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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

I was arguing with someone about 9/11. My views aren't that controversial, yet shortly afterwards Twitter locked me out, and said I have to provide a phone number. I'm not going to give out personal information and they won't explain why I'm locked out.

I contacted them after I did a Google search of my name and found that someone was using my name and username to pose as me on Twitter. The only follower this person has is a girl who is clearly looking to "meet up" with certain individuals. I sent them everything they requested proving that the username was mine for a very long time but someone has clearly opened up an account under my name and is posing as me. I did have an account with them for a couple of years and this girl was never one of them. They refused to close down the account because they said it was valid. I am a business owner and this is very damaging to my reputation.

A user, the name is **, offended me with bad words. I wrote to Twitter that has not done his duty (that of removing this user).

About a month or so ago I tried to register for the first time on the twitter web site so I could begin twittering. I discovered my email was already in use which surprised me. I emailed Twitter support numerous times and just got pre-formatted responses. I have had no response from what felt like a real person. This is identity theft in my opinion.

In their policy which can be read online states they are supposed to be active in protecting consumers. If I can prove the email used is mine and has been mine in like forever, where is my protection? They dont seem to care about YOU the consumer. They just want whatever money they get form where ever it comes from. They dont care that someone could also use the email and gain control of personal information about me and destroy my life.