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My girlfriend and I decided to get a labrador puppy. So living close to the Brea Mall we decided to get out puppy there. We placed a deposit so we would have first pick of a male chocolate labrador retriever. For the next 8 weeks I had to call the 3 Chien et Chat pet stores in Orange County to find out when my puppy would arrive.

When the puppy finally arrived we paid $900 and the very next day the puppy got sick. We rushed him to the emergency room because he was vomitting and paid $600. The following day we were told to take him to an internal specialist where they told us that he had come from the breeder with an intestinal bacteria.

In order to cure him we spent another $1,800. THe puppy got better. When I took the bills to the Pet Store not only was the Store Manager (Angela) noncaring and rude but it took 3 weeks for me to recieve my money after turning in all my paperwork.

Not the end of the story. Now my puppy has just turned 6 months and has started to limp and guess what -- we took hom to the vet and we found out he has problems with his joints. That means surgery at a cost of $1,600 more.

The pet store paid $1,350 of the of the first bill. The CA law under the lemon law requires payment of 1 and 1/2 times the price of the dog if you keep the pet. We had to swallow about $1,200 the first time. Now we will be paying the $1,600 out of our own pocket after our puppy's surgery.

On Saturday July 13th, my wife and I went into this store's Westminster location. We asked to look at a dog which was approximately 4 months old. There was no price listed on the dog's cage. We asked Nick the salesman if they would take $300 for the dog. He said he would check with the owner and left us with the dog. He said that she would not take $300 but would accept between $400 and $450. We left the store to reconsider.
We returned the following Sunday July 20th. At that time we told Nick that we would pay the $450 for the dog. He said that he would call the owner and again left us with the dog. He came back saying the price was $600 this time. I told my wife "lets go." At which point Nick called me a ****. I complained to his assitant manager Fran who took no action.

I went back to the store on Tuesday July 22nd to speak with the manager


I purchased a puppy on 12/19/02 for my daughter for Christmas. The puppy stopped eating three days later and I had to hand-feed him. He was drinking a lot of water and had diarrhea. Christmas day he was so lethargic that I took him to the vet emergency hospital where he died exactly six days after I had taken him home.

The pet store signed a contract stating if the dog died or became ill within fifteen days of purchase, I would be entitled to a full refund, including any veterinary charges incurred, during that time. I had the hospital forward a letter to the store and I requested a refund. They will not honor their contract. They want to give me another dog. I do not want to do any further business with them. I just want them to honor their contract.

I paid $797.72 for this puppy and another $371.00 in vet bills. My 12-year-old daughter was broken-hearted on Christmas day.

Jenny should sue the store in Small Claims Court.

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