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Not happy with this site. Went to site and discovered that first I must download the form which in itself is no big deal but with it I must agree to install the GetFormsOnline Homepage & New Tab and agree to the End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy. I don't want to install their homepage, I already have one of my own. Yes, I know I can go back and reinstall mine but why should I have to go to all that trouble?? And for my trouble, all I'm getting is a $10 rebate off of a $98 purchase. All I wanted was the rebate, not sign my life (or my PC) away. I did the rebate thing a couple of years ago and it was simply an online form. All said and done, it's not worth $10 to go through their crap.

I purchased heartworm protection for 2 dogs. I applied for the rebate online and it was approved after much scanning and uploading, etc. It took almost 4 months before they supposedly mailed the card, and by that time I had forgotten about it. About 6.5 months after they had mailed the card, I was reviewing some files and found the ticket number. Since I hadn't received my card, I called customer service. I was informed that the gift card expired after 6 months. The company refused to reissue the card, even though it was only expired by two weeks. I was not allowed to speak with a manager. I have never heard of gift cards expiring, but apparently these do.

Also, the company does not send the cards out and have no way to track whether they were actually sent, according to the person I spoke with. It was too much trouble to be worth the effort in the first place, even if I had received the card. If their customer service is an indication of their commitment to providing products that contribute to the health of your beloved pet, then their products are worthless anyway. I won't be purchasing their product again.

Made my claim for a $50.00 rebate and was approved in 3/2016. I was to receive the debit card in 6-8 weeks. Between May and early September I called 3 times because the Visa card never arrived in the mail. I finally received the card 9/30/16 in the mail. Problem is the card was set to expire 9/2016. When I called the customer service I was politely told I had to spend the $50.00 by the 1st. Logged online to activate my card and saw $15.00 debited from my account on 9/2016 FOR THE REISSUE OF A CARD!!! Terrible customer service! This is about the third year I've taken advantage of the offer and never encounter these problems before. Terrible!

I have 4 collies, and over the past years have bought Sentinel from Novartis. You are required to have a vet's authorization, of course, but I found that the medication is cheaper online, so this is what I have been doing. This year (2016), however, they were continually sending me an email asking for the receipt, which I emailed. Today, 2 days after the expiration, I call and find out that they no longer accept purchases from an online business... Only direct purchase from the vet. Had the instructions for a rebate indicated this, I would have purchased from the vet, even though it was a few bucks more. I consider this practice very under-handed, and if I didn't need the meds for my dogs would never do business with them again. Shame on them.

PLEASE READ TO THE END. I'VE ATTACHED POSSIBLE USEFUL INFORMATION LOCATED WITHIN THIS REVIEW. I'm really no different than everyone else on here. I purchased Sentinel products for my dog, made by Novartis Pharmaceuticals and I filled out the rebate form only to receive the countless emails telling me my rebate is on its way, I'm going on 5+ months now. I haven't received my rebate but after reading other people's reviews, even if I did, it seems I can't use it because there's no PIN number. Therefore I decided to investigate a little further. I find it very ironic that nowhere on the Virbac or Novartis Sentinel website is there a place to email them. You have to actually call them and in today's age who really wants to pick up the phone rather than send an email. Even if you call there's many people on here who have said they promise you it's on its way.

Upon my investigation I found out that Novartis contracts out these alleged rebates to a company called ACB Coop. I have emailed them and I think you all should too, the contact page is here ( aspx). I'm sure my email won't get me too far but it's nice to vent about this scam. I have a feeling our rebate money is lining the pockets of someone at ACB Coop or Novartis. I am also emailing Novartis and I think you all should do the same. You can send your complaint here ** though they could be the main culprit and not ACB Coop they should be made aware that we're not receiving our rebates. Email these 2 companies and if they get inundated with tons of emails then perhaps we can make a difference.

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After applying for my rebate, I received a debit card. It cannot be used anywhere. Every time I try to use it a "pin" is required. I was never given one. Will let my vet know that I want an alternative for my pet's medication. I will not use a product from a company that treats their customers this way.

Contacted Merial at **, option 3. I list the phone number here for anyone trying to contact this company about your "Visa Debit" rebate card. The other phone numbers, including the one on the back of your card will get you NOWHERE. I tried the card at Sam's Club, Home Depot, and Walmart. Would not work at any of these. Here's a scary fact: The customer service rep at Merial told me exactly what amount my purchase was at Walmart. Sam's Club was a self-checkout and declined it immediately. Home Depot was the same way.

Even if you choose credit, it's to no avail. So, I spoke to a guy in customer service named Mike who was difficult to understand, but very kind. Mike told me that the card must be used for $12.00 and can't be used for a balance over that - not even to apply it towards a balance. I will try the card again elsewhere and hope it works somewhere else. Their old way issuing paper checks was so much easier. I've been a customer of theirs for 25 years now.

Have used Sentinel for a 1 1/2 years. The first time I applied for rebate I got it. The next 2 times, NOTHING. They are cheating the public. Scammers. I will no longer support Novartis products. Plenty others out there. I did get confirmations on last two rebates, but got nothing from them. Will pass this on to Vet.

I filled out all the requisite forms for a rebate from Virbac and received the following email shown below... to date - August 3 (4 months later) I have not received any rebate at all. Yes, I know that it is only $7--but it is the principle. I will NEVER buy anything from this company again.

I activated my rebate card as instructed. Tried to use it and it said I needed to enter a pin number. Nowhere on the activation site did I see where I needed to get a pin number. Has anybody had any satisfaction in getting their card corrected or gotten their rebate?

How can this company continue to stay in business? Multiple complaints of visa rebate card not working, including mine. Much time spent on hold trying to get fixed. Said on 6/22 a new card would arrive in 15 days. No replacement card yet. Who is pocketing all this rebate money? Huge scam and they need shut down! I am reporting to my vet and I will not buy this company's product again. Novartis should not be using this scam company. When I tried to open the last email from Elanco I received a caution on my computer "Be careful! This sender failed our fraud detection checks."

I've been waiting FOUR MONTHS for the $35 rebate that I am entitled to. I keep checking the "Track Your Rebate" site using both my tracking # and my name and address. I get a "No status results were found matching your search criteria." At one time I did talk to someone on the phone who told me (she had my address and the name of my pet) that my submission was received on April 15, 2016. Vet sent in the rebate form in February. She said that the validation would be very soon and then the rebate would be mailed. She gave me the tracking # **. I am beginning to think I was scammed, especially after reading the review of person who is still waiting after a year for his rebate.

I received this as a rebate for Novartis product from Vip PetCare clinic and expired with $10 on it because no one took it as the "debit Visa" card it said it was. It expired with the $10 on it on 02/15. When I called the customer service number on the back of the card, I'm told I can get a free medical alert system for being 50 years or older and when I declined that, the offer switched to a free Caribbean cruise with just port fees of $59 .00+. When I hit the "O" button, the automated voice system thanks me for calling and disconnects. Scam.

My vet clinic is Westbrook Animal Hospital, PLC in Peoria, AZ. I have used the rebate program in the past for sentinel, but my last visit to the vets and I bought the 12 pack, sent in the paperwork that was required (as I had the years past) Waited, waited... called them and they said that they did not receive the invoice from my vets (which I had!). Resent it again: waited, waited. Contacted them and they said that a card with the $35 amount had been sent out. She explained that it may look like a promo for a credit card company and that she would send it out and I would get it within 6 - 8 weeks. No rebate has been sent. This has been going on since 5/5/15!! I would like to have you respond to this and then send me the rebate... only one year later!! Check your computer for correspondence from me that will confirm this information is correct. Appreciate a quick response.

These people complaining are cry babies! It's a free gift card. We are buying our pets medications. We are lucky to get anything out of it. I received my $35 card yesterday. At first it was frustrating you can't get into the card's website under Google and can't use it at eBay or PayPal. After calling customer service I was told to get into their website using Firefox or Internet Explorer and it can't be used at PayPal or eBay because it's not a recurring debit card. I was told I could use it at Amazon, so happily I went there and bought stuff.

You can't use it for eBay, PayPal or gas. Big deal there is so many other places you can use it so use it there, and before it expires and quit complaining over a gift! Yes their products are expensive. I use Sentinel and Atopica year round it's a small fortune and I am grateful for the free box of Atopica I get after buying a certain amount of boxes, and the Visa gift cards from the Sentinel. It did take a while to get the Visa card after submitting the request but I got it. I would like to say thank you to Novartis for giving back to their customers.

Our pet has been on Atopica for several years, spending approx. $100 a month. Getting a rebate from Novartis is difficult. Often their website for rebates doesn't work properly and when a rebate is finally submitted, often it either is not processed altogether or takes an excessively long period of time to get it.

Previously when I received a rebate after purchasing Sentinel for my dogs, I received an actual check. Now, they are using a Visa debit card with an expiration date in the near future. It is very difficult to use since many places will not allow you to split a payment. Therefore, you must use it to buy something for less than the amount of the debit card and forget about the balance shown on the card. This company is counting on customers not being able to use their rebate in full. I feel it is a deceptive practice.

I purchased 6pk of sentinel 51-100 lbs and sentinel 2-10 lbs in 7/2015 from my vet. I have purchased this product for 3 years. I have never had a issue getting my rebates. I filled out all information online and it was excepted but it is now the end of Jan. 2016 and I didn't receive my rebates.

I purchased heartworm preventative from my vet and submitted my rebate request. No problem. I received my rebate Visa debit card. I held on to the cards for something special. Much to my dismay, the debit card expired. I am sorry. How does a gift card in the form of a debit card expire? Visa should be able to be used at anytime. I am not talking a small amount. I am talking $110.00. I am so upset and disappointed in this and want my card to be reloaded. The issuing company can see where the cards were issued and never used and the funds removed. What is so hard about putting the $$$ back on the card. It is mine and I gave you proof.

I got a rebate prepaid card from Novartis animal health for $40.00. I used the card to purchase $20.22 at Petsmart without any trouble. When I tried to use the rest of my $19.78 no store would take it. I tried pet dept. and grocery stores and all said same thing, "I had to have exactly $19.78 for them to use it." When I call Citi customer service I was told they were sorry "I" did not know how to use the card and it expired in Nov 2015, no new card can be given because of company policy. What a rip off.

I received a rebate "visa card" which had an expiration date 3 months from the day I received it. I was unable to use it at a gas station, hotel, and on Amazon when I tried. Finally, I tried using it at a grocery store, and it had expired. Upon calling the # on the back of the card, they gave me the 800 Novartis #, and Novartis would not re-issue another rebate card since it had expired. An old fashioned check would do, but instead, I received a card with an expiration date which did not give me much time to use it. Not to mention the businesses wouldn't even accept this card when I presented it. I would love to have my $30, but according to Novartis, they do not re-issue expired rebate "credit cards".

Called my vet to see about refill for sentinel for dogs and was told the price would be $54. Realized that this seemed around $10-$15+ more than the last time I purchased at that clinic. Had seen an ad at Sam's Club re: pet prescriptions and was given a quote of $40.91 for 6 tabs by their pharmacist. Sam's Club does not offer a rebate form, but after reading the reviews on this site it was decided that saving about $14 made more sense that going thru the rebate hassle experience of "maybe" getting $10.

Novartis no longer manufactures or sells Sentinel - that product has been purchased by Virbac as of October 2014 and the rebates go through their site now. I purchased 6 sentinel spectrum for my dogs in May 2015 and sent in my rebate request. I have followed up 5 times resubmitting my invoice because the system kept telling me they couldn't read it. Finally called today (August 2015) to be told that my invoice had the 6 tablets split between the two dogs and so didn't fit the requirements. If I had known that I would have purchased all six under one dog's name. Sadly I just purchased another 6 tablets yesterday split between the two dogs so, of course, they will say it's not a valid purchase. I will be sending the CEO of Virbac US an email telling them how awful their service is and that I want my rebate(s). His information is pretty easy to find if you look online. Good luck to the rest of y'all.

What a ripoff. I received $35 rebate card a few months ago. Used today and was only good for $14.44. Seriously. Made not even applying for the rebate worth it.

Spent $123.12 today for 12 doses of Interceptor for my dog. Spent 20 minutes trying to do a rebate of a whopping $12 (really??). No luck, would not go through. What a joke! Why doesn't somebody do something?

I am so done with this company. They lose them and when you get the rebate they short you by 5.00. I buy monthly for my 3 fur kids. This million dollar company is deceitful. I have 1 rebate to go and I'm switching. Their customer service sucks. They are not kind. I work in the hospitality industry. I'll show them how to treat people.

Basically, they make the rebate process so slow and difficult to use that I suspect they're trying to discourage consumers from applying. Convoluted online process with a photo or scan of the product, multiple steps. They should take lessons from a business like Menards home improvement on how to treat customers. They also nit-pick submissions, declining them if an "i" isn't dotted, etc. FINALLY, Deramaxx seems to work, but is priced like highway robbery, leveraging people's love of their pets to charge prices that common sense tells you are grossly over-priced.

My husband was so frustrated with trying to get a rebate from this company. He has tried two or three times and has never received a rebate. This time I purchased the Sentinel flavor tabs ($25 rebate on 12 doses). I went online filled out the information and after 4 weeks I went back online and it said payment in process. Now going on 6 weeks, so I called. Someone answered the phone but did not identify themselves and all she could tell me was that my payment was in process but nothing more. No tracking information, nothing. I will be sure to tell my vet about this b/c I feel this may be a scam. I will try to check in with them again in a couple of weeks.

I can't believe I bought a product from Novartis (again). This has been the third time I have purchased Flee and Tick Preventative from them and this is the third year I have had problems with their rebates. Year one, they shorted me $5.00 which isn't much but it's the principal. The second year, they first could not find my rebate submission, then when they did, they sent me my rebates in $10.00 increments. I have 4 dogs, nothing has changed and my total rebate was $80.00 (fun time using the visa cards).

This year, I tried to do it online, thought that would be easier...wrong...went through scanning all the invoices for each dog (4) to the end after and was informed that I have to put a code # on each invoice which means scan everything over again. Tried to set up an account and it keeps telling me my email is already in use. I guess the fact is true. They want you to buy their product but don't want you to use the rebate. Won't happen again, will go back to Advantage for my little guys.

I am an extremely busy person. I just remembered that I needed to submit my rebate at 11:45 pm on 05/31/15. BEFORE midnight... and it said the code was invalid! This is for 3 dogs!!! I am so angry. I still should have been able to submit the rebate info. My code was **. And it said invalid! What a scam!

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