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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 26, 2018

My son was exposed to this program when he was almost 2 years old. Before we got it, my son was slow in speaking to the point his pediatrician wanted him to have speech therapy. One day, I did some reading on the computer, reading the reviews online about this product... majority was very positive. Also, on the website, they had a demo which I reviewed and later allowed my son to watch. After 3 days, my son speech was improving. His words were more clear and understandable. So, I purchased the whole set. During the first 2 months, my son would be sit there with mom and dad. But after that time, he got bigger and later got bored. We were only able to go through 3 of the dvds. But that was the beginning of a great learning experience.

My son is now 11 years old. He has been called on to do many speeches in his school. He has won various awards as the best speller, his reading is always 2 to 4 grades higher than his current grade. Also, his math is about 4-5 grades higher. He is an outstanding student both in speaking and in writing. When my son was only 2 1/2 years old, my niece, who was 25, said it was impossible for a 2 year old to read. She was saying that the child was not reading but memorizing. I told her that everyone will memorize the spelling of words. Concerning pronouncing words, it is saying the word correctly on what we memorize. Also, it helps the child pronounce words that are simple, using different letters and sounds.

I know now that this program and company has closed because too many outsiders wanted research to prove that this program works. Guess what, it did on my son. He is a great/gifted speaker and academically he is a straight A student. I am very proud of my son and part of his success is due to this program called Your Baby Can Read.

In my profession in health care, many of us want to follow this motto "Evidence Based," meaning that everything that we do to help our patients is to be backed up by research. Well, I have learned over the past 28 years in practicing, that many things that worked clinically, is not based on research. If something works successfully to help the patients, then it can be done safely. I am not a researcher but a clinician. I have practiced on treating my patients within the box (researched based) and outside the box (clinical based) and have been very successful in many positive outcomes. Concerning this program about "Your Baby Can Read," it may not be researched based, but it is definitely a successful form of program that gets Great results/outcome. I highly recommend this program based on the original.

Lastly, it is very important that the parent(s) are very involved with their child, when doing this program. It does not work, if the parents are there part time. This is not a program that you leave the child alone, in front of a tv. Also, if the parents are not actively participating while sitting there with their child, this program will not work effectively. If you want your child to be stimulated intellectually, both in speaking and learning to read, parents need to do their part, full time. Give the program a chance, you will not be disappointed, but amazed. With our starter dvd, we gave it to my sister in law for her 1 year old baby. Guess what, it did not work for her child. Why? Because mom and dad did not have time to commit to be with her son. It is a commitment that will change your child for the rest of his/her life.

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4 people found this review helpful
Rated with 5 stars
profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 5, 2017

When my daughter was a baby I went back to work and was blessed to have my mother watch her. When she was 6 months old my mother purchased "Your Baby Can Read" for her. I had never heard of the product but my mom said she had seen an infomercial for it and was willing to put out the $300 for her future. She did and used it diligently ever day. My daughter was reading books at 3 years old, no exaggeration. She loved it! Every book, CD and slider was used until it fell apart.

She is 7 years old today and reads at a 6th grade level. Reading is her favorite past time. She is no genius, as she definitely has struggled a bit in math at times but impresses all of her teachers with her reading skills. I stand by this product and can not say enough about it, if used as directed, it does work. It goes to show how that if the brain is stimulated at a young age it will absorb and remember. My mom has passed since but I thank her every day for investing in my daughter's future!

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57 people found this review helpful
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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 20, 2016

Although I believe that it has now changed its name to "My Baby Can Learn," I used the "My Baby Can Read" program in 2009-2010 with my daughter. It is a fantastic program and did what it claimed it would do. She was reading words before she was 2 years old, and could read entire paragraphs at 3. At 2-3, she would read signs in stores and street signs. If she didn't know what the signs said, she would try to sound the word out. She has consistently been at the top of her class and is now 8 years old. What this program did for my daughter is that it showed her that words were symbols with meaning. I believe that we entirely underestimate what kids are capable of. I have recommended this program to my friends and family with young children.

39 people found this review helpful
Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 7, 2016

I am the grandmother of an eight-year-old granddaughter. My mother, her great-grandmother, bought the complete set. My daughter, the baby's mother, was young. She would sit my grandchild in front of the videos hour after hour for days after days. I would come home from work I thought this was bad. My granddaughter was 8 months. Until I heard her repeating what was being said. She would motion for another CD to be played. She learned to put CDs in herself...

She has always been advanced in school from PK 3 to now 3rd grade. She had been tested GT Gifted and Talented. Taught in a special curriculum Vanguard, she loves to read. She is successfully reading advanced chapter books. Chilling for her is grabbing a book, taking books in her bag everywhere we go. She shocks people when we are at a mall and she pulls out a book, waiting in a lobby or in the car it's a book. The library for her is like an amusement park... I love it. I brag about her reading from the product. YES YOURBABYCANREAD. Thank you.

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24 people found this review helpful
Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 3, 2016

I got the entire deluxe kit for ~ $140. I received everything and had no problems. The bargains are out there, and since the company is belly up, it's *your* responsibility to bet vendors. As to the content: FANTASTIC. Takes me back to when Sesame Street used to be good; before they replaced all the characters with the unintelligible Elmo. The DVDs are very focused, and the perfect length, clocking in between 26-30 minutes. I only wished the series continued, but such is the case in litigious America. Have a kiddo with early adhd? No problem. It's a DVD – use pause. :)

24 people found this review helpful
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Rated with 5 stars
profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 29, 2016

My sister in law gave this to my son. The books are great. My non verbal child with Autism began to read and use his words. They really helped my son. He learned to read the words and repeat the words. This is when we realized my little guy was very capable of learning and speaking. I would absolutely recommend it.

34 people found this review helpful
Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 29, 2016

I am writing this review because I am frustrated with the negative reviews and claims that this program does not work. It does work, and I have had success with not just one child, but several. Those who claim the program does not work are robbing future children of the opportunity of being exposed to a great program. Because of this program, my daughter is an advanced reader, reading at a full grade level higher, but more importantly she has developed a love for reading. She has been recognized for her reading abilities and has been rewarded for reading more than both the 4th grade classes and 5th grade classes combined!

I also hold a B.A. in Early childhood education and have learned the importance of exposing children to language and reading early on in life; exactly what this program does. For those who claim it does not work, clearly did not follow the recommendation set forth by the creator, Dr. Titzer! There has been several people who have reaped the benefits of this program, so claiming the program does not work is incorrect information. Others did not have success for a reason, but it was not because the program did not work! You're welcome.

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57 people found this review helpful
Rated with 1 star
Original review: Aug. 16, 2015

I ordered Yourbabycanread on May 11, 2012 and it arrived on Oct 26. When I got it they charged me for the time I didn't even have the product. I called customer service and someone picked up and said "New phone, who this". When I finally got to cancel my order it cost me almost $300. Also, my child now has iridocyclitis from staring at the screen for so long. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT - IT IS A SCAM.

27 people found this review helpful
Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 6, 2015

I bought this program years ago for my son. I started helping him at 8 months old. Monday through Friday we watched the videos, and read the word cards and mini books etc. One has to be an active and involved parent and child will succeed. He started to recognize hand motions first. Then he began to repeat words only a month into the program. He was only 9 months old at this time. By a year old he was READING every word in the program!! A few months later, at a year and a half years of age he began to hear a word a write it down on paper!!!

This past year my son started kindergarten and was placed in an advance reading program!!! He is reading first and second grade words! Consistency and patience is the key to success. I absolutely LOVE this program!! My son loves to read books and already had a head start in school!! What a wonderful system! Thanks you! I will continue to recommend this product to EVERY parent out there!!!

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124 people found this review helpful
Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 17, 2015

I bought the extended program a few years ago. Both my sons were reading by the age of one. I was satisfied with their reading accomplishments. The program does require a lot of patience between the teacher (mom or dad) and the baby student. Today, my boys still enjoy reading books. I still have the program and will use it again when we receive our third baby.

71 people found this review helpful
Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 17, 2014

This is a great program that requires patience and consistency. My twins were interested right away at 9 months old. They loved the songs and animals. I showed the video twice daily and interacted with them as directed. I eventually added showing the cards. My son learned several words though he has had 2 eye surgeries so his success was not the same as my daughter. Before 1 yr my daughter would make animal sounds when showed the word cards. Sometimes they are learning but you don’t know it until several months later. They are 5 now and my daughter reads at nearly a 2nd grade level and loves reading! My son knows all of his sounds, letters, & small words despite his previous 2 eye surgeries.

165 people found this review helpful
Rated with 2 stars
Original review: May 13, 2013

I submitted a complaint about the product, My Baby Can Read, months ago when I first learned about the issue. I still haven’t received any feedback from anyone concerning this matter. I understand that there were a lot of cases, but I shouldn’t have been overlooked. If I could get someone to respond and let me know the status of this case, I would greatly appreciate it. I paid a lot of money for this program to help my child, and I don't see where it has really helped her to read. Could someone contact me? Thanks in advance.

46 people found this review helpful
Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 31, 2012

Your Baby Can Read - I bought this a long time ago for my son, tried using it with him all the time. He showed no interest in it. It is a complete waste of money especially for how expensive it is. I knew I should have never bought the damn product. It’s useless and just collects dust on my shelf!

47 people found this review helpful
Rated with 1 star
Original review: March 21, 2012

Don't Buy Your Baby Can Read! Scam! - I purchased the extended version for over $300. The informational DVD worked, but once I tried the lesson DVDs, they wouldn't play on 2 different DVD players, or on 3 computers. I tried to get a hold of someone at the company, but only email is listed. I've sent 4 emails, 2 of which have gotten a generic responses. If I can pass on any advice to parents and grandparents, please do not purchase this product. Once you do, there is no one to speak to if you experience issues with the product. Also, there's been a formal complaint logged with the FTC on this product. Believe me, stay away!

98 people found this review helpful
Rated with 1 star
Original review: March 9, 2012

I've been waiting for two weeks and still have not received your Baby Can Read Bundle. I have become very distressed praying that this is not a scam. I can't understand why I have to wait so long, and there is no information on how to check my order. I am very disappointed. Please contact me for resolution.

52 people found this review helpful
Rated with 1 star
Original review: Nov. 8, 2011

Baby Can Read is just a very expensive scam with unfriendly crew behind it. Whoever purchased already, hopefully are doing well. If not, don't be the next fool. Do not buy. Waste of money and is very stressing.

45 people found this review helpful
Rated with 4 stars
Original review: Oct. 11, 2011

My mother-in-law purchased the "Your Baby Can Read" package for my son last year. At the time he was almost 12 months old and he showed interest in the DVDs. He especially liked the sing-along songs. We would all get excited when my son would say a word, and when he would watch it by himself, my husband and I would peek in on him while he would say the words.

I think it depends on the child and their attention span. Every child is different. What works for one child may not work for another. Make sure you are showing the video as well as reviewing the cards and books with your child and be patient with your child.

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191 people found this review helpful
Original review: July 26, 2011

I had the same thing happen to me as the person from 10-26-10 complaining on here.

I too had started an order and was debating following through with it, but as you go through the ordering process it shows other products that they sell and offer you to add to the order (if you want).

I was curious and wanted to see the other products, but by that time, I had already decided that I was not going to complete the order, and just wait to see what my other options were for finding the products cheaper (on eBay, Amazon, et cetera). I know that they are sold at Wal-Mart too for A LOT cheaper, but it doesn't say that it includes EVERYTHING (meaning the extra cards for 5 games, and I believe 80 something other double sided cards--that comes with the basic deluxe set on their website. I am not talking about the other bonus items included on the website), and if it is actually included in the big set from Wal-Mart (in the 4-Disc set which is $89; I believe right now on, then they do not make it clear.

Well, before I was even finished "looking", my computer froze up; I couldn't do anything, and had to turn it off. I wasn't worried about anything or getting back on their website because I had changed my mind anyway. I knew that it stopped in the middle of the ordering process, so I never actually completed the order nor did I confirm the order either, so I should not have been charged.

Well, this was two days ago and today I went to clean out my spam folder, and noticed an email from "yourbabycanread", so I opened it. It was an order confirmation, confirming my order (that I never completed)!

I immediately tried to find somewhere on the website to cancel the order. There is nothing on the website, or the email that they sent me to do that. I just sent them an email to their customer service telling them what happened, and that I was charged anyway (basically the same thing as what I wrote on here).

After sending them the email, I Googled "how to cancel my order on"; I found this website and all the complaints about the actual company (I was not worried about the ones about the program).

NOW, I know that this was not a mistake, and that this has happened to other people. Normally, when ordering online, if you stop/close out the page in the middle of the order (before confirming it), then it is NOT CONFIRMED and should not be processed.

That website/company is not right for doing that, and for all the other ways people have complained about them being dishonest and charging them.

I do believe the product can help your child learn to read (eventually), but they have to learn words first, and that leads to them using them in sentences, reading, etc., as long as you are involved and you put the time into being your child's teacher, and you are following the program as directed-- then you shouldn't automatically give up on it, and assume it doesn't work.

Your child WILL catch on and learn it. It just may take them a little longer than some others! We go to school and have teachers for a reason. Children aren't just given all the information in school, and expected to figure it out on their own without a teacher "teaching" them. So, have a little more faith, and continue to help your child with this important part of life--which is reading!

It is just a shame that the people running the website are the way they are!

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91 people found this review helpful
Original review: July 5, 2011

I ordered Your Baby Can Read in April 2011. I saw absolutely no improvement from my daughter after two months. Nothing at all.

I called to complain and proceeded to tell the representative that I felt I was scammed. He told me the 30-day money back guarantee had expired and there was nothing they would do. No refund nor credit. I was simply stuck with my purchase. This program is a complete scam/fraud and rips people off.

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24 people found this review helpful
Original review: May 17, 2011

I purchased the Baby Can Read product on March, 2011 and received it on March 16, 2011. On March 23, 2011, I called to cancel but they informed me that they will give me a thirty days extension for free. Then I called on April 7, 2011 to cancel again but they told me that they will give me another thirty days extension again of free trial. I called on May 15, 2011, to cancel but the representative told me that there was no information under my name. Then, I received an email on May 16, 2011 at 1:16 p.m. informing me that my purchase for my Baby Can Read was declined by the bank and that to process my order, I was requested to call the consumer service to give another credit number or I may send a money order to the address ****. I contacted them and they informed me that I can't return the item because it has expired and the supervisor hung up the phone.

36 people found this review helpful
Original review: March 10, 2011

I just bought this product at a local Walmart. I wouldn't dare try to purchase this product online with everything that I have read on this website. But since it's not really the product that people are complaining about but the actual company they deal with, then why wouldn't you just eliminate dealing with the business? If they are going to overcharge one person's card, why wouldn't they do it to you?

There is no telling how many people have been overcharged and didn't even catch it or notice it. But if you are anything like me, every dollar counts in our household, and I bought the first stage at Walmart for $25 and there wasn't any trial period or fee. Also, I paid with cash, and they have no clue about any of my cards! Wow, a new discovery... going to a store to buy something instead of ordering it on the internet! Get some sunlight, people, and get out of your houses!

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117 people found this review helpful
Original review: Nov. 28, 2010

I called to place an order and spoke to a Ms. Norma. She spoke, gave me a brief information about the product and told her that as I was speaking to her, I had

the TV commercial on advertising the product. She took my information along with my credit card information but did not asked me for my email address or gave me a confirmation number. She stated that my order will be received within 5 to 7 days standard order. At about 15 minutes, I started to think that she took my information so fast and no confirmation number. I called back and they stated they did not see any order on that name and that I would have to call back customer service at that number on Monday. Should I be worried?

29 people found this review helpful
Original review: Nov. 10, 2010

I purchased "Your Baby Can Read" when my son was 7 months old, he is now two years old. I had absolutely no problem with payments, or anything. I did the free trail, although it did not take me 30 days to see that this product would be the best investment for my child ever. Within three days of my son watching the DVDs and me working with him and showing him the word cards, he said his first two syllable word.

Then only one month into watching the DVDs and me reading the books and using the cards, my son's vocabulary was already that of a 12 month old and he was barely 9 months old. I have continued to use this product and I am still using this product with my son. He is a two year old with a 300+ vocabulary, he easily speaks six to seven word sentences (in proper context), he knows how to count to ten, he recognizes all primary colors and he also recognizes words without pictures perfectly.

Now, I cannot give him a book and him read it to me word for word, but any parent that would expect that out of their two year old is automatically setting themselves up for disappointment. Also, with this program, it is explained very clearly how important it is to interact with your child while they are watching the DVDs and to repeat the words with them.

The bottom line is they explain to you that this is not some miracle DVD that you can sit you kid in front of and walk away and then expect results. The parent has to participate to see the results, and by participate I mean watching the DVDs with your child, reading the books and cards on a regular basis, plus engaging your child to recognize the objects they see on the DVD when they are out playing or riding in the car and so on. I am very happy I got this product and I continue to encourage the mothers I know to buy it.

Sadly, a very high percentage of parents today want something fast, easy and that requires very little effort on behalf of the parent to teach their child. To put it bluntly, most parents don't want to have to take the time to teach their children one on one so they purchase program such as this, with the expectation that it will do all the work for them, and then when they do not see results in their child they automatically point the finger at the program, claiming "It's Junk" or "Its all a scam".

Instead, they should be pointing the finger at themselves and really asking the question, "Did I participate on a regular basis and have I engaged my child enough?". Parents also need to remember that even though they believe their child is the smartest child in the whole world, that every child has a different learning curve. As an engaging parent, you will learn your child's learning curve and teach them accordingly. All the negative hype about this program I believe to be American propaganda! No different then when a parent filed a lawsuit against Baby Einstein claiming it not only didn't work but made her child less smart.

It is outrageous, and the bottom line is parents need to remember that the TV is not a babysitter, and although there are very educational programs that can help teach a child, it is ultimately the parents fault in regards to what their child will and will not learn. Parents stop blaming everything and everyone else and take responsibility for yourself and your children! Be accountable for everything you do and don't do!

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205 people found this review helpful
Original review: Nov. 7, 2010

I think this Your Baby Can Read is a big scam.It's just another way of getting consumer's money. They haven't proven to me that babies can learn to read from infancy. I think they are full of it and people will believe anything. Face it people, your baby is not really reading and if you're stupid enough to buy this product, then you deserve to be scammed.

6 people found this review helpful
Original review: Nov. 3, 2010

I purchase the product yourbabycanread because they make you believe that this product work through the commercials. They told me that I would be charged $14.95 for a trial. After thirty days, then I would be charged a fee of three payments of 66 dollars. First of all, it took two weeks for the product to get to me so I don't know if they calculated that time in the thirty days because they billed me before the thirty day period was up.

Also, when I explained to the Rep that the product didn't work, they were nasty and told me there is nothing they can do about it and I cant receive my money back. So I demanded to speak with a supervisor. She came to the phone. She was a little nicer than the Rep but she explain to me that she would forward my complaint to the head department only after I threaten them with filing a complaint with my lawyer. So I hope they stick to their word and refund me the money that is owed to me for the box of junk that I got because that is exactly what it is.

Also, they were on the Today Show showing that this product don't work at all. This is a way of making vulnerable people who really want to help their children a target.

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6 people found this review helpful
Original review: Oct. 26, 2010

I had the exact same experience as this woman below. I was told I would have a $14.95 trial fee. Then my card would be processed another $66.00 if I chose to sign one. I have now paid all the fee's including tax and today they tried to charge my card another $66. I called and they told me the invoice states they are going to charge me a total of $214. The person I spoke with on the phone told me I would be charged 134.80 plus the tax. These people are very slide of hand.

Lititia of York, PA, September 10, 2010: “I was told my up front fee was $14.95 and remaining balance of $134.80 would be charged to my card following the 30-day in-home trial period and would be divided into two payments, one at $66.00 and one at remaining balance the month following.

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3 people found this review helpful
Original review: Oct. 26, 2010

I heard about the Your Baby Can Read product before, but it wasn't until my cousin mentioned that she uses it at the school she runs in Jamaica, that I decided to Google it. Yeah! $14.95 my butt! When I got to the check out screen, and saw the $30 surcharge, not including the customs, duties, and extra taxes that I only found out about in the fraudulent email they sent me. I closed the screen. I did not hit "Accept" or authorize the order in any way. I closed the screen thinking I might get a better deal on eBay.

I actually reconsidered ordering, but first checked to see if they had an affiliate program, so maybe I could make some money selling the product online, in order to pay for it. They offered a hefty $12-$22 incentive, and I can see why! Then, I found this complaint site in Google, and read about another individuals who closed the screen without ordering too. when I read that he/she got a confirmation e-mail anyway, I immediately checked my inbox, and yes, they sent me an order confirmation bill for $44.95. It is also only in the confirmation email that I was notified that I might be charged extra taxes, duties, and customs. This was not mentioned in the website and there was no FAQ, or other way of knowing this! My MasterCard company said they will put a fraud alert out for this company, and I will not be responsible. This is still very disappointing because I really wanted something like this for my kids. If MasterCard holds up to their stance, I will not buy this product! In fact, I don't think I want the karma from even getting this product from a store! I will likely try and make some of the videos myself, and post them on YouTube just to prove that!

Even though I know that their system probably works, their system of fraud seems to work better. If their product was really that great, they wouldn't need to scam people like that, and no, I don't believe that there is any glitch. A company that big shouldn't have that problem, still coupled with so many complaints. Here are two other educational sites that don't charge an arm and a leg, and that offer samples, so you can see if your kids will even like it beforehand. I am not an affiliate for any of these sites, and do not receive any monetary or other incentive from them. I home school, and have used the following sites in the past. The last site is actually free and has games.

Well, its 2:21 AM. I'm tired, **, and stressed out to think that I might not get a good night's or any sleep for the months to come, because of this. I am now forced to seek other alternatives. This is a waste of my time and energy. I've never seen or heard of a company, that is supposed to be so good at teaching youth, be so bad! If my MasterCard is charged, I will have to cancel the card right away. I wasn't prepared for this purchase, and was considering less expensive alternatives like the ones I mentioned above. I'm surprised that these people are still in business with all these complaints. In fact, I don't think I want the karma from even getting this product anymore! Who knows how many families they've robbed! This is still very disappointing because I really wanted something like this for my kids.

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11 people found this review helpful
Original review: Oct. 18, 2010

I ordered the product. When we realized we were not going to use it, we called YBCR and received a return processing number to put on the outside of the package. We did everything they asked us to do. They still charged my credit card and are now stating that they never received it (After reading these complaints, I am not surprised). I have since contacted the USPS who has a trace out to confirm the package was received by YBCR and also a case through my credit card company.I am cancelling my credit card number so that they cannot charge anything else. I recommend you do the same.

6 people found this review helpful
Original review: Oct. 14, 2010

I was told that I was going to charge 14.95 for a trail. Scam, scam, scam charged my card $88.30 for three payments was told $59.99. I told the salesman I did not want all the items, was never informed of any of this garbage. I didn't know where the invoice was located and start taking money from account before thirty days. Elevated blood pressure, lucky that checks did not bounce, because was not told that amount was going to come out. Definitely, did not know they had started taking money out.

2 people found this review helpful
Original review: Sept. 10, 2010

I was told my up front fee was $14.95 and remaining balance of $134.80 would be charged to my card following the 30-day in-home trial period and would be divided into two payments one at $66 and one at remaining balance the month following. Instead, my card was charged $134.80 on or about 30 days following the day I ordered it. Concurrently, I only had the product in hand for 10 - 15 days. Because my grandson was ill I couldn't examine the content of the box.

When I discovered on 8/6, (George) they were trying to charge my card for $134.80 and remaining balance was three (3) more payments the same amount, I called my bank and stopped payment. It worked. But then the following month 9/10 they successfully got $134.84 from my account. The way they got in was by using a different amount (4 cents more) and had I known that their name wouldn't stop any of their future payments, I would have completely changed my credit card number and that would have stopped them for sure. I was then told on 9/8 that my box that I returned didn't contain all of the goods when I knew it did and I had a witness to prove it. They said the box weighed 21 lbs. When I got it I didn't check the weight. I just sat the box on the floor and tend to my ill grandson.

When I shipped the box on 8/13, it arrived on 8/19 via FedEx at 13 lbs. They stated my box arrived on 8/6 when that wasn't correct. They stated I kept four language items and five story books and that was all incorrect information. So I have begun a reporting process with my State Attorney. My check charge card was charged the amount of $134.84, not to mention the $14.95 wasn't returned to me either. It took too much out of my schedule to rectify and argue this matter.

What I believed happened in my case is they have employees stealing from them at the expense of their customer/s. The employee seals the box. Places whatever items they want, not exceeding the weight to be some obnoxious number in weight, then print the label to read as the total weight. Then places their items that they sat on the box into their personal possession. They then ship the box to the customer. The customer doesn't look at the weight of the box. When the customer returns the box, the box weight is far less than what it reads and the customer is then held liable for the so-called "missing" contents. Then the battle begins.

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