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Bought a Sew Cool from ToysRUs for my kid's birthday. It was defective out of the box. They sent me a replacement (Zuppy) which was also broken out of the box. After they promised to send me two replacements they forgot about me for a month. (No replacement.) After contacting them they sent me the two Zoomers (both broken upon arrival). They have denied me any help even though I've offered to send them the toys. Garbage support garbage company.

I bought a Vuly Classic trampoline not even 2 years ago. The netting is ripped. I have been told I have to buy it from Australia. The shipping is almost about as much as the net. Vuly got bought out by Spinmaster. They didn't even know they sold it in Canada. They did nothing to assist me.

I bought this helicopter, and it does not fly correctly. I went on the website, and watched the video, and visited other websites and watched videos of how to fly them. No matter what I did it will not hover, and it flies backwards. I emailed them because you cannot call them, and they said it cannot fly in reverse. They told me to go to the website which I did and watched their video. I have been working with this for over 2 weeks now, and it is not any better. I told them it was defective, and wanted to return it, and they said I can't return it. That is not their policy. They kept talking about a tail rotor, and this does not have a working tail rotor. TrendTimes.com called me, and tried to tell me how to fly it, and it still does not work right. The controller might be defective, but I will never know. The only thing I do know is I am out $216.80.

Very poor website function. Unable to verify purchase occurred once I pressed submit, was charged twice, no invoice. I called customer agent and he could not remedy the double charges because he didn't have access to billing. Their server was down for days to follow up. No emails or contact if shipped, on hold for over an hour before answered. Agent told me I called the wrong number (the number for help on their website). Was told to call the right number.

Santa purchased an Air Hogs Vectron Wave for my 10 year old son for Christmas. Was defective out of the box, contacted the morons at Spinmaster Customer Care, and was told to send in proof of purchase, a photograph of the now cut up toy, as this is what they tell you to do. So I did this, fast forward a month, still hadn't received anything from them, was told originally that it takes 10-15 days.

So I contacted them again and got the usual BS, "we're so sorry, we're adding a goodwill gesture gift for your troubles." Cool, I thought. Waited another couple of weeks, contacted them again only to be told that the warehouse was doing inventory, and they would be shipping anything out for at least another month. At this point I asked to speak with a manager. What waste of time.

Here is what he said in an email to me, "I appreciate your call today, even under trying circumstances. I agree with you completely that your experience has been terrible on every point you mentioned. It is not the level of service we expect from ourselves and not typical of our commitment to our customers. As we discussed, I will contact our warehouse to determine when we will have the challenges resolved and be able to ship they replacement toys we have promised and make sure they are shipped on an expedited timeline. My direct contact information is below. Do not hesitate to call with any additional questions or concerns you may have."

Funny thing is that, now he has not responded to my emails or telephone calls since I received this last email. I give up, they can keep their crappy overpriced toys, and I hope they choke on them... literally!! AVOID SPINMASTER TOYS AT ALL COSTS.

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We purchased the paw patrol playset for an excited 3 yr old boy. I did not the price as it seemed typical for other playsets. However it was very cheaply made. The pole was bent from the beginning and will not work properly. The elevator also is very fragile and will only go up and down if an adult uses two hands. The entire playset often tips over and cannot take even a little bit of playing with it. Also I could read that only one figure came with the toy but my son saw the pic with all characters and was devastated to know he only got chase. The cost to add all the remaining pups puts this playset into an outrageous price. I am very sorry to have purchased such a poor quality toy and would love to return it until improvements could be made. Do I have any chance of getting my money back?

So, we purchased a Dance-and-Fly Fairy for Christmas because our 6 yr old saw the commercials and "Really, really, had to have one." Since it is only sold at Toys-R-Us, this meant we had to travel 35+miles to obtain this toy. We decided to purchase most of the presents at the same place due to the time and costs involved. So the morning arrives, she opens the present, and just falls in love with it and Santa. I show her how to make it work, she pulls the string and, on its maiden flight, one of the wings flies off.

So via email I contact Spin Master, 12/29 and they respond, 12/29 by saying "Thanks for reaching out to us, we will definitely help out." Since that email, I have received no other communications from them. It's not that the toy was really expensive but a one-time use toy. I also told them how far it would be to return the toy, thinking that they would just send another one and be done with it. Now to add insult, in the email they sent me on 12/29, they wanted me to vote for their toys in some (TTPM) award. It takes real audacity to ask someone to help them get an award when they have done nothing to rectify the reason for the email in the first place!

My daughter received moon dough/barn as a gift for her 4th birthday last week. It would be a great product however, the animals crumble, thus frustrating the child. The barn does not adhere (connect to) the platform, properly. My daughter got her finger caught in the molding shuttle as she tried to hang on to the barn, while cranking the crank! The dough gets stuck in the shaft! Thus wasting the product as it crumbles everywhere! The animals come out mis-figured, "the horse does not have eyes!"...and further more, the hay bale and the fence molds are hard enough for an adult to loosen.Let alone a new 4 year old. She could not do it, thus more needless frustration...to the point, she threw the molds!

10 year old son bought a toy at Wal-Mart. Package indicated the toy was for children ages 9+. Didn't look at it until we got home. Whose does anymore these days. The graphic on the toy was a crow smoking a cigarette. This should not be on children's toys. The toy was made by Tech Deck. apparently they think kids 9+ should be smoking. That's how I take it anyway.

While trying to teach our children that smoking is an unhealthy habit they do not need to pick up. We are forced to yet try to explain to them it is not good for them. However they are able to purchase toys that seem to advertise it. I feel that this graphic should not be on toys for children as it seems to be promoting smoking to underage children. I want it removed from the stores.

This company made a toy name PIXOX they are little round circles that they can make shapes and be magically glued together. This box states thay a 4 year up can use this toy with no harm to them. It does not advise for parents to supervise them while playing. My daughter Jazmin has 5 years, she was playing with the toy, and put one of does little balls in her ear. At 4, 5, 6, even 7 year old kids they still don't see the harm of a toy, and they wonder a lot. This toy should be for bigger kids, if not at least it should advice parents to supervise them. The parts of this toy are small and have a taste of glue!

Because of she putting the small ball in her ear, that same night we had to go to the IR and after waiting for a while and she being hungry, she was seen. The nurse was not able to take it out. She try with different tools, hard pointy tools and she was not able to.

At this time Jazmin was in paint, she was very afraid, they sent her home and she received drops for her ear pain. But, I could not put the drops in because does little balls stick with liquid. I try some in my hand and wiht a little pressure it stiks to the skin. So, she was in pain all night. The following day, she was seen by an urologist speciallist 2 different doctors try, the first one she was afraid but she hold on for a little. He was not able to take it out. The second doctor try for 2 to 3 hours and different nurses and he was not able to take it out. At this point Jamin was extremmely afraid and in pain. She was tide-up with about 6 people holding her including me and her dad and she was screaming terrified for 2 hours. They were not able to take it out.

She finally fall a sleep tired, hungry and terrified. She was schedulle for the operating room the following day. Another nigh of pain, no drops because it will stick on the ear tube! The following day she arrived crying not wanting to go in and see the doctor. She had to take a tranquilizer for the doctor to take her in calmly. It was very painful to see her like that.

Finaly, they took her out of the operating room and I was told by the doctor that the ball had actualy change its size inside the ear drum. It got biger, scratching her ear tube and making it sour. She bleed of course, we had to wait for her to fully awake before we take her home. She mist 2 days of school because of this.

Since this situation, she is afraid to go and see the doctor. For her just to say we need to go to the doctor she gives me a frighting look and she will not let them touch her. She recently had to see the doctor, the nurse just to see her throut. Before she was confortable in letting them see, now she will scream in terror thinking they are going to hurt her!.. So, it was extremely terrified for a 5 year old girl. It was an experience that she will never for get including the amount of strees we received as well. Sometimes she tells me her ear hurst. Thanks God so far, does not seem a permanent damage and I hope later on will not occur. At this point I don't know how to help my little girl overcome this traumatic experience.

It will be good for other parents to know the danger of this toy, specially that is not for little kids as is advertised. I have sen a complain to the company. I have not receive a respond back yet.

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