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I have been looking at refills for my Emery Cat board. The refills are more expensive than what I paid for the entire thing! I never saw "buy one get one" or packages of 2 or 3 offered. 1 refill was $21.00! WTH? After reading all of these complaints about the company, I will not be ordering from them! My cat loves it...but I don't want to get scammed! Glad I saw these posts. So sorry for you folks who had all that money stolen out of your accounts without prior viewing of the charges. I'm going to go buy something different today!

My cat loves Emery Cat and lets me know he is not happy when I can't find the refills. He loves grooming his own nails. I have tried other scratcher boards and he ignores them all. Wish the refills were easy to find. Whoever invented Emery Cat had an ingenious idea. The catnip is pleasing to my cat. I don't think the toy is needed that comes with it.

I waited two months for my emery cat refills to get here after ordering them directly from emery cat refill.

I find it unfair to say that the company is terrible just because your particular cat doesn't like the product. There's plenty of popular cat toys that our cat can't be bothered with. Does that make the company terrible? No. Our cat is just picky. Be that as it may, he LOVES the Emery Cat and we do too. It's the only scratch toy that actually keeps his claws in check. He's a bit of a biter and would NEVER let us cut his claws. When his board was all scratched out and we couldn't find refills. We bought every scratch pad, toy, shelf, door hangers, etc we could find. He scratched them, but his claws continued to grow and he steadily kept getting stuck on everything. It's to the point now that when he walks on the rugs, he gets stuck with every step! We did our homework and saw the numerous complaints about ordering directly from the company, so we never did. No matter how bad we felt for little Oliver. Our local Petsmart FINALLY has the refills in stock and Oliver couldn't be happier! We no longer have to worry about him getting stuck on the curtain while we're out and not here to help him get loose (it's happened before). So yes, ordering from the company is NOT a good idea. But the product itself is fantastic for our cat.

I went online to order refills for my existing Emery Cat. The site for ordering refills was no longer working. So I ordered a new one. Then it was buy one get one free for an additional handling charge of $7.95. I said yes to continue. Then they offered the refills (now they appear!) at 3 for $14.95 + another $7.95. So I ordered those. Then they offered me an upgraded version for an additional $10. I said no. I went to complete my order thinking $19.99 + $14.99 + $7.95 X 3. The total was over $80.00. They charged me $19.99 for the first one, $14.99 for the second one, $14.99 for the refills, and $7.95 X 4. I replied to the confirmation email to cancel my order immediately and put a stop on my credit card.

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My cats & I really like the Emery Cat scratcher, but we are extremely disappointed in the company overall. Apparently, the overseas manufacturer (imagine that!) is unable to keep up with the orders. I see the advertisement all the time for buy 1 get 1 free (basically). I have even ordered just refills which seem to take forever to get to me (but well worth the wait). I made the mistake of ordering the buy 1 board with pad and for just $7.95 more for S&H, you can get another set free + 2 de-shedders FREE. It is a bogus offer! I went online 2 weeks later to find that the boards and de-shedders had been cancelled with only my order for 2 packs of refills still In Process. I called Customer Service and was told the manufacturer had discontinued the item, but it may be back in the future. What a crock! I will use my refills but NEVER order from them again. I have 12 cats so I must have plenty of scratchers around. I just ordered a better brand of scratching board so Emery Cat Refill can just get lost. I will be writing a complaint to the BBB as well.

I ordered the Emery Cat Board refills in April. I never got them, and I was never notified that they were no longer available. They had my e-mail address, but they did not notify me. I just now found out when I called them. I was told my order was cancelled because they were no longer available.

I ordered the three Emery Cat scratch board refills a month ago on their $19.95 sale. I kept going on the site and today, it showed all the information was fine I had given to them (credit card, etc.). However, it showed that the items had not been shipped. I called their customer service and after she found the account, she told me there had been a "global discontinuation" and they would not be shipped. They had my e-mail address and could have notified me so I could have tried to get them elsewhere. Poor business tactics!

I attempted to purchase 3 Emery Cat Refill Boards on their site for $19.99 + $3.98 shipping. Put in all my info including Credit Card # & CVS code, attempted to continue/finalize/view order but kept getting prompted to put "this info", "that info", (all info I had previously submitted) and kept getting this run around, so I called the customer service # listed in "contact us" as I couldn't determine whether the order had gone through or not. (I also had done the form a 2nd time, thinking I was doing something wrong. So was also concerned that my order might be doubled & I was seeing nothing showing I had placed an order). I was told it would take an hour to receive a confirmation e-mail and another 4 hours for my order to show up in their system (huh? new one on me)!

The next day, there was still no e-mail of confirmation, no order showing in "my account", so I called again and was told that it takes 24-48 hours to "show up in their system". Then another 2-6 weeks for delivery (never heard of anything so ridiculous). I said I wanted to cancel the order (starting to get suspicious). She said "can't do that until it shows up in their system." The next day (48 hours later), I look again and no e-mail and no order. Also, when I attempted to sign into "my account", I was told my password didn't match what they had on file... know why? They changed it or had their own default set up! My password only had 10 digits. They were showing 12 digits! (I know exactly what my passwords are).

I'm now starting to think this is a lot of time to have my CC # floating around to be handed/sold off to people who like to do this kind of thing (and I got caught in one of these unauthorized charge situations once before) so I called my CC Co & explained my concerns because something is smelling here and we agreed that the card should be cancelled after we determined the charges had not been applied.

Something is not right about the way this company does business. And the CustomerService.com site (which is what they tell you to use to find the status of your order), is also for a million other purchases and you have to provide them with your order #, which you're not gonna get! There are other places to purchase these refills. Save yourself, money, time & grief and look into eBay, Wal-Mart, & PetSmart. They all have (or can reliably get) them.

Yesterday, I tried to order a refill for my mom's cat board. The screen kept popping up with offers--buy 3 for the price of one. After I accepted that, I never saw the screen where I could review my purchase. I then received an email which said that I had been billed for $126.17 and that $31.80 of that was just in processing and handling fees!

I tried to call the company and cancel, but I could not. They said to go to customerstatus.com and that I could cancel there. As of yesterday, the order did not show up. I got on the site today, and there it was; but there was no way to cancel order. I called, and then one of their customer reps said it was already mailed out! I informed him that I thought that they were very shady. Beware of them! I will have to have Discover dispute the charge, as I truly believed I was completely scammed! Beware of them!

My mom and I both bought the Emery cat scratcher and neither of our cats played with the toy but my mom's cat scratches on one side of it and can't get him to do the other side no matter what we do, but my cats have scratched it all up and I need a replacement scratching surface, but reading the complaints about getting the refills. Maybe I will go and get the Smartycat scratching board, we got our boards from rite aid.

I saw an advertisement on television and a number to call and then I got a pre-recorded message saying that I can buy Emery cat board for $19.95 plus postage and handling of $7.98, and they will send another one free for just postage. Also, for five dollars more, a better Emery cat board! And they go on and on about a cat blanket and free postage. I didn't answer the recorded message with a yes or no. I was just quiet!

I just wanted the one and it wouldn't let me (the way it was worded) do that! So, I thought it would be $19.957.98 for postage and handling and five dollars for a better Emery board but they charged two charges on my credit card and it totaled to $128.00. If I send them back, they want me to pay the postage and handling again. Something should stop people from ripping others off, and when I checked my credit card, they had already got the money for that rip off.

I just threw out one of the biggest rip-offs, Emory Cat, I ever got suckered into and am out at least $100. Not only was it the most uninviting repellent scratching device my cats ever encountered, it looks like something no cat in its right mind would ever touch, which is an insult to them and us. It has the hardest most unnatural, glazed over surface ever and even the most hard-up of cats would never touch it. And forget the brush, it hurts their skin. When I ordered it, I got caught up in prompts with no attendant and somehow ordered 4, which I just got finished throwing in the garbage, again just what the product is, garbage!!!! Don't anyone else order it and I'm hoping the company has gone out of business since I don't see it advertised anymore. Junk!!! Shame, shame!!!

Jill M. in FL

Website does not permit a review of charges before your credit/debit card is charged. I tried repeatedly to cancel by phone, but was told item had already been shipped, and it was too late. There was no option for me. I had my bank call, and they have agreed to refund my order partially, but could not cancel. I will never do business with them, and feel they should be legally stopped.

For $19.95, we could get 2 boards. Once they had our credit number, they started mentioning lots of upgrades we could get so we hung up and then received 4 boards a few days later at $75 with no paperwork in boxes. We knew double shipping but what a scam, rip-off, and company. There were no numbers or addresses to contact so it's a lesson learned.

I thought this would be a good idea to cutting my cats nails. Boy, was I wrong. First of all she won't use it and only played with the feather attached to a plastic stick you place in a hole on the scratch board holder. Piece of junk, so I called the CVS where I purchased it and they refunded my purchase price of $19.99. I'll just have to learn to cut her nails or take her to my groomer for clipping them. My suggestion is not to even think of buying this product made in China.

I purchased the Emery Cat board at my local supermarket. I paid $19.95 + tax. I came home and set it up with catnip, toy and board. Both my cats checked it out and haven't bother with it since. By the way, my cats love catnip. I obtained Emery Cat's phone number online. I've called several times, unable to get a person to speak with, but I did leave my name and phone number. To date, no one has contacted me. I find this appalling and terrible customer service. My advice is to not purchase this item for your cats, it is a waste of money. The super scratcher from Smarty Kat is a much better deal.

Tried to order emery board for cats and as other orders I have observed, they don't allow your view, your order before processing. They also don't process the order as 2 for 1 because of confusion in wording of product. Excessive shipping costs and no return number to cancel.

I got scammed through their marketing ploy as several other people have mentioned. It was online shopping, but they don't follow basic system. Before showing the total amount, they force to purchase it. When I called their customer service number and actually got someone to talk to me, they denied my cancel because they said it has been already shipped (even when I called right after I ordered it). On top page of their website, they show process and handling fees is $7.25, but it turned out $34.90! When I got the product, I found out there was no payslip and company information. Plus, even when I canceled at least 2 of them, they sent 4 of them and they still won't show any refund information. On TV advertisement and website, they say we can refund within 30 days. I saw many people suffering from this company with the same problem with me. Nothing on their sales is right.

I purchased this product from a Walmart. It included a base and one cardboard insert. Within the box, there was a small card which noted where to purchase the refills. I tried to go to the website to purchase the insert and the web page says that they are all sold out and to check back later. Since the base is a specific style, it won't fit just any generic cardboard insert. You have to use their specific insert (which I knew upon purchasing this product.) I have checked the site several times and each time they are sold out. I have now read the consumer reports on this product and not only regret buying this product but I regret not doing my homework as it seems extremely dangerous to cats. I will be removing mine immediately.

This should be illegal. There is no chance to view your charges before they're applied and final. The shipping charges are horrendous and there's no way to contact the company to cancel.

I suggest a class-action suit against this fraudulent operation. I can't believe this continues, despite the complaints that I saw when it was too late. Shipping costs turn out to be just about as much as the original advertised price for the item. I'll never buy from a TV ad again. This company's schemes are hurting other honest businesses by instilling uncertainty in the customer.

Used online service and tried to place an order for there $19.95 special which we had clicked it never confirmed our order just took the information and charged our credit card $66.70. There was not way to edit or back out of the sale. We contacted customer service and they could do nothing not even cancel the order. We did not even submit the correct billing information and they still were able to charge the card. We then were sent to a supervisor which was a recorded message that disconnected you.

This should not be allowed and if someone buys something online you should be able to confirm before placing an order because I would not have ordered at all. Our budget did not allow for a $66.70 that should only be $19.95. This is malicious attempt to make big profits on people and overcharge them. This is definitely fraudulent and would never buy from them again.

Just say no to the EmeryCat Board. What a piece of junk! Cardboard with sand glued to it. Most of the sand was already off and laying in the bag that the Emery board came in. The insert is made of flimsy plastic that I know won't last. That's why they give you one free. They also charge you twice for shipping!

I purchased this item at a Rite Aide Pharmacy. The name of the manufacturer and distributor, and the address on the packaging comes up as not existing when I tried to locate it. My cat nearly died because of this item and I am not only extremely upset, but also willing to pursue this any way I can to have this product taken off the market. My two-year-old cat was able to remove the rubber plug that holds the toy in place and swallow it. He began to vomit and quickly became seriously dehydrated.

We rushed him to the vet who hydrated him and when he did not improve, x-rayed him. The rubber tip was large enough to completely block drainage from his stomach into his duodenum. He had to have abdominal surgery and spent a week at the vet's. He is just beginning to move around comfortably and act well nearly a month after surgery.

So, I am not only concerned that this not happen to anyone else, but have just come through what could be devastating financially, and so far have been unable to locate anyone connected with this product. My cat nearly died. Abdominal surgery and a week stay at the vets is very expensive

I bought the Emery Cat from some store. I followed the directions and my cats totally loved it! They played on it constantly and always did their "sharpening" on it. After a while I noticed one of my cats was sick, choking and having a hard time "in the litter box." She would cough like a hairball but nothing came out. After a while my husband and I figured out, she was eating the "cardboard material" from the Emery Cat! Once we got rid of it, she got better in a week or so.

I'm actually pleased with Emery Cat. I had a hunch, after seeing it on TV, that at least a few of my four cats would like it. I'd read the horror stories that buyers had posted about being overcharged online and so never would have gone that route (I have a serious aversion to paying for shipping anyway). I was at Petco today and saw it for $19.99 with a plastic base (I'd read accounts of cheap cardboard bases as well), so picked it up on impulse. Having also read accounts of kitties that had swallowed parts of the toy, I decided not to use it. Why tempt fate? The only bad occurrence—and I'd never noticed this before—was that the (included) catnip that I sprinkled on the board turned all four of my brood into the feline equivalent of mean drunks. They began punching and swatting at each other trying to get at the Emery Cat. However, things calmed down and within.

I went on their website only to find out the price for the bogo free. In order to do that, I need to put my debit card number in. As soon as I did that, It took my money and placed an order. I didn't ok this to happen. I wanted to see if it was cheaper to do this online or at the store. There is not a number to talk to someone in person. I get an automatic service. It took $71.70 away from me. That is my grocery money for a week. I am not able to buy that much food.

My cat loves to sharpen his nails. He loves the ones from Wal-Mart, so I thought he would like this more, but he won't go near it! I bought it at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and unwrapped it, so I cannot return it. Stay away, this product is junk and a waste of $19.99! Ripped off for $19.99 plus tax.

I bought the Emery Cat at a local supercenter and gave $19.95 plus tax. After setting up the board and attaching the little stick with the bell, and sprinkling the catnip on the board, my cat fell straight into playing with it. But after a day, I noticed the bell wasn't dingling and found that my cat had gotten the bell off.

When I looked, the bell was gone and I couldn't find it, my cat had swallowed it, I found it today (two weeks later). My cat vomited it up! This product is not safe and should be recalled. My cat had not been feeling well and now I know why! He had swallowed the bell. I hope no one else has this problem. I can't imagine if my cat had died and found out later that it was because of that bell.

I purchased the Emery Cat Board from the TV ad. I also purchased the 2nd board and 3 more refills. I received one of the boards with a clear statement on the label that there were 3 packages. I called and complained - a 2nd package was shipped indicating 2 packages. I received the 2nd board, but still not the additional 3 refills I had ordered. I called again and was told it would be shipped. I never received it. I don't know if they shipped them as indicated or not. I have never had problems with delivery, so it makes me wonder. I like the product, but this is just plain ridiculous.

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