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Original review: Sept. 17, 2008

Bought a french bulldog on 9/11/08 (9 weeks old), paid cash $1000, this breeder had two puppies (a boy and a girl) and a another litter for 5 week old french bulldog pups and 3 English bulldog puppies. I took my pup to my vet 9/15/08 and she immediately noticed that the pup had signs of hydrocephalus. A congenital malformation which is often times terminal. She said the pup had a domed shaped head and far set eyes, which are hallmarks for this disease. She said the only way to make sure was to have a MRI which costs upwards of $1500.

I immedialtely called the breeder and left several messages, she has never called back. I'm certain that she knew the pup was sick. Now, I'm left heartbroken and don't know exactly what to do next. I would appreciate any advice you may have for me. I want to stop this breeder from doing this to any other future buyer.

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Original review: Sept. 4, 2008

On August 9th, I purchased a puppy from the establishment, a carry case and a kennel ($800+). On August 11, we picked up the dog with assurances the kennel and other items (dog carrier/dishes)would purchased that day for fedex delivery to my home (we needed the Kennel for potty training and travel). I paid for these items on August 9, 2008. On August 19th, I called inquiring into the status of my kennel since it had been over a week and I desperately needed the kennel for travel on Friday, 8/22.

On Friday, 22nd I called and inquired again THEY STATED IT HAD NOT BEEN SENT so I informed them I was going to PETCO to buy the kennel and to not send that item and refund my money. It had been close to 3 weeks and they assured me no problem. The following Wednesday, 8/27 the package arrived with the $56.00 kennel.

I called and they said I had to speak to the owner and they would give him my number. I called again on 8/29 and left another message and I have never heard from them. Since they are not reliable I hesitate to send the item back and not get my refund.

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Original review: Aug. 29, 2008

I purchased a beautiful puppy on Saturday August 16th at Keller's Flea Market in Savannah Georgia from a company called K-Bar Kennels.

The lady that I spoke to, Kathryn B. (breeder number 64713), assured me that my puppy was healthy. She gave me the paperwork that stated that she was up to date on all of her shots. I purchased the puppy for $300.00 cash and took her home not knowing that she was a very sick and on the verge of dying.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday (August 16th-18th)she seemed very tired. She was lethargic and wouldn't seem to do much of anything accept sleep. (I actually took off work to care for her Monday and Tuesday because she was so sick.) Tuesday, August 19th, she began to throw up large amounts of food and water. She didn't seem to be able to keep anything down. I continued to care for her thinking that she had a stomach bug. Tuesday night she began to have severe diarrhea and could not stay awake for more than a period of about 15-20 minuntes.

I called the vet and she directed me to how to care for her. She told me that if the condition remained I would need to bring her in.

Wednesday, August 20th, the condition continued. Wednesday night I took her immediately to the Godley Station Animal Hospital to have an emergency check up. The Doctor took a sample of her stool to discover that she had Giardiasis (GEE-are-DYE-uh-sis) is a diarrheal illness caused by a one-celled, microscopic parasite, Giardia intestinalis (also known as Giardia lamblia).

She was loosing a lot of liquids and could not keep anything down. The doctor sent me home with some medicine and told me that if she continued to throw up that she had to be hospitalized. The next day, August 21st, she was sent into Godley Station Animal Hospital at 7:45 AM. The vet says that she has the Parvovirus.

I am completly astonished with the condition my puppy was in at the time of sale. Not only did she have ear mites, Giardia, and worms I was told that she could possibly have the most deadly puppy virus which is Parvo. My puppy died August 23rd from Parvo in the care of my vetrinarian. Since I could do nothing else to save my puppy I hope that this will help to save future puppies from the bad conditions and neglect they are experiencing at this facility.

We spent 300 dollars to purchase the puppy, around 750 on vet bills, 150 on toys and food,100 dollars on cleaning the whole house, not to mention the heart ache and pain that we have endured.

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Original review: Aug. 27, 2008

Breeder sold me a dog in which she lied about the age, health and disposition. Dog came to me with mange and severe separation anxiety. I tried to work with it for about three weeks and then realized I had been scammed. Breeder wouldn't return my phone calls until I got Cardigan rescue involved, at which point breeder took the dog back but would not return my money.

Since I've worked with other breeders and now realize that this woman violated a particular code of ethics, sold me a dog without a pedigree and sold it as a show quality dog. She completely took advantage of my noviceness with being a new purebred dog buyer/ owner.

The dog was $1000, and the vet expenses added up to around $150.

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Original review: Aug. 25, 2008

This so called breeder sold me a puppy with written & signed agreement stating I would receive AKC papers 3 weeks later. I purchased the puppy in the beginning of June and still have not received them. The puppy also has been diagnosed with aortic stenosis which is a genetic disease. I don't believe this lady is a true breeder. She will not return my phone calls or emails.

I paid $1300.00 for a puppy that is supposed to be a pure bred and another $800.00 for medical bills.

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Original review: Aug. 16, 2008

There was a mix up and we received the wrong dog initially. We ordered a Maltipoo and got a Chihuahua. Our puppy was sent to New York then put on a plane back to California. We kept the Chihuahua overnight and sent her to New York the next day. It was frustrating, but we were so excited to receive our maltipoo we let it go. When we did receive her - she seemed fine; however, not even a week after receiving her, hadn't even been able to get her vet check up completed, she got sick, and ended up in emergency care. She didn't make it - before I was able to send back the paperwork to Kae.

After a month and a half she advised that it was on us. We are very disappointed in Kae's attitude, business practice and the fact that there was no sympathy at all once she found out the puppy didn't make it. We would like a refund for the cost of the puppy $772, as well as for the emergency services the puppy received, for a total of $1492.

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Original review: Aug. 8, 2008

My husband and I purchased a pure bred on June 17, 2007. He is a sily terrier born 3/15/07. On March 17, 2008 I took him to the vet. for what looked like pink eye. After three visits to the vet we were advised to see a specialist. After 5 months of oral treatment, we were informed our pup was born with no tear ducts and surgery would be required to save his sightt. They actually create tear ducts thru the salivary glands. After 800.00 thus far on his eye treatments, his surgery is going to cost a minimum of an additional 2,495.00. Our doctors office said to contact the kennel we bought him from so that they would be aware of their breeder.

While looking for their number I came across my paperwork from them. I have a warranty for two years from date of purchase which states they will pay for the price of the dog or a 1,000.00 for the surgery which ever is less. Mikey, cost approx. 701.00 with tax. I contacted them on 7/11 and spoke with Linda. She told me not to wait for the surgery and to bring them the paperwork and the diagnosis asap. I brought them the paperwork on 7/19. I was told Linda was on vacation while we spoke with a young man named David who worked there. He also had bought a dog there who needed hip surgery and Dale, the owner honored it. David spoke with the owner, Dale S., via phone while we were there and he said he would look over warranty and paperwork.

I called on 7/23, Linda said Dale would call after he looked over the paperwork again . I called on 7/30 and Linda said Dale was still going over warranty and would call me back. I called on 8/6 and now Linda says they are not Shady Pines Kennel, just Kennel now. She answers the phone, hello, no salutation and the owner is the same, Dale S. I don't know what they are doing but something is not right. He has not called me once and I believe his does not intend to honor his own contract and warranty.

I love my puppy dearly. His total treatments are going to total approx. 4,000.00. I think it's awful that this pet dealer will not honor his warranty for 700.00. I can only imagine that I am not the only customer that is having problems with their puppies due to his breeders/business ethics. I believe he is in the process of changing over to avoid his financial obligations. Even his web page is Shady Pine. Thank you for your consideration

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Original review: June 10, 2008

In May 2005 we went to National Breeders to buy a new dog. We went there because we heard a lot of advertisement on the radio and newspapers and assumed they were a reputable store. We bought a siberian husky for $1600 and were assured that their dogs dont come from puppy mills. So we bought the dog and the next day he had a terrible cough. So we took him to the vet and he told us he had an upper respiratory infection and was "unfit for sale"

So we went back to the store and told them what happened and they said they could exchange the dog for a different one, they could give us store credit or we could keep the dog and get reimbursed for the medical bills! Just like that, like my poor dog was a pair of jeans you can just return! So we decided to keep him and it took over 2 months for them to reimburse us for most of the medical bills. They are more interested in making money then they are in the well being of these dogs. I urge people not to buy dogs from this store or their store in Brick called Breeders Association. Yes the dogs are adorable but they come from puppy mills and are sick.

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Original review: Dec. 4, 2006

My family and I purchased a Yorkie from the National Breeders Association in June 2003. He was originally supposed to be for my mother, for she always wanted a Yorkie. My mother had to get back surgery so that left me, the oldest child, to take care of the puppy, who we named Sportster. Sportster filled an empty space in my heart that I didnt know I had. He slept with me and smiled at me every time I came home. He was the love of my life. Well on November 17,2006 after he ate his dinner he started throwing up. The first couple times I just thought he just was just to overwhelmed before he ate since he hasnt shown any sign of sickness. By 2 in the morning he couldnt even keep water down. My mother, my boiyfriend and I drove Sportster to the Garden State Veterinary Specialists in Tinton Falls. He was there for a week getting worse and worse. My poor baby had to get a Plasma transfusion and all kinds of tests.

I drove a half hour everyday to visit him because I didnt want him to think I was leaving him. Sportster and I had a very special bond so being away from him was very hard for me. In the end the Vets diagnosed him with Heart and Kidney disease. Now how a 3 year old puppy could have those such problems was ruled out at the begining, I was told that he had to have been born with this considering he had no other health problems. On November 23rd I was told I had to put him to sleep. I totally lost it, I took Sportster home for one last night and on November 25th,2006 i held him in my arms while he was put to sleep. Just before he went he licked all the tears off my face.

Three years is way too young for a puppy to have to be put to sleep. Especially for an 18 year old girl who was very attached to her little baby boy!

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Original review: Oct. 12, 2006

i purchased a "pure breed" male maltese puppy from national breeder's association in middletown new jersey in january of 2003. the price of the puppy was high, but the sales person assured me that it was due to the "champion blood lines." the puppy cost roughly $3,000. this puppy, according to joe, was only going to get to be around 5-7 lbs. he told me that this puppy was a special small breed. now, i did not have any health problems or anything with the puppy. he was perfectly healthy. my grandmother and i fell in love with him immediately. the problem with him was, he was growing a lot. he gained a couple of pounds in the first few months that we had him. and it was definitely not due to over feeding him. he just got longer not fat. i tried calling national breeder's association to ask them about nico's growth.

joe told me that nico would only reach 9 lbs tops. i was very upset at that point because i paid top dollar for a supposed pure breed maltese tea cup type puppy. now, my grandmother is 77 years old, and not in the best health condition. she is lonely and misses my late grandfather. i purchased this puppy to keep her company. i wanted a small lap dog for her. her skin is very thin and any pressure can bruise and cut her. a small dog under 7 lbs was perfect. fastforward to 2006, nico the "pure breed tea cup maltese" is now 14 and 1/2 lbs. his fur will not grow straight and silky like the breed is supposed to. he has ***** curly hair that is coarse. he is not fat, he is long with a not so dainty build. my vet thinks he is a mixed breed, possibly a maltipoo, because his frame is similar to a poodle, and so is the fur.

we will never give up nico, we love him so much. he keeps my granmother company, gives her a purpose to wake up in the morning. but, nico is too big for her delicate condition. he scrathes her skin and bruises her quite often. he gets very excited at any loud noise. he jumps on top of her and then will run across her lap and arms causing bruising. my grandmother had knee replacement surgery a year ago, and because of nico's size we were worried about him jumping on her healing knee and harming her accidentally. we had to keep them separated for about a month. this was hard on both my grandmother and nico.

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Original review: Sept. 15, 2006

We purchased a beautiful Boxer November 2, 2004 from National Breeders Associaton in Middletown, NJ. From day one he was aggressive towards us and got along horribly with all other dogs. We were told he was 8-9 weeks old, until they conveniently wrote 11 weeks on the papers as I was paying for him. He had kennel cough when we brought him home, however, National Breeders Assn. said this was to be expected. Our dog also had diarhea for the first six months of his life. We tried every food out there; hard, soft, organic, expensive, cheap, and nothing seemed to help very long. Finally a vet told us he probably had a mild case of Cholitis.

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Original review: Feb. 4, 2006

I purchased a Shih Tzu, which I named Giorgio, from the National Breeders Association in Middletown, NJ. On that very evening, the dog began sneezing frequently and I became immediately alarmed. I called the National Breeders Association and spoke to one of the employees, Becky, to let her know the condition of the dog, as well as to obtain some advice on what to do. Becky advised me to keep Giorgio warm and she instructed me to keep a close eye on him.

The puppy's condition worsened within two days; the sneezing never ceased, he wasn't eating on his own, and he began coughing with an increasing intensity. Again, I called the Association and this time spoke to Tanya, the woman who actually sold me the puppy, and her only remark was that Giorgio's condition was normal and he probably caught a cold in addition to kennel cough. She advised me to seek veterinary attention for the puppy if I felt the situation necessitated this measure. Without hesitation, I did. The doctor stated that Giorgio was "unfit for sale" and that his health condition would probably improve within 10 days or so with the proper medication and attention.

I had been in the process of house breaking Giorgio through the common practice of crating; however, because of his poor health, I was concerned that the normal process of housebreaking him would aggravate his condition. I did not think it was fair to crate him for 6-7 hours during his period of sickness while I went to work. My main concern was that the dog be brought back to good health, therefore, I called the Breeder's Association to let them know that I had no choice but to return the puppy because he needed close medical attention which I couldn't properly provide.

I expressed to both Tanya and Joe (owner of the Association) how appalled I was that they would sell an animal to anyone in this condition, and their remark was that Giorgio's ailment was quite common and normal. Well, Giorgio's condition should be neither common nor normal. On March 27, 2004, the puppy was returned to the facility and Tanya and Joe gave me three offers. The first was to exchange Giorgio for a different puppy, which I instantly and vehemently rejected as I was strongly attached to Giorgio and, in my opinion, puppies are not like a pair of jeans to be exchanged for a different size, color, or fit. The second choice was for me to take Giorgio at a reduced price of $1500 (original price $2378.94) and provide the necessary medical care myself or leave Giorgio with the National Breeders Association until he got better and then buy him back at that discounted price of $1500. I chose the last option.

What ensued was a verbal agreement between National Breeders Association and me that I would re-purchase Giorgio as soon as he was well and fit for sale. I had complete trust in the Association to provide the best medical care and attention to the puppy, as well as trust in their professional and business ethics to honor the agreement we had made. At that moment, I had no reason to doubt their intentions as anything but genuine. I informed them that I would be calling on a daily basis to check on Giorgio's health status, which I did. It seemed they were very receptive to and welcoming of my concern for Giorgios health. Everyday I called, and everyday they would tell me that Giorgio was the same and not eating on his own, requiring forced feeding.

This went on for two weeks. I never received any positive news on the puppy's health. Nonetheless, I was hopeful that Giorgio would be healthy enough for me to purchase him back sometime during the week of April 5. On Wednesday, April 7, I called Tanya and she nervously said, "Hi Margaret, I'm going to have to call you back because I'm busy with customers, but I'll call you as soon as I can to let you know how Giorgio is doing." An hour passed when she finally returned my call only to say, "Margaret, I'm sorry to tell you this but Giorgio was bused back yesterday to the breeder in Oklahoma because he was not doing well and we felt that this was for the best." I was so completely bull-dozed and shocked by her words that I couldn't even muster up a response other than to say that I would have to call her back. I couldn't believe the words I had just heard! It was incredulous to me that these seemingly caring people would put a helpless, sick puppy on a bus, for who knows how many hours, back to Oklahoma! How could they torture an ill, 2 month old, puppy like that????

I was devastated by the news. When I regained some sort of composure, I called back for an explanation. This time I demanded to speak with one of the owners, either Joe or Bruce. I spoke to Bruce and he reiterated and confirmed what Tanya had said to me earlier, that the dog was no longer in their possession and bused back to Oklahoma. He justified his actions with the reasons that the dog was a finicky eater and too needy, reasons which I found to be totally absurd and bizarre in light of the fact that I was willing to take the dog as long as he was in good health. I first wanted to know why they did this without extending me the courtesy of a phone call considering the fact that I had been calling on a daily basis in hopes of repurchasing this dog that I fell in love with instantly.

Secondly, I wanted to obtain details as to where exactly Giorgio had been bused so that I could go and retrieve him myself, no matter how far or costly. This is how much I wanted, and want, that puppy. I was told that I had returned Giorgio for a full refund and they were under no obligation to inform me of anything regarding the dog. Bruce also refused to give me any information as to the name, address, etc., of the place to where Giorgio was bused. On Thursday, it dawned on me to look at my copies of the documents and paperwork I received upon Giorgio's purchase. This is where I found the name of the breeder. I researched the Internet for contact information and after I successfully found a phone number, I proceeded to call Mrs. Kinzer in Missouri, only to find out that Giorgio was originally sold to a broker in Oklahoma and that she was not involved in any way with the National Breeder's Association of New Jersey. Mrs. Kinzer did, however, furnish me with the name and number of a woman who might be able to help me. I called the phone number of a Ms. Lauren Hall, a dog broker who was very sympathetic and eager to help me locate Giorgio.

I gave her all the information she requested: Giorgio's id #, registration #'s of the mother and father of the puppy, description of the puppy, etc. Within the hour, she called me back with the phone number and the location of the broker that would either have the puppy or, at the very least, know his whereabouts because they handled the sale of Giorgio to National Breeder's Association. I was greatly encouraged by this information and hopeful that I would find this puppy. As per the information I received from Ms. Hall, I called "Pine Spring Pets" in Atoka, Oklahoma and spoke to a woman named Trudy.

After sharing Giorgio's story with Trudy, she told me that she had no record of receiving Giorgio nor was she aware of any pending return of a puppy from the National Breeder's Association. Trudy was extremely sympathetic towards my plight and ensured me she would get to the bottom of this and find out where Giorgio was. I waited for Trudy to call back, but she never did, all the while the anxiety in me building up envisioning this poor puppy lost somewhere, left on a bus, stolen, or worse, dead. Realizing that Trudy was not going to return the call, I decided to call her back. This time Trudy was like a different person. She was curt, unhelpful, and no longer sympathetic. Yes, Trudy found out exactly what happened to Giorgio, but she told me that she COULD NOT and WOULD NOT disclose any information regarding the puppy. Trudy also told me that Bruce, from the National Breeders Association, would be calling me shortly.

Well, Bruce never called so I called him and left a message with Becky to have him call me. After two hours waiting for Bruce's phone call that never came, my sister, Angela Cavera, decided to try to get a hold of Bruce herself. Again, he was too busy to come to the phone and she left a second message for him to call. Bruce, again, DID NOT call back. After another hour, my sister made a third attempt and finally Bruce came to the phone. Bruce told my sister that the dog WASN'T shipped back to Oklahoma and gave no explanation for the horrific, heart-wrenching lie that he and his employees told and that Giorgio was still in HIS possession and he had no intention of selling me the dog even if the dog was better. Their words, our agreement, were meaningless to him. Red flags started popping up everywhere. I feel that I was not being told the truth. I still dont know where Giorgio is. I dont believe them and I dont trust them. Perhaps he is still sick. Perhaps he did not make it. Perhaps there was foul play of some sort.

But the most likely scenario is that the National Breeders Association sold Giorgio at full price to someone else, probably not disclosing his ailments to the new customer. Why sell him back to me for $1500 when he could be sold to someone new for the original price of $2378.94? I understand this is purely business for some people, but it is not for me. I am a dog lover by nature and I dont appreciate being played with and thats exactly what the National Breeders Association people did with me; they played with my heart and mind. I want the National Breeders Association to be held accountable for denying that dog a most loving and caring home with me. I may not have a legal leg to stand on, but I believe businesses in the United States of America have an obligation to be honest and forthright with their customers.

What the National Breeders Association did to me was dishonest, unprofessional, and downright cruel. How dare they lead me on for two weeks to believe I was soon getting my puppy back and then try to pull a fast one by telling me they returned the dog to the broker in Oklahoma, when they never actually did!!! I am sure my actions to try and locate Giorgio in Oklahoma were never expected, but this is how serious I am about getting my dog back. I want answers. I want to know where Giorgio is and I want the National Breeders Association to be accountable for what they say and promise; otherwise, that business should no longer be in business. I beseech you to help me resolve this matter. I beg you to investigate Giorgios well-being, health and whereabouts. I question the integrity, honesty and business ethics of this association. I plan to take futher action and possibly go public!

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Original review: Oct. 10, 2005

We went into this store to look at a dog. After playing with the dog for a few minutes, the sales girl said it was getting close to closing time and if we were interested we should make a decision before they closed.

I have allergies with animals so we were really just trying to see if we could even have a pet in the house.

As we made our way to the door, the sales girl told us that this dog can be held till the next day. We did not want to make a decision to buy a dog on such short notice. As we left , I told the Sales girl that I would call them the next day to let them know if I wanted to buy the dog.

At some point she had asked us to get a copy of my charge card so that if I was to purchase the dog, they would have the card. I gave her the card but never thought they would charge it without a purchase.

That evening I had severe allergies and realized we can not bring a dog in to the house. The next morning right as the store opened I called them and told them that I could not take a dog because of my allergies.

They said okay and we hung up.

I got my charge bill next month and found that they charged my card $500.

I called them many times and could not get a call back. I finally spoke with a Bruce who apparently is an owner and several times he agreed to give us a credit back but never did. I spoke with him again 10/6/05 and he said he would call the next day and still never called me back.

I called Citibank to dispute this and the National Breeders is saying that their policy is such that even if you buy nothing from them , they can charge your card.

As far as I know in NJ , this is Illegal. There is also a 3 Day right of recision in NJ which they are not adhering to as well.

I want my $500 back.

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Original review: June 22, 2005

On November 26, 2004 we stopped by National Breeders looking for a Pekingnese puppy, but they had none. We spoke to one of the Sales people who talked us into getting a Pomeranian puppy instead that it would make the same type of companion. We told him our situation that we lived in an apartment and were looking for a quieter dog and that Pomeranians were very talkative he told us that all it took was training and the puppy could stop barking, no such luck we hired a personal trainer to come to our house and train our puppy yet she loved to talk. We then expressed our concerns about buying a pet shop dog and he stated that he's not a pet shop he's the middle man for you and the breeder and that they do not get their dogs from puppy mills, we were assured of this several times.

A female employee put us in a cubicle with the puppy to play with and interact with to see if we liked her, when asked we were told that the cost for her was $2,200 when we looked a little shocked the sales woman said she would be right back. When she returned she told us that the puppy was shipped with 2 of her brothers and they were selling for $1,600 and she didn't know why the female was so high but that she could sell her to us for that price. We agreed and left with the puppy, on the ride home the puppy started coughing and gagging which I thought was just the pupppy getting car sick, but the cough never went away. A day later we rushed our sick puppy to Oradell Animal Hospital where she was diagnosed with Kennel cough, it was such a severe case that it lasted 11 weeks. We called National Breeders to tell them because we knew that she shared a cage with her brothers and that Kennel Cough was very contagious and we were told that Kennel Cough is not a big deal that it's the same as a child getting a cold in day care. We believed that until the first medication didn't work, then the second medication didn't work.

When we initially contacted National Breeders regarding the bills we were told by the owner Joe to see his Vet and that all of the bills would be paid for by him, however we live over an hour away and we were more comfortable with the Vet that we already formed a relationship with. He also told us to just bring the puppy back and he will give us a replacement puppy for equal value, which didn't sit well with us because we already formed a bond with this puppy. Finally the third medication worked on our puppy but she needed it refilled three times bringing her total illness like I said to 11 weeks, so far our puppy experience has been a nightmare. We submitted all of our bills to the warranty company with the letter for "Unfit for Sale" which is required but yet we were still told that they do not have to cover all claims, when we called National Breeders to tell them this we got a total run around.

Finally after several phone calls and arguments the owner of National Breeders reimbursed us for the vet bills but I had to keep on top of him and constantly call to get the refund which we are still owed $35.00 for one of the medications. Now we've had the dog for less than 7 months and we just found out that she has a congenital condition which requires surgery to correct her back legs. We have received yet another letter for "Unfit for sale" by our Vet. When we contacted National Breeders again we were told that we were a couple of weeks over what the law requires and that they are not liable to pay any of the bills. The surgery is now going to cost us $2,900, and that's just for her one knee. We have been lied to by these people since day one and given a complete run around every time that we've had a problem. We can't even get the owner to return our calls now. They've made it very clear that the dollar is the bottom line here not the animal.

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Original review: July 19, 2004

My boyfriend and I had purchased a puppy from this store july 14th 2004 upon arrival home the dog started acting very sick> after a trip to the vet I was told the dog should not have been sold to us due to advanced kennel cough and possibly fluid in the lungs, a letter of unfit for sale was prepared. After this I returned to the pet store and spoke with one of the owners. When I had told him i met several other people who were waiting for reimbursement months after the fact the owner assured me a refund in 8 weeks. I declined and thought he was solely responsible for this since the dog was sold to me sick.

I informed him on what a horrible business he was running and told him I would let everyone know not to buy a puppy from here. He informed me I was only 23 and did not know enough people to hurt him and if he lost my business it didnt matter. He told me to just return the dog like it was a shirt or something. After feuding back and forth over this poor sick puppy he thought he was doing me a favor by sending me to Holmdel vet who come to find out is the doctor that examines these dogs initally and that this store has some type of agreement with and he treats his dogs free. So after him making me believe he did me some sort of favor. He really just sent me 20 minutes out of my way to one of his buddies to patch this dog up. As sick as this dog is and as much as its taken to nurse him since he won't eat or drink and coughs constantly I would not give this dog back to a company who treats there animals so poorly.

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Original review: March 26, 2004

I purchased a Bichon Frise about 7 weeks ago. Right after I became sick and I wasn't able to care for him. I called National Breeders right away. They said all they could do was take him back and give me a store credit but I still had to pay for him. They are very unfair. They don't give you a chance to change your mind if things don't work out. They are so overpriced it should be illegal. I paid over $2,000 for the dog and when I went to the vet he had roundworm. When I called them they didn't want to know me. I don't think they stand behind their health guarantee. They didn't even offer to pay the vet bill to cure him.

I also had to medicate my other pets because it's contagious. I purchased three other dogs from them in the past. One has a serious heart defect, one had a luxating patella and the other had an intestinal virus. I hear so many complaints about them from other people. All the pets have health problems. They get their pets from breeders who they know nothing about. They don't care about their pets. They are just in it for the money. Their contract is very unfair. I've been trying to sell my Bichon now and I can't get an offer higher than $500. Also, when people hear that the dog came from there they don't want to buy him because they know their reputation. I don't know how they stay in business. It should be illegal. So many people say that the dogs are nasty. They bite and they can't get them housebroken. I had to give away two of my other dogs from there because they were so hyper and they barked non-stop. For what we pay they should be perfect.

I got one good dog from them. They first one who has the heart defect and I only say good because he is very sweet and well trained. I just have to hope that he lives a full life. He is only three right now. I have to pay every year for an ultrasound to check his heart. They reel you in because they know you can't resist a cute puppy. By the time I found out about my dog's heart defect I was attached to him. Their contract is ridiculous. How can they justify paying that much for a dog? I have looked in the paper and Bichons go for $500 at the most. I can't keep him but I don't want to lose a lot of money on what I paid. I don't know what to do. How do they stay in business if so many pets from their have health problems. I think they get their pets from puppy mills and they are overbred. All I want is to be able to return my dog and not have to pay for him. I wish there were a way to sue them. It's all so unfair and I will never purchase another puppy from them and I will make sure that no one I know does either.

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Original review: Dec. 3, 2003

I recently bought a dog from National Breeders Association and am very unsatisfied with their promises, although very happy with my pup; a male boxer named 'Buddy'! First of all, much like the other complaints I have read this dog too had 'Kennel cough' but a company called Household Pet Protection did reimburse me on behalf of NBA. They promised that the dog would have all of it's shots and lifetime training included in the hefty price of the pup which was $1200. I have had to get the dog all of it's shots, paying for it myself at Middeltown Animal Hospital. The training is cruel! I brought the dog to the them as agreed and they immediately put a choke collar on him, I explained that I did not like the idea but they talked me into taking it home and giving it a try so I did. The young trainer Jay expalined that it is the sound that scares the dog and that it was completely painless, and I bought it...

The second session Jay asked Bruce to work with Buddy. The first command that Bruce gave to Buddy, Buddy did not respond so Bruce yanked the choker so hard that Buddy gave a painful loud yelp. I did not let this person continue any further, I told him that he did not know what he was doing and I would not allow anyone to treat my pet this way and if my pet now had windpipe or esophogus damage that he would be held responsible for it. He procedded to say that I did not know what I was talking about that it did not hurt my dog. I explained that it was the same type of sound that comes from a dog when you accidentally step on its paw, which absolutly is a painful cry! He says that he has done this for 16 years and was a respected professional, I really can not believe that as he lost my respect at that very moment and I had not known him for more than two minutes...

I told him that it is a fact that a dog that is abused will eventually turn on that hand that abuses it and this is no way to treat an animal especially with a baby on the way into my household. I also told him what a jerk I thought he was and left right away. I am concerned for other pets at that facility as this guy is a senior employee there and I really feel he is a danger to the other pets that are there. I really feel that this place is giving very cruel and possibly dangerous training instructions.

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Original review: Oct. 19, 2003

We headed all day for a long drive to Middletown to look for a pure bred lapdog. The moment we got in their shop, the sales rep were all decent and nice. The first quote was $2,300 for a tiny pup that sells for $900 at the most with a champion bloodline. It was shocking how they are able to name their price unreasonably. After about several minutes of listening to their sales talk, I know for a fact that it is a scam. The 2nd rep came after me, wouldn't let me talk but there is no reaon for me to be disrespectful as I am a walk -in customer. So, I decided to say no, and they were cutting their prices down as if these dogs were perishable food and would expire soon so it scared me. At the parking lot, a 3rd sales rep came chasing us and said they can offer it for $800 to $1200. "No thanks" is the best answer to people who run this kind of business. Aside from that, everyone must read the rest of the complaints about National Breeders Association in New Jersey, how these people were screwed in (sorry for the layman's term). I feel sad for these victims. I hope someone will do something about it.

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Original review: May 15, 2003

After purchasing a purebreed Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier on 3/23/03..I noticed shortly after I returned home with her that the puppy had a severe cough. I promptly followed up with the vet that National Breeders recommended. He prescribed cough tabs and an antibiotic for kennel cough symptoms. And had to re-administer all the vaccinations that National Breeders claimed the puppy had received.

I continued going to this vet because he was aware of the puppies history and was working with what seemed all National Breeder pups. After almost 2 months, several vet visits,two different antibiotics, cough tabs, vomiting, diarriha, loss of weight to the puppy and many sleepless nights. I decided to go for a second opinion where I was very surprised and upset to find out my poor puppy has pneumonia in BOTH lungs. I feel cheated as I trusted both facilities to be up front with the puppies health prior to me purchasing her.

I plan on seeking some form of restitution beyond whats stated in the contracts and health guarantee and suggest that anymore else with these types of problems due the same.

Thank you.

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