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In Jan. 2014 went on this web site. Found many false personal information statistics. I contacted them by e-mail and by phone on two different occasions. The only thing that was corrected was my date of birth and age. And to me this is worse. I supplied them with that information. Still they have me on their site even after I asked them to be removed. All of these so called information sites should be regulated and held accountable. But they expect the (victim) person to pay for their sloppy unprofessional inaccuracies. Not caring. And just because they adjusted my age doesn't mean that they fixed the problem. Information is still wrong.

Nothing happened, the numbers are from public locations and used to have mine public - not anymore. Great place to find lost family members or friends!

Zabasearch messages has a posting about my wife and it mentions my name in it. I work in a hold an office position in our parish and this may not directly affect my current position, but can cause questions about my character to arise. I have left feedback and got no response, I am seeking legal advice at the moment. This site should not be allowed to post messages or other information in a defamation of my wife’s character or anyone else’s. I am awaiting Zabasearch’s feedback as well as my attorney's.

Message search results for David **: 50 matches. Someone sent an email to someone under my name in Yahoo, which is a very embarrassing email. Zabasearch got that and reported it in public. I am so unhappy about it. What do I need to do to remove it? Thanks.

My child's name is listed on these Internet search sites! So is my address, phone number, and map to my house! This is very dangerous! I don't want strangers knowing where my little girl lives and what her name is! How did they get my child's name? I never use it on the Internet or MySpace or Facebook, never. They even have her middle name spelled wrong, and the only time that happened was on a tax form I filled out right after she was born because she was named after my husband's aunt and I spelled it wrong for a month until I learned better. How did these people finder sites steal my child's name from my taxes? I never showed anyone my tax paper, so they got it without my permission. Isn't that illegal?

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If my name is put into Zabasearch, no information is listed for me in Massachusetts. I was looking for my next door neighbor's telephone number on your site, and found all of my previous addresses listed with her name, Barbara **. How does this happen? Can you correct it? My classmates from college have been looking to locate me for a reunion and are not able to.

I recognize that Zaba has my date of birth in May 1966. I have previously faxed in the information I was required to do and my name was temporarily taken out and then placed back in again. Please remove the name and all other information associated with the name. Thank you.

The company is listing my personal information without permission, and I work in a correctional setting, which could put me and my family at risk.

You have no right to take my name, wrong date of my birth, where I live. phones, etc. I want to be removed from Zabasearch immediately! I am furious and I will talk to a lawyer if name and addresses are not removed! I did not give you permission and I would love to sue you for this intrusion of privacy! Get me off Zabasearch!

As a former law enforcement officer, my life was threatened and I have PTSD as a result. This Zabasearch site has done nothing except exasperate, as well as made my condition worse! Please do everything possible to get rid of them! And, yes, I did send them a fax with the info required to "opt out" with no results! Thank you!

Okay, so how in the World can Zaba and these other online information sites manage to mess up people's identity? Then, they don't even bother to correct it. In my case, one or two locations (for cities lived in) are correct. So this is supposed to be me. The rest is totally ludicrous! I am offended by the false statements attached with my name. My age is totally wrong. Relatives and people are totally wrong, I don't even know who some of these people are. When and how do these things get taken off on these slanderous sites? How can these all be removed or how can I correct this misleading highway of offensive information?

Horrible customer service, horrible business practices. Complete violation of an individual’s "rights to privacy. " File a complaint with the BBB against - which is

Someone has placed derogatory, menacing and notes about me that were just defaming me of character. That includes my name, address, telephone numbers (which I've had to change several times) on a site called Zaba search, a search engine that gives out your name and address for free. I've asked them to remove this information and they refused. As a police officer, I cannot have my name and home telephone number on the internet and take great precautions against it especially when my name is being degraded.

How could anyone come up with all these false statements on people through search sites? They have my relatives wrong and my age as eleven years older which is totally wrong and yet they have several addresses that were correct.

How can these mistakes be taken cared of?

My name appears, and the last phone number of over 8 years, under another DOB in 1946. I am a female with an all-male name and an identical twin.

I have suffered from mail redirections, online identity hacking events, banking issues (both online and in person), and continue to get my mail redirected due to my name. The DOB now showed up under all my previous addresses.

I have repeatedly contacted ZabaSearch for removal of a posting link/URL. Not only is the content false and libelous/slanderous and unfounded, but the posting also has my full address, name and date of birth. It also has a property search link on the posting! It was sent and addressed to my brother, but his name is misspelled, so he cannot even send a letter to ZabaSearch and ask for removal because they don't accept his identity as it does not correspond with a misspelled name!

I have sent multiple letters to ZabaSearch per their removal conditions, but the "URL" link still appears. Google cannot remove it until ZabaSearch does, so it repeatedly appears if you Google my name and address. This could impact my safety and open me up to identity theft! This posting has impacted my ability to get work and earn a living. I consult and work with both government agencies as well as not-for-profits. I have been applying also for full-time positions, but the content of this link is so inflammatory and derogatory towards me, I lose the ability to be a candidate for this position which requires high standards of ethics and character.

I have located a phone number for ZabaSearch, but when you dial it, it goes to an answering machine and you never get a return call. ZabaSearch needs to be held responsible. They are a public forum where anyone can post anything about another person without any verification of its truth or veracity. They do not vet or authenticate the postings. This is blatantly wrong and harmful to innocent people and an unacceptable standard for a company.

ZabaSearch does not respond to email or fax or USPS requests. I was a victim of identity theft and need the information removed.

They have somehow gotten private information about me and are displaying it without my permission. This information can be crucial to anyone who may want to do me harm. They have even displayed my birth date. And since all they actually need is a letter, stating my name, address and DOB, which since they have it posted anyone can get, to delete it, they still say it can not be completely erased. I am outraged at how I have to compromise with them in regard to my own information in which I do not want to share at all! I want it removed.

I really like ZabaSearch. I've been able to re-connect with a few long-lost friends and relatives. It's a great search engine for finding people! I figure most folks who worry about being found are ones who may have hurt people and are afraid of retribution. In which case, it should be your 20 bucks to keep hiding. is providing incorrect information to its users resulting in numerous annoying phone calls looking for individuals, numerous instances of unwanted phone calls and mail delivery.

A man was able to pay a fee and find me. I also had a woman in Ontario, CA search me. My daughter is schizophrenic and my only goal now is to keep her safe. If she does well, they free her from locked facility. The result is always the same, she goes AWOL in open facility. Someone in Ontario was able to go into Social Security and become the payee. How does this happen?

I am legal conservator and mother, a very stressful job that I do to protect her. Social Security was so rude to me. I had a terrible time straightening this out and they could care less that this lady stole her check fraudulently. I go through 'hell' to become conservator every year, go to court, obey all that is asked of me, and this woman in one day takes her into social security and becomes the payee. What the hell is going on? I found out this same woman did a search on me. I live alone and this could have been dangerous to my life.

Everything in this world seems so screwed up. The bad people are taking over and have more rights than us. I was treated by SS as the criminal and bad person. I am telling you it was horrible straightening this out, even though I had a huge file of past years of being conservator and her birth certificate, they treated me like I was the bad person. They were very rude. I had no rights that day according to them and this person stole one month that was for my daughter. How many other people does she do this for? I tried my best to get someone to track her down. She could have kept my daughter locked in a room stealing her check and I wouldn't even know where she was and the fact that she found my address on "My Life" is appalling and frightening to me.

Something has to stop. This is so wrong. We can never find the criminals because they hide like little rats, undocumented, no drivers license insurance, homes, etc., while the average American does everything right and by doing this is exposed and vulnerable, naked to the world of crime. This is insane! I have a hard enough time coping with my poor daughters illness and worry about one day when I am not here to help her. She will obviously become a victim to evil. I am so tired of fighting life. What should be right is wrong for us hard working Americans and so easy for the low life scum that will take our money, leaves in two seconds without a thought. By the way, is anyone that gives a ** reading this or care?

I have been harassed. We have our phone unlisted for a reason, and have opted out of annoying phone calls, etc. Zaba needs to take my family and all forms of our name off its site. I have a disability and constantly having to screen calls and look out my window have taken a toll on my emotional health.

I called 888-200-4388 and the man on the phone told me to contact John, we set up an appointment to which he did not show up or call. I called and left several messages, none were returned. I was quite upset by this so I called the 888 number again, only to be told I would have to deal with John as he was the one who serviced the account. Pretty poor service if you ask me. I see the ads and hear the talk but no one is really there for you. I am very disappointed in DirecTV. Thank you for your time. By the way I am in the public service business as well. I am not a complainer by nature. I am just really fed up!

I am extremely upset to find not only my phone number on this site, but also my address (all my addresses I've had) along with a map on how to get there. I keep asking for my information to be removed from Zabasearch, but nothing has happened. How many people have to be attacked and killed before the public makes sites like this? Stop Zabasearch now! They will display your personal information (unlisted phone numbers, etc.) forever, unless you pay a ransom of $20. Once you give them a credit card #, they remove your data for (they promised) a period of 2 years. Is this legal?

I am receiving very frightening phone calls from unidentified strangers, claiming to have located me from ZabaSearch website. I have also gotten many emails from men and women I don't know asking me for "dates".

My name is on ZabaSearch and I cannot get it removed unless I pay $20.00. I do not need anyone to know my personal info that is why I had an unlisted phone number. I do not think this is safe for anyone can find out where I live or even get in touch with me without my permission. Can you help? Thank you.

I am a police officer in Milford, Ct. It is no surprise that more and more Identity thefts are being reported and performed. The above sight offers private compiled information to anyone willing to pay. Even more disturbing is that I purposely divert my personal info to my dept's address and phone number for the past 8 years and it is still on this site. I would hope that none of the individuals, that I had dealt with,during the course of my duties, would use this site to find my family or home. Another unsettling aspect of this site is that a picture of my home as well as directions, are just a mouse click away. The insult to injury part of the site is that they want me to pay them $20.00 to block my information for 2 years. Maybe they should obtain permission from each and every person on thier site to post thier personal information and pay them $20.00. I would suspect the people getting rich off of giving away personal information will probably be the first in line at the police dept. when some type of identity crime or personal crime is committed upon them.


Zabasearch has listed mine and my wife's name and address without our permission. At their website, it has a form to fill out to remove it for a cost of $20.00, which is only good for about 2 years per their ad. My wife is a social worker with the County of Orange, CA. Having our name and address listed without our permission puts her in a dangerous situation for her clients can do a search and get our address and then they can come to our home and cause problems. Our license plates are restricted so people cannot get it and find out where we live.

I have discovered that this website has my address, birth year, and a map to my house. I live in a small town and I am frightened about this. They require a credit card and a $20 payment to block this information. I have received frightening phone calls that could not be traced. I have twice had my credit card used and the card had to be reissued.

I can’t get any way to contact. I innocently did a Zabasearch and out of nowhere I am part of Zabasphere and have people send emails constantly. I want to opt out but they want $20 to do that. I have a family, we have been harassed by internet bullies who get info and bother us at home. We moved once already. I just want that Zabasearch remove my name.

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