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I can't say enough good things about Kelly or her puppies. I saw her puppies several years ago when I listed a home. The home owner had 2 of her puppies and I knew what the quality instantly as I've owned a shih tzu for 13 years. Upon my dog's passing in October of 2013, I contacted Kelly. That day she provided the service I would expect of anyone who cared about their dogs. She interviewed our family to make sure we were a fit for her puppies and then picked out the dogs she had that fit our lifestyle. She also had to see our home to make sure we were equipped to take care of her babies. She continues to follow the progress of our puppy via Facebook. Before leaving she gave me a portfolio containing everything from Reg papers on the dog to information on food, the breed, shots wormer etc. I paid a high price and for what we received. I'd give her double the next time!

On this site, she accused me of selling her a dog with no AKC papers and misrepresentation. I have the AKC records of her registering the dog I sold her into her name--her registered name is Owens **. if there's anyone questioning this, I would love to send you the AKC document. And she didn't stop payment on her payment (which was an American Express gold card--so don't believe the social security crap and picked him up in a Mercedes SUV).

She told her credit card company the charges were fraudulent, and she had the dog in her possession for a month! They had to freeze my account in the charge of $850 for 2 weeks to clear the matter up. PayPal and American Express both honored the purchase and released my funds. This woman has slandered me to many people, always saying some different reason. I have a huge file of documentation, and this is the last straw! She will be hearing from my attorney for this slander!

On 8-17-2010, I purchased a Shih Tzu puppy from Kelly for which I paid $850.00 through PayPal. The pup was 4 months old, and she said she was sending for his AKC registration. I have been calling AKC every few days, and there is a problem with the father that they said would be easy for her to call and resolve. She has not done this. I wanted to be able to use this little boy for breeding, and it is important to have the AKC papers on him as she advertises her dogs to be AKC-registered.

I have several e-mails from her with excuses and being angry with me! She is misrepresenting her puppies and cheating people. I should be and am the one who is angry and cheated. I have listened to her lies over and over. I put a stop payment on my credit card which went through PayPal but then released it, because she said she would definitely get this taken care of.

She said definitely on 8-31-2010, she was going to register the litter. I called AKC, and she has not even attempted to do this! She really needs to be stopped. I don't know just how many puppies were in that particular litter with upset people like me.

My husband and I are on Social Security and want to supplement our income by raising these beautiful and loving Shih Tzus. If I am not able to get this puppy registered, I will not be able to make hardly any money at all. I am not going to scam people like this breeder has done. Without his papers, he is financially almost useless.

We love him, so he isn't useless to us. But the sole purpose was to make some money to supplement our SS. This has been a strain on us, for worrying with this lady and over and over listening to her lies. My husband is not physically well at this time, and all this is very hard on both of us. I hope you are able to help me.

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