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On 7/17/16 I placed an order for a Lord of The Rings item, it was the one ring in a fancy case. When I received an order confirmation it stated the shipping would be 3-5 business days. I thought it's strange that I didn't receive an email stating that it shipped even though days had passed. So on 7/27/16 I called to inquire about the item, Mr. Alex told me "there was some miscommunication between the warehouse and website. Your item isn't currently available." No harm done, accidents happen. So he gave me the option to wait or receive a refund. I opted for a refund, and he said "I will enter it into the system immediately for you to receive your refund". He didn't disclose exactly what immediately meant.

Becoming impatient I called again on 8/1/16, it was at this time that Mr. Juan explained to me that the person I previously spoke to "Alex" (their apparent manager) couldn't have given me a refund because the order was already shipped to a 3rd party warehouse. So I asked "are you saying your manager lied?" After which he kept me on hold for about 5 mins, then he proceeded to tell me that this ticket would be escalated and he would also inform "Alex" of the problem and that he would provide him with my phone number and email so that he could contact me after the holiday weekend.

It was now 2 pm on 8/5/16 and I had not received any news. So I called again, it was at this point that "Marcela" told me that my order had already been escalated and that I need to call in 48 hrs to check the status of the refund. And I did so, so on 8/7/16 I called and spoke to the same woman who told me this "our warehouse has confirmed the refund on 8/1/16, it will take 24-48hrs to pass it on to your bank, and another 24-48 hrs for your bank to deposit the refund. That's a total of 96hrs, and from that point (not including Saturday or Sunday) 120 hrs have passed and I haven't received a refund. Still pending to see how this works out, but I can disappointingly say I will never purchase another item from this site. The customer service reps do NOT take their jobs seriously. And in the event that I do not receive a refund, I'll attempt to make an inquiry with the BBB.

Don't order at this website! I have ordered the latest roaring Godzilla, which arrived broken. When I tried to return it, they first told me that they would email me a return label, which they didn't. After a few days, I called again and then had to wait one week for one email with the return label. Finally when I asked for the item to be exchanged for a functioning one, they never confirmed with me that they had received the original Godzilla. I called weeks later to find out that they apparently had mailed a check back, which I still haven't received.

I ordered Boardwalk Empire Season 1, 2 and 3. I order a lot of Blu-rays and put then on the shelf. Almost a year later I decide it's time to watch Boardwalk Empire, unfortunately WBshop sent me 2 copies of season 2 and 1 copy of season 3. No season 1. So I call them up they say it's fine, they'll send me a return label and make the exchange. 2 weeks pass, no return label. So I call them and talk to Diane and she's like "Oh you didn't get the call? We're not exchanging that, it's almost a year old" with a "what's wrong with you" attitude. I understand that it took me a while to notice the error, but first of all, don't lie to me and make me expect for a return label that's not coming and second, if your options are to make a cheap exchange or lose a customer... Well a dissatisfied customer is never good.

Pre-Ordered the new Godzilla Blu-ray+DVD+UV Combo Pack on 8/27/2014 for shipment on 9/16/2014. Well it's 10/25/2014 and still no Blu-ray. I've emailed several times due to the problems I had with the T-shirts. Then finally called and the customer service rep didn't know why it was taking so long to get the Blu-ray. Service rep said she was going to escalate my ticket and call me back when she knew more info. She called me back later that night but still no news. After a week on 10/17 someone called me back to say basically the same stuff as well as saying it's on back-order. They don't know what's happened and that they specifically placed orders to their manufacturer 3 different times and they still haven't gotten their shipment to WBshop. Frankly I'm just tempted to cancel it all together and just go to the store and pick it up, which I tend to find a load of crap since stores have already got theirs. To me the meaning of Pre-order means it's shipped to you before all the other consumer stores get theirs. I'm not sure what the problem is but there is seriously a problem with how they run their shop.

On October 2nd, I placed an order for a movie to show to a group of children as a holiday treat. I received an email confirming my order. Nowhere in that email did it mention that the movie was on back order. Nowhere on their site did it mention the movie was on back order. At no time did I receive any information that the movie was on back order. On October 21st, I contacted the company to inquire as to why I had not received my order yet. Only then was I told that it was on back order. I needed this by October 24th!!! At some point before October 21st, they should have made me aware that they were advertising things for sale, that they do not actually have.

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Ordered 4 DVDs of which none made the holiday delivery commitment. Two arrived damaged because the DVDs were floating around in the case before New Year's. As of 1/7/2014 the other two are on back order with no commitment date. Called today. Asked why they didn't respond to my email. They claim they are overwhelmed. They don't want to print return labels because "the lady that does them is 3 weeks behind". Customer service also claims they are have no idea how their web site works.

Worst service period. Don't buy anything from these people. Ordered Pacific Rim because I received an email from them stating that I could watch it now on UV and would own it 10/15 when it was available. Never got any UV code. Couldn't contact customer service until Monday 10/14 to get code and they said they didn't have any such promotion. Tried to cancel order but couldn't because it was "in process". Didn't get any info from them until Friday 10/18, 6 days after my purchase, that it just shipped! Most lousy service, shipping, customer service I have ever experienced.

On the website, they state that they have priority shipping of 2 to 3 days (chuckles). That's AFTER 2 to 3 days sitting in the warehouse and then another 2 to 3 days getting to you. I placed my order on the 7th. It was not shipped out until the 11th (4, yes, FOUR days later). And you what, I can give them that extra day, that's no big deal. You get busy right?... So 2 to 3 business days from the 11th, would be Wed. the 16th (yes, I can count but the reps I spoke with at WB apparently can NOT & were adamant that I was indeed incorrect). Well, here I sit on the 18th, 9 BUSINESS days later (no I'm not counting Saturday or Sunday, folks) and still no Halloween costume for my son's very 1st Halloween party. I will NEVER EVER order from the WB Shop again! The ONLY reason they're even getting the 1 star is because I have hope that the Jerry the Mouse costume is cute!

I pre-ordered a black and white Bane statue for a child's birthday party on December 13th. Their website specifically stated that my item would be shipped by November 30th at the latest and that I would receive it in 3-5 business days. They also said I would get a confirmation email when it shipped. By December 5th, I still had not gotten an email. I emailed their customer service and was told that the shipment date got changed to December 10th. I was never informed that the date had been changed! To top it all off, they could not guarantee that I would get it by December 12th (one day before the birthday party). I was so mad that I called them again and they upgraded me to next day delivery. They ensured me that I would have my order by December 11th.

By 5PM on December 12th, I still had not received the package nor had I received a confirmation email that it had been shipped. I called customer service again and they told me that they didn't even have it in stock, and had no idea when they would get it! They couldn't even tell me if I would get it this year! I ordered a gift 1 1/2 months before a child's birthday, only to never receive it! I cancelled my order, drove to my local comic book shop and bought it! I am so unbelievably mad at how horrible WB Shop is! I will never give you any business ever again! It's a shame because I've always loved your company and purchased many, many items from retailers. Never again!

I ordered Halloween costumes for my sons (Legolas and Aragorn) on 10/13/12. On 10/14/12, I received verification that they had shipped. On 10/19/12, I received one costume with a notation on the receipt that they had credited the second costume back to my card. When called, they said "Too bad, they were actually out." So my son didn't have the costume he needed for the next day's activities. Apparently, they don't feel the need to let anyone know if there is a problem with the order. Then the rep said she would credit me back the $10 shipping charge. $10 charge? Shipping was free! They had charged me $10 anyway! This company does not have it together and I strongly recommend buying elsewhere.

This holiday season, I've made numerous purchases on the web, and the unsatisfactory experience from some big-name retailers, prompt me to share my experiences here. In this day and age of mature e-commerce technology, I'm so galled by the dismal ability by some deep pocket companies like Warner Brothers, to attain a decent customer experience, that there are no excuses. They're just an embarrassment, poor e-commerce technology and customer service.

The order confirmation indicates that the item will be shipped within 6 business days. 2 weeks have passed, and still the order details say "in process. " I emailed them, and received a response after more than a week. After 4 days of waiting, I called instead, and was told that the item was on back order, and no estimate of when it's available, but when it's shipped, I would get an email. Amazing that no email letting customers know it's on back order, and no idea when it will be available! What company doesn't know when their own products will be available. And yet, when I go to the product page, it does not say that the item is on back order, or sold out, but that it will ship within 10 business days. Something fishy is going on here. It feels like they are fulfilling other orders first, since my order is very small. Just an awful e-commerce site and customer service.

For me, the most important aspect of a company's commitment to achieve satisfactory buying experience is very simple. They just have to provide an up-to-date info on the availability of their products, and the status of an order, and it's whereabouts. That's not at all too much to ask, as far as I'm concerned. If their technology is so backward, that they can't even program their system to generate automatic emails when an order is delayed, at least update the status on the customer's order page. Why do so many companies fail to even reach this most basic of info sharing, and customer service. It just boggles the mind.

Let me start off by saying that I am absolutely disgusted with wbshop.com. I placed an order on December 16th, 2010. I paid $15.00 for express shipping on an item that cost only $19.95 to ensure I would receive the item in plenty of time before Christmas. When I checked the status of my order on their website, it claims the item was shipped on December 17th. It does not, however, give me a tracking number or any information regarding which company is actually shipping it. The only way the site gives you to contact them is by e-mail.

On December 23rd, 2010 I e-mailed the site hoping to get a response. No response. On December 24th, 2010, after still not having received the item, I attempted to call the number they have posted on their site for ordering products. No response. I called ten more times. No response. I left a voicemail after the first call. No call back as of yet. Now when I try to leave another voicemail, the recording says that their voicemail box is full. This is mind-boggling to me.

This is Warner Bros. we are talking about, one of the richest movie studios, and companies in general, on Earth. Meanwhile, the funds were taken out of my account on December 20th. They are holding my money hostage, I don't have the item I ordered in time for Christmas, and I can't even cancel the order because there is no one to talk to on their end!

This is absolutely absurd. I have never in my life gone through any issue like this in the seven years or so that I have made purchases online. I looked up some reviews for the site to see if I could find some different contact information, and all I found were people who have had the same issues as I am having.

I ordered a movie from the **** website on 12/2/10 called Christmas Mail. My order number was ****. My credit card was charged $16.41 for the download purchase. The site listed specific software needed to be downloaded which I did so as instructed. Normally I am a cautious person about what I download, I should have known better but I thought Warner Brothers would be a trusted name. Well, it turns out that what I downloaded from their website was a virus. It gave my brand new computer 55 viruses. I know this because I brought my computer to the Geek Squad the next day and they told me this is how many viruses they found.

The computer was brand new and working perfect prior to this transaction so I know for certain this website caused it. I immediately tried to notify their customer service via the website. I never received a credit or a follow up from them and have e-mailed them multiple times. I tried to call their customer service number and a woman answered. It sounded like I called someone in their personal house. She seemed like she answered by accident and said they did not have a virus issue before and told me she needed to put me on hold. As soon as she did the call hung up on me. I tried to call back and it went straight to a message center. This raised some serious red flags for me. I believe that this entire website may be a scam. It seems a bit too fishy to me and I can see by doing some research online that others have had the same issue.

I ordered a Blu-Ray set on February 14 and the statement said that it would be shipped on the 15th. I was charged on the 15th but did not receive the confirmation of shipping. I called on the 16th and I was told that it should be shipped that day or the next. Since nothing had arrived by the 18th, I called again and I was told that there were some problems in the shipping department and they were working over time to get things caught up. On the 19th, I called again and I was told that the warehouse was loosing orders and agent was emailing the warehouse manager to advise that it still had not shipped.

Yesterday, February 22, I called again and asked for the manager to get credited. The manager would not refund because the item was with the warehouse and would not give his last name either. I had to contact the credit card company and to give ‘F’ rating with the BBB due to similar complaints. I could have ordered from Amazon but I was tempted by the additional $6.00 savings from the WB store. It was a big mistake! Be advised, do not order from the WBStore.

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