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Purdy, MO

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I bought a Havashu from Jack. Paid for the dog 5 weeks old to be shipped to me. When I got him he was scared and timid as if he was abused... He didn't he bark or make any noise until he was 1 yr old. The dog looked super happy in the picture but when I got him he was scared of all men. They told me he is a Havashu but I can't find any dog that resembles him. I had the dog for 4 years now.

I reviewed pictures of BichPoo puppies on the website and found a cute puppy that was 5 months old. He was the only one left from the litter of 3. I asked why he was still with them and if there was a reason why nobody had bought him. They said no and that people just see pictures on the internet and they like some pictures of the pups more than others. I live 4.5 hours from them. The initial picture that I saw of the pup that I was interested in was cute and fluffy. After I decided that I would drive to get him. They cut his hair, which was ok.

Upon arriving to their house, this dog that I was to get was very timid and scared, even of Jack, which is one of the owners and caretakers of the dogs. That should have been a big enough sign. Then I noticed the dog’s legs. They both were missing a lot of hair and had some scabs on them (on the hind legs). Jack said that this was from the dog going in and out of the plastic doggy door (scraping his legs). If his wife had recently cut his hair, she had to have known about this condition. But I was not told. So I drove all that way to find that he was not socialized properly and had this condition on his legs. I basically was under contract to buy him. Paperwork was already ready to go and everything. So I took him home.

Their website states that the dogs will be well socialized and free from any disease. Not the case. This dog is so scared. He cowers down when you even go near him. Oh, and Jack stated that the hair would grow back on his legs. It didn't seem to bother him that they didn't tell me about this condition before I drove all that way, or that he was so very timid. They said that he was a sweet dog. I would stay away from this breeder.

3 months after purchasing a male Havanese puppy from this breeder, he was diagnosed with a liver shunt and required extensive surgery. He has continued to have many other health problems as a result, most noteably bladder stones which must be removed surgically. I have spent, to date, over $6000.00 on this dog. Every vet I spoke with has told me this is a genetic problem, passed on through parents. This puppy can not be the first of this breeder to experience this problem. Moreover, all the experts have said that liver shunt puppies are easily identified from birth--small, lethargic, acting different from the rest of the litter. It is my belief that the owners knew the puppy was sick but sold it to me regardless.

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