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Original review: Feb. 8, 2009

We bought an adorable 10 week old Wheaten Terrier puppy from American Puppy club. We made the same mistake as many others and got very excited about getting our son a puppy for Christmas. We brought him home Christmas Eve and the poor puppy was never right since. He was at first unable to hold any food down. He then started making choking sounds. We took him to the vet and found out he had kennel cough. We were OK with that and the place said they would repay the vet bills. We thought that the vomiting was related to the kennel cought, as the vet said that could be the case. The dog was on 2 different antibiotics and a cough medicine for about 2 weeks and was still not keeping any food down. We had to put him on IV fluids the next time we took him to the vet a week later. We were then told by the vet to feed him just chicken and rice and see if that helped. Well, it did, but if we fed the dog just a tiny bit too much, he would vomit everything out. So we had to try just feeding him one tablespoon of chicken at a time. I have to say, the poor pup is very hungry. He has a great appetite, he just can't seem to keep the food down. So, we feed him one tablespoon, then another 5 minutes later, and so on so that he won't vomit. I have to come home everyday at lunch to do this and I often take him to my parents house so they can feed him all day. Anything so the poor dog can put on some weight! So, we took him back to the vet yesterday (about 3 weeks later) and the vet said he did gain about 2 pounds, but he was still way too skinny. He also told us that his lymph nodes were enlarged and he thought he had gastrointestinal lymphoma!! I am not an emotional person, but I starting crying before the vet could finish his sentence. He wrote us a letter stating the dog was unfit for sale and told us that even with treatment there would not be much we could do for the dog. He didn't even have the facilities to test for it there. So we brought the poor dog back to American Puppy Club to see what we should do and they made us feel like we were trying to scam them! The lady basically laughed at me and told me the vet we went to (who they recommended!) was inexperienced and they would only accept a diagnosis from one specific vet at Middletown Veterinary Hospital. I'm OK with getting a second opinion (we would have done that any way) but when we tried to make an appointment at the place the Dr. she told us to go to was on vacation for the next week. There are a bunch of other doctors at the same place, but she still said we could only see him! None of this is making any sense to me. We do not want to put this dog down. He has only been with us for about 6 weeks, but we love him dearly. However, we can not and will not pay for the mistake that this place made. The dog should never have been sold to us in the condition that he was in. He looks like he is malnourished when the reality is we spend all of out time feeding him and trying to get him to gain weight! So now we have to wait for the diagnosis from the doctor that I am sure is in cahoots with this place. Then we will probalby take him to another vet of our own and see what we come up with. They offered to give us store credit (totally ridiculous) and my husband told them we either want this dog fixed and in good healh or we want our money back. No in between. I have no idea how this will turn out. We are all heartbroken and are out hundreds of dollars!

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Original review: Jan. 29, 2009


We had decided to buy an Miniature Australian Shepherd from Kathy Tomerlin at Boldheart Mini Aussies in Arizona. She toyed around with us not being able to tell us which of the dogs would be available until the day they were to be shipped out. The dog was a present for my daughter's 5 th birthday. Kathy assured us the dog would have a temperment suitabe for a household with and one year old and a five year old child. Immediatley the dog showed aggressive tendencies. KAthy would not respond to our emails and calls. Than in ne day the dog bit a 4 year old and attacked a two year old child. After many calls she finaly called back and said it was nothing to worry about and doggy kindergarten at Petco would take care of it. Petco refused to train the puppy due to liability and all dog trainers agreed saying we had to go to a behaviorist. We tried to limit the dogs exposure to our children eventhough she tried to assure us the dog was fine around our own kids. While we were all sitting in our house the dog bit my 5 year old in the face ripping her lip from her nose all the way down and causing permanent disfigurement. Kathy Tomerlin than admitted to dog was the Alpha of the litter and she had never used the stud before. Kathy Tomerlin agreed to take the dog back. We sent it back to her after driving 200 miles to the airport. She was to refund our $1800.00 when she received the dog. We never heard from her until she refused to refund our money. She calimed our daughter must have "provoked the dog"..totally untrue! Now she is most likely selling the dog again to another family. Her contact is Kathy Tomerlin Po Box 91 Kearny, Az 85237 (520)260-4587
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Original review: Jan. 26, 2009

We purchased two labrador puppies In Sept. 07 for $1500 each. Dec. 08 one of the dogs (Jack) goes into congestive heart failure and is diagnosed with inhereited DCM (Dilated cardio myopathy). He is now on medications and is on a restricted exercise routine. Typically this disease kills within 6 months to a year.

When we informed the breeder about this he insisted that it was heartworm. He said his dogs don't get heart disease. After alowing him to converse with our vet and sending him medical records, Mr. Weiner says that DCM isn't hereitary.
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Original review: Jan. 22, 2009

Paid for a SHOW QUALITY pup, ended up with one with a bad bite and lots of health problems.Had to have major surgery right after we got him. Had a parisite infection that shut down his colon.Have been waiting for 4 months for a partial refund on bite and surgery, still nothing!

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Original review: Jan. 21, 2009

I bought a doxie from them jan 2008. my daughter and I asked to see the puppy and they let us play with it for a while and when we said we were interested they told us that it was already neutered because of a hernia at a very young age. So now my daughter is crying that she wants the dog and I did not because I felt it already had problems being neutered at such a young age. But I gave into my daughter and bought the dog for over $1000.00. Now Cody was 1 yr. old in November and his right foot is completely turned out to the right. My vet said its a birth defect and will probably bother him as he gets older. He is not a mini and will be large and the weight will make it worse. I brought him back to the pet store to show them and they said they wanted a letter from my vet. I got the letter and hand delivered it. I never recd a call back so I kept calling until I got the young kid NICK on the phone who said he was the manager. He said the owner of the place has to contact the breeder and see what will be done to compensate me. I told him for the third time I want them to pay for the surgery. I did a little web surfing and found that the dog came from the Puppy Mill Hunte Corporation, the breeder is Debbi McGinnis and co owner of the breeder assoc of america is Joe Grastara. I am getting the run around,but I will not give up. Cody has a wonderful personality and I want him to be comfortable. He is a great dog, very happy and playful. These pet stores need to be stopped from tricking people and taking advantage of consumers and these poor puppies from puppy mills. I learned my lesson, and bought my next doxie from a local breeder and I will get my next doxie from her, never again from the breeders association. I am going to report them to the better business bureau also.

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Original review: Jan. 13, 2009

I purchased a beautiful, happy male Shih-Tzu from Monster Pets on 8/24/08 for $899.99 + tax. His personality was that of a very active well rounded dog.He is up-to date with every shot and every appointment was kept faithfully. Even though I love Mr. Fritz for who he is, I was expecting to continue to see my little bundle of doggie joy to Sire one day. I was told that my puppy had a genetic trait.(CRYPTORCHID)Mr. Fritz had to undergo major surgery.

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Original review: Jan. 8, 2009

Purchased puppy from breeder supposed to be 8 wks old. Received puppy on 19th. Took puppy to vet on 23rd because of blood in stool and dog could not walk on front paws. Vet said that dog was not 8 wks old when sent to me plus it had parasites and fluid in its front paws. $300.00 dollar vet bill. Called breeder and he told me he would not pay for the bills from my vet. He would take the dog back only if I did not take it to that vet again and I had to pay for the dog to be shipped back. Dog was a Christmas present to my girlfriend. Breeder also told me that I should have come to him about the dog being sick and he would have sent me medicine for him. He is not a vet and he did not know what was wrong with the dog but he would have sent me medicine.

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Original review: Dec. 30, 2008

I purchased a 10 week old female collie puppy from Mrs.Vergari July 25 2008.The puppy was has been diagnosed with serious genetic and hereditary eye disease and has been blind since birth in the right eye,and limited vision and a partially detached retina in the left eye with a coloboma which gives the puppy a high chance of going blind in the left eye as well by the time she is 2.This has been confirmed by a canine opthomologist on 12.26/08.The puppy also suffered from skin issues including demodectic mange which was passed from the mother to the puppy as well as puppy pyoderma and is still currently under veterinary care to this very day.I had planned on breeding and showing this puppy which Mrs.Vergari was well aware of and can do neither because of her negligent breeding of 2 collies which she knew would produce puppies like this.

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Original review: Dec. 17, 2008

We bought a morkie puppy last 12/9/08 at Raising Rover Ltd. As per Pet Purchase Contract and NY Lemon Law that if a dog certified to be unfit for purchase due to illness with the presence of contagious or infectious disease within 14 days of purchase we have to right to reimburse the expenses incurred.

Last night we went to Animal Hospital at Lyndhurst, NJ for emergency around 10 pm since our dog was not feeling well. He seems to coughing and while sleeping at the middle of it wake up and cried. We had a certification of the vet last night fof unfit and cost we incurred.
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Original review: Nov. 14, 2008

My complaint is the same as Sharon in Ft Lauderdale. I paid 1,000 for my Shih Tsu and she also promised me the papers in days. I called , e-mailed--wrote numerous times. She kept putting me off for all different reasons. This is 4 yrs later. Still no papers. The woman is a liar.

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Original review: Nov. 14, 2008

I purchased a 9 week old yorkie from these people. I had her for 2 days. During the 2 days the puppy was having diahrea and lethargic. I took her to the vet the next morning and she tested a very strong positive for parvo. The vet said I should return her right away. The vet said the puppy had to have already had this before I got her. When I went to return the puppy she said she would refund my credit card the price of the puppy. I have not seen any of my money and she has my dog on her website for sale. We also learned that another puppy bought at the sametime we got ours also has parvo.

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Original review: Nov. 10, 2008

I recently bought a Yorkshire Terrier puppy from Sherry Banner , I instantly fell in love with the little boy and liked that Sherry seemed so honest ,well within hours of getting him home , he started hacking I couldnt help but be nervous since I paid 1000.00 plus 300 shipping for him ! I called Sherry she said he was fine when he left .I took him to my vet and he was severly conjested she got him to pass a vet check I have no idea ! This little guy ended up being put on antibiotics and fluid , I called Sherry and asked for a replacement , which she refused . This little guy died the next day and now she wont answer her phone :(

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Original review: Oct. 31, 2008

This breeder was originally known as Celtic Crossroads Kennels, she has since changed her name to Northern Hounds so that no one will associate her pups with Celtic Crossroads.

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Original review: Oct. 29, 2008

On 10/18/08 I bought a male chihuahua puppy. The pups date of birth 8/28/08 the ad on Kijiji states Pups will be registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC)and have all shots up to date. I called the vets office on monday and the girl said that the pups have not been seen and are scheduled for visit on 10/23/08. He said he would reimburse me $100.00 for him not getting his wormings and 2 shots. He also said I would receive my registration papers and $100.00 within 3 weeks. When I called the AKC 3 different times they said the puppies were suppose to be registered at birth and since have not been registered. I have a copy of the Registration Certificate of the parents.

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Original review: Oct. 24, 2008

My family and I purchased a puppy from Joyce Stoltzfus in September 2008. After bringing him home, he became ill with a respiratory infection within a day and was highly infected with 3 different types of worms. We have been seeking medical attention with our veterinarian and are trying desperately to heal him. He had such a high volume of worms, that after weeks of treatments, he still has a considerable amount. We are treating him with a new medication and are hopeful that we can eliminate the worms that he was so highly infected with. After searching on the internet, I have learned that this woman has been operating for years selling sick puppies that resulted in fatalities and has many law suits filed against her and she is still allowed to operate in the state of Pennsylvania. These puppies are boarded in grave conditions and are very sick and yet she is still open for business. I paid $750.00 for my puppy and the vet bills are accumulating quickly in our desperate attempt to heal him. This woman should be stopped and prevented from ever selling another animal again. She is more interested in the money than she is in their poor innocent lives.

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Original review: Oct. 15, 2008

We also purchased a genetically defective Weim puppy from Patty. As a result, we were left with expensive veterinarian bills too. I contacted Patty and was advised she would not cover the vet bills and I even offered to fax her the vet records and she declined. I think it is repulsive for a breeder to be charging top dollar for a less than perfect family pet. Obviously, I never once thought about returning the dog if that was even an option. How can she sleep at night knowing that she is ripping off innocent families and burdening us with expensive veterinarian bills? Clearly, a clean, nice looking facility means nothing! I only wish we had done more research prior to purchasing a puppy from her. She is not a breeder but rather running a slimy puppy mill. Future buyers beware!

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Original review: Oct. 10, 2008

My husband and I purchased a purebred German Shepherd from Keith in July of 2008. He sold us our puppy and told us what website grandparents were on and about his breeding. He also assured us that our puppy's papers would be ready in 2 weeks and that he would send us them. After several emails and calls and 3 months later he tells us that he is not going to give us the papers because he sold this litter cheaper than he usually does. I believe this is unethical and when I asked him to at least provide us the info so we could get the papers he refused.

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Original review: Oct. 7, 2008

She sold my husband and I a Five-week-old Golden Retriever puppy without his shots or a visit from the Vet. The puppy had a mishap with us in our home and we brought him to the Vet that Friday night, which we picked our puppy on a Thursday. The doctor told us the puppy was too young to be sold and states that the puppy had a cold or an infection prior to being sold to us and the breeder did not tell us that. We told the breeder what happened and she said the puppy was wheezing when she sold our puppy to us.

Our puppy stayed at the vet's for two days in the ICU and we could not see him. He was on IV, Antibiotics, pain medication. He is still wheezing but he is on the antibiotics for two more weeks. The vet bill was $1,150.67 which came out of our pocket when the breeder should have help pay at least half. We called the breeder and she said no way was she going to help us at all. She was downright rude and used choice words with me and my daughter.

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Original review: Sept. 24, 2008

Bought an AKC yellow puppy lab from the above breeder February 2008. Have not received papers as of September 2008. The above breeder keeps telling me she is having problems with her breeder. I need help...

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Original review: Sept. 19, 2008

Purchased Irish Wolfhound Puppy on 4/14/08. Puppy has a severe over bite, her bottom jaw is 12 mm shorter then her upper jaw. Her bottom canines are going into her hard palet of her upper jaw. Breeder did guarantee no genetic abnormalities, but would not return any correspondance back to me when I brought the over bite to her attention. After several attempts via voicemail and email she returned my email. She informed me that she was not aware of the over bite and she would need to see documentation, I forwarded the documentation from the specialist along with the estimates. She informed me that if she was aware of this over bite she would have had the puppy euthanized. If I want to send her back she would send me a replacement puppy when she has her next breeding in 2009.

I stated to her I did not want a replacement puppy but if she were to give me a partial refund of my purchase price of $1000.00 for this puppy. There is no reason why this puppy would need to be euthanized. I have not had any correspondance back from this breeder at all. I went back to the puppyfind website to find out that she has another litter for sale and unlike she stated we are still in 2008 not 2009. Most reputable breeders would ask that you spay or neuter your current puppy and would send you a replacement puppy. This was never offered, nor has she returned any of my requests for a partial refund.

Purchase price of puppy $1000.00, estimate to fix over bite $1000.00 - $1700.00.

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Original review: Sept. 17, 2008

I purchased a puppy from Charlene and 6 months went by and the dog started having seizure. With exctentive testing the seizure were set off by a congenital liver problem.

With a great big vet bill in hand I was told that she has a liver problem and has to take meds everyday of her life. With the meds are not that good for her also. But that is all that they can use to controll her seizures.

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Original review: Sept. 17, 2008

Bought a french bulldog on 9/11/08 (9 weeks old), paid cash $1000, this breeder had two puppies (a boy and a girl) and a another litter for 5 week old french bulldog pups and 3 English bulldog puppies. I took my pup to my vet 9/15/08 and she immediately noticed that the pup had signs of hydrocephalus. A congenital malformation which is often times terminal. She said the pup had a domed shaped head and far set eyes, which are hallmarks for this disease. She said the only way to make sure was to have a MRI which costs upwards of $1500.

I immedialtely called the breeder and left several messages, she has never called back. I'm certain that she knew the pup was sick. Now, I'm left heartbroken and don't know exactly what to do next. I would appreciate any advice you may have for me. I want to stop this breeder from doing this to any other future buyer.

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Original review: Sept. 4, 2008

On August 9th, I purchased a puppy from the establishment, a carry case and a kennel ($800+). On August 11, we picked up the dog with assurances the kennel and other items (dog carrier/dishes)would purchased that day for fedex delivery to my home (we needed the Kennel for potty training and travel). I paid for these items on August 9, 2008. On August 19th, I called inquiring into the status of my kennel since it had been over a week and I desperately needed the kennel for travel on Friday, 8/22.

On Friday, 22nd I called and inquired again THEY STATED IT HAD NOT BEEN SENT so I informed them I was going to PETCO to buy the kennel and to not send that item and refund my money. It had been close to 3 weeks and they assured me no problem. The following Wednesday, 8/27 the package arrived with the $56.00 kennel.

I called and they said I had to speak to the owner and they would give him my number. I called again on 8/29 and left another message and I have never heard from them. Since they are not reliable I hesitate to send the item back and not get my refund.

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Original review: Aug. 29, 2008

I purchased a beautiful puppy on Saturday August 16th at Keller's Flea Market in Savannah Georgia from a company called K-Bar Kennels.

The lady that I spoke to, Kathryn B. (breeder number 64713), assured me that my puppy was healthy. She gave me the paperwork that stated that she was up to date on all of her shots. I purchased the puppy for $300.00 cash and took her home not knowing that she was a very sick and on the verge of dying.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday (August 16th-18th)she seemed very tired. She was lethargic and wouldn't seem to do much of anything accept sleep. (I actually took off work to care for her Monday and Tuesday because she was so sick.) Tuesday, August 19th, she began to throw up large amounts of food and water. She didn't seem to be able to keep anything down. I continued to care for her thinking that she had a stomach bug. Tuesday night she began to have severe diarrhea and could not stay awake for more than a period of about 15-20 minuntes.

I called the vet and she directed me to how to care for her. She told me that if the condition remained I would need to bring her in.

Wednesday, August 20th, the condition continued. Wednesday night I took her immediately to the Godley Station Animal Hospital to have an emergency check up. The Doctor took a sample of her stool to discover that she had Giardiasis (GEE-are-DYE-uh-sis) is a diarrheal illness caused by a one-celled, microscopic parasite, Giardia intestinalis (also known as Giardia lamblia).

She was loosing a lot of liquids and could not keep anything down. The doctor sent me home with some medicine and told me that if she continued to throw up that she had to be hospitalized. The next day, August 21st, she was sent into Godley Station Animal Hospital at 7:45 AM. The vet says that she has the Parvovirus.

I am completly astonished with the condition my puppy was in at the time of sale. Not only did she have ear mites, Giardia, and worms I was told that she could possibly have the most deadly puppy virus which is Parvo. My puppy died August 23rd from Parvo in the care of my vetrinarian. Since I could do nothing else to save my puppy I hope that this will help to save future puppies from the bad conditions and neglect they are experiencing at this facility.

We spent 300 dollars to purchase the puppy, around 750 on vet bills, 150 on toys and food,100 dollars on cleaning the whole house, not to mention the heart ache and pain that we have endured.

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Original review: Aug. 27, 2008

Breeder sold me a dog in which she lied about the age, health and disposition. Dog came to me with mange and severe separation anxiety. I tried to work with it for about three weeks and then realized I had been scammed. Breeder wouldn't return my phone calls until I got Cardigan rescue involved, at which point breeder took the dog back but would not return my money.

Since I've worked with other breeders and now realize that this woman violated a particular code of ethics, sold me a dog without a pedigree and sold it as a show quality dog. She completely took advantage of my noviceness with being a new purebred dog buyer/ owner.

The dog was $1000, and the vet expenses added up to around $150.

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Original review: Aug. 25, 2008

This so called breeder sold me a puppy with written & signed agreement stating I would receive AKC papers 3 weeks later. I purchased the puppy in the beginning of June and still have not received them. The puppy also has been diagnosed with aortic stenosis which is a genetic disease. I don't believe this lady is a true breeder. She will not return my phone calls or emails.

I paid $1300.00 for a puppy that is supposed to be a pure bred and another $800.00 for medical bills.

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Original review: Aug. 16, 2008

There was a mix up and we received the wrong dog initially. We ordered a Maltipoo and got a Chihuahua. Our puppy was sent to New York then put on a plane back to California. We kept the Chihuahua overnight and sent her to New York the next day. It was frustrating, but we were so excited to receive our maltipoo we let it go. When we did receive her - she seemed fine; however, not even a week after receiving her, hadn't even been able to get her vet check up completed, she got sick, and ended up in emergency care. She didn't make it - before I was able to send back the paperwork to Kae.

After a month and a half she advised that it was on us. We are very disappointed in Kae's attitude, business practice and the fact that there was no sympathy at all once she found out the puppy didn't make it. We would like a refund for the cost of the puppy $772, as well as for the emergency services the puppy received, for a total of $1492.

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Original review: Aug. 8, 2008

My husband and I purchased a pure bred on June 17, 2007. He is a sily terrier born 3/15/07. On March 17, 2008 I took him to the vet. for what looked like pink eye. After three visits to the vet we were advised to see a specialist. After 5 months of oral treatment, we were informed our pup was born with no tear ducts and surgery would be required to save his sightt. They actually create tear ducts thru the salivary glands. After 800.00 thus far on his eye treatments, his surgery is going to cost a minimum of an additional 2,495.00. Our doctors office said to contact the kennel we bought him from so that they would be aware of their breeder.

While looking for their number I came across my paperwork from them. I have a warranty for two years from date of purchase which states they will pay for the price of the dog or a 1,000.00 for the surgery which ever is less. Mikey, cost approx. 701.00 with tax. I contacted them on 7/11 and spoke with Linda. She told me not to wait for the surgery and to bring them the paperwork and the diagnosis asap. I brought them the paperwork on 7/19. I was told Linda was on vacation while we spoke with a young man named David who worked there. He also had bought a dog there who needed hip surgery and Dale, the owner honored it. David spoke with the owner, Dale S., via phone while we were there and he said he would look over warranty and paperwork.

I called on 7/23, Linda said Dale would call after he looked over the paperwork again . I called on 7/30 and Linda said Dale was still going over warranty and would call me back. I called on 8/6 and now Linda says they are not Shady Pines Kennel, just Kennel now. She answers the phone, hello, no salutation and the owner is the same, Dale S. I don't know what they are doing but something is not right. He has not called me once and I believe his does not intend to honor his own contract and warranty.

I love my puppy dearly. His total treatments are going to total approx. 4,000.00. I think it's awful that this pet dealer will not honor his warranty for 700.00. I can only imagine that I am not the only customer that is having problems with their puppies due to his breeders/business ethics. I believe he is in the process of changing over to avoid his financial obligations. Even his web page is Shady Pine. Thank you for your consideration

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Original review: June 10, 2008

In May 2005 we went to National Breeders to buy a new dog. We went there because we heard a lot of advertisement on the radio and newspapers and assumed they were a reputable store. We bought a siberian husky for $1600 and were assured that their dogs dont come from puppy mills. So we bought the dog and the next day he had a terrible cough. So we took him to the vet and he told us he had an upper respiratory infection and was "unfit for sale"

So we went back to the store and told them what happened and they said they could exchange the dog for a different one, they could give us store credit or we could keep the dog and get reimbursed for the medical bills! Just like that, like my poor dog was a pair of jeans you can just return! So we decided to keep him and it took over 2 months for them to reimburse us for most of the medical bills. They are more interested in making money then they are in the well being of these dogs. I urge people not to buy dogs from this store or their store in Brick called Breeders Association. Yes the dogs are adorable but they come from puppy mills and are sick.

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Original review: Dec. 4, 2006

My family and I purchased a Yorkie from the National Breeders Association in June 2003. He was originally supposed to be for my mother, for she always wanted a Yorkie. My mother had to get back surgery so that left me, the oldest child, to take care of the puppy, who we named Sportster. Sportster filled an empty space in my heart that I didnt know I had. He slept with me and smiled at me every time I came home. He was the love of my life. Well on November 17,2006 after he ate his dinner he started throwing up. The first couple times I just thought he just was just to overwhelmed before he ate since he hasnt shown any sign of sickness. By 2 in the morning he couldnt even keep water down. My mother, my boiyfriend and I drove Sportster to the Garden State Veterinary Specialists in Tinton Falls. He was there for a week getting worse and worse. My poor baby had to get a Plasma transfusion and all kinds of tests.

I drove a half hour everyday to visit him because I didnt want him to think I was leaving him. Sportster and I had a very special bond so being away from him was very hard for me. In the end the Vets diagnosed him with Heart and Kidney disease. Now how a 3 year old puppy could have those such problems was ruled out at the begining, I was told that he had to have been born with this considering he had no other health problems. On November 23rd I was told I had to put him to sleep. I totally lost it, I took Sportster home for one last night and on November 25th,2006 i held him in my arms while he was put to sleep. Just before he went he licked all the tears off my face.

Three years is way too young for a puppy to have to be put to sleep. Especially for an 18 year old girl who was very attached to her little baby boy!

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