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I started getting other pre-set appointments finally today. I still don't have money back in my account they took twice. I went to my bank and they will credit the 2nd draft for $250.00.

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Last week, I paid $250.00 for 10 preset appointments. As of today, I have received 3 and one did not count since there was no checking account in the household. I have called today and emailed. Sharon texted me back and said "I am busy, call back later.” I have not heard from her since. Also, they ran my debit card twice and I still don't have my money back in my account for the 2nd $250.00. They couldn't be that busy unless they are answering other complaints. So far I would not recommend their services. This is the 2nd bad experience I have had. I gave them the benefit of hoping they had changed. Guess not! This makes it harder on a reputable company to ever get my business. With friends like this, who needs enemas, I mean enemies!

We agreed on a price. I paid, the amount of leads were not delivered. I requested a refund, and got a partial refund, excluding 2 leads out of my area. Calling out of my area was the problem. Penny has not returned a call. Sherrie at customer service has not returned a call. Email has been sent. I feel like I am being ignored, and I have been waiting since Jan 6th when things stopped going smoothly. Customer service is beyond poor.

I'm afraid I have to add my name to the list of people victimized by your advantage leads. The story is a simple one--your money goes in but no leads come out. I bought twenty leads. The quality of the leads was excellent as was the service. So I re-ordered. That was ten days ago, no leads, no returned emails, no calls. Lots of promises though, unfortunately I've never figured out how to pay my bills with promises. It's sad because they've proven to me that they can produce leads when they want to. Unfortunately paying them money up front doesn't seem to stimulate that "want".

At least not after the first time. Anybody can go on line and say anything they want, some of it true, some of it not so true, but most of the liars do so anonymously. If John, Penny, Robert or Nora want to call they are welcome to do so as well but I don't expect to hear from them. They've had my phone number, my email address and my money for quite some time now and haven't gotten around to contacting me so, while I'd love to hear from them--I'm not hopeful. I prefer to think the best of folks, so my guess is that these people are not crooks--but flakes. They started out trying to form a real company just like grown-ups but it has degenerated into a sad mess. Made even more sad by their obvious talent. This is just a guess but the talent is probably at the bottom of a bottle or the end of a line--if ya know what I'm saying (wink).

I ordered leads from Your Advantage Leads on January of this year. The sales rep Penny said they would be able to start my campaign in a week. After I called and e-mailed them for three weeks, they finally started calling for me on the fourth week. When they sent me the recorded telemarketer calls, half the prospects stated they were not interested in talking to an agent. When I mentioned this to Penny, she said that wasn't her department and would pass the information to the appropriate person. When they finished calling my campaign, they were still short 30% of the lead quantity I paid for. When I complained, I was told someone would call me. I was called by Nora and they would run my campaign again the following week.

It's currently May and they still owe me the leads. I e-mail and call them every few weeks to see when they will fulfill my order and they always have some excuse. In addition, they never credited the leads that are heard on the recorded call saying they are not interested. I am writing this to warn my fellow insurance agents about this company. We work hard for our money and this company is just out to rip off agents.

Your Advantage Leads has now replaced 3 of the 4 bad leads that I paid for up front and did not deliver. To get them replaced I had to deal with the rudest individual I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with. I just got yet another email from this man telling me that I was the "meanest kind of person" because I reported them on this website for ripping me off for 4 leads out of 10. As I told him, all they had to do was replace the 4 that I paid for up front and none of this would have happened in the first place. They have now replaced 3 of the 4 and since they saw their name on here, they are now threatening me with some sort of legal action for posting the truth on here. This resulted to $17 now down from $68 along with all the aggravation and distress of trying to get what I paid for in the first place.

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I had posted on Craigslist for someone to make cold calls for my business. John **** contacted me and said he had a well-trained team of sales call experts who would make the calls to my list of leads as per my phone script. He asked for $500 up front and he would provide 10 warm leads. On the first night of calling, I received two leads and nothing after that. He offered to change the script, the leads, etcetera and etcetera but nothing ever came of it. I asked for a refund on the balance but he never returned my calls.

I purchased 10 call back leads from this company which were paid for directly out of my account before I got off the phone with them. As the leads were delivered and I listened to the recordings of the calls that they had made, only 6 out of the 10 met my criteria. I contacted the company immediately and let them know this. They responded and said they would replace them for me. After a week when I had heard nothing back from them, I sent another email and promptly got a reply which said that "after Christmas, they would review the tapes and any that did not meet my criteria would be replaced."

The following Monday, I got an email which said that I was correct, 4 of them did not meet the criteria and they would be replaced. The next line was "It is our policy to replace leads on your next order." I was not aware of any such policy and promptly told them that there would be no next order if that's the way they did business! Many emails back and forth and the bottom line is I paid for 10 leads upfront, and I only got 6. Whoever this "John **" is, he is the rudest individual I have ever had any dealings with, and he has no sense of customer service. I want anyone that is looking for leads to know how they do business upfront, so they don't get screwed out of their hard earned money like I did. With their "policy", there is no way you can ever win. You will have to keep spending money with this company just trying to get what you paid for the first time. They are scammers! The leads were a premium price at $17 each. I only got 6 out of the 10, so it cost me $68 to find out this company is a scam! Company Profile

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