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I just received an e-mail that the tickle.com class action lawsuit regarding those who signed up for the 7-day free trial and were automatically billed for a monthly subscription and other billing issues has a tentative settlement and class members who were members and billed during the time period July 26, 2002 to December 19, 2008 may be eligible for a settlement and should be receiving an e-mail with the information.


I bought your Mr. Tickle Tickle Me Toy for my 3 year old granddaughter for Christmas. She was waiting for Santa to bring it as she wanted it so much! On Christmas day we were all playing with it happily until her 6 year old cousin tickled her with it and the arms of the toy became totally entwined in her hair. It took far too long for me to be able to untangle her hair and she was hysterical. Some of her hair was pulled out in the toy as she pulled away from it. I am livid. It's absolutely not good enough. My granddaughter was sobbing for such a long time saying "Mr. Tickle hurt me", and now she won't go near it. Her cousin was so upset too as he thought he'd done something wrong.

I need an explanation as to how this toy has been allowed to be on the market. My partner and I certainly didn't notice any warnings on the box so if there were any they definitely were not bold enough. We have been so upset by this. I completely trusted the fact that any toy made by your company would be safe for my children to use but this simply wasn't the case. I still haven't decided what to do about this terrible incident and I would appreciate a reply from you very quickly.


It's a Spam Generator! To add insult to injury, they even have at least 5 ads on the very page of YOUR website that lists complaints about www.tickle.com's spam generating problem and their illegal withdrawals from folks bank accounts. Just thought you'd like to know about that. Go to your own web page and search for complaints about www.tickle.com, and see what pops up on your own page! Too bad I can't insert a screenshot of it here. I've already complained to Google Ads about tickle's spam issue. We'll see if that helps any (while I hold my breath....)

I am receiving lots of spam. They are giving my e-mail address to third parties. I used one of Yahoo's throw-away e-mail address when I took Tickle's IQ Test, as I was a little suspicious. I set up the e-mail account to tag any e-mail I receive as a response to that address in a particular color, so I would know who they got my address from. Now 80% of the spam I get is showing coming from the address I gave Tickle. Luckily, no bank account info was given to them, as I see from your complaints page that others have been financially ripped-off by these guys.


It all started when I wanted to learn a little bit about Red Rock cola. When I entered my search engine request, up popped an IQ test from Tickle.com. Thinking I would get the info I wanted afterwards, I took the test (it turned out Tickle had absolutely nothing to do with my search request, so I don't know how I got that pop-up). In order to get the test results, I had to give Tickle.com my name and email address. I did not authorize Tickle to share my info with anyone else, nor did I agree to receive offers from their 'associates'. Prior to taking that test, I was getting one or two spam emails a month. Afterwards, I was averaging 25 per day. One of the spammers was using my email address as the ** Official Site! I even got rejected spam from a mailer-daemon that thought I was the sender. I emailed Tickle.com, telling them that I wanted the 'associate'-related spam to stop. Since then, my spam level has increased by over 50%.


Tickle.com illegally withdrew funds from my bank account on a monthly basis beginning April 2006 through July of 2006. They withdrew $19.95 per month. Tickle.com claims that I joined some sort of special club or program which has a monthly membership cost of $19.95. I did not purposely join any club or program connected to Tickle.com and I would never join any such program that costs a fee of $19.95. I have since found out that Tickle.com is using a very unethical and fraudulent sales tactic called a,negative option scheme, wherein they are automatically enrolling their customers into a membership program costing $19.95 per month.

Tickle.com failed to send me any kind of monthly statement or invoice showing me the details of their monthly debit transactions or showing me the monthly payment requests that they were submitting to my bank in an effort to obtain payment for their so-called membership fee. I have not been asked for nor have I provided to Tickle.com any sort of legal document containing my authentic legal signature stating that I was giving them permission or that I was authorizing to Tickle.com to use my signature on file should I decide to initiate any purchases from Tickle.com in the future.

My husband and I have been struggling financially for months now as my husband was unable to work for several months due to the terrible rains that occurred in our state this past winter. This money that was illegally withdrawn from my bank account by Tickle.com caused both my husband and myself to suffer great hardship not to mention the fees that were imposed upon my account for insufficient funds because I was unaware that my account balance calculations were not matching that of my bank due to the money that had been fraudulently taken out of my account by Tickle.com.

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I believe the tickle.com web site sold my e-mail address, despite represesnting that my information would be kept confidential. As soon as I cancelled my membership (in or around February 2005), I began getting several e-mails a day from unknown parties trying to sell me stuff. Prior to my moment of weakness when I signed up for a trial membership at tickle.com, I never received any of these spam e-mails. Now, I have them every time I log on.


Since March 2004 I have been trying to cancel my (and my son's) account with Tickle, or Emode as they are sometimes known. At first I did some of their tests and paid with my Amex card. Then I thought it would be fun for my (40yo) son to do a test but he couldn't do it using my email address so I signed him up to a Hotmail account, scribbled the email address on a piece of paper and gave it to him. He did the 'what dog are you' test and that was that. I can't remember whether he went to his hotmail account to look at the results or whether they were on the web page, but what we didn't know was that Hotmail addresses lapse after two weeks if it they are not used and we think this is what happened.

Anyway, the piece of paper was lost and we cannot remember what his Hotmail email address was so we cannot cancel his membership and it is now 10 months and still Tickle is taking $US12.95 from my Amex card. Amex has been refunding the $US12.95 every month and I am tired of this mess. In May I think it was, I outlined the problem to Tickle by phone from Australia, by fax from Australia and by copious angry emails. I had no idea that by doing the tests we were signing up for membership and monthly deductions from my credit card without my permission. When I eventually worked out, after copious emails to Tickle, how to cancel my own membership I thought the problem was solved until my next bill and I realised my son would also have been made a member and that this was why the amounts were still being deducted.

Had we known we were being made members, we would not have done the tests! Because there is no way of tracing my son's Hotmail address, Tickle (who is now owned by Monster Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: MNST), the parent company of the leading global online careers property, Monster(R), says the membership cannot be traced and cancelled from their end so it seems I will be paying for membership and trapped in this situation until the day I die! I have used as many variations of the Hotmail address as I can to sign in and cancel the membership but to no avail. Tickle says they have no way of finding the account other than by using the email address. But I can't see why they can't trace it back from the Amex account number they use to take my money every month.

Every month I have to call Amex and have the deduction reversed and it costs me money, stress and time and I am sure it adds to my credit card fees and charges. I am too stressed to have to tell every little detail but suffice to say my Amex card was at zero and used only for emergencies at the time, so I didn't look at every bill closely. But when I got a letter saying my account was overdrawn I was shocked to find they had charged me a late payment fee and because of the Tickle reversals my interest rate was going up from 15 percent-odd to 18 percent-odd. This was rectified when I called the Amex investigation unit. I suffer from post traumatic stress disorder and have had my ability to trust severely damaged, therefore this only makes me feel very unsafe in the world, trapped in a situation I cannot escape from and it is messing with my mind. I feel as if I am again in an abusive situation with no hope of being released. I cannot ever cancel my AMEX card while deductions are coming from it!


I completed an online IQ test and when completed in order to get the results i had to subscribe for a 7 day trial period at $9.95. I subscribed and left it at that but when I received my credit card account I noticed I was billed again for an amount of $14.95. I reviewed the e-mail receipt and in fine print in light grey colour at the bottom noticed the message if i don't cancel I will be re-billed for subscription.

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