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December, 2023

Would you want your kid's school bus tracked? Guess what – it happened.

November, 2023

CPSC shares information on toy-related injuries, deaths in 2022

October, 2023

Teens are more likely to drink when their parents do

July, 2023

CPSC: Caregivers should avoid Boppy and Momaid infant loungers

June, 2023

Child fatalities from drowning remain high, says CPSC

Popular infant lounger may increase the risk of suffocation/injury, CPSC warns

May, 2023

The Toy Association unveils its Summer Learning STEAM Toy List

Did you miss Mom’s Day? Not to worry – the federal government has a few $-saving gifts of their own to give her

March, 2023

Social media and porn sites are working together to remove sexually-explicit photos of children online

February, 2023

Children are experiencing cyberbullying and sexting at record levels, study suggests

Infant death prompts Baby Trend stroller warning

January, 2023

Taking kids to the store may be expensive for parents, survey finds

FDA tells baby food makers to ‘get the lead out’

Lowe's could be the site of your kid's next birthday party

Parents aren’t doing enough to protect their children against Frankenstein fraud, new report suggests

December, 2022

CVS and Walgreens are limiting the sale of children’s pain relievers

How can parents encourage a screen-free holiday break for their kids?

If your kid is hooked on Fortnite you may have some money coming

Buying a child a 'smart toy' could be a dumb move, new report suggests

Parents group says these tech toys shouldn't be under the tree

Consumers urged to avoid Otteroo infant flotation rings

October, 2022

AT&T jumps into the tablet game with a specially-designed kids’ tablet

August, 2022

Preterm births may increase risk of ADHD, study finds

Teens' impulsive behaviors may lead to poorer choices down the road, study finds

Moms who struggle with personal relationships may have teens with attachment issues, study finds

Consumers' neighborhoods may affect their ability to conceive, study finds

Sleep is important to children's brain health and cognitive function

July, 2022

Playing sports may help kids overcome challenges as adults, study finds

Having a bedtime routine can help ease kids’ transition into kindergarten, study finds

Many parents don't know that screen time hurts their kids' vision, study finds

Parents are too trusting of their children online, survey finds

Vitamin D may lower infants' risk of eczema, study finds

Women may be at a higher risk of miscarriage during the summer, study finds

June, 2022

Children conceived by infertility treatments may be more likely to struggle with mental health, study finds

Cyberbullying may increase likelihood of suicidal thoughts in early adolescence, study finds

New guidelines seek to promote safer infant sleeping habits

Pregnant women with PCOS may be susceptible to heart complications during delivery, study finds

Feds issue warning about infant-to-toddler rockers

Playing team sports may lower the risk of kids' mental health concerns, study finds

Spanking children increases risk of experiencing future physical abuse, study finds

Air pollution increases risk of pregnancy complications, study finds

Older siblings may help improve kids' development and behavior, study finds

May, 2022

Freezing eggs may be more effective for women starting families later, study finds

Breastfeeding children longer can lower risk of asthma, study finds

White House and FedEx move to address baby formula shortage

Children of same-sex couples are likely to develop well socially, study finds

Children who engage in 'adventurous' playtime have better mental health, study finds

Stress may negatively impact women's fertility, study finds

Not having diapers may negatively affect infants' sleep, study finds

Water-resistant and stain-resistant children's products may contain harmful chemicals, study finds

Mental health struggles during pregnancy affects toddlers' development, study finds

April, 2022

Knowing the sex of the baby before giving birth may improve health outcomes, study finds

Tree-filled spaces can help improve child development, study finds

Exercise during pregnancy may lower infants' risk of type 2 diabetes, study finds

Mothers who earn more also tend to take on more household duties, study finds

Cannabis exposure in the womb may increase children's health risks, study finds

March, 2022

Social media impacts young people differently depending on their age, study finds

Participating in artistic activities may make teens less antisocial, study finds

Parents who share memories with children improve their well-being, study finds

February, 2022

Good heart health before pregnancy helps keep women safe, study finds

January, 2022

Light exposure before bedtime negatively impacts young children's sleep, study finds

Exposure to a commonly used chemical may affect hormone levels during pregnancy

Breastfeeding may reduce women's risk of heart disease, study find

December, 2021

Parents' stress may impact kids' enjoyment during the holidays, study finds

Chemicals in personal care products may affect hormone levels during pregnancy, study finds

Preeclampsia may increase risk for preterm birth, study finds

Probiotics may help women struggling with nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, study finds

November, 2021

Healthy distractions help toddlers who have trouble waiting, study finds

Violent video games may not make kids more violent, study finds

Forest fires may impact newborns' birth weight, study finds

October, 2021

Nurses who are parents struggle more with stress and sleep, study finds

Women who breastfeed may reduce their risk of cognitive decline, study finds

Poor mental health during pregnancy may increase women’s risk for C-section

Exposure to extreme temperatures during pregnancy may impact infants' birth weight

Baby carriers may increase the risk of serious injury for infants, study finds

Exposure to THC in breast milk may not harm infants right away, study finds

Kids with food allergies are more likely to get bullied, study finds

Breastfeeding may lower women's risk of postpartum depression, study finds

September, 2021

Air pollution may be responsible for nearly 6 million premature births globally, study finds

Neglect and abuse in childhood may increase the risk of early death, study finds

Witnessing the abuse of a sibling may impact kids' mental health, study finds

Spending more time in front of screens may not affect kids' behavior, study finds

Nearly half of pregnant women aren't getting their iron levels checked, study finds

August, 2021

Losing sleep as a new mother may take years off your life, study finds

Crawling more can help infants better identify hazards, study finds

July, 2021

Women may not need to wait as long as previously thought between pregnancies, study finds

Living near woodlands gives mental health benefits to children, study finds

Parents' financial troubles may affect communication with kids, study finds

State officials push for tighter child car seat standards

Physically punishing kids doesn't lead to better behavior, study finds

June, 2021

Curiosity sparks preschoolers motivation to learn new things

Parents' mental health takes a toll when children have complex medical issues, study finds

Most U.S. consumers are in favor of paid parental leave, study finds

Selenium and manganese can help pregnant women protect their children from high blood pressure, study finds

Having a baby often costs consumers over $5,000, study finds

Consumers who choose not to have children still find life satisfaction, study finds

Exposure to air pollution during pregnancy may increase newborns’ risk of obesity

Teens are more likely to open up to attentive listeners

Alcohol may inhibit women’s ability to get pregnant, study finds

HPV may increase the risk of preterm birth, study finds

Pregnancy complications are less likely when women follow healthy diets, study finds

May, 2021

Depression may impact a mother’s relationship with their newborn

Having the right mindset can help moving back in with parents less awkward

Children associate nature with happiness and well-being, study finds

Preterm birth linked with increased risk of developmental delays

Health and safety groups petition FDA to address heavy metals in baby foods

April, 2021

Families should stay flexible when it comes to kids' exercise and sleeping routines

Breastfeeding may lead to better brain function in children, study finds

Getting an epidural doesn’t increase children’s risk of developing autism, study finds

Weight problems make multiple miscarriages much more likely, study finds

White House announces $39 billion fund to address child care crisis

Pregnant women should beware of going over speed bumps, expert suggests

Spanking children may impact their brain development, study finds

Watching TV may not lead to attention issues in toddlers, study suggests

March, 2021

Many parents don’t use child car seats in ride-share vehicles

Spending too much time on social media can increase teens’ risk of cyberbullying

Moderate caffeine intake during pregnancy may impact infants' size at birth

Exposure to flame retardants during pregnancy may increase the risk of premature birth

Exercising during pregnancy can have lasting health benefits for kids, study finds

THC is detectable in breast milk for up to six weeks, study finds

Excessive screen time impacts teens’ sleep, weight, and activity levels

February, 2021

Children with empathetic parents are less likely to deal with teen delinquency, study finds

Mothers' diets help improve immune systems of premature infants, study finds

Toddlers with inconsistent sleeping patterns may struggle with health and wellness

Women can reap long-term health benefits from paid maternity leave, study finds

Having a happy childhood may not lead to good mental health, study finds

Caffeine during pregnancy can affect babies' brain development, study finds

January, 2021

Toddlers' attention spans may suffer from too much touchscreen use

New fathers may struggle with depression because of insecurity in their romantic relationships

Conflict between divorced parents can worsen kids' mental health, study finds

Experts narrow down when women should expect pregnancy sickness to start

Increasing exercise during the first trimester may reduce gestational diabetes risks, study finds

Community-based diversion programs are most beneficial for kids with severe behavioral problems

December, 2020

Drinking milk while breastfeeding could reduce infants' risk of food allergies

Age isn't a factor in the success of a vasectomy reversal, study finds

Engaged and present fathers help improve teens’ behavior and well-being, study finds

Compassionate parenting is likely to lead to more generous kids

Parents urged to not to worry about infants’ sleeping habits early in life

Childbirth can affect women’s aging process, study finds

November, 2020

Stress during pregnancy could affect baby's brain development, study finds

Kids' TV watching habits could lead to greater stress for parents, study finds

One in 5 parents are ‘vaccine-hesitant,’ study finds

October, 2020

Survey suggests parents are spending more this Halloween

Severe morning sickness could increase risk of depression

Consuming more vitamin D during pregnancy can reduce risk of high blood pressure for infants, study finds

September, 2020

Introducing gluten to children early in life could help prevent celiac disease, study finds

Helicopter parenting found to be most common among perfectionists

Teens are less likely to cyberbully if they feel supported by their parents, study finds

August, 2020

Pregnant women should avoid caffeine at all costs, study suggests

Arguments about parenting are common among parents and grandparents, study finds

Obesity in pregnant women could affect baby's brain development, study finds

Solitary outdoor activities can help kids bond with nature

June, 2020

Kids' self-control can improve if they get more playtime with dad

May, 2020

Stay-at-home orders have been particularly hard on moms

Adopting a flexible parenting style can improve toddlers' behavior

Physical activity should be part of kids' quarantine routine

April, 2020

Parents who try to hide their stress negatively affect their kids

March, 2020

Infants who struggle with sleep could grow up to be more anxious

February, 2020

Selfies could be a source of anxiety and body shame for teen girls

Parents who want their kids to eat more vegetables need to do it too

Parents' romantic relationship can affect kids throughout their lives

Children’s mental health can be damaged by lack of sleep

January, 2020

Majority of parents say teens spend too much time gaming

Parents can be more active in ensuring their teens get enough sleep

December, 2019

Parents play a crucial role for kids during times of stress and change, researchers say

November, 2019

Teens could be more prone to anxiety if they spend too much time in front of screens

Kids are more likely to have sleep and behavior issues when exposed to screens too early

October, 2019

Feds propose ban on infant inclined sleepers as reported death toll rises

Babies' brain development could be affected by mothers’ prenatal stress

September, 2019

Variety is the key when introducing children to vegetables

August, 2019

Drinking pomegranate juice during pregnancy can positively affect infants' brains

Mothers’ stress levels before birth could impact children’s behavior as toddlers

July, 2019

Exceeding healthy caffeine limits during pregnancy can be harmful to babies’ health

How heavy is your child's backpack?

May, 2019

Reading with toddlers can encourage better behavior

Nearly 20 percent of children aren't wearing helmets while riding a bike

Preschoolers' sleep affected by watching TV

April, 2019

WHO says children under 1 should spend no time watching screens

Food insecurity could impact children's ability to learn in school

March, 2019

New study links fetal exposure to nicotine with SIDS

Mothers at higher risk of depression when babies are fussy

Traditional print books have edge over e-books during storytime with parents and toddlers

Having a TV in the bedroom can affect preschoolers' development

February, 2019

Regulating stress and emotions is important for parents of adolescents

Screen time among toddlers has more than doubled since 1997

Parents struggle with how to talk children about marijuana following legalization efforts

January, 2019

Parents think opioids are best for kids' pain relief despite risks

New study shows controlling children's behavior with screen time promotes more screen time

December, 2018

Children's car seats found to contain toxic flame retardants

November, 2018

Only one in three children hit their daily activity target

October, 2018

Researchers say decongestants shouldn’t be given to kids under 6

Lack of sleep leads teens to risky behaviors, study finds

September, 2018

New study finds cutting back children's screen time linked to improved cognition

August, 2018

AAP releases new car seat recommendations

February, 2018

One in six parents wait too long to schedule their child’s first dentist visit, survey finds

January, 2018

Parents still engaging in risky infant sleep practices, CDC says

Study finds most babies start solid foods too soon

Making smart use of your child’s screen time in 2018

Study suggests babies’ self feeding does not increase choking hazard

December, 2017

Free mobile game scams target children

Picky eaters? Experts say ‘Don’t give up’ on building your kids’ taste for healthy foods

Too many toys may limit kids’ creativity, study finds

Window blind cords remain a serious safety hazard to children

Screen time before bed can disrupt sleep and nutrition in children

STEM holiday gift guide for children

Facebook aims to create a safer experience for young users

Eight signs your child might be addicted to screen media

November, 2017

The 10 most dangerous toys of 2017

Tips for having a harmonious Thanksgiving dinner

Survey reveals 65 percent of children wearing shoes that are too small

October, 2017

Target launches new line of adaptive clothing for kids with disabilities

Kids shouldn’t touch the toys at the doctor’s office, AAP says

Death toll at 8 from tip-overs of IKEA Malm dressers

Kids eat healthier when mealtime atmosphere is positive

How to help your family plan and practice a fire escape route

FDA warns consumers not to use baby sleep positioners

Why parents should keep media out of kids' bedrooms

Millennial parents prioritize kids' college funds over retirement

New website helps moms raise money for longer maternity leave

How to talk to your children after a tragedy

Filling out the FAFSA form: what parents should know

September, 2017

How to raise a child with good self-esteem

Tips for creating a healthy breakfast your child will love

How to protect your child from head lice

Grandparents who babysit live longer, study finds

Study finds teens are taking longer to grow up

Kids praised for being smart more likely to cheat, study finds

Nine signs your child may need to see an eye doctor

Why parents shouldn’t ride down a slide with their child

New product claims to reduce peanut allergies in kids

How long should you keep your child rear-facing?

New federal standard approved for infant bouncers

How to help kids balance school, homework, and sleep

City kids with asthma benefit from living near parks, research finds

Mobile phone use by pregnant women does not adversely affect child development, study finds

Pediatricians say it's time for flu shots

August, 2017

Reading and writing with your child can have a lifelong impact, study suggests

The best states for single parents to raise children

Consumers are waiting longer to have children

Why it's important to tell your child's pediatrician about 'complementary' therapy use

What new parents should know about car seat safety

Healthy eating tips to remember as kids head back to school

Most moms aren't following key rule of safe infant sleep, study finds

Why more kids could soon be diagnosed with high blood pressure

Suicide rates among young women at an all-time high

Cyberbullying concerns plague 1 in 3 parents, study finds

Helping kids shake off back-to-school anxiety

How do smartphones affect your child’s happiness?

Why stress management is important during pregnancy

Online resource provides families with autism travel options

When should your kids go to sleep?

Seven key elements your child's school should have

How often should kids visit the eye doctor?

Four apps to enhance kids’ eclipse experience

Chrysler partners with Kango, a ride-sharing service for kids

Phones left to charge on bedding can catch fire, authorities warn

Why it's important to schedule a back-to-school dental checkup for your child

July, 2017

Parents should keep an eye out for vision problems in kids, experts say

Which U.S. towns have the best elementary schools?

Tips for spotting and preventing dry drowning

Choosing the right backpack for your child

Tips for keeping kids' needs at the forefront during a divorce

Back to school prep should also include vaccines, doctors say

Summer car safety tips for parents

FBI warns of 'connected toy' dangers

At what age can kids stay home alone?

14 baby names that could soon become extinct

Researchers say C. diff may be present in communal sandboxes

How much fruit juice should your child be allowed?

Sparkler safety tips to help keep kids safe

June, 2017

Trampolines shouldn't be regarded as toys, experts say

What parents can do to keep kids busy this summer

At-home saliva test screens for more than 200 disease genes

Tips for preventing swimmer's ear in children

Ways to reduce your child's screen time this summer

Grandparents' outdated health beliefs may put kids at risk

Survey reveals deficit of ‘active play’ among children

'Dry drowning' suspected in four-year-old's death

The lifespan of children’s products

When should babies sleep in their own rooms?

Tips for preventing childhood lawn mower accidents

May, 2017

Parents beware: air mattresses are dangerous to infants

Senator wants feds to follow up on spying toys

Too many cyclists not wearing helmets, safety officials warn

New app gives parents control of kids' smartphones

What you should teach your children about money

April, 2017

New app makes kids' allowance an electronic transaction

Routine consistency in childhood leads to better emotional, physical health

Choosing the right seasonal allergy medicine for kids

What kids need to know about money

Young ATV riders face increased risk of death and injury

Worst-rated sunscreens for babies and kids

Bring your old car seat to Target this month for a discount

Reducing concussion risk for student athletes

Smokers' children have 'significant' amount of nicotine on their hands, study finds

New app uses science to help expectant parents pick a baby name

New e-book teaches kids how to spend and save money

March, 2017

Most parents underestimate the cost of raising a baby in year one

Preventing poisonings at home: ways to keep kids safe

Helping kids adjust to wearing glasses

New app from Google lets parents monitor their kid's phone

Kids of older moms less likely to have behavioral problems, study finds

Food insecurity negatively affects childhood development, study finds

Parents often forgo the traditional doctor's office visit when kids are sick

Researchers develop nutrition-based treatment to combat 'baby blues'

Behavioral problems may lie ahead for preschoolers who get poor sleep, study says

New device may help prevent hot car deaths

Nursery product-related injuries are on the rise, study finds

Top tips for keeping Daylight Saving Time from negatively affecting kids

Consumers seeking frequent sex in marriage may be disappointed, study finds

New York orders a halt to illegal toy gun sales on Amazon

Startup aims to solve the coat vs. car seat struggle

Air travel with an infant: what to pack

Too much screen time may affect kindergarten-readiness, study suggests

How sketchnoting can help kids who won't put down their devices

Choosing safe and appropriate toys for infants and young children

February, 2017

Tooth Fairy payouts are at an all-time high, survey shows

New app helps moms connect with new mom friends

Ways to show your kids love this Valentine's Day

Parents often forgo date night until kids are three years old, study finds

Harsh parenting negatively affects kids’ academic performance, study finds

Getting kids to eat their vegetables

Laundry detergent pods linked to eye injuries among small children

January, 2017

What parents need to know about baby’s teeth

Pediatricians question the safety of high-tech baby monitors

WalletHub ranks the best and worst states to raise a family

When to keep your sick child home from school

CPSC approves new safety standard for baby slings

Being rude to your child's doctor could have harmful consequences

How much it costs to raise a child per year

Is your child's coat too bulky to be worn in a car seat?

December, 2016

Four children killed by window cords in 29 days

How to protect your child from RSV

Smartphone and tablet use increases teens' risk of obesity by 43%, study finds

Flame retardants still used in many car seats, study finds

New wearable for infants monitors vitals to detect problems

Three often overlooked dangers of children's toys

Why parents shouldn't pressure their kids about grades

November, 2016

Minute Maid wants you to write a letter to mom or dad this holiday season

Appeals court overturns ban of magnet sets blamed for injuries to children

The 10 most dangerous toys of 2016

Parents of newborns should keep car trips to 30 minutes or less, study suggests

How to introduce your baby to foods containing peanuts

Household cleaning tips to help control children’s asthma

October, 2016

Why your child may not be ready to enter kindergarten

Parents need to respect their children's privacy online, experts say

Infants should sleep in parents' room during the first year, doctors say

Consumer groups say FTC shouldn't allow 'influencer' marketing to kids

American Academy of Pediatrics releases new guidelines for kids' media use

New smart crib automatically lulls babies back to sleep

New app lets traveling families rent baby gear from locals

How to navigate around food allergies this Halloween

Why parenting may be more stressful for moms than dads

Touchscreens could improve your toddler's fine motor skills, study finds

September, 2016

Kids who learn to garden become adults who eat more veggies, study finds

How often does your child actually need to take a bath?

Safest place for kids is behind an unoccupied front seat, says Center for Auto Safety

Bring your old or recalled car seat to Toys 'R' Us this month

Helping kids learn how to read nutrition labels

August, 2016

What kind of K-12 education do Millennials want for their kids?

Why parents should never allow babies to sleep on nursing pillows

Crib that mimics womb could reduce risk of SIDS

Why black and white nurseries are best for babies' brains

Children with autism may benefit from weighted backpacks at school

July, 2016

Meet the doll designed to help babies fall asleep

How baby food delivery services are helping busy parents

June, 2016

The long-term effect of moving during childhood

How much more does it cost to raise a girl?

May, 2016

How much time are kids spending in front of screens each year?

March, 2016

How kids feel about their parents' use of technology

Apps to help divorced couples co-parent more efficiently

Kid-friendly search engine, "Kiddle," sparks controversy

February, 2016

Feds declare hoverboards lacking UL certification unsafe

The benefits of playing board games with children

January, 2016

U.S. food, drink companies use artificial food dyes at home but not in Europe

Why children need to play with their parents

October, 2015

Dominant parents play a major role in developing their child's self-esteem

July, 2015

Differences in intelligence and personality between siblings is "infinitesimally small"

June, 2015

Try parenting like the Amish

Latino children at risk for depression due to authoritarian parenting styles

Controversy over birth control implants in Baltimore schools

May, 2015

Toys in the attic could pose hazards

March, 2015

California homeowners' association fines children $50 for playing outside

January, 2015

Spas and limos for kids -- overindulgence?

September, 2014

Pot-smoking parents may face legal problems even where pot is legal

June, 2014

The many dangers of teen sexting

March, 2014

Study: playing with Barbie limits girls' perceived career options

January, 2014

Shopping cart accidents on the rise

Heroin invades U.S. suburbs

July, 2013

Why are so many adults angry at skateboarders?

Child car seats: Not all of them fit your vehicle perfectly

The art of arguing with your spouse

Why are fewer and fewer people getting married these days?

The many benefits of exposing children to music

Does your child have a digital babysitter?

How parents' unfulfilled dreams can affect their children

June, 2013

Does marriage counseling really work?

May, 2013

Researchers suspect ADHD may be linked to lack of sunlight

April, 2013

Safety advocates want action on back-over accidents

March, 2013

Tipping point: Instant noodle burn incidents

Should children get trophies whether they win or lose?

February, 2013

Really -- 8-year-olds wearing makeup? How young is too young?

January, 2013

Why are young people so obsessed with becoming famous?

October, 2012

Hazardous Substances In 'All-Natural' Cleaning Products

June, 2012

Cereal Makers Spend $156 Million to Get Kids Hooked on Sugar

TV Increasingly Used as Babysitter

February, 2011

More Proof Inducing Labor Is Bad For Mom and Baby

January, 2011

Splitting Child Rearing Duties Can Be More Harmful Than Helpful

December, 2010

Can Anything Be Done About Cyber-Bullying?

November, 2010

Fast Food Restaurants Market Non-Healthy Menu Items Heavily To Kids

October, 2010

Kids with Unexplained Stomach Pain May Have Fructose Intolerance

October, 2009

Disney Offers Baby Einstein Refunds

June, 2009

Victory for Autistic Children in Michigan

December, 2008

Bankrupt KB Toys Closing All Stores

September, 2008

Recalled Simplicity Bassinets May Carry Graco, Winnie the Pooh Brands

August, 2008

Wal-Mart Selling Bassinets Blamed for Killing Two Babies

July, 2008

Are You Being Squeezed Dry by your Childs Credit Card Debt?

Fighting Foreclosure: One Family's Story

May, 2008

Consumers Press Congress to Pass Strong Product Safety Bill

January, 2008

Is Nintendo's Wii Really Good Exercise?

December, 2007

Beware of Lead in Holiday Decorations

September, 2007

California's 'Healthy Lunchbox' Promotion Backfires

April, 2007

Anheuser-Busch Condemned for Pushing Alcohol-Heavy Spykes "Liquid Lunchables"

March, 2007

Study Finds Food is Most-Advertised Kids Product

January, 2007

Teen Clubs May Not Be As Safe As Parents Think

School Cafeterias Even Worse than You Thought

December, 2006

Toys R Us Warranty Guaranteed to Disappoint

Pediatricians Want Stricter Controls on Junk Food Ads

November, 2006

Balcony Railings a Hidden Danger to Children

October, 2006

R.J. Reynolds Agrees to Stop Selling Candy-Flavored Cigarettes

August, 2006

Back-to-School Spending Strains Family Budgets

June, 2006

FTC "Concerned" About MySpace & Other Networking Sites

April, 2006

Study: Gifted Students Become Bully Magnets

February, 2006

Study Finds Teflon Chemical In Newborns' Umbilical Cords

FedEx Clamps Down on Cigarette Delivery

Connecticut Opens MySpace.Com Probe

January, 2006

Companies Will Reduce Lead in Costume Jewelry

November, 2005

More Overweight Kids Wearing Adult Sizes

September, 2005

Kids Mimic Parents' Smoking, Drinking Attitudes, Study Finds

August, 2005

California Sues to Require Cancer Warnings on Potato Chips and French Fries

Fast-Food Restaurants Cluster Around Schools

July, 2005

WHO Study Examines Cellphone Risks to Kids

Study: Parked Cars Get Dangerously Hot, Even on Cool Days

June, 2005

Front Airbags Risky for Teens

February, 2005

Canada Pulls Adderall After 20 Deaths

November, 2004

Illinois Embargoes Lead-Tainted Candy

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