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Overall this has BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. I ordered a pair of shoes and paid extra for faster shipping. What they don't tell you (or it's in itsy-bitsy print) is that it takes 3-5 days just to PROCESS the order. (Hello? It's 2016. Do you not have computers?) Then it's another 3-5 days for shipping, but shipping can't be processed or happen on weekends. Um?? Really? So I asked to cancel the order. The person on the phone said he didn't know if he could cancel my order. What? Didn't know if he can cancel my order?? So he said, "I'd get an email if I could cancel, and if I can't cancel, I have to send them back."

The web says there is no shipping to return BUT, hidden under the "Help" it lists you have to pay a RESTOCKING FEE!! I'd never, ever, ever order again. Order from Zappos or Amazon instead, where you're keep up-to-the-minute on our order from the moment you hit "Enter." Ordering from Shoebuy is like going back in time. I bet they still allow orders by fax machine!!! Read the other reviews here if you don't believe me.

Consumer beware!!!! I ordered Dr Martens boots size 8. I called Shoebuy only to have the rudest customer care specialist ever. He didn't give his name but this is the conversation. I stated that I needed to return the boots I ordered size 8 and they had mistakenly sent size 10. He said "NO you are the one that made the mistake. All Dr Martens come in *UK* sizes. It's on the website. You should have read it. We sent you what you ordered." As I was getting ready to say I need to return them, he had already hung up the phone. I called back and got a different customer service specialist, she emailed me a return label. Hopefully all goes well. I will keep you updated but again buyer beware. You only get one time to make the 1st impression!!

Well paid the money but the shoe never arrive. They said the UPS drop off the front door. I don't see it. Been with the for over 3 week and no shoe. They got my 55.00 and I got nothing. How is that fair. The customer service don't send you email to let you know what going on. This is poor service. I want my money back and buy the shoe somewhere else. The second pair got there but not the first one. I am on my feet 12 hour a days. Do need shoes. Was going to buy more but now I don't know.

1st off let me say, if I can give less then 1 star for this site I would. This site does not even deserve 1 star. Their service is the most horrible and unprofessional I've ever dealt with. I ordered a pair of sneakers at a good price believing there will not be a problem (Too good to be true). The 1st time I ordered a size 7.5 and when it arrived I realized I needed a size bigger so I called customer service to exchange for size 8. When the order was completed the sales rep went over the whole order with me including the size, sent me the return slip for the size 7.5 and charged my credit card a 2nd time.

The next day I saw that the order was shipped, I reviewed the order and they sent me a size 5 instead of 8. I called again and asked if they can send me the right size while the 1st return was already in process, dropped off and scanned for pick up at UPS drop-off site. She said NO and stated my card will be charged a 3rd time if I want the right item shipped. I told her just send me the packing slip for this wrong item and I will never deal with this site again. Oh and also, the site will not let you complete an order online so that you yourself can make sure the order is right. The only way to order is to speak to a rep.

I make shoes, so I know how to size a shoe or two. Shoebuy does not. I called this co. before I ordered a pair of boots to see if they were in mens or womens size and was told they were a womens size! The next day I called and ordered the boots, and they sent me... wait for it... mens size 10 when advertised as a womens!!! WTF!!! I will NEVER recommend this co. to anyone, EVER!! The manufacture size states these are a mens size product, but Shoebuy didn't get the memo. Do yourself a favor and click the hell off Shoebuy as fast as your finger can hit the ** mouse!!! There are PLENTY of other sites out there to do your shopping. RUN as fast as you can from!!! Very bad business.

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The only reason that I bought 3 pairs of shoes from is because it is pasted all over their website that shipping is free, easy return. Well they charge a $6.95 restocking fee for each pair of shoes you return. Their sizes are not accurate. I asked them to waive the fee and they said no. Well they hide the restocking fee under HELP! I will never ever purchase shoes from this company again.

I requested return labels several times. The company failed to send them each time and when I emailed customer service they advised it was past the date allowed for returns and exchanges (even though my first and second requests were not). They suggested I ship the items back at my own cost and they would consider issuing a refund minus restocking fees. Don't buy from this company unless you're certain you won't have to return or exchange. If not for their poor customer service, they'd be a good choice for all my shoe purchases. I think I'll just donate the shoes.

Bad Customer Servicing: I spend from $120 - $170 on shoes. I spent $130 on a pair of the OrthoFeet Shoes in Oct. 2015. The sole on my left shoe is now flapping off after only 11 months. So after mailing the shoes back to the company I asked them if the could re-sole the left shoe. They sent back my shoes in 4 days saying: "We are unable to accept the merchandise back for credit ..." They obviously couldn't read my letter and I have Payless shoes which are years older than 11 months. Bad Customer Servicing Shoebuy.

Have always had a great interaction with Shoebuy. This is the only place I ever get shoes from. I just placed an order for two new pairs of running shoes. I accidentally forgot to apply their 20% code. So, I called customer service right away and the guy said the code didn't apply to the shoes I had ordered, but gave me 15% off anyway. The only thing everyone on here seems to complain about is returns for $7, which to me, online is pretty standard. Their website doesn't say "free RETURNS", it says "free EXCHANGES". Love Shoebuy.

PLEASE do not waste your time or money shopping from this company. I ordered dansko shoes on september 9, 2016 and paid the $20 extra for next day shipping. I never received an email stating my order had went out. I called and a lady was nice and told me that although you pay for next day shipping. It may take 1 to 5 day for the order to even process. I asked, "If that was the case could I cancel my order, being that I needed these shoes by next Monday on the 19th for my nursing program." She told me that she couldn't cancel the order. She said that she could look and see where the shoes was coming from, supposedly they were coming from Pennsylvania. Others had ordered around the same time that I ordered and their orders had been shipped already, so she assured me I would get the shoes in plenty of time.

Monday the 12th I call because I still hadn't received a email. Talked to another person, she gave me a run around and did the same thing. Told me that my order would definitely arrive in time and that I should get a email soon. She also looked and said yes I show them going out tomorrow making it Wednesday September 14, 2016.

So as of today at noon I still had NOT received an email. I called, another female gave me the same ole story just a different ship out time. She said they went out today September 15, 2016. They should arrive Tuesday September 20th. REALLY!!! I may not be the smartest person by all means, but if the shoes left today then shouldn't I receive them Friday possibly no later than Saturday. She said weekends don't apply. So obviously FEDEX in their state doesn't work on Saturday. Where I live FedEx and UPS both delivers on Saturdays. The $20 to them does not apply to next day shipping like we see it.

So I asked to speak to her boss. Geez!!! Another female comes on the phone and says a bunch of BS just like the others. Lies after lies, needless to say, she said they were going to refund me the $20, that isn't the issue here people. Your website is misleading and when a person pays extra for next day shipping. There is a reason why they want to pay $20 so they can get them the next freaking day.

I will NEVER EVER EVER order anything from this company. I read the reviews and gave them the benefit of the doubt. I am here to tell anyone shopping from this company is setting yourselves up for disappointment. Do not do it!!! I could have drove down the road, threw my $119.00 right out the window and been in the same boat. $99 for the shoes and $20 more so they would arrive next day.

I told the lady I would be sending the shoes back because I would be buying some different shoes this weekend before Monday. Causing me to be out more money. Oh if you send them back you have a shipping fee and restock fee. However, being that they are sooo nice they will override the shipping fee so I can send them back free of charge. Still be charged a restock fee??? I am not happy. I should have known by the reviews, it is 50% my fault and 50% I just don't want anyone else to be mislead by this company. You are better off avoiding this company if at all possible. Spend your well earned money where customer satisfaction matters. It means nothing to these people. I honestly don't know how they stay in business.

While the "Free Shipping\Free Returns, No Worries" are plastered all over every page of their site, what they really mean is, "Unless you read the fine details, in which case, if we don't have the shoes that you ordered in your size, we'll charge you $7 if you return them to us". Significantly different from what their ads suggest. And don't bother calling to ask them to honor their ads. Yet another agency that'll do anything to get your order except for honoring their ads.

I ordered a pair of Red Wing Beckmans from this website during a sale along with an extra code for an extra 20% off. When I received my boots, I noticed there was a defect in the stitching on the vamp of the boot. I decided to call and ask for an exchange. They said they were out of my size in the color I had ordered but said there was a lighter color available, so I said that that was fine. I just wanted something without defects. The customer service rep then told me that the new price was around $80 more expensive than it was when I first bought it and I would have to pay that difference. The website explicitly states that you pay the same price on exchanges. Absolutely disgusting business practice. They sell you defective products cheap then make you pay extra to get something without defects. Definition of bait and switch, should be illegal. Do not buy from this site.

I bought shoes from in the past a few times and returns and exchanges were all free. Decided to buy shoes from them recently and when I called about returning them, I'm just now informed of a $7.00 restocking fee! I've returned shoes in the past and ordered these on the phone but there was no mention by the rep that took my order or anywhere I saw on the site that mentions a restocking fee. This is a change only in effect a year but they hide the fact of this change from the customer. Bait and switch. Their sizing is also defective: 9.5 too small, 10 too big... I will tell everyone I know DO NOT BUY ANYTHING from SHOEBUY.COM!

This company is absolutely terrible. They never sent a Christmas gift and didn't let me know until too late. Now I just had an AWFUL customer service issue in regards to their $7 restocking fee!! The "supervisor" is snide and rude and how they get away with this service is beyond me. Don't waste your time. Use Zappos or any other reputable company.

Make sure when you try to order an item and have it shipped next day air (which is a charge of $20) that you check with them before ordering. As they say, some items can be shipped next day air and some CAN NOT. They do not tell you that on the website as you are ordering your item. I also called after placing order and was told it would be shipped out that day. THAT WAS A LIE. Called back next business day and next customer service rep said no, the shoes I ordered can not be expedited. These were $149.00 shoes. So after the website makes you believe that it can and a call to customer service told me it would be. It is a lie. So please be aware.

They did refund my $20 after I complained, but the whole reason I ordered from them was to get it shipped next day air like they advertise. Even talked to a supervisor. Was told he would check into and personally e-mail me, but again I was lied to. He did not and I had to call in to find out the status of my order. So in all I will receive my shoes a week after I ordered them. I believe for my time and inconvenience they should have offered more than a refund of my expedited shipping cost. As it was free shipping to begin with. I just needed them expedited as my husband was leaving and going out of town. WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM AGAIN!!!

I just want to share the horrible experience I have had with, so other people don't make the same mistake I did. They sent shoes that I ordered to my old address (despite the fact that my current address is in my account and it was correct when I placed the order). They have refused to help me at all. They insist that it was my error. When I make a mistake, I will admit it, and take steps to fix it, and this time, I did not make a mistake. did. And they will not fix it. I will never buy from them again and I am warning all of my friends here not to buy from them either. It's been a horrible experience.

I purchased shoes through from the seller Not only did the delivery process take two weeks, the item never arrived and was returned to When I questioned the delivery of my order they told me it was returned to their warehouse and would refund my purchase less a $7 restocking fee. Are you serious? Charging me a restocking fee for a purchase I never received? The shipping address was correct as I received the other items I ordered from to the same address just fine. I have never been so disappointed with a company. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

Bought a couple pair of shoes in my usual size. They didn't fit. When I went to print the return labels, discovered the $ 6.95 "restocking fee" for each pair. Dug down deep in the fine print (not easy to find) for this disclosure. It is very deceptive as their banner blazes "free ship & free exchanges". I called to complain because they didn't even have a different size I could exchange for. Customer service tried to get me to purchase something else. After keeping me on hold a long time while they checked with a supervisor, was told they would just charge 1 restocking fee and sent shipping labels. Of course when I got my return statement I see they did not do this. More deception I think just to get customer off the phone. I will never use this company again/despise Shoebuy. Oh well, consider it a cheap lesson. I hope this review helps someone else avoid a rip off experience.

I was a little apprehensive buying from after reading all the negative reviews over here. However, I was still attracted to the huge discount I would get if I use the $30 off coupon code on my $89 pair of Keen. That's a whopping 33% discount and I couldn't find anything cheaper than that. Besides, most of the negative reviews were about the restocking fees which wouldn't affect me since I already know my correct size. Foot Locker has restocking fees too, I already learned my lesson from them. Anyway, I wanted to buy three pairs of Keens but since it was my first time buying from Shoebuy, I decided to buy one pair first and see if they were selling authentic shoes. I read somewhere in here that Shoebuy sometimes screws up orders and give the wrong color etc, hence my apprehension.

I ordered my Keen on Aug 1 morning, received a confirmation almost immediately, received shipping details on Aug 2, and received the package on Aug 3. I am nothing but impressed with how fast they shipped (I have to point out that I live just 5 hours away from where the shoes were mailed out from). Also, the shoes were authentic. I already ordered my second pair and it's due to arrive tomorrow. I will order my third pair at a later time because I just learned that we can get an additional $10 voucher if we buy $100 worth of items. I am still waiting for that voucher. All in all, only buy from Shoebuy if you know exactly what model and size you need. Another advice, search online for 3rd party coupon codes. I found a 25% coupon code and thought it was the best deal, but after several pages of google search I found a shady website with a $30 off coupon and surprisingly it worked. Happy shopping!!

Terrible customer service. HORRIBLE COMPANY! I ordered my daughter a backpack 10 days ago and they say it will process within 1-5 business days. At the 7th business day I called in and they said they would look into it and get back to me. It is now the 9th business day and they have never gotten back to me. I am really sick of calling in and getting the least knowledgeable people on the phone. They have no idea what they are talking about or how to handle your issues. Now they say they can't answer my questions and will have to find a supervisor to help. Here is the kicker. They don't offer refunds even if the order doesn't ship. Order cancellations can only be made within 30 minutes of your order being made. WHAT A SCAM! DON'T BUY FROM SHOEBUY!

No. No. No. Don't be lured in by initial low prices. Do not buy from this company. I bought a pair of running shoes, and they didn't fit right. Called the company and heard about the $6.95 restocking fee for a return, which I later found in the small print. If I exchanged them for another item, there would be no restocking fee. So I ordered a pair of running shoes for my husband. I later got an email from Shoebuy, saying they had received my return and were crediting my account, less the restocking fee. "We were unable to process the exchange you requested for Shoebuy order #** because you have requested an item that is out of stock." Out of stock? The replacement shoe was still showing as for sale on the website. I talked with a customer service rep and then with a supervisor. They would not budge. So I simply called the credit card company, they looked into it and upheld my complaint. Just don't ever buy from them.

I have read several negative reviews of this company; I want to add a STELLAR review. I have never had an issue; right shoes, right sizes all the time. Yes, they now have a restocking fee, I am sure because people took advantage - buy a shoe for an event, wear them, and return them as 'not fitting', 'not quite right' - but hey, lots of places have a restocking fee.

The shoes are top brand and very affordable... I have messed up with some of the sizes - because I didn't read first - not their fault. I own over 25 pairs of shoes (boots, athletic, dress, casual) from Shoebuy and it is doubtful that I will buy another pair elsewhere!! It is too bad that some customers have had bad experiences, but not all of us have!

Placed a purchase at ShoeBuy with after reading their return policy, which stated they would pay for shipping -- did not realize they had a $7 restocking fee per item. My $140 return was nearly slashed in half to $76. Will never buy from them again and will advise others against shopping with them in the future.

First of all, I had not used this website for a while, and then I realized they charge $7.00 if you make a return. If you make a exchange, the return is free. Second, I made a return and they emailed me a return label [you can't print it from the website]. When I clicked on it, I got an error message. It took three calls and seven emails back and forth to finally get the right return label. I had nice experiences in the past with Shoebuy, but their return policy and their customer service have decreased its quality.

It's the first time I've shopped on Shoebuy and it is literally a terrible experience. One of my shoes were shipped out and then shipped back to their warehouse (excuse me???). I called them about it and they asked me if I wanted to replace an order. I told them that I would order again if they could ship it faster because I need it for my mother's birthday. The agent "guaranteed" me that they would use UPS 3-day shipping.

When I called after receiving the shipping confirmation (just a number. No tracking information at that point), they said that the order was shipped out before the 3 day shipping could be approved (really.). I confronted them about the "guarantee" they made, and 10 minutes later, they said "sorry, my bad. It was indeed shipped out using 3-day select." 2 hours later, I found out from the UPS tracking that it was still regular ground. I called again, and this time, they changed the story to "my supervisor sent out an email to UPS to upgrade the shipping. Once UPS got the email, your package would be upgraded." I didn't expect any change to happen at this point. They were complete liars! I have never had an experience like this before.

After the moment I prematurely placed my order I retracted it at the Norton Shipping address and also sent an email to Shoebuy headed Stop my order. And seeking verification of the sliding scale for their shoe sizing. At the time I also wanted to place a second order for some runners and wanted them on the same order in the hope of saving on postage. My sizing is 8-8.5 so and ordered a 9. The shoes arrived in a matter of days. They are too small and they have heel slippage. Which could be a trend of the shoe because there are 2 types of extra inserts provided. They instruct to insert if shoe is too big or has heel slippage. The price of the shoes and postage once converted, at their and/or Pay Pals determined currency rate, have amounted to $217 ASD. They were advertised at $119 USD.

If I could have bought them nationally I would have. I spent days researching these shoes because my feet pronate and I am planning on doing plenty of walking as I'm going overseas. Now I am facing spending another approx $33.00 AUD to return them, approx $9.00 AUD handling fees and will have the original postage 0f $54 deducted from the refund. OF course I also runs the risk that they could claim they were not received within the limited exchange/return time frame. This has been a very costly exercise resulting in needing to outlay $258 to get a refund of $158.15. And the time writing emails to their service and customer email addresses.

I have been thinking of trying to borrow someone's phone that has international roaming so I could call them, but from what I have been reading they are difficult to contact by phone also. I wonder if Shoebuy do not employ enough human staff and instead rely on robots to perform workplace tasks. Has anyone any suggestions?

They sent me the right box with the wrong pair of shoes. Called to let them know. Took half an hour to place a report. Returned shoes with note. Still charged restocking fee for their mistake. Took 45 minutes and three people on the phone to get a promise of a "one time credit." Totally rude and incompetent service. Will never order from them again.

UNBELIEVABLE!!! You don't wanna know what happened to me! I bought a pair of Nike shoes. After 5 days they arrived a different pair of shoes and even with different colour. I ordered Nike 5.0 black and white and arrived to me another pair of shoes of different brand who I don't know and pink and grey colour. Pink and grey colour! And again pink and grey colour! I am a man!!! So ok no problem. I send an email and I ask to give them back. After 4 days nobody answer me then finally some did. The answers were different. Every email had a beautiful story for fantasy movie, I should forward the message to Steven Spielberg. One of this was... It doesn't make sense. "You send the shoes back you will spend lots of money and time." What? I have to spend what??? You gave me the wrong shoes with the wrong colour and I have to what?

There are lots different story who the customer service told me believe me but I just wanted to tell you the funniest one. The customer service TI*A arrived to tell me: "YOU CAN SELL IT TO SOMEONE ELSE AND WITH THE MONEY BUY ORDER ANOTHER PAIR OF SHOES." WHAT?!? I HAVE TO SPEND TIME AND TRY to get the money back selling the wrong shoes you sent me to get a new pair??? You sent me to get a new pair?? That's crazy. OMG I want to kill you. Of course I can't phone to anyone so... I need to keep this bloody Lelly Kelly shoes. Guys do not buy anything from this **. Believe me.

We're told 60-day returns. I never even accepted the order because they were charging £20. I let Shoebuy know that I returned it. The message I got was they could not accept and UK would destroy if not claimed so I had no choice but to call UPS to return it only to be told I would now need to pay £28. This is the worst place I've ever ordered. Never again. Trust me. Do not order or you will regret.

I returned shoes that were too small and they will not allow me to receive another shoe but instead they are sending the same shoe back because the box was damaged. I will never make another purchase from this company. After calling twice this issue was still not rectified, I was not allowed to be transferred to any higher-ups within the company. This is poor customer service.

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Shoebuy was established in 2000 and became a subsidiary of IAC in 2006. The online retailer focuses on men’s, women’s and children’s shoes but also sells clothing and accessories for the whole family. It offers a wide variety of styles, brands and sizes.

  • Low-price guarantee: Shoebuy guarantees that consumers can find the lowest price on their website. If, after making a purchase, a customer finds the same shoe at a different retailer for a lower price, ShoeBuy will refund the price difference. Consumers should review the full terms and conditions on the company’s website.
  • Size options: Shoebuy prides itself on offering extended sizes in as many shoes as possible. Consumers can search the company’s website for women’s sizes between 4 and 13. The site also sells wide and narrow widths and wide-calf boots.
  • Shipping: Shipping is free on all orders shipped to the United States. No minimum amount is required to qualify for free shipping.
  • Returns: If an item doesn’t look or fit as expected, customers in the United States can exchange it for free. Returns for store credit are also free, but money-back returns will incur a restocking fee. Those outside the United States must pay for return shipping.
  • Best for Shoebuy carries adults’ and children’s shoes and is best for those looking for a wide variety of shoes in all sizes, including hard-to-find fits.

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