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I am a victim of identity theft. My name and my social was stolen. They order 2,500.00 on site. We find out when they got a collection age put a levy on my bank acct. We are both on SS, they took our SS checks that pay our bills. In 7 years we never knew what was going on. I filed court papers to reject what they say and the judge threw out my motion out. I can't believe there is nothing I can do. All our bills are all backed up. Will someone look in to this please.

They started in 2001 in a small office suite on Cloverfield Blvd in Santa Monica with a small staff of less than 20 employees. Then moved into an office suite on Wilshire Blvd. They never kept any inventory. Had it drop-shipped from a warehouse in China. Their business "model" was to target people with poor credit and mail them "prepaid cards" offering up to $5,000 "credit" at 20% interest or more on their already inflated cheap Chinese faux products. They immediately sold the invoices and collection rights to Household Bank who paid Venue/Peachdirect about 5-10% by wire the next day. A perfect scam or was it. The CEO claimed they would never lose money, and issued a million worthless stock options.

If you want to get "customer service," go to their office directly if you live in SOCAL. The most recent one I saw was 150 Wilshire. Or you can just do a search on their old office address 3400 Cloverfield Blvd Santa Monica CA Suite #100. If any of the same sobs are still there, feel free to break up their ** cocktail party. I wonder if the CEO and Founder Ron is still there or went into seclusion. He's the one who's responsible for ** all of us to the bank.

I purchased a Blu-ray player from and it took forever to arrive. I have had it in use for about 2 months and it stopped displaying a picture. I have checked the cables and all, it is definitely the player. Now I cannot contact Venue because it appears that their website has been shut down. I am now making payments on a product that doesn't work and there's no one to talk to to get support.

No one who answers the phones can help. I returned the item and the venue received the item on March 15th, but there is still balance on the credit card. Everyone says it’s not their problem. Really? This company sucks and something needs to be done.

I purchased a 42in plasma TV for a total of 1,000.00 in April of 2009. I have been paying every month and here it is almost 3yrs later, and I still owe 1284.99. How is that when it was only 1,000.00 to start with from my bank statements. I have already paid 2050.00 and they say I still owe 1284.99. Please help me understand this. The only reason I give a rate of one star is because it gave me no choice. This company is a rip off!

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This is the worst customer service ever. I'm still waiting for a reply from 5 emails and 3 calls.. Every time you call for a return or to speak to a supervisor, they tell you no one is available but they will leave a message. I am never ever buying anything from them again!

I got a HP laptop from them back in 2009 and paid $1700 for it and now it needed to be repaired. We also got the extended service plan and care pack for the laptop. The fan on the CPU went out and now it gets hot and shuts down so I called hp warranty service and was told we had no service on the laptop and try to take to venue about it and all they tell me is not their trouble they were sold.

We have a contract to world financial capital bank and as far I can tell, we have paid more then we should had for the laptop. When I called the card company about the laptop, I am told it has nothing to do with them so I called the HP this morning and was told they had no warranty under my name and they will not be able to help me out. Here's what I would like to see done: my computer fixed and own nothing more on it and both company taken out of business. They are a joke and look down on little people like me.

I couldn't use this computer after one new hard drive. Now, it doesn't work at all was dented up. The laptop is still in the box when it came in. Venue is unreachable. Venue only gives the phone number of World Financial. I have sent letters. Please help me. There are many like me. I would like my money back. They sent out used products with little recourse then go out of business. No longer honoring warranties and more. Venue is out of business. The phone # I called said the same thing. Then I get a letter saying someone else now wants my money for a TV that cost me 3 times as much as I could have gotten it anywhere else.

Now, I'm trying to pay my bill again and cannot get hold of anyone again. I wrote a letter to the people who now say, I owe them money and told them if I was charged a late fee for not being able to pay my bill. I was not going to pay another payment. How do I know if these people are legit? On top of everything else, the TV I bought has sound problems and has since I bought it, picture and sound went out. I called and the customer service lady, said Venue is no longer in business, its up to me to fix it. I said if they are no longer in business then who am I paying. She said, I am paying the creditor that gave them credit. I said to her, I should not be paying them, Venue owes you not me if no one is going to repair the TV or replace it I will return it and owe nothing on a TV that does not work, she said I have to keep paying them.

We would not have to pay interest on it for 12 months. We later received a notice stating that unless we pay for it within the 12 months in full. The interest would start all the way back to our original order date. I called them and told them we were never told any of that in the beginning. Now they call about 3 times a day, usually hanging up, this is harassment.

Well, on November 22, I was approved for a Venue account. The paperwork that I printed had an estimated shipping date of December 5. I have called several times after reading the complaints. I was told a different story each time. I was told that no, that they showed the shipping date of December 16, unless items are back-ordered.

I said these were Christmas gifts, so I would go elsewhere if they didn't come on time. They could not check the status and needed to escalate it. I should receive an email in 24 hours. Same story the second time I called. They said there was no way to check if an item is back-ordered. Their site says it will ship immediately, however it does not.

I said that I wanted to cancel it because I was never given a straight answer. They said that they would escalate it again. No calls from them. No responses. Then the last time I called, they gave me the number for their corporate offices. Yeah, it isn't a good number. These people have my information. They are lying to me!

This company is a fraud. They sold me a laptop and I got it and it was used and didn't work. I called and said that the company was sold to Vnu Retail Group LLC and nothing could be done. I found Vnue Retail Group at 2945 Townsgate Rd #200 Westlake Village, Ca 91361. These men need to be arrested for fraud.

I bought a computer laptop from venue. I was promised 6 months no payment,also the payment amount of 35.00 per month. Also, If I bought the extended warranty the whole laptop would be covered. So I did. When I received the laptop, there was a bruise on the screen about the size of a fifty cent piece. The payments were stared and the payment was twice the amount as the catalog promised.

I then called Venue. I was told to send my computer to Dell and it would be covered. Four weeks later, Dell sent my laptop back to me unfixed. They informed me that Venue is no longer in business and they do not cover any of there warranties. In my panic, I called the World Financial Bank as given on Venue website. They refunded my account at the time of first complaint, also again on the warranty. World Financial Bank also confirmed Venue was out of business. World Financial said I still had to pay the balance of the laptop of $1,200. I never could use this computer. The laptop is still in the box it came in.

Venue is unreachable. Venue only gives the phone number of World Financial. I have sent letters. Please help me. There are many like me. I would like my money back. I still have this laptop in the box it came in. I will be glad to send it back. Can you help? I have all the correspondence with World Financial. I am a cancer patient. I really wanted this laptop. I was ripped off. Check Venue complaints. Hundreds feel the same.

My payment was added 1 day late so they could charge a late fee. Venue sucks.

I went online to pay last month's bill and Venue is out of business. The phone number I called said the same thing. Then I get a letter saying someone else now wants my money for a TV that cost me 3 times as much as I could have gotten it anywhere else. Now I'm trying to pay my bill again and cannot get hold of anyone again. I wrote a letter to the people who now say I owe them money and told them if I was charged a late fee for not being able to pay my bill, I was not going to pay another payment. How do I know if these people are legitimate? On top of everything else, the TV I bought has sound problems and has ever since I bought it.

I purchased a 65 in Samsung TV and I am still paying on it. It is 18 months old and the picture and sound went out. I called and the customer service lady said Venue is no longer in business, that it’s up to me to fix it . I said if they are no longer in business, then who am I paying. She said I am paying the creditor that gave them credit. I said to her I should not be paying them. Venue owes you, not me. If no one is going to repair the TV or replace it, I will return it and owe nothing on a TV that does not work. She said I have to keep paying them. I reported them to the BBB.

I attempted to go on line to make a payment. I went when payment was due and was unable to get on. I was then hit with a finance charge. I talked to a rep. later in the month and told him I would pay online. I was not told that the system had been taken down. I also argued with him that I should have not been assessed the additional. fee. All he said was to get my payment in on time, which I tried to do online. I will probably be charged of the additional charge, which I will fight.

First I went on line to make a payment to my account in April, a message state that the online accounts had been closed. So I called the company and it pretty much said same thing via voice recording. A few days later a representative from venue calls me and tells me they were expecting a payment from me of 90 dollars, including late charges. I became upset I told them I tried to make a payment of $35 to them on April 2 the date the bill was due and the website would not allow me to.

I told him it was not my fault that the bill was not paid, I tried to pay it. He said I still owed the 35 dollars plus a late fee of $35 plus a $10 phone payment fee for each of the $35 which would amount to $90. I told him No, I will not pay but $35 the amount of my monthly payment. He perceived to make a lot of threat to me, about what would happen if I did not pay the $90. I felt like they were scamming me for a double payment and I refused to pay. He threatened me with bad credit. I think this is unfair because I want to pay them their monthly fee but I will not pay them double plus phone payment fees. I am only late because I could not pay when I tried. I was proud that I was paying my bill and was not begin, and then they pull this. It is as if they are out to deliberately get all they can get out of their trusting customers.

I had just gone bankrupt and I get this notice from Venue. As a joke I filled it out and, voila! I qualified for a Venue credit card. Only problem is every item is hugely overpriced! But I figure that’s the price I pay for going broke, and even though broke I still needed a computer. Welcome to America: this is how we do business. I just wanted to get ahead.

Long story short, the computer did arrive. They emailed me that it was in on backorder so I was not prepared for its earlier arrival. Weeks later when I tried the thing, I found it to be a total defective rip-off. Since my only leverage in the situation was withholding payments, that’s what I told them I’d do until they allowed me to send it back. They wouldn’t authorize that. Looks like I made another stupid choice only now I am drained even further. Credit repair? Ha! All plans for "getting ahead" have now been put on hold. I am in survival mode. Surely not everyone was ripped off. I simply wasn't one of the lucky ones. They stuck me with a bum computer and more self-loathing.

My son received a pre-approved credit card with Venue. He was trying to build his credit and wanted a laptop computer. I could not afford to pay cash for one so I told him to order it and I would pay for it. The paperwork said that we would not have to pay interest on it for 12 months. We later received a notice stating that unless we pay for it within the 12 months in full the interest would start all the way back to our original order date. I called them and told them we were never told any of that in the beginning. They said I would have to file a complaint. I have not had time to do that and judging by what I have read today it will not do any good.

To be honest, I'm glad the company folded! I received the card, and purchased a TV. I made every payment not only on time but also paid 100% more than the minimum payment every month. Last month (Jan) after the business closed, I got a $139 Promo fee on my card. Talk about a rip off. There is no way this is legal. Watch your bills closely. Being that I'm trying to restore my credit, this added $139 to the account and it looks like I made an additional purchase. This sets back my payments history of $50 a month back 3 months!

They sent bill $35.34. I am supposed to pay $15.00 month. We pay by internet every month. Pay more money when they close the store and don't respect law for credit card they stolen. They charge more money.

I was making my payments and then I got one month behind and they harassed me faithfully everyday, every hour until that money was paid up to date. I thought there was something just not right with that so I quit making any more payments and I have not heard from them except twice in December to get money from me. What is going to happen to all of the money that I have already paid into this company if they folded? Also, my daughter got a preapproved card with them. Do you mean she cannot even use that card now?

That just doesn't seem very fair to someone who is trying to have her credit look good. What can she do about that? Is there another company you can order from and still use the same account number? I hope so, she has been trying to order a 50" TV and when she tried nothing happened. She has had their card for a year now but wanted to wait until her birthday and get herself something very nice. This is so unfair to a lot of people and people who took them at heart. Can you please give some ideas? What can be done to get my money back and if my sister can go somewhere else and get the TV of her dream? I mean using the Venue credit card number. Thank you and I hope to hear form you very soon.

My story is similar to all of these people. I ordered an iPod and a PS3. What a rip off. Likewise, I didn't receive merchandise until 3 months later. When I called to cancel the order, I received it 2 weeks later. I was very irritated, not knowing what the prices for PS3s were and not being able to afford one cash. We kept it. What a big mistake.

The venue price is almost 3x higher than I could get it at Wal-mart. I thought I was going to throw up. What a rip off. I sent the iPod back. These people are difficult to deal with. I am now trying to log into the website to make my payment and protect my credit but no luck. You can't log in. You get a message stating the venue CC is no longer available.

So I called the number. No luck there either. People don't do this to your selves. Stay away from this company. And for those of us who have been taken, we need to fight and report this to your local BBB or submit a complaint. Let's not take this kind of abuse. What a big mistake. I wish I never would have taken that CC offer. I have this merchandise I want to return, but no one to return it to. And I will be stuck with a bill 3x higher or who know hows much.

I am a new and very unhappy Venue customer. My story begins toward the end of August 2009 when I first received their sales catalog out of the blue. I am college educated, have good credit and usually trust my judgment. Well, browsing through the catalog, I was impressed even though some of the prices seemed a bit high. Feeling confident, I applied for a preapproved card and ordered a 15.6 Compaq laptop. I placed the order on 2nd of September. This item was intended to be a birthday gift for a friend (Oct. 3rd) who wanted but couldn't afford a laptop. Everything went well as I anxiously waited the 2- to 3-week suggested delivery time line, assuming that it would be here around the 25th of Sept.

Making a long story short, it's now almost November, two months after I placed the order and two payments later - the laptop is still not here! I've been given the runaround by customer service reps, having called a multitude of times (8 times now at least) but to no avail. Each time when inquiring about the status of the laptop, I am told that it's either been back-ordered (3 times now), it was already shipped on the day I called to complain conveniently (2 times), they haven't gotten any status updates on my order (2 times) and on one occasion I was put on hold just to be hung up on. Keep in mind also when placing my initial order, at no time did the website indicate that the item was out of stock. The exact laptop is still listed as of today (10/28/2009) and as one would assume, available. I am at the end of my rope here and feel that I have been more than patient.

Generally I am a very easy going, level headed, giving person but not one to be taken advantage of, but I am feeling like a fool right now. All I want is the goods/products I've paid for. It's simply bad business to keep paying customers in limbo like this. I am still paying for this laptop even though I haven't yet received it, too afraid that my credit will be negatively affected if I stop paying. After writing this, I am filing a complaint with the BBB.

Update on 11/11/2009 - After calling once again to check on my order I was greeted with a message stating that all orders have been canceled and all accounts were closed. So I am assuming Venue has now gone out of business finally. If you were waiting for an order, never received it or have any other problems with your Venue account please contact World Financial Capital Bank (the bank issuing credit) 1-866-279-1485, or write them with a dispute: WFCB, PO Box 182620, Columbus, Ohio 43218.

Request letter sent to WFCB on 11/12/2009: "Requesting refund for payments made, also requesting a written letter releasing me from any further financial responsibility associated with this account" (This should be requested I feel in the event your credit report should indicate a negative payment status or remark which you could later dispute). Web complaint was filed with LA BBB ( on 10/28/2009; as of 11/28/2009, no response has been received.

i ordered from a catolog I received and received my computer when they said I would. I've never had any trouble with the conpany even when i've called. I can't believe they are as bad as all those commenbts I read. Thank you for your service.

I ordered a dryer in May,2009 with a six month same as cash. The dryer took about 3 weeks to arrive. I being making lots of payments everytime I got paid. Then in Sept, 2009 I ordered 2 camcorders for my daughters for Christmas.I then in early Oct I saw some toys for my grandchildren and ordered them. As of today,11/30/09 nothing has arrived. I was told they were on backorder and then after waiting more weeks I try to call and was put on hold for up to an hour. I then found out two weeks ago they are not in business and I will never get these items. Meanwhile I was sending money to pay off the dryer and they start taking it for my revolving account, which I shouldn't have if I don't have the items I'm paying for. I wrote to the BBB and a few days after they emailed me that they were notifing them they sent me a email saying all orders were cancelled and they would credit my account. Can't wait for that to happen

My husband order my daugher's birthday present (IPOD) in early October and it has still not arrived (Nov 14.) He tried to contact the company and was put on hold forever. This type of business should not be legal!

I am a former employee of Venue (which is formerly Peachdirect) I cannot believe this company is still in business!!! This company is located in West Los Angeles, CA. As a former employee, I was instructed to respond only to escalated complaints that usually came from the attorney general, an attorney or the BBB. They cancelled their membership with the BBB because the company's rating was horrible. By law they are not supposed to charge you for your product(s) until the item(s) has shipped but they totally disregard that. The scammers behind this company are Ron, Dan and Joan. She is the person in charge of the call center and customer service at corporate. What they do is charge your account for your product and use that money to pay old backlogged orders, but their backlog is so severe that customers usually wait months for their order and in the meantime aren't paying their credit card balance,ruining their credit which by the way the bank has no idea or doesn't care that Venue is unethical. For the record, the vendors Venue uses have nothing to do with the backlog. They aren't shipping your orders to you because Venue hasn't paid them for the current orders. This is a horrible company to work for and to do business with!!

I ordered A tv on Sept. 4,2009 and it is, as of today, still on backorder. I am being charged and payind on a tv that I am not getting. I have made so many calls and can not get a straight answer from this Company. I also called today, Sunday, 11/8/2009 and after waiting for 15 minutes to talk to someone, I got a man who said he can only talked to Spanish customers. I would have to call tommorrow and I said put me through to someone else and he said no one who speaks English was there.

I just want my product that I am paying for. If they can not get product now, then how will they get it foe Christmas? I bought this for my daughter for her birthday and I am emotionally drained from being on the phone to them becaue I work at least 50 hours a week.

I ordered two DVD players then waited over three weeks for delivery that never happened.I called venue and was told they were on backorder so i cancelled them.They still show on my venue account after i have talked to customer service three times about removing them before i am billed for something i never received.Well they are still on my account and i got a bill yesterday with the items on it.They want a payment for things i didnt get.I called Venue and they said ignore the bill.When i contacted their finance department...World Bank..They told me to go through a very long and complicated dispute process to fix this.Why do i have to try and fix something that is their fault?Originally customer service said this mistake would be removed in 72 hours.It is still on their four weeks later,and i got the bill to prove it.Beware..Beware...Beware of this company.

This is a website for a company that sells many items. They have TVs, computers, vacuum cleaners, etc. They sent my husband a credit offer and he accepted. We ordered some items and then we waited and waited for them. I emailed the company inquiring about the order status at least 5 times. The order status stated items were on backorder. The company states it will take 4-6 weeks to receive the items. It took 12 weeks to finally receive some of the merchandise ordered. We never received one item.

I said I would not order again but we did I ordered some merchandise back in early August and still no products. The order status on the website states backordered items again. The funny part is all their items state backordered items. This just seems a little funny to me. If you are looking to purchase merchandise from this website you better not be in any hurry for them.

I don't recommend anyone ordering Christmas presents or something for a special occasions unless you can do it 3-4 months in advance. Then again you may never get the item after waiting for it. They'll tell you after your expecting it for 3 months that they no longer carry that product. I never knew a company that could treat their customers this badly and keep them. We are cancelling our account. Company Profile

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