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      Original review: Oct. 9, 2010

      I was looking for an address and phone number. To my surprise, U.S. was stealing 19.95 from my account for six months for services I had no clue about. Who would knowingly pay that much for such information? I am filing a complaint with the Minnesota AG office. Please stand up and fight against this fraud.

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      Original review: Sept. 21, 2010

      Somehow, fictitious persons and alias names for me and my 'ex' spouse's relatives are showing up on US Search. One alias for me (L *****) that was created without my knowledge or consent showed up on my Experian Credit Report. I had to write them to get it cleared up. The name is now a fraudulent relative of mine and my ex spouse. I have a new alias that I did not create: Susan D. **, and I am hoping it does not show up on my credit report. I have written to US Search to clear it up, but nothing has happened so far.

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      Original review: Sept. 2, 2010

      I agreed to a 97 cent charge on 8/25/10 for one phone number. I gave my Visa/ATM number thinking this was a reputable business. I was charged without my knowledge or consent for a membership on 8/27 and only found out about it because I checked my bank account. I contacted customer service by phone and told me I would be refunded the money for membership and also send an email confirming I was to get a refund. I checked my bank account for the refund and they charged me again on 8/31 an additional $19.95.

      I am a single, disabled mom with two small children. My 5 years old is autistic and I have a 1 year old baby. I do not get spousal support and have limited means. This amount of money takes food out of my children's mouths and I was 50 cents away from being charged overdraft fees. It is also inconvenient as I have regular monthly billing set up with my Visa/ATM card and will have to cancel that card and set up new accounts as I believe this company will continue to use my Visa/ATM number as long as they have it.

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      4 people found this review helpful
      Original review: Aug. 24, 2010

      US Search has been withdrawing money from an ATM into my account without authorization. When I call, they are closed, so I could not cancel any memberships with US Search.

      3 people found this review helpful
      Original review: Aug. 17, 2010

      I subscribed to the service for a few months at1$4.95 a month and when I decided to cancel my subscription, I discovered they charged me $79.95 for some other service that I never authorized. After informing customer service of this, they informed me that I had subscribed to that service for a few months and was just now being charged for it and they couldn't credit it off. Just another internet scam operation.

      4 people found this review helpful
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      Original review: Aug. 16, 2010

      I ordered a one time special offer search for $0.97 (1/2 off) and discovered later that I was being billed monthly at a rate of $19.95/month. I complained about the two charges on my credit card for $19.95 each and they refunded only one. I ended up paying $19.50 for a service I never asked for.

      3 people found this review helpful
      Original review: Aug. 10, 2010

      Did a one time search and have been billed monthly since then. What a rip off as they would only credit me for two out of four months. This needs to be a class action law suit.

      4 people found this review helpful
      Original review: Aug. 4, 2010

      I purchased a 1-time search of a deadbeat customer for $0.95 to chase down payment. Adding insult to injury, the search website scammed me out of $19.95 for 2 months plus charged me the $0.95 for the one search. When I noticed it on my credit card statement, they would only delete one of the two $19.95 charges. Please shut them down! I've been over charged $39.90. Upon complaining, they said they would refund half of that only.

      3 people found this review helpful
      Original review: Aug. 2, 2010

      I saw an online ad for a one time search for 97 cents and I did it. Then I got a monthly charge of $19.95 on my next credit card statement. When I called to ask them for credit, they said that I had signed up for this service which I had not. I signed for a one-time only search. They agreed to cancel my account but would not refund.

      3 people found this review helpful
      Original review: July 31, 2010

      I wish I had done a search on the search company before I ordered! I paid for a one-time search. When I tried to log in again to see the results, the site did not recognize my e-mail or password. They did not send a confirmation to the e-mail they had, but kept asking for a confirmation number. I called the office during normal business hours, but the message was that it was after hours (it was not). The payment had already gone through, but after reading the other complaints for further (hidden) charges, I talked to my bank, and the only thing I could do was to close my card. I will have to update Netflix to a new card number, but US Search will not ding me for any more charges down the line. If you have already ordered from US Search and given them your card number, the best thing to do is cancel it now before they charge you some more. A very shady company; I don't think it is a legit outfit. I had to cancel my card and go to the bank for a new one.

      3 people found this review helpful
      Original review: July 30, 2010

      I used their website to do a people search on 4/29/2010 for a one time introductory offer of $4.95. I looked carefully to make sure I was not joining membership or anything but only wanted the one search. I now find that they are charging my credit card monthly and have done so for 3 months without my noticing it. This is a scam, and their website ** you in to it by not being clear. In total they have charged me $14 a month. I have had to search on the web to find a way to contact them and get my money back. They are only willing to "cancel my account." They refer to some terms of use of their site that says I can cancel but it automatically renews each month if I don't call them to do so.

      4 people found this review helpful
      Original review: July 29, 2010

      I found US Search, Inc. on their website I did a $19.95 search for 1 person only. The company charged me $35.85 without my knowing it to become a "member". They also billed me an additional $19.95 the following month for a continuing membership which I did not sign up for (This was later refunded per my protest on 7/29/10). They said on a phone call on 7/29/10 that the fee includes 6 background checks (I only requested 1). They will not refund my money except for the "continuing membership" charge (billed for that following month) refund which, of course I never signed up for. Bottom line is that I got ripped off for $35.85 which they refuse to refund.

      2 people found this review helpful
      Original review: July 25, 2010

      I could not print more than one page of an 8-page report that I paid $60 for. I had to cut and paste HTML code to a new document for an unformatted copy to print completely. This appears to be an attempt to make someone buy another copy of the report. There are commands like print Hide used throughout the code of the report you get, even though it offers you a button to print the report.

      2 people found this review helpful
      Original review: June 29, 2010

      I was looking up someone and I chose the payment for 95 cents or 1 dollar and they are charging me $20.95 for what i didn't even get to see. This has never happened to me. I will never use my debit card, no more online, for nothing else. There's too many scams going on and now I'm in the mix of one. I want my money back.

      2 people found this review helpful
      Original review: June 14, 2010

      This site has personal information pasted on Internet. When asked for information to be removed, they stated there was no way information could be removed without sending in my copies of my legal documents, and the customer service agent eventually hung up on me because of my persistence to have my personal information removed from their website. Possibility of ID theft ad.

      4 people found this review helpful
      Original review: May 27, 2010

      They refuse to remove my private information. For those that have the same issue, please contact the California State Attorney General at the following link, and file an online complaint. Don't waste your time with the Better Business Bureau: **.

      3 people found this review helpful
      Original review: May 15, 2010

      They have published false information about me without my authorization and to remove it for one year, they demand $10 to be paid to them by credit card. I do not trust this crooked company. I have been associated with some dangerous people who share the same last name as me. I have received threatening calls and I am scared of falling victim to identity theft criminals.

      3 people found this review helpful
      Original review: April 28, 2010

      My husband is in the job market so we decided to check his background information to review it for accuracy. I paid $39.95 to US Search website to provide their acclaimed "in-depth, quick and accurate" search results. The results were quick but they were certainly not in-depth, nor were they at all accurate.

      Their record shows my husband as being married 15 times! To add insult to injury, there was no record of our marriage. Their were multiple incorrect addresses and relative names. Now we know why a bill collector insists on calling for someone who is of no relation to us!

      Our concern is that if any potential employers review the kind of absolute erroneous garbage that is listed on this search engine, it can be very detrimental to my husband's career. I would very much like to know how to stop this invasion of privacy. With all of the new government regulations about protection of privacy, how do these websites get away with this absolutely slanderous publication of peoples' lives? What is the recourse in this situation?

      I am trying to contact US Search about correcting this ridiculous output of erroneous information but in the meantime, I have to wonder how many job opportunities may have been lost by my husband and other people seeking employment if employers are relying on websites such as this for background checks. This is frightening and highly disturbing.

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      2 people found this review helpful
      Original review: April 27, 2010

      Privacy violation! My husband and I are listed, everything is on there--cell, email, property value. You can purchase more info for $10.

      Privacy is a constitutional right, not a privilege. Any stalker, scammer or thief can have access to this. Why are we all at risk? I want this removed at once!

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      4 people found this review helpful
      Original review: April 14, 2010

      These criminals must be stopped! What body governs these unscrupulous parasites? Publishing inaccurate information then charging you to remove information you never authorized be published in the first place. Why isn't our government protecting us from being victimized? I'm sure they're perpetrating a fraud!

      2 people found this review helpful
      Original review: April 2, 2010

      I contacted US Search after I realized a lot of information sites were listing US Search as the source of their information, asking them to remove my data collection. They responded with an email saying that they have no problems doing that, If pay a $10 a year to remove the listing. I responded to this message, implying that I did not think I should be paying $10 a year for information I never agreed to have listed on their website, and they sent me the same duplicated message back to me about their Identity Protection Program. It's apparent to me that the customer service is just a facade and I'm left with the feeling that I'm being blackmailed with my personal information. It's apparent to me that the customer service is just a facade and I'm left with the feeling that I'm being blackmailed with my personal information.

      3 people found this review helpful
      Original review: March 24, 2010

      After searching my name on Google, I was able to find out very private information about me on After emailing them to try and get it removed from their website, they told me I had to pay $10 to do this. What about is this not identity theft or at least fraud? This company needs to be shut down. Anyone can find me by searching Google.

      3 people found this review helpful
      Original review: March 5, 2010

      We called back in Feb. 2009 to have our personal information removed from their website. They told us to send an email to with the names and information we wanted removed and it would not be a problem. They did remove the information at that time. On March 4, 2010, we went back to to make sure the information was still removed from the website, but to our surprise, some information was put back on their website. They put our names as being relatives to other people with the same last name.

      So we proceeded to call USSearch once again to see how to get this information removed and was told the very same thing just send us an email to and it will be taken care of. A few hours after sending the email to them, USSearch in return sent us an email thanking us for inquiring about their PrivacyLock service. Which we have no clue what PrivacyLock is until we read the whole email telling us that we would have to pay them $10.00 per year per occurrence to have our information removed. The information they have on us, they say is Public information in which Public information is free! So how can legally make anyone pay them to remove information that should have never been put into cyber space without our consent.

      We told them when we called that a lot of the information they had on us and other people we knew was incorrect whether it be someone's age, relatives, etc. They in return told us that they do not publish incorrect information and that we were wrong for telling them so. I think we as people know who we are related to just because someone has the same last name and just maybe they live in the same town does not mean they are related. We know for a fact that some people related or not you do not want your name associated with them due to things they have done in their past.

      So, after being told that we do not know who we are related too. We then decided to take matters into our own hands and start filing Complaints with the Federal Trade Commission and with the Better Business Bureau with whom, Inc. does have a company profile and is in good standings with. We also filed with our states Attorney General. We do not know at this time if filing the complaints will do any good, but it sure doesn't hurt to try. If more people would do the same and file complaints against these type of businesses, then maybe just maybe they will be forced to do what is right and that is to remove any information someone does not want to be on's website.

      Nowadays, the government is pushing this Privacy Policy which keeps even your own spouse from being able to use your information in any and every way. Having the Privacy policy shoved down our throats every time we want to do something is wrong especially if everyone doesn't have to follow the rules. Is selling information about someone whether it is correct or incorrect following the Privacy Policy Act? The government has a Do-Not-Call Policy why can't we have a Do-Not-Publish Policy? If someone needs public information, then they should have to go to the nearest Courthouse near them to obtain that information in person. It should not be available on the internet.

      Just think about having someone angry with you that you were dealing with out of state and they want to get back at you all they have to do is pay someone like and they could be setting on your door step. We have contacted several websites just like that puts people's personal information up for sale and have never been told we have to pay them to remove the information. They have always just asked for the information we wanted removed and it was done no problems whatsoever.

      So far, the only company we have come across that refuses to corporate is Why should anyone have to pay a company to remove information that does not belong to that company. does not pay one red cent for the information they put on their website whether it is correct or not Public information is Public that is true, but publishing information about someone you do not even know is wrong especially when it could cause great trouble. should gladly remove anyone's information that does not want it on their website, no questions asked!

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      Original review: March 3, 2010

      I purchased a "Nationwide Criminal Background Check" package from this online source for $59.95. The information was needed for a custody court case. I am certain the person who I was checking has had multiple arrests in various states (hence my need for a nationwide search). The report I was provided by this company has two records with very incomplete information. I was able to access more information through the county online public record option so I'm sure the information is easily available.

      Not knowing the counties in which this person may have been arrested made it impossible for me to search every state/county in the country. I expected the search results to do this for me and was willing to pay for the service given those results. This company is operating under very false pretenses and is advertising services it cannot deliver. I would hope an investigation would occur given the number of other complaints of this company that are posted.

      Lastly, this company is engaging in fraudulent advertising in that they have a secondary site "Top Ten Reviews" which is set up to appear to be an independent site reviewing the top online background search service. This is a scam operation only to showcase their site by making claims of superior service and top ratings as compared to other sites only to generate business. It is not apparent initially that this is a marketing scam but it is. I know I won't get my purchase price refunded, but want to report this company's practices so others may not be ripped off.

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      Original review: Feb. 18, 2010

      In attempt to run a background check on someone who was going to be staying with young children, I paid this company $39.95 for a promised background check. I did not receive anything other than a few real estate addresses and their values. Any link they provided were for more information only if I paid more money. I immediately requested for a refund because of their inadequate service, but was refused.

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      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Jan. 16, 2010

      They are using my dead grandson's profile to drum up business. They are displaying his name, address, picture, and some of our family members' names. They have a caption that says they can get Matt's email, phone number, etc. They can't get any of that at any price. They want to charge me a fee to alter the info. Huh? Dead is dead. How do you alter that?

      He died 2+ years ago at 22, and it is still raw. His kid sister was the one who came across this profile when she googled her own name. She saw it, and she fell apart. I am just trying to make this right. They are using his profile in a deceptive, ghoulish way. If someone can help me reach someone with some power in that company, I would appreciate it.

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      2 people found this review helpful
      Original review: Dec. 17, 2009

      Recently, I was looking to obtain a copy of my own background check to see what information was in the report. I decided to use US Search as the company to perform the service. The product chosen was the Advance Background check. The results were very poor. The current address listed nine in my state, which has actually only been three. It gets better. There was nothing on the criminal records at all! I did have a traffic violation in 2007.

      The report prompts you to get more detailed information for a mere $99.99! This of course is after you have paid for the first product. When I contacted Customer Service, Sandy told me that they couldn't give a refund for the service that was provided! I would like others to know that the guarantee does not exist and the purchase of this service is a waste of money!

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      Original review: Nov. 30, 2009

      This firm searches records that, while public, are not easily obtained by other individuals. In order to protect my privacy and members of my household, such as my minor children, I want to be removed from their database or from search results. They will only do this for a fee of $10 which I believe is unjust.

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      Original review: Nov. 24, 2009

      After googling my own name, I noticed a site called ranking very highly at #2. US Search advertises on that website, displaying all kinds of personal information, including my age, current and former addresses, and the names of my relatives and their locations. All of this is just one click away from googling my name, and it is readily available without my authorization. When I contacted US Search, I was told this was all "public" information and I would have to pay $10 annually to block this information from being displayed.

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      Original review: Nov. 13, 2009

      I called to cancel the product on the day I accidentally got on their site. It wasn't the site I thought it was. And now, this Jeffrey says I need to email them to cancel. This is the number they gave me to cancel, 80174267. Please help, I just lost my husband and son and I don't need the aggravation. Consequences: severe depression over them not cancelling their product.

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