My mother, Fern **, searched for months for the perfect male puppy to add to our breeding program. She wanted a blue merle male with blue eyes, AKC and ASCA registered parents, with an impressive pedigree, with OFA/CERF health exams. She called this breeder, Sherrie **, with Blue Eyed Beauty Australian Shepherds and talked at length about her wishes. They discussed breeding and the need for both registries. They even discussed breeding merle to merle, and Sherrie stated that she has done it numerous times.

The pup advertised on her website was $450, plus shipping costs of $300. After Sherry received the money, she told my mother that he (the puppy) would be an additional $600 for breeding rights and that she would keep $500 for a deposit (non-refundable). My mother, not wanting to lose $500 and get nothing, chose to send her the additional $600.

The male listed as his sire was a black tri with beautiful ice blue eyes and an impressive pedigree. He was AKC and ASCA registered, obviously, a ploy to use as a selling point. This sire is not even in the same state as she is. My mother based her decision to buy this pup solely on his sire, Tallon James.

We waited for word about shipping him here. After numerous excuses from Sherrie, we decided to drive to Florida from Tennessee to pick him up. She said that he couldn’t leave the state without the proper health clearances, i.e. hip/eye exams, which we never got. We asked to meet her at her house so that we could see her kennel and meet this pup’s parents. There was always a reason why she couldn’t meet us there. She sent her son with the dog, and met us in a parking lot. She had promised to have his registration papers at the time of pick up, but we only received a signed note from her stating that his AKC/ASCA papers would follow soon. This pup was filthy when we picked him up. He had obviously never been around many people. He had one blue eye, and one brown eye. She of course said that they had changed. This pup was nearly 8 months old. She had 8 months to register this litter, but hadn’t.

Several weeks passed. We still had no registration papers. She then told us that Tallon James was not the sire, but that another dog named, Beau was the sire. This was a blue merle with two brown eyes and a less impressive pedigree. Had we known this, we would not have purchased this dog.

Several weeks passed again and she tells us that she can’t send the litter registration in until she has Beau DNA’d. She then goes on to tell us about her financial problems, becoming irritated at my emails. She stated that my mother is better off financially than she is. So, she still had no idea who the sire was.

Several weeks later, she sent some registration papers to my mother with yet another sire listed. This is the third sire in question. She now says that Dakota is the sire, which until we do a DNA test, we are not convinced. This Dakota is a blue merle with brown eyes and only registered with ASCA.

If you view her website, you will see Dakota listed. I printed out a copy in the event that she removes it. It says that he is OFA-excellent, and CERF cleared yearly. When researching the OFA/CERF database, I found nothing. She told me that he has retired. I told her that the database doesn’t expire and asked her to contact the OFA/CERF for a copy of his test results. She finally told me that she had had his eyes checked and hips x-rayed by her veterinarian and never sent them to OFA. So, that is a completely false, misleading statement on her website. You can’t say that a dog is OFA-excellent if he’s never been OFA’d.

By this time, I am losing patience. This dog is now a year old, and we are just now getting registration papers, but whether or not it is valid, as far as the sire goes is anyone’s guess. Again, the purpose for buying this particular dog from her was based on his sire (originally) advertised as such. He was registered with AKC/ASCA. He was a black tri, with ice blue eyes, and the pedigree we had planned to use in our breeding program.

Once I began to question her integrity and threatened to expose her did she offer to replace the dog. We have invested a lot of money and training in this dog. He isn’t one that we could just send back in exchange for another puppy. He is a year old now. I just can’t imagine going through this again with her and another puppy. She called me ignorant, and said she would have no further communication with me, once I chose not to exchange this dog for another, all the while knowing that I wouldn’t.

All of these things lead me to believe she is a puppy mill, or something similar. I wasn’t allowed to visit her kennel, the dog was filthy and unsocialized and was quite lethargic when we picked him up. She lies on her website as to who the pup’s sire is, she lies on her website about his health tests, and when confronted on these things, she became very nasty.

I have put the emails, receipts for money paid, photos of the different sires, copy of her Web pages that show the deceptive health tests, and the price of the puppy along with all the emails back and forth between us regarding this entire process. When my comment/review was on puppy find, I received an email from another woman who also had issues with this breeder. After I told Sherrie that I had heard from another person about her, then she told me she took my comment off of puppy find, and then severed our communication.

I believe I have a legitimate reason to file a complaint against this breeder, Sherrie **. My hopes are to perhaps save others from the absolute hell she put us through in the purchase of this dog. Economically, my mother is out of $1,350 for a dog that would be considered a mutt but many standards. She is a senior citizen (85 years old), and living on SS. This breeder was fraudulent in her advertising. I have 60 pages of our correspondence, if you would like me to mail it to you.