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      LitterMaid Reviews

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      Original review: Dec. 21, 2009

      I purchased two of the new supposedly multi-cat LitterMaid Max and Chloe model. I had the old version and used it until it gave out. I am shocked at seeing the same complaints I have already posted, along with the fact that it doesn't work as well as the old one. They didn't increase the size of the receptacle. So multi-cat plus same size receptacle as one cat equals mess and needs to replace the receptacle quicker. At some point it actually stopped working altogether because the thinner metal spines wasn't cleaning the box.

      I spent $165 each on the machines. By the time I realized that it wasn't working, the 45-day return time from Petco had expired and I did not have the original packaging that it required to request a return. Who would keep those huge boxes?! So now I am using two very expensive litter boxes as regular $15 litter boxes.

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      Original review: Nov. 24, 2009

      Bought a littermaid Mega Elite 9250. Had an older MEGA that has worked for 3 years. It had a plastic rake with rather thick tines.

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      Original review: Nov. 23, 2009

      K I purchased a very expensive useless litter box. It does not work and the warranty does absolutely nothing. My unit lost power so i called the 800 number on the box for replacement or warranty work. Well to my surprise there is no such thing after a year and they will not even suggest any helpful hints to make it work again. It never did rake the litter that well and I found myself scooping more then the machine itself. So when a person purchases such an awful product and there is nothing the company will do to help you I say complain and hope that enough people out there read the reviews and not purchase this product. I am very disgused that I spent that kind of money in the first place but then to have a company not stand behind there product is even more frustrating. So to all of you out there thinking that self cleaning litter box is the way to go I tell no it is not and beleive you me scooping is not that bad once you think about the money you spend on a unit like litter maid that doesn't stand behind there product!!!! Be warned it is not worth the money and time to purchase this product.

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      Original review: Nov. 13, 2009


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      Original review: Nov. 8, 2009

      i had a littermaid 950 or 500 old style it lasted 3 years and worked great..when it broke, i bought the new littermaid was too wide to fit in my closet which sucked, it also would jam up because it couldn't make it through the litter often times..finally after 6 months it just stopped working, will never buy this again or recommend it

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      Original review: Nov. 3, 2009

      Littermaid Self-Cleaning Litter Box. Wheel on rake broke off and the company won't do anything. The rake is also not a replaceable part. Very disgusted.

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      Original review: Oct. 14, 2009

      This must be the worst product I've ever purchased. The motor is not even strong enough to rake through 1 1/2 inches of clean litter (which the manufacturer recommends), much less one clump of peed in litter. It will cycle 5 times and still not work. It's very loud, meaning you can't sleep if it goes off at night. If you try to turn it on in the morning you might as well have a conventional litter box because the only option is to scoop.The maker will offer no help at all. If you're not able to return it to the store of purchase, you're out the price of the box. In my case, my husband took out the packaging and receipt to recycle before I could tell him not to. Litter maid customer service offers no help or relief. This is a really bad product.

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      Original review: Oct. 1, 2009

      We purchased a new Littermaid box to replace an older unit that could no longer be trusted to work overnight. I bought the Elite Mega even though we only have one cat thinking it would last and built heavy-duty. Well, its been two weeks and the motor fizzles out half way through the cycle and won't rake properly. Called customer service and they ran me through reset buttons and chip ID's which has nothing to do with the problem of the electric motor. Finally, their answer is to take it back to Colorado where I purchased it on vacation (I live in Ohio). How convenient to hold a pet store responsible when I'm talking to the manufacturers representative. Oh well, I will NEVER purchase another Littermaid product and I warn you not to either.

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      Original review: Sept. 17, 2009

      This is my fourth liitermaid unit I have purchased. The first 2 were the old style and lasted about 2 years each. I have purchased 2 of the new style ones, the first one lasting 3 months and the newest one I bought yesterday, and straight out the box the unit is defective, cleaning cycle will not stop. Called the company because paperwork the unit comes with says do not take back to store call for service. I called and lady I spoke with said I had to much litter in box. I had no litter in box for I had just assembled and plugged in to make sure product worked. Then lady on phone told me to take it back to target where I purchaed it, that they couldn't do anything for me. Since when is it Target's problem? Target didn't make it. Lady on phone gave me an ID code to use at store if I have any trouble returning it. Will try to return, but when I called target on phone, they said if item is used they can not return.

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      Original review: Sept. 11, 2009

      I've used littermaid for close to 10 years. I had the old school model for all, but the last month. I purchased a new one due to the addition of another cat in order to have two cat restrooms around the house. I got the Mega Elite thinking the new design is much better looking than the old one. Immediately I noticed problems. Instead of a plastic rake it has a metal tines. The feces and clumped chunks of urine seem to stick to it. It's removable, where the rake wasn't. However, wher exactly in your house is the best place to wash that? I don't really want it in any of my sinks or tubs. Yuck! The point of the automated box is NOT to touch urine and feces, let alone spread it around the house. Okay, so at least that part I can deal with. My biggest complaint is that it not only pushes the cat waste out into the bin, but it pushes out the good litter too. I read their recomendations for using 'premium' litter and tried the brands they recommended. No go. The clumping is just fine. It's the enormous waste of having to check the little level, change the waste receptacle more often and the cost and bother of wasted clean litter. With the old school unit I used to change the recepacle every week or so and top off the litter. Now I have to check it every day. Becuase of the clean litter being pushed out it sometimes cases the waste lid to not close, so it emits stinky smell and requires me to adjust the contents of the bin so the lid will seat and keep the stench in. I would never get another of the newer models. However, while I was away the person taking care of my cats the old one broke. They bought me another Elite Mega. I only discovered after returning from my trip. They said the old one's motor just stopped. If I had known it happened I would have bought a different type/brand.

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      Original review: Sept. 9, 2009

      This is the first automaic litterbox I've ever owned. I will never buy another, and wouldn't recommend it to my worst enemy. The litterbox stopped working a little after 30 days of purchase. The motor simply burned out. Since I could not return it to the store I purchased it from, I tried to contact the company's customer service department. I have been going round and round with them for the past 5 months! The REFUSE to give me my money back, the REFUSE to take the product back. They've offered to exchange it for another small house appliance.

      I've since bought another litter box. It's one of those you just roll over on its side and all the "clumps" collect in a little bin. It cost $50 less than the "automatic" litter box, but I would pay it 5 times over.
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      Original review: Sept. 3, 2009

      We purchased a LitterMaid mega liter box from Wal-Mart. A number of months later, the motor stopped working. We called LitterMaid to get a new unit under the warranty. The person on the phone wanted me to remove a lid next to the battery compartment. This lid did not exist. I tore the unit apart to gain access to the electronic circuit board to remove the IC chip they wanted. There were 2 chips on the board, and they were both soldered in. Now, the supervisor wants me to mail them the circuit board. None of the parts they wanted exist in this unit. No one should ever buy this product or any item made by LitterMaid. They have no idea about what they are talking about.

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      Original review: Aug. 25, 2009

      LitterMaid's quality is hit or miss at best, mostly miss. I have used them for years and max life is a year. I had a replacement last just a week. My Elite just got dumped after a year, gears were stripped, tries to cycle. Spent a lot of time trying to repair, but most important components are sealed. Made to fail. In the past, I have been able to correct cycling issues with the reset button. Have any of you tried that for your problems? It's not in the manual. I found one of the old style for $80 online and seems to be working okay. I would never buy another and hope somebody comes up with a better system. If it works, I would gladly pay more.

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      Original review: Aug. 8, 2009

      Over the years, we've had two or three Littermaid cat boxes. They had their own idiosyncrasies, but for the most part, they worked well. The last one finally broke after two or three years, so we bought the new "upgrade," Littermaid Elite. The new system is completely different than the old. While its physical appearance may seem fancier, the product just doesn't work. It is no better than a manual cat box, which you can buy for $10.

      The new rake is made of metal tines, which stick to the feces in the box. Cat pee also collects in areas, and even with the correct litter, the rake just breaks up the clumps and leaves them there. Feces is simply dragged back and forth and left in the tray. Some of it gets into the bin, but you have to manually scoop the rest of it out, defeating the whole purpose of buying this expensive machine to begin with.

      Another flaw to the new design is that the crap in the box is simply shoved into the bin. While this might make sense at first, the tines of the rake ride on a track that slightly lifts them up in the process, allowing the crud to stay in the box while the tines simply pass over it or stick into it. Such design flaws are unexplainable. The rake should be positioned behind the poop and push it, not sit on top of it. The volume levels of litter are correct in our box. A plastic track for the rake may be the problem, but the old box never had such problems at all.

      I heard that Littermaid has been bought out by another company, and it seems that whoever is now responsible for their products had no idea of what they're doing. The rep at Littemaid suggested using a non-stick spray on the tines and the box every 30 days(!). That would mean a lot of unnecessary work. We are planning on returning the unit and hope to find one of the older models that worked. It was a good product but not anymore.

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      Original review: July 31, 2009

      I had a LitterMaid cat box for years and years. It finally broke after about five years of two cats use. I bought a new LME5500 almost a year ago and it works fine.

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      Original review: July 18, 2009

      I purchased the LitterMaid self-cleaning litter box at Wal-Mart in Shelby N.C. The device stopped working less than 60 days after purchase. The device is plugged in and the on/off indicator lights up when it is turned on and goes out when it is turned out. However, the motor on the device does not function - it will not even make a sound like it would be trying to engage. I am very dissatisfied with this product. I have purchased LitterMaids in the past and they have lasted for at least 2 years before malfunctioning. I always keep the litter just below the full line, yet well above the fill line. The previous products I purchased had the Ionic Breeze built-in yet I believe this part of the product did not perform well. So this time, I purchased the LitterMaid without this extra feature. I would hope the company would replace my device since I have had it so short a time.

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      Original review: July 5, 2009

      I know of several people who have this product. I only wish that I had consulted the above complaint website before I purchased this product. It is a piece of junk. Not only was it difficult to put together but it just doesn't clean the litter box like it says. I still have to remove the urine and fecal matter. What good is it anyway?

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      Original review: June 18, 2009

      I purchased a LitterMaid 500 in November of 2008. It was the second machine that I have had. I loved the first one. This one has been nothing but trouble. It will run continually until turned off and then I have to take it apart to get it all straightened out. Since I am gone all day, this is not good for the cat not to have his litter box all day long.

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      Original review: June 16, 2009

      We had the previous LitterMaid self-cleaning litter boxes. All of them worked with a few hitches every now and then. We had been buying their product since 2000. After our last MultiCat box broke, we decided to go to the store and buy their elite product, figuring the newest product would be an upgrade. Boy what a mistake! The first machine that we bought from Target had the motor installed backwards. Once we completed assembly and plugged it in, it kept making a noise that the motor was starting but wouldn't go anywhere.

      I looked at it carefully and found that the rake was trying to go backward. I called customer service, and they told me to return that to Target and get a new one. We did that. After assembling it, we found that not only the new product was horrible, it seemed like they stopped doing quality assurance on their products. I am not sure if their engineers are still working at their company, because no one can go from a good working product to the P.O.S that we bought recently.

      The new product was horrible even with their recommended special litter. It never cleaned the box if one of our cat passed a lot of urine. The motor had no power, it would hit the clumped up litter and start going back to reset. You all know what I am talking about.

      So I resorted to cleaning big clumps with a hand rake, but then in less than 30 days of buying the new one, the motor decide to quit altogether. When we called the Customer Service rep (very pissed, I might add), he was so rude. When I asked to speak to his supervisor, he actually said to me "Why? What would you like to say to him."

      I was so mad. I informed him that I will never ever buy another of their product, because I essentially bought the most expensive manual litter box ever. He basically said, "If you don't have anything else, then I have reported your incident. You can return it back to Target." informed him that my cats have been using it for the last month and that I can't return a used product to Target. He replied, "Well then, I can't do anything about it."

      Do not be fooled. If you had their old product, it was good. This new product is made with cheap plastic parts that break within days of use. Maybe, they sold the company to some mainland Chinese operator who is making cheap, worthless products and selling them here.

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      Original review: May 25, 2009

      The product does not work. Did research on line and found hundreds of complaints concerning the product not working like it should.

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      Original review: May 25, 2009

      We had a Littermaid unit for several years with no problems. Once it wore out I had no problem buying a new model, the LME5500. It is a horrible product. It started to bind up and we experienced the same problems other hear complain about. There was no response to two e-mails and I too got just voice mail. I kept trying and finally got a live person that was very nice and agreed to replace the box. The new box arrived and it is simply a lousy product. Everything sticks to the rack and tray. It is extremely noisy. It is nothing like the origianl product we purchased years ago BUYER BEWARE!!!

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      Original review: May 17, 2009

      Purchased LitterMaid Litter Box as a Christmas gift for our cat. We got a new puppy that was constantly eating from the cat's litter box and we wanted to get something that would regularly keep the box clean and keep the contents away from the puppy.

      It has now been five months. I broke a few scoopers trying to pry the clogged, urine soaked, premium clumping cat litter out of the machine. Finally, I broke down and bought a painter's scraper. Now I don't break any more scoopers. Second, I noticed that we were going through the plastic disposable trays way too quickly. As a solution, I found that the Wal-Mart white plastic grocery bags make a perfect size liner for the trays and we can increase their longevity by about 4 times longer. Also, the Tidy Cat Premium Clumping Cat litter that we use comes in large sealable bins. They are perfect for containing and sealing away the large amounts of waste when I have to go in and clean out the box. If you're throwing those tubs in the trash please stop. This is a great way to recycle! Our main complaint about the machine is that the motor is simply not strong enough to get the rake to scoop through the now-hardened litter that is congealed to the box. I think it has to do with the 10 minutes that goes by before the rake will activate. I have turned the box off and then immediately back on right after the cat uses it and it scoops everything out of the box perfectly. But the ten minutes that the machine gives the litter to harden is too long. So either Tim Taylor needs to a *ahem* modification on this machine or the manufacturer needs to adjust the time delay. I think that will solve most of the complaints that people have. We have issues with the rake not reaching down far enough and there is usually this very hard layer of hardened litter at the bottom of the box. Again, the painter's scraper (the kind that they use to take gum off of walls and stuff) works beautifully to break it up. I also don't use the small scooper that comes with the machine. I went out and bought a very large heavy duty scooper that makes it much easier to clean out the box. I put that waste into the old bin and seal it. We haven't tried using non-stick cooking spray on the box or the rakes yet. But, we have tried lining the bottom of the box with wax paper. I should warn you though that this technique doesn't work. Another useful thing we do is to put the machine on top of the bottom section of the puppy's old kennel. We're currently looking for something that's a little higher than just a tray because our cat doesn't just bury his waste. He flings mountains of litter on top of it. In fact, after he uses the bathroom there is litter flung up to 10 feet in all directions. The tray works wonders for helping to catch the majority of the litter that's found on the floor right next to and underneath the machine. The ramp is a total and complete waste of time. My cat is an eight year old male tabby that can not only jump on top of the couch from the floor, he can jump over it. So the little ramp that he's supposed to walk on to get the litter off his feet simply doesn't work because he just jumps over the ramp.
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      Original review: May 15, 2009

      I just wanted to say that I have had two units for years and have NEVER had the problems all you people are experiencing. I use Tidy Cat Clumping Antibacterial Litter. Occasionally it gets clogged, but that is what the cleaning brushes it comes with are for. Even with this minor issue, I would still NEVER GO BACK TO USING a manual litter box. You people are crazy!

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      Original review: April 20, 2009

      This is one of most useless products I've ever purchased and I don't think I've ever been so disappointed in a product before. The rake barely scoops any of the waste and when it does half the time, the waste gets stuck in the rake. When it scoops, it's so loud and sounds so strenuous. It sounds like the whole thing might just blow up. I scoop more of the poop out of the box than the rake does. It makes me so mad just to think I purchased such a useless piece of equipment. Those scammers got their $130.00 out of me and I hope it comes back to bite them later.

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      Original review: April 17, 2009

      Well, I bought the LitterMaid box from Wal-Mart. After 3 days, the rake just stopped and never ran again. So luckily, I still had the box. As soon as I walked into Wal-Mart to return it, the lady at the counter said, "Go ahead and grab another one," and I said, "Excuse me." She said the rake not working is what most of the complaints are about the litterbox. So after I got home with the new box, it was so much quieter than the other one. So I was thinking maybe that one was just broken from the beginning. And a month later, I am looking up Wal-Mart's return policy without a box and came across this site. Well, I will be off to Wal-Mart tomorrow hoping they will return it without a box if not I am out $100 and a lot of frustration!

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      Original review: April 12, 2009

      I have had a Littermaid for over 8 years. Well I have had two of them. At one point it stopped to function properly then I found this guy on eBay who had written a repair manual. I fixed it within minutes! Best Litterbox ever!

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      Original review: March 31, 2009

      Less than one week old, my Littermaid auto cat box won't stop running. Cleans continually. I followed all instructions to make it stop and it won't.

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      Original review: March 27, 2009

      I've had two littermaids over the past 6+ years. First one my ex took with her but it managed to keep up with 3 cats for the longest time, never had a problem. Second one I bought used a year ago for my maltese dog and I've been very happy with it. I see a lot of complaints about them on here but I've never had a problem, I recommend them to my friends and family.

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      Original review: March 24, 2009


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      Original review: March 23, 2009

      I purchased a Littermaid LM500 litter box, and two days after using it, the wire came lose and the raking element became stuck. The online retailer I purchased it from said to have the company replace it per Magnus & Moss Legislature Act of 1975. I called Littermaid and they said to send it back to the store. I stated it was an online purchase and per Magnus & Moss Legislature Act of 1975 that they are responsible for it. The company still said I had to return it to the store I purchased it from per company policy.

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