelter and put these pet abusers out of business. If you don't believe me, visit this hell hole of the pet store for your self.

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    16 people found this review helpful
    Original review: Jan. 15, 2012

    This place is abusing animals! Please investigate and shut them down immediately. I have been there. There is a poor sphinx kitty, skin and bones. He looks so painfully sad and unhealthy, repeatedly used for breeding and never gets to be adopted. He needs to be rescued and placed in a loving home. Please put an end to this.

    If you are a pet lover reading this, and you enjoy special breeds, please go online to find a loving breeder to purchase your animal from instead. There are so many to choose from. These breeders take beautiful care of the kings and queens who have the babies, and loving healthy care of the baby animals as well. Please, put an end to businesses like Pet Kingdom by not giving them any of your money.

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    Original review: Oct. 18, 2011

    It was horrible. Back in December 2006, I purchased a male basset hound who was four months old. All seemed well for the first few days. I took him in to Miracle Mile Hospital for his first free puppy checkup, and he was diagnosed with kennel cough and sent home. I was told by the veterinarian who saw him (I don't recall his name) that I needed to bring him back if he had any drainage from his nose. The next day, he had a lot of green drainage coming out of his nose, so I took him back to Miracle Mile and he was put on antibiotics.

    That same night, my puppy was having difficulty breathing, so I called Pet Kingdom to get authorization to take him to the vet. They were closed, so their answering machine picked up, and it stated that for after-hour emergencies, take the animals to Emergency Vet Clinic. I took him in at 11 PM, and they took chest x-rays and labs, then admitted him overnight. The next morning, I had to pick him up and take him to Miracle Mile where he was admitted for five days and diagnosed with pneumonia.

    To make a long story short, he relapsed and had to go back to the Emergency Vet (after hours). The process was repeated again: overnight stay, picked up in the morning, taken to Miracle Mile again, and admitted for 10 days for breathing treatments and IV medications - all the while not being able to get a hold of the owner (convenient). Every time you call, they put you on hold and leave you there only to come back and say, "Oh, yeah, she's not here." They gave me a check for $400 for the cost of medications, but refused to pay for the diagnostic testing.

    After playing this game with this horrible pet store for the entire month of December 2006, and after I threatened to get a lawyer, they reimbursed me the price of the puppy. But the treatment I paid for out of pocket exceeded $2,000, while the total amount I paid for Jake was $800. Someone really needs to investigate this pet store; I know there are more victims out there. They are selling sick puppies. How many have to die and how many families have to experience the loss before someone takes a stand? It's not about money; it's about justice for the families affected and the animals. I visited the store again on Saturday, October 15th, and saw another baby basset hound with symptoms similar to my Jake's.

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    12 people found this review helpful
    Original review: Sept. 3, 2011

    Hi. I am writing in reference to a dog that I had purchased in Pet Kingdom on May 07, 2011. I purchased a Chocolate Standard Poodle priced at $900 with a reduced $200. This dog came with a full registration at APRI (American Pet Registry). I had looked through various breeders for this dog and they all were selling the dog for $900 as well, but with limited registration. I thought Pet Kingdom had a good deal for the dog that was $200 less and had a full registration. The pet counselor that sold me the dog was Lisa. She told me to call the store in 90 days to have the papers for my dog mailed to me.

    In August, after three months had passed, I called the store. I spoke with Brenda, the person in charge of dog papers in the pet store, and gave her my address so the papers would be mailed. Two days later, I called back and spoke with her, and she said that they hadn't received the papers from the breeder yet. I thought the papers were already in her possession when I gave her my address. Two weeks later, I called again. Brenda told me that the papers were still not there and that she would call me when they receive it. Two more weeks have passed, but I received no call from Brenda and no papers have arrived my home. On August 28, I went to the store looking for Brenda and was told that she was no longer working there. So, she wasn't able to call back the next afternoon after our phone call. I called on August 29, which is over 90 days as promised, and spoke with Sarah, a cashier. I asked her for Charlotte, the store owner, and was on hold for 10 minutes. When I spoke with Charlotte and explained my ordeal with my dog's papers , she told me that Brenda did work there but only once in a while since she had another job. Charlotte was going to talk with Brenda about Chico, my dog's papers. On August 30, I called again to talk to Charlotte. Sarah put me on hold for 12 minutes. After I got tired of waiting, I hung up and re-dialed. This time Jeff answered the phone. I explained my situation all over again to him, and he apologized for my waiting and was told that Charlotte wasn't even in the store, and he asked who was it that told me that Charlotte was there. He also told me that he was sitting in Charlotte's desk and was leaving her a note of my name and number so she will get back to me first thing next morning.

    Today is September 1 and still no phone call from anyone. So, I called one more time, and spoke with Mark and once again explained my problem. He told me that he knows about my case because Brenda had spoken to him about it, and he knows that there has been a lot of issues with this broker (breeder). He knows that there is another dog with the same problem and that the broker doesn't send the papers to them. He understands its not my problem, its theirs, and that it needs to be fixed if there are already two customers or more waiting for papers. He was going to speak to Charlotte and call me back in 10 minutes. Mark never called me back, so once again I called the store. I asked for Mark and the receptionist said he had left for the day. I then asked for Charlotte and she asked me what was in reference to and once again told the whole story to her. She said that the owner had stepped out but would return, and asked if she could take a message. I was so upset that I told her that if Charlotte did not return my call that same day, let her know that this would reach every News Channel and Newspapers. And that I was tired of all their lies. As of today and more than 24 hours passed, still no phone call from anyone. I assumed that I would get a call back, but I guess they don't care what ever actions I take.

    I am starting to think that Pet Kingdom sold me this dog without papers and that is why the dog had $200 discount. If this is the case, then they need to refund my money back because a dog without papers is not worth $700. I have looked at reviews of Pet Kingdom online and they have a bad reputation of selling sick dogs along with other things. When I purchased Chico, he as well was sick. I took him to Pet Kingdom's vet and he was found with a respiratory infection which needed antibiotics. Few weeks after, I took him to my personal vet which diagnosed him with hook worms and round worms. Pet Kingdom is a popular pet store in Fort Myers that everyone loves visiting, however, everyone needs to know about this issue of papers, along that they sell sick dogs and are full of lies. Pet Kingdom is not really how it seems, their customer service is horrible and I am worried of my dog Chico's papers. Thank you.

    Carlos **

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    12 people found this review helpful
    Original review: July 20, 2011

    RE: Pet Kingdom, long story made short...bought a female King Charles Spaniel for 1083.00 October 2010. She began to walk funny in May of 2011 so we took her to our vet who determined she has severe hip dysplasia; a hereditory disease covered under the Pet Lemon LAw in Florida. An exam was given and x-rays taken. We went back to Pet Kingdom who said return dog or keep her and we will pay for surgery. They told us take her to a specialist.....we did who determined surgery is not an option. According to the Florida Dept of Agricultural and Consumer Services Pet Lemon Law website we should be reimbursed for "reasonable" fees incurred in an attempt to cure dog.

    When we approached Pet Kingdom they said our costs incurred were not reasonable. Tell me, how can you determine if a dog has a permanent disability without first going for a vet visit (at the very least)? Pet Kingdom needs to be investigated for this and we need help getting money back per the Pet Lemon Law. Pet stores need to held accountable for their mistakes in selling high bred/sick animals. Our Penny is only 9 months old and will be crippled at a very young age!! We will not return her per their request...she is our family member! We have kept the Pet Store completely informed thru out this process. Today the manager said she told us we had to take the dog to her vet.....she never ever told us we had to take Penny to her vet....she flat out lied to get out of being held responsible. PLEASE HELP US!!! I await a reply from Consumer Investigators or who ever would be the department to help with this issue. Thanks!!

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