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Placed an order, told it was shipped out a short time later... order never received... emails to company never answered... sounds like my problem has happened time and time again to many others! Why is this company still operating and why does Amazon still associate themselves with it by allowing their customers to be duped by Absolutely Pets... it's really Absolutely a scam company. I am filing a complaint with Amazon and also To American Express.

Incompetent packaging, slow and poor service; does not meet commitments. Two orders. First order never received. Replacement shipped USPS without a corrugated box - arrived late but usable. In the meantime, I lost several trilliums to deer. Second order was destroyed by USPS so thoroughly they returned it to vendor instead of to me. Vendor was out, promised to ship replacement yesterday. I requested overnight delivery to make up for the delay due to damage from their poor packaging; they ducked the issue several time ("we ship priority"), then refused. They never returned emails within 24 hours, let alone same day. They promised a call from a member of management team but never delivered. They refuse to give email address or phone for owner (Tim Taylor (sp?)).

Beware! This is a scam! I ordered a bag of vitamin chews through Amazon on August 6 and was guaranteed delivery, with an exorbitant shipping charges, between August 11-16. When the package did not arrive, I called to complain. They told me to research it through DHL Gobal, which had received only electronic notification on August 8th but no package. Repeated attempts to get a refund are futile. Among the excuses are: "No one is here", "They are in a meeting" "She hasn't come in yet", "She has gone for the day", "She must have stepped out for a moment", and "Someone will call you back".

When I called again today, I was given an excuse about they're being in a meeting. I demanded that she interrupts the meeting, to which she replied "I can not do that". I then said I was going to file a complaint and she answered "Thank you". It's an obvious crooks. Read all the posts! Buy nothing from this company unless you want to throw your money out the window! They need to be shut down for being a fraud.

I ordered a product sold by Absolutely Pets through Amazon.com. When the order arrived, I found that the wrong product had been sent. I immediately contacted A.P. and told them of the mistake. I was told by the customer representative that a return label would be sent right out to me in order to return the package.

One week later, I contacted A.P. to ask where the return label was. I was told that there was no record of my call and that return labels are not sent out. I would have to return the package at my expense. There is also a restocking fee for returns. I asked to speak to a supervisor. I was told they "have just gone into a meeting" and to call back in one hour, which I did. "Tyler" the supervisor, I was told, had just left for lunch. It was 3 p.m. I asked to speak to his supervisor and was told there was none. I asked who was in charge when Tyler was not around and was told that "Tim", the owner, was in charge, but "he has not been seen all day". I asked how to get in touch with Tim and was told a message would be left for him. No response from Tim yet.

I placed my order for one 6-pack of Enisyl-F through Amazon on January 17th 2011 by standard shipping (USPS). Instead the company sent my order by FedEx priority pak. FedEx issued on the same day I placed my order a document where they offer to fill the customs office paperwork for me by charging me. I was not informed about these charges when I placed my order until my order arrived in Athens, Greece airport on January 25th. If I knew these extra charges I would not have place it.

I need the product I ordered Enisyl-F, because of my cat’s eye treatment against herpes. Since my credit card was charged, even if I refuse the delivery of the order, I still have to pay 20% restocking fee minus shipping. Thank you.

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It's Karen from Burlington again. FYI, my e-mails are being returned "Other mail system problem 550-'5.7.1 Command rejected". Need to know how we can determine where they are located.

I wish I'd read these reviews before falling for this scam. A friend suggested this site and has had much success so I trusted that or probably, a company with a similar name/web site. Anyway, June 9, 2010, I ordered Revolution Heartworm medicines for 12-month supply. I have two large dogs and I ordered enough for the 6-month treatment as recommended by the veterinarian. I too was told that my order was cancelled when I checked on the status on June 17. I too called to ensure a credit would be placed on my credit card, left a message and then sent an e-mail. I too was told, that same day, the order wasn't cancelled. There is a glitch in the system but was well on it's way and should arrive between 3 and 4 business days.

On June 28, I sent an e-mail asking for the tracking number. June 29, the wrote back package was held up at customs and should arrive by end of the week. July 10, I used stronger language to have them deliver the goods or credit my account if not received by the 14th of July. On the 14th, I called, left a message of course, and wrote them demanding my money back and quoted several lines from their web site about the expediency of their service. July 15, the response was they had forwarded the complaint on to the shipping department and will follow-up by the end of the day. I'm still waiting. July 15, I wrote again copying my message the day before and I just wrote and called them again today, August 2.

I am so angry with myself for being duped. I should have known with the cancelled bit but that was already 4 days into the order which should have been well on its way so the credit card wouldn't credit without knowing there was a reasonable chance. The company was legitimate. My dogs did not have their heartworm treatment. They should have started no later than June 30. My credit card interest continues to grow.

Scam company. They stole my money. Liars. Ordered dog shampoo and they took my money. Never received the shampoo. Delivery is horrible. Order accuracy is awful. Customer service is bad. That's a company owned by thieves.

An order was placed and debited from my account on 5/3/10, but never received. Numerous emails and calls have been ignored. I paid with debit card and am filing a complaint with my bank. Based on the other complaints, how is this company still in business? Company debited my account $76.25 on 5/3/10. I am forced to go to bank and file a complaint, using my time and resources to try to resolve this matter.

I placed an order for HeartGuard for my cat on March 8 and experienced the same pattern as other complaints: Return e-mail from the company said order was shipped and to expect by UPS, etc. in 2-3 business days. When I inquired on March 16, not having received the order yet, all 3 e-mails bounced back as "undeliverable." This does indeed look like a scam. I only hope I can beat them by refusing to pay that portion of my credit card and appealing to PayPal for assistance in nailing them. Approximately $60 lost in product charge if I don't receive my order.

Dont buy from this company!!!! Lousy customer service and never receive my order. Place an order for interceptor on 25 Aug 2009. After placing the order, I checked on the order status but showed as "This order has been cancelled". Emailed to the customer service, to make sure my credit card was not charged as they cancelled my order. The customer service replied to say that there was a confusion, and they will ship out my order. I request for the shipment tracking number from them. After 2 emails to them, the customer service replied that they need to check with the postal service on the tracking no, and inform me that I should receive my order by 7 Sep 2009.

I paid US29.50 for international 2 - 3 days shipment for an order of 1 interceptor (less than 1lb) but they told me that it will need almost 2 weeks to receive the shipment. By 7 Sep, I still never receive my order, so I emailed to them again. And, I still get the reply that they need to check with the postal service and will get back to me. Until now (11 Sep) I still have no idea what really happen to my order. I email to them to request for a full refund, which I doubt they will process. If you do not want to experience the hassel that I had gone thru, never never buy from this online store!!!!!!

Over two weeks ago, I ordered both medicated shampoo and vitamins. Immediately after submitting the order, I received a confirmation. I realized at that time that I mean to order two bottles of the shampoo but only ordered one. I asked to increase the order but was told it had already been shipped. I was somewhat suspicious as it had only been five minutes but was not willing to place a new order for the additional bottle.

My confirmation stated the merchandise was shipped USPS Priority 2-3 Day. When I had not received the package two weeks later, I sent a follow-up email. No answer. It was at that time I noticed there is no location listed on their website. This should had sent up a red flag when I originally placed the order. After further research, I discovered ConsumerAffairs.com. I immediately contacted American Express and filed a case against the company. AmEx was terrific. I will only use that card for web purchases in the future. I only wished I had checked this site prior to placing an order.

In mid February I placed an order for a couple of items from absolutelypets.com. I received an email within a couple of days that the items had shipped; however, 2 weeks later the shipment had not been delivered. I contacted absolutelypets.com and they claimed it had been shipped and would have to wait on tracking information from the post office. Over the next 2 weeks I continued to send emails as to the status of my order. Again, I was told over and over that they had heard nothing from the post office. Finally about 3 weeks after that, they agreed to re-ship the order and I did receive part of my original order.

Absolutely pets claimed that one of the items I ordered was on back order. It is now May and I still haven't received the balance of my order. I have sent emails requesting a refund; however, they now want me to re-submit my credit card information to them. As I do not trust this company, I am certainly not going to give them my credit card information again. They continue to claim that the one item on my order is still back ordered and yet, they still offer this particular product for sale on their website. There is no mention to unsuspecting customers that it is out of stock and may take months to be delivered. The representative I spoke with on the phone could not explain to me why they would continue to sell a product that they haven't had in stock for months.

I was also told that it would be at least 2-4 weeks before they get this product in. I truly believe absolutelypets.com is running some type of scam. Nothing they have ever told me has ever made any sense. They bill you immediately when the order is placed. They lead you to believe it has been shipped and then it never comes. If you hound them enough, they send part of the order and then claim that the remainder of your order is on back order. I think absolutelypets.com is hoping that people will place orders and then forget about the order. If they run into a customer like me, they will then send part of the order and leave you dangling as to when the rest of it will come. Again, I think they are hoping you will forget about the rest of that order. I imagine there are many people who do forget - so absoultelypets.com gets to pocket a lot of money without selling a thing.

Be aware that Absolutelypets.com (also doing business as Mypetdrugstore.com) charges your credit card when the order is placed, then delays shipping the order. When you call to check the status of your order, you will be told it was 'lost in shipping' and that there is no tracking number. Later, you will be told they had tracked the parcel, but it was still lost. How can you track a parcel without a tracking number? You will then be told that the parcel is to be re-shipped 'in a few days', but no such second shipment is made. I am not sure what the scam is, but if an order was delayed long enough, say until after you paid the credit card bill, you would have little recourse to cancel and get a full refund to your credit card. Shipping back damaged merchandise would result in a 20% restocking charge and an additional roundtrip shipping costs.

I ordered (online) a citronella spray anti-bark collar based upon the description that the collar fitted dogd 6lbs and up. When I received the collar I tried to adjust it to my dog's size, she's about 7lbs, and there is just no way this collar can fit such a small dog. Absolutely pets refused to take back the collar because the package had been opened.

I told them they falsely described the product and it was their obligation to take it back, in addition to the additional supplies I purchased to supply the collar (citronella refill and batteries). They refused to budge on their no return stance so I told them I wanted to return the supplies. They said OK and gave me a mailing address. I mailed the products back to them, at my expense, and about a week later received the package back because the mailbox did not exist.

I emailed absolutely pets again and said I am not mailing this package at my expense again and they need to send me a mailing label or reimburse me for shipping costs. I received and email back....here's exactly what they wrote we are not sure why your package had been sent back to you. We use two boxes which are both not closed. Once we receive your package we will issue a refund for you. If you have any questions feel free to contact us. However, they don't make it clear what they are refunding....I don't want to send it back to them only to get refunded for the products purchased and not the initial shipping cost.

I think this company's customer service is awful and I have no idea what to do anymore!

I spent a grand total of $75, plus $5.50 in shipping cost (trying to return the batteries and refill spray as described above). Plus numerous hours corresponding with the customer service department of this company. I am a designer and charge at least $50/ hour as my rate. I have spent at least 3 hours dealing with this issue.

On or about April 5, 2004, I ordered one box of Frontline flea & tick Preventative. I paid with my VISA card. The total was $33.20. I was told the order should be received 3-5 days.

On April 15, I had not received my order. I contacted the company and spoke to Dean. Dean was unable to located the tracking number. He could not tell me how the shipment was made (UPS, US Postal Service, Private Express mail service, etc). He agree to send a box immediately.

On or About April 20, 2004, I received one box of Frontline.

Upon reviewing my bank statement, I found I was charged twice for the order. I have contacted the company several times (spoke to Dean & John - but they sound like the same person). Each time they assure me a credit will be made. To date, I have not received a credit as promised.

Also, my receipt (from when I ordered the product on line) is from Absolutely Pets. However, my bank statement shows payment was made to Mypetdrugstore.com

Loss of $33.20 plus alot of time & aggravation

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