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I found my various profiles and activities being listed here without my consent when I googled my name. I also have an account in Spoke.com (God knows who created it.). I wanted to delete it, and it doesn't have an option to do so. I am being contacted by my colleagues and friends invariably for different issues due to this. And I am afraid this might affect my career path too. Whoever has designed this, let him go to hell.

Wrong information: I am not married, I am not a protestant, and I am not a democrat!

Website has false information posted about me. Numerous requests sent to them to remove it are only returned with a "join our site" automatic email. I will not be blackmailed into joining a site that is slandering my name. Repeated attempts to contact them, or HARRISON T., the owner of Spoke.com have failed.

I found my name on Spoke.com and wanted to get my info off, but read how difficult it was. So, I figured a way to get around it. I have an email account setup for "junk." So when I found my name on Spoke.com, I pressed the "This is me" button and set up my "account." First, go in and set your contact information to "private." I also changed my just my last name too (just made one up) in "Edit Name and Contact Info. "

If you do this, you have to remember to also change it where it says "Display name" too, otherwise your name is still going to come up when you do a search. Now, wait a couple days and your real name will be gone! It worked for me.

I was not a member of this site, yet they developed a derivative profile on my behalf I suspect from Linked In data. How they got that might be interesting? Near as I can tell, they knew I was a manager once, new I worked on software and for a company where I currently hold a consultant position, and assumed I am the Software Manager of that company - a client I've had a great relationship for many years and I am hoping, for their sake, is not tarnished by the fact their profile makes it look like I am claiming I hold the position of my boss. Now it appears the only way I can get this resolved is to join their lame organization and update my profile - there is a racket if I ever heard of one.

How do I know I can trust these reviews about Spoke.com?

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I've repeatedly asked that Spoke remove my name(s) and all personal information from their website and they have ignored my requests. The information they have on their site about me is incorrect and it may cause financial harm to me. I fear that there may be some identity theft going on with this site! I'm afraid to send them an email because then they'll also have my email address. I asked them to remove all names listed in Pennsylvania under Lisa **, Lisa **and Lisa **. If publishing this complaint, please remove any references to my last names. Thanks.

I put my name and personal work related information with another person supposedly by the same name. I never signed up on this site in the first place. Sounds like identity theft to me. I could not reach anyone at the number given, around 22 times, no answer. They show another person by same name at a company at which I have never worked. But they show all my home addresses and work addresses over the years and co-workers’ names. I came across this when someone told me they were looking for me and found this other person. I objected. I tried to get my information off online but the site would not let this happen without my giving them information such as my current work email. Scam and fraud. Help.

Here's how it works. Many of the companies listed on Spoke's website do not exist. Unemployed people must submit applications for employment in order to collect their unemployment checks. They achieve this at Spoke.com. Since those businesses don't exist these people will not receive job offers and, thus, continue to draw their unemployment checks. Spoke also sells software for these people to "aid" them in their unemployment sham endeavors.

Spoke lists countless businesses that do not exist, yet according to the Spoke website these non-existing businesses have many employees and earn countless money annually. Spoke also prey on actual job seekers by scamming them into believing Spoke will actually assist them in finding employment. Thus, these poor unsuspecting job seekers fork out hard earned money to buy "sham" software. Hundreds if not thousands of innocent people have suffered horrible economic and other damages as a result of the fraud and deception perpetrated by Spoke.com (i.e. Frank V. and cohorts).

I looked up my name on spoke.com and found 10 listings. The information on these is incorrect. My age was listed as being in my late 70s (I'm 41 at the time of this writing) and I'm listed as having lived in states I've never been to such as Hawaii and Arizona. I'm worried that this could interfere with my job search and don't want potential employers to think I'm being dishonest. I would like to see the information corrected or preferably, deleted altogether.

I've never given permission to spoke.com to use my information and wasn't able to find a way to correct it. I checked their help menu and followed the instructions, but was directed to a page to join spoke. I do not want to join and don't think that they should be listing my information, correct or incorrect, without my consent. I'm not sure what to do other than file a complaint.

I did a google search on my name and found myself listed on Spoke.com as the president of a company that I have never worked for, with a false job history. This false information could keep me from getting a job, and Spoke.com gives no phone number to contact them. I'm reading that online requests to remove false information don't even get a response from Spoke.

They post false info and won't fix it. Of the 9 people listed as "co-workers" at my company, only 1 was real; the rest I've never heard of. Worse, D&B took Spoke info and sent it to their subscribers, further spreading the fraud. I filed a support request (no response) and called Spoke (you can't leave a message; you have to know your party's extension, but there is no directory). This is a total scam.

While doing one of monthly google searches for my name, I found a new listing on Spoke.com that showed up in the top ten results. The info is almost 4 years out of date, and creating an account to sign in to "claim my profile" turned out to be a complete waste of time, as they require you to have an email address at the (invalid) domain, which I haven't controlled for 4 years now. I filled out a support request and hit the submit button, but all that happened was the button turned from green to gray and nothing else. What a *** business and web site.

My business was listed without my permission on Spokes and the info was false. I do not want to be listed on this site. I do not know or employ this person who calls him or herself Robby **. It makes me look like a scammer and cheat. The harm so far is to my business reputation.

I own an LLC by the name of Slade Computer Consulting of which I am the sole employee at this time. When I Googled my company name, I found a person by the name of Brett **, using a former address of mine and claiming to be the general manager of Slade Computer Consulting among other things and claiming that the company had around 200 employees. This is total garbage and it has been on the Spoke site for several months so far. My attempts to get this information removed from Spoke have not elicited any response from Spoke. I have also tried to email this Brett ** through Spoke's email with no success. I have no idea what Brett ** is doing with my company name or where he obtained my former address. But clearly, Spoke has never verified the information they are spewing out on the internet.

Spoke.com never asked for my permission, but has my private contact information listed online and openly available (any Google search for my name turns up this information). I tried using their support form and phoning them to get my information removed, but they never responded. Loss of privacy online is a serious issue. Now people can see where I live!

Information about me is wrong. I never gave them permission to use my name and information as Coo and wrong company history. It’s hurting my employment opportunities; price tag, $130K.

Spoke.com has listed my name and personal information on their website without my consent. The information contained on the website is inaccurate and a violation of my privacy. I have sent numerous requests to remove it, but no response from this company.

I googled myself and the first thing that come up were two separate and erroneous profiles in Spoke.com. I never authorized these profiles. They are wrong and I cannot correct them or remove them myself. I cannot get any response whatsoever from their customer service department nor from their phone number. The phone is just a recording. There is no way to talk to anyone. They have an online opt out option that does not work at all after 20 attempts. In addition, the Spoke profile allows a user to link to US Search, a database that provides a lot of private information (including your age, address and phone number) to anyone who requests it. This is really frightening. I am filing a complaint with the California AG. Don't use this service. Stop Spoke!

This social networking site created a profile on me that identifies me as an employee for a defense contractor. As per the instructions on their website, I submitted multiple support requests asking them to remove it, to no avail. They do not provide a phone number for customers to call with issues. I tried the "This is me" link to create an account so I could remove it myself. The email and password I created do not work (despite an email from them stating it does).

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