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I purchased Retriever brand canned dog food for my mother's Australian Shepherd and he seemed to like it. A few weeks later, I began giving a couple tablespoons of the canned food to my purebred collie, mixed with his kibble, each night. My mother's Aussie began experiencing terrible seizures, which we attributed to his age - about 9 years old. Soon after, I rushed to the side of my collie who had a seizure that lasted several minutes. Both dogs had same onset symptoms. My mother and I live miles apart and our dogs were not in the same household or yard at any time. The only common denominator was the Retriever canned food. I did my research and discovered that Simmons (Menu) Pet Foods were part of the largest pet food recall in US history back in 2006 (maybe that resulted in the name change).

Further research through several veterinarians and the folks at the USDA indicated that Menu/Simmons pet food company is still utilizing euthanized animals, rendering them down (the meat-by-products on the label presumably), but not testing to ensure the euthanasia drugs like ** are absent before the foods are canned. Unfortunately, most dogs cannot metabolize such drugs and after the poisons build up in a dog's brain, the levels can become toxic, causing mental 'episodes', seizures, or even death. DO NOT FEED YOUR DOG RETRIEVER PET FOODS. There were also a few complaints about the dry foods.

Retriever brand canned foods are sold/distributed by Tractor Supply Company. Not the best product for their store name to be handling. It only took me a week to collect the research, Simmons/Menu foods practices, info from the USDA (if you leave a message, someone will call you back from the closest office in your area), and several other review sites. I understand that there are minimal pet food manufacturing regulations in place to keep animals safe, but the USDA and others absolutely need to step up and ensure that euthanized animals and poisonous drugs are not allowed as any ingredient in pet foods. Period.

I was going to mail the can of Mighty Dog back to the company, but didn't have the full address, so I had to throw it away. There was something all over the food inside of the can & smelled awful. I have use Mighty Dog for 15 years & never had this problem. What could be wrong with this can of Mighty Dog? I'm not sure if I want to buy anymore. Wish I could have mailed it to you & have it checked out.

On December 6, 2011, my cat suddenly died. The day before that, I gave him Temptations treats and shortly after he started vomiting and his hind legs got paralyzed. I took him to the veterinary; he died next day in the morning. I still have this food and I would like to test it. I need help.

I purchased 3 bags of Retriever Bits & Bones, 50 lbs. bag on sale. I switched my toy poodles to this. The next day, I noticed the male acting strange. I noticed a little blood in the cage and next day, a lot more blood. I thought maybe he had hookworms. I deworm every month but thought maybe I didn't give him enough. Next day, lots of blood and he was very weak. I took him to vet, he was on IVS for a week. It cost over $1,000 to save him. I can't prove it, but there had to be something in that dog food. It didn't seem to affect the other dogs, but he would have died.

The vet thought he got a hold of insulation or something similar. But there is no way he did. He is in the cage all the time, there is nothing in the cage but water and food, his doghouse. Something was in the food that he got. I have been buying retriever dog food for over 10 years from local TSC company. I will never buy it again. It comes from the national TN plant. I couldn't find it on the list of recalls, but it needs to be checked. The dog was near-death and was given a 10 % chance of making it. His insides were turned to mush. He has to heal, if possible, he is still on antibiotics. He has to be rechecked by vet more than 1 time.

I made claim for reimbursement due to pet food recall in 2007. I still have heard or received nothing monetarily.

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I was unaware of any class action lawsuits filed with regard to the pet food recall of 2007, thus I am not included in the class. Are you aware of any other class action suits that are still considered open? As a result of eating cat food and treats made by some of the manufacturers in the "Lum" suit, my cat developed kidney problems, as well as a huge mass on his neck. He was put down yesterday. I spent in excess of $1000 for treatments and examinations with three different vets.

My dog became very ill from eating this dog food, so I took her to the vet. She is still recovering. The store manager where I bought the food said maybe the can was damaged and open. She wouldn't eat, was vomiting, with diarrhea and dehydrated. I almost lost her and then the two dogs I had got sick too, not as bad as her, and all they have done is to send me a coupon for $6 to compensate for the over $400 vet bill and the worry and stress I still live with. She's just not the same. Thank you very much. The consumers need to know this, I don't want this to happen to anyone else.

I fed my dog the tainted dog food & he died. I submitted all vet records to substantiate my claim.

Been feeding homeless cat for a couple years and allowed him to stay in garage. Recently tried Friskies canned cat food on sale at Ralphs Grocery. I began to notice the cat's behavior changing in strange ways...urinary habits, loss of appetite, apathy, weakness, loss of mobility. He fell in a large opening, and after I retrieved him, he drank water for over an hour. Also had a bad odor...became unable to move...had to be euthanized. I believe the cat food caused his illness and death as the symptoms are common to that circumstance.

In Oct. of 2008 my cat became gravely ill with diahrea and respiratory problems. I took her to the vet office on Oct. 4th 2009 where it was recommended that she be euthanized due to the serious nature of her condition and the fact that she was 16 years old. Approximately on week later, both of my Boston terriers became very ill with vomiting and serious diahrea to the point that the female could no longer stand or walk. Although both animals were ill, I took only the female, because of the constant vomiting and diahrea, to an emergency room vet on Oct 18th 2008. Blood test were done and were normal.

The vet stated that the animals had injested something toxic. She recommended treatment for the symptoms since testing for the specific toxin could be difficult and even more expensive. I treated both my dogs and they recovered within a week. In November 2008, I received a recall notice from Mars Petcare for Berkley Jensen cat food I had purchased from BJs Wholesale for possible salmonella contamination.

I lost my cat, and my dogs were gravely ill. I spent $400 in vet bills. Mars notified me 2 mo. after the purchase of the food. They referred me to Liberty Mutual Ins. who were indifferent and stated no cases of salmonella reported, and without specific testing, I had no claim. The food was tossed with the death of my cat. When I suggested that it was odd that all 3 animals were ill at the same time...they said there was nothing they could do. I was only looking for reimbursement for vet bills. I just want this documented in case there are any similar complaints.

purchased berkley and jensen cat food

My dog would sometimes eat from the cat bowls. Suddenly my dog got very ill several weeks ago started with vomiting and then diarrhea. Then suddenly he stopped eating all together and would just lie there he got so ill and had to be euthanized. The vet said that by the smell of his breath his kidneys may of been failing. Before this occurred he was such a happy dog always wagging his tail.

During the recall of food containing melanin from China. my feline became ill and she was diagnosed with acute renal failure.I had to administer meds and bolus IV fluids to facilitate her recovery. This was successful for a short period of time. second time she was unable to recover. The following attack was unfortunately unsuccessful. She became despondent and no tx would alliviate the severe condition.

The cat died of kidney failure. Before this illness she was a healthy,lively cat. What a horrible way to lose a beloved pet.

Two of my cats had diarrhoea after eating Whiskas Temptations treats (tasty chicken flavor). And I only gave them 3 each.

In light of the recent recall of Mars petfood dry foods, I would like to add the following information. I have been feeding my two cats small amounts of the Mars Petfood product called whiskas TEMPTATIONS dry cat treats, These are sold in sealed 3 ounce bags. For the past six months, I have noticed that these treats made my cats ill a short time after consuming them. Every time the cats were fed the small treats, they later became ill, vomiting and diareah.

I decided to see if, in fact, it was actually the treats, so I have been following a regimen of witholding any treats for one week at a time, then resuming giving my cats their usual portions of the treats twice per day for two or three days. Each time I resumed giving the treats, the cats once again began vomiting and having loose stools. Several different flavors all produced the identical response.

I have now thrown away all flavors of these treats and the episodes of vomiting and diareah have ceased. The cats also seem to feel better, be more lively, and responsive. I have come to the concluson tat the TEMPTATIONS cat treats are responsible for their mysterious recurring stomach/digestive problems. I think Mars Petcare should also test these products for salmonella contamination, as soon as possible.

The economic situation is these treats are expensive. The physical damage is that my two cats suffered illness and discomfort from a commercially prepared pet treat which sickened them repeatedly. A third annoyance is the repeated necessity of having to clean up vomit every day. I take excellent care of my animals and unknowingly was causing them harm, resulting in great distress and guilt on my part.

tainted pet food caused cat to be ill and had to be put to sleep due to kidney levels and functions and another cat had to be put on medication for kidney problems due to recalled pet food 3-07

I am sorry but I really don't know what to do. All I know is that I purchased cat food from Walmart and my cat got really sick. I took her to the vet's because I heard on TV what had happen to the food. My vet hadn't heard anything about this so he throught that something else was wrong with her. He gave me some medicine for her but she didn't get any better.

So the next week I took her back and now this food deal was all over the TV and newspapers. He took blood and found that she was in kidney failure so he keep her for a while and ran a IV in her. That helped her to be a little better but my cat is not the cat that she once was. She is not doing well again and I am going to have to take her back to the vet's. When this first happen I called a number that I once had and I talked to someone that was taking the information on this. I called them twice and both times I was told that someone would call me back because Menu foods will pay my vet bills and I never heard from anyone. And now I don't know what to do or how to contact anyone about this.

I almost lost my dog on 12/25/06. She would not eat all of a sudden, except food scraps, then nothing at all. Then she would not drink anything. I was outside cleaning up the yard from her when I saw her moving very slowly, she then was dragging her back foot and then she fell over on her side. I was able to catch her as she fell. I rushed inside with her, she vomited all over the place and was listless. We found an emergency clinic and took her. Her liver and kidneys were shutting down. She had to get fluids for her dehydration and steroids to make her eat and some type of medication to calm her stomach. Previous to this, she made a blood curdling sound as she was trying to have a bowel movement on our walk. I picked her up and carried her the rest of the way home. We went to the vet's office on our way out of town. No one knew about the pet food recalls from Menu Foods yet. I just started feeding her table food as that is all she was interested in eating. I guess that decision saved her life.

I have 3 vet bills, of approximately $600.00. I cannot be accurate without them in front of me. I have the copies in a file.

I have reason to believe my dog died due to the recently recalled Ol'Roy Dog food. It started with poor vision, then he began to be very sluggish until one day he could not even lift him self up off the floor. He was not old by any means and was very active and healthy.

He was my very first pet. One that was taken away from our family way too soon. I do not believe companies should be able to ship products that have not been tested for things like this!

Fed my puppies tainted dry dog food not included in the recall. 1 dog got very sick, 1 dog died.

Dogs are chattel under the law. But I deeply feel the pain of his death and feel it was my responsibility to protect him from things under my control, (ie his food).

i fed our 7 year old dog nutramax senior dry food and 4 cans of nutramax at the end of march, 2007. within the next week our dog was deathly ill with kidney failure. he was in the hospital for 6 days and came home, we cared for him at home for 8 days and he just got worse so we put him to sleep. this is the only change to his diet in the past 2 years. he has eaten only 1 other food, farm and fleet dry, a local brand. i know he did not get sick from that food because we also feed that food to our pet rats and they are fine. only after i gave him those nutromax products did he become sick.

I contacted Diamond Pet Foods after my two dogs became ill after eating the Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul brand of canned and dry food. They became lethargic and had diarrhea, I held the food for a week and tried it again. They had the same symptoms.

The response I got from the company was suggestions on how to feed my dogs!! They subsequently recalled the puppy and cat foods but not the dog products.

Fed dogs Old Roy can dog food. One died five got sick. One is still in bad shape.
Wal Mart is so big they must have known about the problem. I have receipt from last purchase of Old Roy.

My dogs are older and My wife and I are still very upset. We don't have kids and are involved with our pets from and emotional standpoint. We live in a very rural area and the dogs protect our property and us. We have no guns only dogs.

My cat got sick overnight; lethargic, no appetite; took him to his vet & she smelled an ammonia type odor from his mouth that she said could indicate a kidney problem. It was acute kidney failure. They hydrated him; had him on an IV; had to force feed him; for nearly two weeks. Despite all their best efforts to save him, he was euthanized 2/6/07. He was my best little buddy and I miss him terribly.

I paid $1726.00 in vet bills. I'm cooking homemade food for my remaining cat. How horrible to think I poisoned my own buddy! The vet is convinced the death was due to tainted food.

My cat died a week or so after this pet food recall happened. He was in fine health before. A wonderful cat. He was a neighborhood cat that everyone fed. One day he didn't come home, this turned into 2 weeks. I went looking through the neighborhood and couldn't find him. I talked to my neighbors behind me and they found him dead in the their back yard just a yard away. There was no trauma.

I honestly believe he was killed by this, like I said he was fine before and then must have been to ill to make it back home. So many people feed him so I don't know if it was theirs or mine but my food that I feed him was recalled too. We had SEVERAL cats die around here at the same time and like the others they eat at several peoples houses and were just fine then just kept coming up dead. We thought maybe someone was poisioning them but I'm thinking it might be this.

i had to put down my cat after the vet said he wasnt sure what was wrong, he was a strong healthy male .it all happened in a weeks time, went to my local vet, after some tests was sent to a specialist who still didn't know for sure, at a total cost of both vets of over 8 hundred dollars.

We are so deeply saddened by the loss of our beloved Suma. Just a week before he died he was vibrant, alert, friendly, loving, affectionate. Suddenly he stopped eating, then stopped drinking, and vomited bile repeatedly. His abdomen became extremely distended and it had to be drained.

My dog ate the product and died of renal failure. He was in good health and died suddenly. Total kidney collapse.

We had 2 precious poodles; needless to say we loved them very much. Our male miniature ate more of the food since he was larger. He started getting sick. His little stomach started hurting him, & I could hear the noise it made. We took him to our vet and he was there and suffered for 3 weeks before we finally knew there wasn't any hope of saving him. We put him down, & still can't believe it all happened!

Both of my dogs are in the hospital in renal failure due to the latest recall. They are very sick and fighting to survive we had to move them from Willow Park to Texas A & M Vet Hospital for proper care, they have been on fluid therapy since 04/16 and have been sick since 04/13... Our bills are piling up! 10K at least at this point and they may not be better for a couple more weeks!

Myself and my husband have had to miss work for a week now and counting. We are at a hotel 5 hours from home.

I have kept up on the recall of the pet foods. My dog started showing symptoms, more frequent urination, drinking more water and lacked energy. I suspected the food but the Mighty Dog canned food is said to be okay. In fact even today their website stated as such.

This morning my dog was very agitated, pacing and crying which he never does. I took him to the vet. I called Mighty dog and the woman told me that yes the canned food had been recalled last week! The woman told me to email the company (great...meantime people continue to feed this poison to their dogs).

I am awaiting tests the vet ran which should come back tomorrow. I am angry that up to this point they led me to believe the food was okay and that they neglected to warn people about the food. Even after I called them, this afternoon, the website still said the canned food was okay.

Shame on you for letting this go any further than it has. My dogs are 13 and 9 years old, they are MY CHILDREN! They are on their second visit to the vet. I will be that person that will never stop until someone can figure out what to do. I have spent more that enough on food, that keeps getting recalled...and on vet bills. Someone needs to compensate!

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