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Embrace Pet Insurance Reviews

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About Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace Pet Insurance offers coverage for dogs and cats and reimburses pet owners for preventative veterinary care, grooming and behavioral training with no per-item limits. Embrace charges a monthly premium and helps cover expenses if your pet needs emergency medical attention or another service.

Pros & Cons

  • Use any vet
  • Offers vanishing deductible
  • Accident-only coverage
  • Not all policies available online
  • No zero-deductible options

Featured Reviews

Alexandria, VA

My dog had surgery last month. The procedure was covered and Embrace was super easy to work with and efficient. My reimbursement was in my account just weeks after the surgery. Th...

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Livermore, CA

When your otherwise healthy 13-year old pup has a small lump, you need to know, what is it, has it spread, and what can we treat it? I was so happy I’d made the decision to have B...

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How does Embrace Pet Insurance work?

When you sign your pet up with Embrace, you can take them to any vet for the services they need. You are not required to use a vet within a specific network. Once your pet has been treated, you complete the claim form, submit it and are reimbursed for services and treatment covered under your plan.

There are different coverage levels to choose from, and you can downgrade or upgrade your policy at any time. When you insure your pet with Embrace, they are covered for life. Your coverage never drops based on your pet's age or health.

Cancer treatment, behavioral therapy and breed-specific conditions are covered, and the company reimburses you for vet exam fees. Dogs and cats under the age of 14 are eligible for full coverage, and pets older than this are eligible for accident-only coverage.

Embrace has a unique online resource that lists the most popular dog breeds and their most common breed-specific medical conditions. This can help pet owners choose the right coverage for their pets.

Embrace Wellness Rewards program

Embrace’s Wellness Rewards program, which can be added to your policy, reimburses you for preventative care. This includes wellness exams, microchipping, spaying/neutering, vaccinations and flea medication.

There are three annual allowance options for Wellness Rewards reimbursement:

  • $250 allowance per policy year
  • $450 allowance per policy year
  • $650 allowance per policy year

Embrace Pet Insurance coverage

Embrace is transparent about what policies do and do not cover. The company’s website lists the different coverage options and defines eligibility requirements and guidelines for preexisting conditions.

Older pets can benefit from Embrace’s accident-only coverage plan. This plan covers your pet if it ingests a foreign object, is cut or is hit by a car. This plan reimburses you up to $5,000 each year. You’ll pay a $100 deductible once a year, and then you're reimbursed 90% of your veterinary bills when your pet experiences an accident.
Embrace covers every illness from nose to tail with no precondition limitations. This means if your pet is prone to breed-specific illnesses, medical treatment is covered under your plan.
Dental issues
Dental pain can be very uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous for pets. Dental work on animals can also be very expensive. Embrace covers dental treatment for periodontal disease, gingivitis, root canals, crowns, oral masses and extractions. Up to $1,000 in dental work is covered per year.
Cancer and chronic conditions
Cancer coverage is included in all plans and includes everything from the consultation testing and radiation to chemotherapy, surgery, hospitalization and rehabilitation. Cancer treatments are one of the most expensive medical treatments for pet owners, and chemotherapy can run $150 to $600 a dose. Cancer coverage means you can give your pet a fighting chance without worrying about how you’re going to afford it.

Embrace Pet Insurance also covers a wide range of treatments including:

  • Alternative therapies and rehabilitation
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Specialist care
  • Emergency veterinary care
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Hospitalization and surgery
  • Prescription drug coverage
  • Prosthetics and mobility devices

Conditions not covered

The list of what Embrace does not cover is shorter than the list of what it does cover. Basically, Embrace covers treatment and services that are crucial to the health and well-being of your pet, but not cosmetic services, breeding, whelping or preexisting conditions.

How much does Embrace Pet Insurance cost?

Dog insurance costs average around $30 to $40 per month, and cat insurance averages around $15 to $20 per month. Embrace has a one-time enrollment fee of $25 and a $1 monthly processing fee for those who pay monthly.

Embrace lets you customize your plan, so you can choose the deductible, the reimbursement percentage, any riders or optional coverage add-ons and annual maximums. You know your pet and your budget, and Embrace has coverage options to fit them both.

Embrace Pet Insurance FAQ

Is Embrace Pet Insurance good?

Yes. Pet lovers all over the country trust Embrace to help them cover unexpected medical bills for their pets. Embrace is a member of the North American Pet Health Insurance Association.

Does Embrace Pet Insurance cover vaccines?

Vaccines are covered by Embrace's Wellness Rewards program because receiving them is considered preventive or routine care, but routine care is not covered by the insurance policy itself.

Can I use Embrace Pet Insurance at every vet’s office?

Yes. Embrace does not use a network for vets. You can take your pet to any veterinarian, specialist or emergency hospital you like.

What’s not covered by Embrace Pet Insurance?

Embrace Pet Insurance does not cover cosmetic services, breeding, DNA testing or preexisting conditions.

Is Embrace Pet Insurance worth it?

Pet insurance is a service you hope you never have to use but are thankful to have it when you need it. Embrace Pet Insurance is a reputable company that makes pet ownership more affordable. Having insurance means you never have to deny your pet medical attention because of your finances.

Embrace Pet Insurance Reviews

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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Embrace Pet Insurance?
    • 4,464,082 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed June 8, 2024

    I used another company before getting Embrace & I can tell you without a doubt, Embrace's customer service puts them to shame. I've been very impressed with Embrace; can't say enough good things about them. Their policy options are extensive & you can basically create a plan that's perfect for you & your furry best friend. Their submission process is SO easy, their communication is wonderful & reimbursement for covered expenses is very quick. If you're on the fence about choosing a company, you can't go wrong with Embrace!

    Here's an example of how awesome they are. The vet I was using just prior to getting my Embrace policy was seized & I was unable to get ANY of my dogs records. I sent them everything I had, but they needed more information that only my vet had. It took a few months of searching on both our parts, but it was futile. Meanwhile I had taken my dog to my new vet for a routine checkup. Embrace, like every other pet insurance company, requires a wellness exam within a certain time period from the start of a policy. Unable to obtain prior records, Embrace moved the start date of my policy for the wellness portion to fit the time frame of this most recent checkup & they refunded me every penny I had paid to date. They, in great detail, informed me of this decision, but I had no idea they were going to issue me a refund, that was a wonderful surprise.

    Embrace Pet Insurance
    Embrace Pet Insurance

    Hello Barbara,

    Thank you for sharing that feedback! We're glad to hear you had a positive experience with our Customer Care team and that the issue was resolved to your satisfaction!

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      Customer ServiceStaff

      Reviewed March 12, 2024

      My 6 yr old got very sick. As we rushed him to the urgent care after hours, we did not expect it to be too serious. His blood work revealed he was in big trouble, we were sent over to a vet hospital. Our 'little man of the house' was diagnosed with pancreatitis and diabetes, his blood sugar was 545, he was dehydrated, he was going to be in the vet hospital for several days, maybe more. If you have never been to a vet hospital, you can expect to pay thousands of dollars PER DAY for care, maybe more depending on the treatment. If you cannot pay it, you may have to put your best friend down too soon. For us, this is not an option, at 6 yrs old. Twiggy is the biggest voice in our home. He has put so many smiles on our faces, laughter throughout our home! Our neighbors usually learn his name before they learn mine, as he barks at them every time they are going in their own home! Hey, he is just protecting their house too.

      He is a small dog with a huge personality, he is a warm snuggle bug when we cuddle at night, and even let's my cat sleep on the bed too. When I'm sad, he has kissed the tears off of my face, pushed his face into me for a hug, and gives kisses. He is my bestest friend ever and would never leave me to die, and thanks to Embrace, they made it possible to save Twiggy, and give him a chance to live a full life.

      The amazing team at Embrace worked magic when I called them to say, Twiggy, needs help! They took the lead from there and took action. Helping me each step of the way so that I could get Twiggy the help he needed in the middle of a crisis. No furbaby should die before their time- Embrace made sure Twiggy, did not leave us too soon. Here are facts ALL pet parents should know- Pet insurance is NOT like health insurance, the vet hospital is not going to verify if your insured and then let you in.

      They want money up front and do not care who is paying, but they want ALL the cost up front, AND the projected cost, Example: if he is ready to discharge in two days, it will be 5k, but if it's 3 or 4 days, 8k- so they want the 8k up front before they begin. So please insure your pets and hope you never need it. Embrace is affordable, and they reimbursed my out of pocket cost in less than 10 days. Insuring my best friend through Embrace has turned out to be one of the best decisions I've ever made to protect my dog's health and life.

      Embrace Pet Insurance
      Embrace Pet Insurance

      Hello Desiree,

      Thank you for taking the time to share that feedback, we are so happy to hear the policy was there to help during Twiggy's time of need and that the claims process went smoothly for you! If you are interested in being featured in our member testimonial campaign, please send an email to embracesocial@embracepetinsurance.com for more information.

      Verified purchase
      Claims HandlingStaff

      Reviewed Jan. 27, 2024

      I have a German Shepherd diagnosed with hip dysplasia and regretted not looking into pet insurance sooner. Another German Shepherd came into my household in November and I began researching pet insurance options. I narrowed it down to Spot and Embrace. However noting a vast difference, I appreciate the transparency Embrace offers, they will inform you within the month what will and will not be covered due to pre-existing conditions. Spot on the other hand will not until you present them with a claim.

      I want pet insurance for the peace of mind and security. After seeing so many reviews around insurance as a whole not paying out due to inflated pre-existing conditions (ex. a dog vomits, and now no GI issues will ever be covered), then paying into a policy for years and being denied from something I could've been told month one. That idea gives me the opposite of peace of mind. Additionally, I found Spot to be more expensive, for the same monthly price, the annual limit was less.

      When I got back the pre-existing report of what conditions will not be covered for my 7-year-old, I was initially disappointed with how some signs and symptoms were interpreted. Of course, I expected the hip dysplasia to make an appearance in that department. Though as others have said I noticed that a minor skin condition that went away without medical intervention was turned into an incurable, permanent concern.

      However, I'm so grateful to the Embrace team & specifically to Kyle ** for handling me with so much professionalism and patience. He helped me through the appeals process and stayed in contact with me, he reviewed all the what-if scenarios I could come up with in the event the appeal didn't go in my favor. The appeal was reviewed and resolved very quick and thankfully this one was overturned. I find them to be very fair with pre-existing conditions. No pet insurance would cover my pup, Lobo's hips dysplasia at this point. Above all I can appreciate the transparency into KNOWING what will or won't be covered.

      Embrace Pet Insurance
      Embrace Pet Insurance

      Hello Steph,

      Thank you for taking the time to share that feedback! We are happy to hear that was Kyle was able to assist you and that any issues were resolved!

      Verified purchase
      Customer ServiceClaims HandlingStaff

      Reviewed Jan. 22, 2024

      In general, the people at Embrace are very nice to work with, fair-minded, and the reimbursements are more generous than what I'm used to getting from health insurance for humans! Sometimes their response times can be excruciatingly slow (recently, it took 4 months to settle a claim). And oftentimes you have to submit an appeal because they mis-categorize a type of treatment my dog received that is, in fact, covered by my policy. If you have patience, they generally get around to agreeing with your appeal, as long as it has grounds.

      Last but not least, the annual premiums jump quite a bit as dogs age. The older my dog gets, I have to weigh the expense/value of insurance against my dog's life expectancy. So I'm caught between a rock and a hard place...do I spend a lot for insurance I might not use? Or pay for costly insurance which covers treatment that might or might not improve quality of life for a senior pet?

      Embrace Pet Insurance
      Embrace Pet Insurance

      Hello Tim,

      Thank you for taking the time to provide that feedback! I apologize for any disappointment you experienced with the claims process. We try to process claims as quickly as possible, but sometimes they can be delayed due to pending medical records, a clear diagnosis and/or invoice, or in this case if an appeal is submitted. However, I am glad to hear you have overall had a positive experience and I hope you won't hesitate to reach out if you ever have any questions or concerns in regard to your claims in the future!

      We also understand your concern in regard to premium increases! Premiums increase over time with all insurance products, and pet insurance is no exception. Some of the factors that impact premiums each year include the age of a pet, tenure of the policy, and inflation. Our premiums are set by our underwriter, based on actuarial data, and approved by each state’s Department of Insurance. We try to keep up with the actuarial fluctuations as best as we can and adjust premiums accordingly from year to year.

      Embrace's coverage structure allows each pet parent to change coverage parameters to adjust the premium based on what they feel is best for their individual pet and situation. If you are interested in exploring these options, you can do so via your MyEmbrace account under "Change Coverage" and can view more detailed instructions here: http://help.embracepetinsurance.com/en/articles/4428785-changing-your-pet-s-coverage. If you have any additional questions or concerns in regard to your policy, please give us a call at 800-511-9172 and we're happy to help.


      Agreed on most points. After paying about $ 2,000.00 for a few years, now that my dog needs cardiac help, the pre existing conditions will not cover his needs. I mean, with Obama care they cover preexisting conditions for humans, why not for animals. This is why most insurances get a bad wrap. Rates increase and coverage isn’t reciprocal. That’s left a bad taste in my mouth. Now I’m faced with treatment for my dog that’ll cost me out of pocket, while still paying high premiums. Or feeling happy with embrace.

      Verified purchase
      Customer ServiceClaims HandlingStaff

      Reviewed Nov. 26, 2023

      I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for the outstanding service and support. As a dedicated cat parent, ensuring the well-being of my feline companion, Baxter, is of utmost importance to me. Embrace Pet Insurance has played a crucial role in making this commitment a reality. My journey with Embrace began when I was researching pet insurance options for Baxter. After thorough consideration, I chose Embrace due to its reputation for comprehensive coverage and transparent policies. From the very beginning, the enrollment process was seamless and user-friendly, allowing me to customize a plan that suited Baxter’s needs.

      What truly sets Embrace apart is the exceptional customer service I have experienced. The team has consistently gone above and beyond to address any questions or concerns promptly and with genuine care. Whether it was clarifying coverage details, or helping with the claims process, I always felt supported and valued as a customer.

      One instance that stands out is when Baxter had an unexpected emergency swallowing some gauze. The stress of dealing with a sick pet was alleviated by Embrace's straightforward claims process. Submitting a claim was a breeze, and the reimbursement was processed efficiently, allowing me to focus on Baxter’s recovery without the added financial strain.

      Moreover, the coverage provided by Embrace has proven to be truly comprehensive. It's reassuring to know that I can make decisions about Basters healthcare based on what's best for him, rather than being limited by financial constraints. Embrace's commitment to transparency and clarity in their policies has made managing Whiskers' health a much smoother and less worrisome experience.

      In summary, my experience with Embrace Pet Insurance has been nothing short of exceptional. The peace of mind that comes with knowing Baxter is covered by a reliable and caring insurance provider is invaluable. Thank you for your dedication to pet health and for being a trusted partner in ensuring the well-being of our furry family members.

      Embrace Pet Insurance
      Embrace Pet Insurance

      Hello Jeff,

      Thank you for taking the time to share that feedback! We are happy to hear the policy was there to help during your time of need and that the claims process went smoothly for you! If you are interested in being featured in our member testimonial campaign, please send an email to embracesocial@embracepetinsurance.com for more information.

      Claims Handling

      Reviewed June 16, 2024

      We signed up with the expectation of having wellness rewards or wellness privileges same day. Well Embrace has denied all three of my claims. I took my puppies in for a while as exam and they’re telling me that now they are denying my claim because it was before My policy was active. This is absolutely nonsense. If they’re advertising that wellness benefits will be available same day as the time that you start your policy they should honor that.

      Claims Handling

      Reviewed June 14, 2024

      I truly hate leaving bad reviews but I feel this experience should be stated so others don’t go through what I did. I got a medical review done for my dog to identify preexisting conditions as I wanted to get a dental procedure done but knew I would not be able to handle the bill on my own. They mentioned a few knee problems as preexisting conditions and nothing else so I felt confident I would have their financial support.

      Over a month later, they saddled me with the entirety of a 2.2k bill saying that periodontal disease was a preexisting condition. I tried to get the claim appealed since it wasn’t mentioned in his medical review and all they said was “sorry it should have been included.” Now I’m left with a huge bill that I’m not sure how I’ll pay for. I felt completely abandoned and no accountability was taken for their mistake.

      Verified purchase
      Customer ServiceClaims HandlingStaff

      Reviewed June 14, 2024

      I submitted requested information for claims review but kept receiving emails that the vet was not giving all the required information. Twice I called you only to find that there is some automatic trigger to send the emails if not solved in a certain period of time. Not a good idea as I contacted the vet asking them to submit required information and you had it all along.

      Verified purchase
      Claims Handling

      Reviewed June 14, 2024

      I could not be more impressed with the streamlined ease of submitting claims to and receiving updates from Embrace. The app is extremely intuitive, simple to navigate, and surprisingly enjoyable to use. Seeing my dog get attacked while on a walk was a really scary, unnerving, and painful experience, and I am very grateful for how uncomplicated Embrace made navigating the process.

      Verified purchase

      Reviewed June 13, 2024

      The coverage for our pets has been very good, with a wide choice of options to fit each one’s needs. I appreciate the good customer support by “Embracers.” They are very professional, friendly and caring. I am currently processing my first claim. Easy to submit with the app or website. Highly recommend!

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