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I accidentally opened a check from Pedi Paws (Teligiant) corporation and cashed the check of 7.25 what I thought was a rebate check a Pedi set for my dog. This was early part of 2008. Only got a very small part of the Pedi set. Triligiant started taking out 30.00 each month out of my account, one from Pedi Paws, and one 30.00from Teligiant. I did not know who Triligiant was or what they did. I had to go to my credit union and freeze my account so that Triligiant could not take any more money for Pedi Paws, or for Triligiant out of my account. Teligiant used two names and took twice the amount each month until I caught them. Which totaled.

I called the 800 # on several occasions and finally part of my money back but never did get all of it back. This has not stopped them from sending me checks, and right on the back it says "by cashing this check I agree to a thirty-day trial offer in complete home." I understand April 7, 2009 Pedi Paws, check for 5.00 # ** reads. Agreement on back reads, I authorize shoppers advantage to bill the annual membership to a thirty-day trial offer in Shoppers advantage, I understand that 129.00 will be automatically charged to my membership by calling 1-866-, May 5, 2009 check #**. Front of check is payable at JP Morgan Chase Bank Syracuse,NY. May 5, 2009, check ** for 8.25 same membership Ph1-877- also from Pedi Paws.

June 9, 2009, check # ** for 8.25, but the membership is 139. Authorizing Pedi Paws to transfer my credit card information to travelers advantage.

July 1, 2009, check #** for 8.25 authorizing to transfer credit card information to just for me for billing and enrollment Ph 1-877-. July 21, 2009 Check# ** for 8.25. Now, it is a 30 day trial offer in buyers advantage at 149.00. September 8, 2009, check ** for 9.75 agreement on back is to be taken out monthly 13.99 by Shoppers Advantage. October 6, 2009, Check #** for 7.25. Agreeing that Pedi Paws will transfer to Complete Home billed for 14.99 month.

December 29, 2009, check ** for 9.25 trial offer in Auto Vantage Enhanced and to charge the 15,99 to my credit card. Then charging 16.99 at the end of 12 months to ID Secure. Now recently, Jan. 26, 2010, check #** for 9.25. Now, it authorized to charge 15.99 to ID Secure enrolling in Everyday Privileges Gold and last March 30, 2010, check # ** for 9.25 again enrolling in Complete Home charges will be through ID Secure. Please look on the back of your checks and see that you are enrolling in one company, and charged by supposedly another company. Please do not over look this because what this company will do is charge your account for both companies, and sometimes like my self charge three times, I was charged for the enrolling company, Pedi Paws, and ID Secure, which is triple the amount. Also please notice the amounts are different. You never get all your money back, if you get any back. The reason I gave you the listing of all the checks, so you can see the different telephone numbers, that is so you will not talk to the same one each time you call.

I have called them, over and over and told them to stop sending these checks to me that I want nothing to do with them or the bogus companies. My cousin came in from church tonight March 7, 2010 and asked me what I was doing on the phone at 7:45 p.m. sounding so angry. I told her about these Teligiant people which is on the bottom of each letter accompanying the check in tiny print, I was trying to find an address, so I could tear these checks up and send them back to them with some of my junk mail. Of course she looked, and I looked and could not find an address. So while she is typing what I am telling you all,I am still looking for an address and can't find one.

Please take this message seriously, these people are the biggest scam artist that has come along in a long, long time. Please do not get caught up in this T.V. commercial for Pedi Paws, or Magazines, News Papers, or any other ads. If you need something to trim your pets nails, or brush loose hair off them. Please go to your nearest feed store, or take them to the pet shop, that will do the job for you. Thanks for reading this. Consequences: Aggravation, upset, angry. I wanted all my money back but never got it. I don't want their trash coming in my mail any longer, I want it stopped right away. If there is such a law out there somewhere to sue them for aggravation. I sure would like to be the first one to sign up for a years worth. I want their mailing address, so I can send them back their garbage, and maybe that will stop them from sending any more checks to me. Thank you.


I got an over-the-limit fee on my credit card. It was because of a company called TLGID Secure. Could not figure out who these people were. I googled this company,and found all kinds of complaints about them. It still didn't register with me. Until I found the Pedi Paws complaint. That was the only on-line transaction I'd made with my card. I got a refund check from PPaw for $8.25. Like any refund or rebate check I deposited it in my checking account. I ordered Pedi Paw on 09/03/08,I was charged $139.99 on 10/24/09 on the card that I used for Pedi Paw purchase. Plus a $39.00 over the limit fee because of this charge. I (over the internet) can't find out if they charged me prior to this recent charge.

This is TOTALLY disgusting that a company can do this!!!! I have never even been contacted by this company(TLGID Secure) They have never provided me a service to even know what kind of service it is that I am paying for $139.99!!! Its not like someone that calls your home and offers you a service--all you have to do is say "NO THANK YOU" and hang up! This takes you by total surprise and you just have to hope there is something you can do about it.


Here is how PediPaws gets your authorization to send the $8.25 check to your home. When ordering online, there is a box that is already checked off that says, "Receive order status updates and offers from Telebrands." The checks come from Telebrands. When deposited at your bank, you are automatically enrolled in programs and charged $150 (approximately) using your credit card information that is on file with PediPaws. Now, why would our credit card need to be on file with PediPaws? It's not like we are going to reorder that useless nail trimmer again.


Beware of any checks for $8.25 from PediPaws as it is a scam. When depositing the check, you are automatically enrolled in a warranty or ID theft program that costs around $150. PediPaws hopes you think it’s the rebate check you were expecting and rush to the bank to deposit it. Then, the warranty program information mailed to my home looked like junk mail and I almost threw it out. Fortunately, it was a 30-day trial membership and I was able to cancel it in time. I could only cancel over the phone and they would not send me anything in writing. So, I emailed the company confirming the cancellation.

I will keep resending the email. I then received a second $8.25 check for ID theft ($149.99), but plan to return the check to PediPaws with a few choice words. I called PediPaws to have my name removed from their "PediPaws Valued Customers" list. So, everyone in my home is on PediPaws check alert. This was a very traumatic experience for me and for my dog. He runs when he hears or sees PediPaws. I wish I would have done the same.


I ordered one Pedipaws and received three over the course of several weeks. I returned them and finally received a credit. However, I then noticed I was being billed monthly for something I did not recognize. I called the number on my Visa and was told this was a service offered by Pedipaws. Huh. Now, I am receiving almost weekly checks from Pedipaws. The information attached to the check reads: P.Paws values your relationship and from time to time will introduce you to valuable services. So P.Paws asked ID Secure and an unaffiliated company to offer you indemnity fraud protection...." They sound like a bunch of scam artists.

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I too purchased the nail trimmer, which is ridiculous and have continually received these checks for different amounts. One I cashed, then found myself owing something and I got that handled. Just three days ago, I got a bill for $129.99 to a Shoppers Advantage (hah) and it was on a credit card I rarely use. I am not certain as to how they obtained that number, but I called the card holder. They are checking into it and also called the phone number for Shoppers Advantage. They apologized, told me it was due to Pedipaws and said they would remove the entire charge. Who knows? I have a cancellation code and have thus shredded the card they billed and have told the card holder that I was no longer using their card. How can so many people be duped by this company? It needs to stop!


These people keep sending me checks which if cashed obligate me for services which I do not want or need. Fortunately, I read the fine print on the back of the check. I consider the practice employed by PediPaws to border fraud if it is not, in fact, fraud. They are very careful not to permit one to contact them via their website because if they did, they would certainly be bombarded with emails.


Last Christmas, I bought 3 Pedi Paws for gifts via phone using my credit card. A couple of months later, I received a rebate check for $8.25 and I did not know what it was for. When I read every word on it, I noticed that hidden in a very small print was a statement that if you endorse it, you would be signing up for Buyers Advantage. I tore it up and threw it away. Now, on June 29th, without my authorization, Buyers Advantage stole $139.99 from my bank account. I have called them and got a partial refund after 7 days on July 6th. I then called them again and told them that I wanted the full amount. I did not sign anything and this was not a legal withdrawal. I was filing a complaint through my Credit Union, the Attorney General's Office, the local sheriff, and now, I am writing this.


I purchased a PediPaws and a pet shedder with my credit/bank card. I received the PediPaws but not the shedder. 10 days later, PediPaws called me with an offer to ship me jewelry free for 10 days, afterward my card would be charged. I declined the offer and asked about the shedder I had not received. A few days later, I received a check for $8.25, a refund for the shedder. Each month thereafter, I received a check for $8.25 but they were offers for other services and if cashed, I would be charged for a service. I declined and threw the checks away.

On 6/11/09, my card was charged $139.99 for identity theft services I did not purchase. I disputed the charge and called the company and received a cancellation number. The charge was removed. On 6/12/09, I was charged again for $139.99 by the same company. The PediPaws was a scam to get my credit/bank card number and sign me up for services I did not want, use or authorize! The company says it takes 10 days to cancel which gives them time to float the money and earn interest on it. This is fraud.

The money being held from my account in limbo until the dispute is closed keeps me from accessing my money and the time it takes each month to call the company that charged me and call the bank to dispute the charges, then download the dispute forms, fill them out each month and fax them to my bank is a waste of time when it just keeps happening repeatedly every month. Not to mention the phone and email offers I have to sort through each day now from this company that I bought PediPaws through, which by the way, is useless. It's frustrating and a huge scam. Identity theft scheme is what it is!


I received checks in the mail that said rebate check in big bold letters for a product that I purchased. I thought nothing of it and really just thought it was a rebate check. About a month after, I cashed the check I had a debit in my account that I did not authorize for $139.99 for ID Secure. I stopped payment of this check but I was charged a fee to stop this payment and now I have to go to my bank to dispute the fee.

I have to pay $15 to stop payment on the check. If the monies are taken out, my bills will bounce. I am stressed and downright pissed. I am at work and I am not functioning up to my standards because I am so stressed out. I want these people to leave me alone. If they want, I will give them the monies that I cashed because it did not equal up to what they are charging me and I definitely cannot afford this service they state that I have signed up for by signing this check. To me, this is false advertisement.


I am one of many people who purchased the Pedi Paws pet nail trimmers. A check for $8.25 shows up in the mail that both my wife and I remember as saying it was a rebate from Pedi Paws. It made sense. We bought 2 units online late in 2008. So, we cashed it. Then the charge for $139.99 showed up on my charge card for identity theft protection. Yes, we were tricked. It was a good one, too. It's like picking your pocket while you're looking, and it’s all probably legal, too.


I purchased 3 Pedi Paws in 2008, (which are real garbage, by the way), and a few months later, I received a refund check from Pedi Paws for $8 and change. I assumed I had overpaid for shipping or something, so i signed the check and deposited it, thinking nothing of it. Last week, I noticed a charge on my bank account for $139.99. It stated that the charge came from TLG ID Secure. Neither me nor my husband remembered ordering anything, so I called my bank and they told me I needed to fill out an affidavit so they could investigate.

Tomorrow I will get to the bank to fill out the form, but meanwhile, I did a search on the Internet for TLG ID Secure, and was AMAZED that I received pages and pages of FRAUD statements about this company. I was able to put 2 and 2 together and realize that it was that Pedi Paws check that started the ball rolling.

I called TLG and they do not even have me as a customer, so I now need to fax them a letter requesting a refund with proof from my bank. I also called Pedi Paws and they told me they didn't know what I was talking about. Something needs to be done here. This is out and out FRAUD. These companies need to be shut down. They are victimizing innocent non-suspecting people!! How are they getting away with this?


Bought a pedipaw nail trimmer on the internet and received a check from them. It looked like a scam so I ripped it up and threw it away. Notice a charge on my statement for 19.99 had been showing up every month from a value plus business. After seeing it a couple of times I asked my husband what he was buying from value plus and he said he wasn't buying anything. Turns out Pedipaws gave my credit card number to value plus and they have been charging me 19.99 a month for something I did not buy.

I called value plus and they said by cashing the check I enrolled in their coupon club. I DID'T CASH THEIR CHECK!!! They canceled my subscription but said I would have to fill out a rebate form and they would decide if I get my money back that they stole from my account. Now I received another check from pedipaws with another scam of 139.99 member ship to a club called Complete Home which will supposedly give me money back on all my credit card purchases. What kind of damage could they do I they had all of my credit card numbers???? Today I will be seeing my congressman about this situation.

I baught one of there nail trimmers which is junk , But now I keep getting these foney checks and I would like it stoped as its all a fools game !

I thank you


I bought the Pedipaws product at our local Wal-Mart thinking, wow, I don't have to deal with ordering it over the phone! (I've given up on TV infomercials as the products usually are below standard quality and these marketing companies are getting more and more tricky.) I have cats and it's a fight to clip their nails. When I saw the item on TV, I felt it was just what I needed. That sure changed fast. You need to cut the cat's nail to be able to fit it into the opening on the machine. A cat's claw curves and you can't get the claw into the spot on the Pedipaws unless the claw is cut back due to the angle of the opening on the machine. If I have to cut them to use this machine, I'll just go back to the way I was doing it.

Disgusted, I gave it to my son to use on his dog. Later, I asked how it worked. He said he threw it in the trash as each time he tried to use it on his dog, the motor kept stopping. It seems the motor isn't strong enough to do paws of anything bigger than a gerbil. If you look closely at the Pedipaws commercials, you can tell the actors aren't really using them on the animals. They're just going through the motion to make it seem like they are.


I purchased a pedipaws about 6 months back and now I got an offre in the form of a check from (ID secure) and this company offers some kind of cash back on your credit card and in this case is going to be the credit card the pedipaws has on file from my purchase, so pedipaws transfer or sold this information to ID secure wich I don't like. My questions will be: is this legal? and if not can somebody help me or if there is anything I can do myself. Thank you very much.

Wasted too much time on the phone with pedipaws, a supervisor by the name of Richy told me I should have read the FAQS I would have known that they will share my info, wich I did but they only say they will share the email address and not credit card numbers.


Several months ago I ordered PediPaws, a product advertised on the TV and internet, for my dogs. Today (1/6/09) I received a check for 8.25 stating that the Buyers Advantage, in conjunction with PediPaws, would be taking $139 out of my credit card each year if I cash the check (which I have not intentions of doing). I am quite concerned that this agency (Buyers Advantage) has access to my credit card since both these companies denied knowing what was going on even though their names are all over the information. No addresses were submitted on the letter sent with the check.

I am very concerned since PediPaws stated they had a 'privacy act' protecting my credit card info and any other info I gave them. Now, neither agency is taken responsibility and told me to contact my bank to be sure this amount was not taken out and also get new credit cards if necessary.

I just want to be taken completely off any mailing lists which lists my credit card number, name and address. I will never order anything else by credit card - I thought it would be safe. I have kept the correspondence and will be glad to fax it to you if necessary. Maybe I am over reacting, but I am very upset that my credit card number has been given out.

More especially, neither company has taken responsibility. After I spoke w/PediPaws and they told me they knew nothing about this, they gave me the phone number for Buyers Advantage. I do not want to get anyone in trouble, but with economic times they way they are my family cannot afford to get involved in a 'scheme' or whatever else it may be called. Thank you for your help.


I bought a Pedipaws Deluxe and my dogs didn't like it so I returned it right away. I got a confirmation that they received it back but never got my refund. I called them on 4 different occassions trying to get my money back and each and every time was told that it would be refunded and would be back in my checking acct. in the next 5-7 days.

This has been going on for 1 1/2 months. Still no refund.The last conversation was on Monday, December 1st and they said that it would be back in my account by today. NO REFUND! Please warn people of this company they are not trustworthy.


Upon internet ordering of a pedipaws unit, a rebate is offered. Clicking on the popup automatically signs the consumer up for a subscription and charged $16.95 per month automatically billed through their Visa. A complete ripoff! Outrageous scam! After calling the number for the subscription service, I was told I would have to call back in 4 to 7 business days to cancel. Upon further investigation, I have read many similar compliants on the internet. Why is this company and this practice still operating?

I immediately called Visa and had my card number changed. I will be checking my next statement to be sure no charges were incurred.


I ordered PediPaws from their website. When the confirmation of the order came through, they had added other charges that were not authorized. I called the customer relations office and said I was canceling the order. I was told to call back in 72 hours. I plan to contact American Express and tell them that the charges are unauthorized. This company has no business scamming the public like they are doing. They are targeting pet owners who care about their pets. Company Profile

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