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I registered with Safepay Solutions as a business owner. After registration and email confirmation, I cannot access my account. I tried emailing them about it but no one there answers emails. I wanted to delete my account but since I can't log in I can't delete the account.

I've waited for two years for Safepay Solutions to make two transfers, which total $1,600. Three months ago, I have erased my history. Safepay Solutions is a complete scam. How is it possible that the American government allow continued operation of Safepay Solutions? What happens with the U.S.? Safepay Solutions stole over $1,600 dollars.

I've been trying to withdraw money since 03/19/10, and another on 04/16/10. Both these checks are supposed to come to me and I haven't received a thing. By the way it looks, when you send money to yourself you're sending it right to SafePay Solutions. I've sent emails to them and never hear from them, just a confirmation that they have received the email.

I've tried to contact them by trying to get their phone number so I could talk to them, but they're not listed. If you could help in anyway I would greatly appreciate it. I guess I should have googled them before I started to use them. Their support system is ***. Now I've got a total of $600 that they have and they're not responding to my emails to at least send me the $500 I requested.

I am being charged a fee of $12.94 to my Compass Bank account. I tried a search for Safepay Solutions Inc. Reno Nevada, but when I click on the link provided by Bing search, I get error, "The navigation to the webpage has been cancelled." I need to stop this charge to my account. They do not provide a phone number and charge says, "This check has been electronically authorized by voice or electronic verification by your depositor."

This a recurring charge and no verification is made for recurring charges. I need to stop this charge. I am being charged the $12.94 plus an additional overdraft charge of $38 for each charge and I cannot close the account until balance is paid in full, but even then, if another charge is made, the bank BBVA Compass opened my account and charges the fee plus the extra $38 overdraft fee. An endless trap. Please help.

I am created a merchant account with Safepay Solutions, I have a balance about $190, I requested a withdrawal from my account of about $200 and it is still pending from 29-09-2009. I am submitted a tickets too from sinse 09/29/09 09:25:49AM but still not answer till now. not response no support, no withdrawal, just company to scam and stealing merchant's money. THE CORRECT COMPANY NAME IS STEAL PAY SOLUTION

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SafePay Solutions will not let me access my financial account with them. Their system keeps saying my IP address has changed and that I have to enter a PIN number that they email to me. I get the PIN from the email and enter it, and the system keeps repeating the same process over and over. There is no way to contact them AT ALL. They do not list a telephone number, although I found one that connects to their company at 469-424-0894. Unfortunately, it is a recorded message that simply keeps telling you to log into your account to submit a support ticket. HOW CAN YOU LOG INTO YOUR ACCOUNT WHEN THEIR SYSTEM WON'T LET YOU LOG IN???
This has to be the biggest SCAM company on the internet, and I am wondering how they are remaining in business.
Their domain name is hosted at GoDaddy, and even GoDaddy will not HELP in resolving this issue, claiming that they have no way of contacting SafePay Solutions. WHAT A CROCK.
Don't you believe that if SafePay Solutions owed GoDaddy money for their hosting account that GoDaddy would know how to contact them?

GoDaddy and SafePay Solutions should BOTH be BOYCOTTED due to extremely UNPROFESSIONAL conduct and lack of business ethics.

On August 6th, 2009 I requested a withdrawl of funds held in my online account with SafePay Solutions. They claim a check will take 8-12 days. Well, as of today, Sept 10, 2009 I have not received my money. I sent them 2 emails requesting why my withdrawl still shows pending. It's only $50.83 but that's my money. Somebody has got to light a fire under these people. I am feeling as though I have been ripped-off. Their support doesn't exist as far as I am concerned, they do not respond to anyone.

Safe Pay Solutions charges an e-check against my personal checking account monthly in the amount of $13.70. I signed up for their service more than two years ago, without really understanding what they do. I have never utilized their services, but in spite of the fact that I have requested a cancellation to my account and a stoppage of the monthly fee, they continue to ignore my request. Their online site (They are basically an online business.) does not provide any phone number, so I can speak to someone regarding this. I have paid this $13.70 every month for more than two years. For most of that time, I didn't even know to whom I was making this payment and the amount is so small that I just stopped trying to discover the proper path to resolving these payments, which frequently overdraw my account and cost me account fees.

On three separate occasions, I have contacted Safe Pay through their "only" system of contact available to me. I am not able to access the original account, because the password does not work and the email they have on file with that account is no longer valid or available to me. If I request a new password, the email is sent to whatever that old address was (and I don't know which of many it could be). So, I have gotten nowhere.

Finally, since I could not access the account for which I am paying, I opened another account, so I could communicate with them. I have sent several communications to them asking that the account for which I pay the $13.70 monthly be cancelled and the payments stopped. I even have that account number. I noted everything in a small file as to the sign in, password, and original account number in a small txt file I have. So, that much information I have, but I neglected to note what email address I used for that account. So, I cannot get a new password no matter how I try.

I have contacted them through the "new" account, which I created for the sole purpose to get this resolved (to open a line of communication to that end). But they continue to ignore my requests. I have sent them the account number for which they are charging me and have asked repeatedly for them to respond to the email I give them in my request communication. I began this last set of "trying" on the 14th of August. I told them if they cannot identify me in their system for them to email me a "regular" email type address to which I can attach a copy of one of the e-checks they draw against my account so they can further identify this issue, I even included the account number (their number given to me). But continually, though I have supplied all these information to them, they ignore me and once again as of the 21st of this month, another $13.70 charge has been made to my personal checking account.

This is clearly a fraudulent activity in my eyes. I have clearly stated my situation to them and asked for resolution. But I have been completely ignored. I have never had any activity in that account. So from sheer non-use, you would think that they would cancel the account. But obviously, they are making their money by nickel and diming the people who have signed up unaware. These people are charging for nothing. I am paying for nothing, and it has been a nightmare trying to get them to even acknowledge me in any way. My email address is the only way you can contact me for now. If you wish to discuss this with me on the phone, you will have to give me a contact number where I can call you!

I've been using SafePay Solutions since October 2008 and have processed many, many payments through them as a faithful merchant. I requested funds of $1,477.95 in January 2009 to get my money out from their account. After numerous and repetitive pleading on the status of my withdrawal request, I got absolutely no response whatsoever. They claim money will be sent 8-12 days via check. Even after waiting 3 months, there is no money to be found anywhere. No funds were withdrawn and sent to me. I then submitted another inquiry asking help on a customer making a payment to me, a payment/deposit issue. Within 24 hours, I got a response from a person named Maria who gave me some advice. Isn't it funny how they are very quick to respond to support issues related to getting money, but will not respond to inquiries about withdrawing the money?

Obviously, this company is still actively seeking to get more and more money from their merchants, but are not sending the money once they have sucked it from the merchant. I have a large chunk of money that I want to claim and whoever will help me get my money back, I will compensate you well and/or split the profits from whatever you can collect from them. This company makes it very hard to contact them (what a surprise). Their address is supposedly located in Nevada. Google the company name and you'll get tons of complaints. When I went to contact that company located over there, an offshore representative answered and said it was a government grant company and they never heard of SafePay Solutions. Obviously, I am extremely frustrated, upset and feel scammed! This company is blatantly stealing merchant's money. They stole my $1477.95 that is held up in their account

I was SCAMMED by Safepay. Safepay still have my $600.00 from January 7, 2009 and is NOT communicating since February 2009.

I opened a merchant account with Safepay. My first transaction was a payment of $600.00. After a long waiting period, the money became available and I put in a transfer to my checking account. Safepay never transferred the money. I have sent safepay numerous emails, my only means of contact. They have IGNORED MY EMAILS since February. They still have my money. Was my first transaction.

SafePay Solutions, Inc.
1 East Liberty St - 6th Floor

Reno, NV 89504

Safepay Solutions Inc

1105 Terminal Way, Reno, NV 89502-2158

Safepay's Live Phone Number (they did answer during business hours):

775-686-2419 - Ask for Greg Stewart or David Finn - the office manager's name is Tiffany

I requested a withdrawal from my account of $253 and it is still pending from 4-14-2009. No one there answers email contact. My friend is out much more than I am in his account. And there are others all across the web.

We started using Safepay Solutions to process payments on our website. I received an email from some colleagues of mine and they told me the experience they had with them. I said, "Well, I'll wait it out." Safepay made me wait 14 days to try to withdraw funds. I waited the allotted time and lo and behold, immediately after trying to withdraw funds, they disabled my account. I can't access the reports, nothing!

On 04/02/2009, I was unable to get any response from Safepay Solutions admin regarding a small check for $160. I've been waiting for well over a month now. As a business owner, this does not look good and I will bring their payment links down from my site. Any suggestions on how to get my balance out from this band of thieves would be received gratefully.

Continual requests for withdrawl of funds from SafePay Solutions have been requested with no response. In addition there is no response to support tickets. On 3-01-09 when requesting electronic funds transfer this message was displayed on their website. This feature will hopefully be re-activated in a few days. It has temporarily been disabled due to a major bank having some technical issues recently with their automatic ACH / Nacha file system. This is not in any way an issue with SafePay. We have been told by a manager that the bank is aware of the issues, that the issues are affecting all accounts, and that that the issues will be solved very shortly by their technical staff. In the meantime, please use the check withdrawal option.

I have attempted to use the check withdrawl option as requested with the same outcome. no response in the way of funds being received or support tickets being answered. Beware of SafePay Solutions.

I've used safepaysolutions last October 2008, when the first used the safepaysolutions was very good and nothing problem within my 3 months withdrawing my funds via safepaysolutions but lately I've encounter problem with safepaysolutions. I requested almost $600 to deposit to my account but nothing reply from their support, and now I've got two requested withdrawal which almost $1000 and until now I didn't receive any response from them. I am very worried since the company was in US while I am here in Philippines.

I have been trying for nearly 2 months to get SafePay Solutions to deposit my money they are holding into my bank account. My transaction has been in the pending stage all this time. My numerous support tickets have all gone unanswered. 2 weeks ago I gave them a deadline of March 26th to either have my money in my bank account or a response to any of my support tickets, other wise my messages would be directed to other places besides their support tickets. HHCTB?

Today is March 26th. I have not received a response nor is the money in my bank account. I have just sent them an update to keep them informed that I am indeed sending messages outside of their support system. I have been waiting for $174.63

Safepay won't answer any of my tickets, they state they will answer tickets within 24 hours but they just don't answer them at all. They also have had my withdrawal request in for 1 month now but refuse to pay it out. Last month it took 3 weeks to get the withdrawal paid and now they are at week 4 with this payment. They are not paying what is mine and refuse to answer any tickets. I am not sure if they are now out of business or just keeping the money. I am giving them two more weeks to pay me otherwise I have to inform all new orders that they must request a refund or chargeback the card. You can't even phone them, and there is no email support. So they leave you in the dark, and after 2 years of service with them I can not believe they are pulling this. They need to pay us people and stop holding onto money that does not belong to them but you can't get an answer from them. It is a shame they are becoming problem when they have been so good in the past.

I use "Safepay Solutions" as the holding company for make a online bussines payment. They charge me the wrong amount and twice. Since 02/27/09 SafePay Solutions has $1,100.00 held up. I emailed Safepay Solutions and requested withdrawals and transfers from their system to my business bank account their support person (maria) added a note: Dear Evelyn, your payments were removed from our queue list your debit card will no longer be charged. Today is March 10/2009 and those funds still showing PENDING I have repeatedly requested them to send a fax to my bank to release my money They are unresponsive and holding funds that do not belong to them. I filed a complaint with the NV BBB.

SafePay Solutions has $1500.00 (appx) held up. I have repeatedly requested withdrawals and transfers from their system to my business bank account. I receive no response from support either via e-mail or telephone. I have requested 3 withdrawals totaling over $800 and no response. We are no approaching 60 calendar days from the first request.

I was overdrawn at my bank thinking these withdrawals had been deposited to my account. Bills that were due and that were slated to be paid with these funds have been put off. They are unresponsive and holding funds that do not belong to them.

We signed up to use Safepay Solutions to accept payments for our online business. We received two payments from Safepay solutions via direct deposit. On 9/29/08 we requested some funds to be transfered by Wire. Per their website, it states that this would take 2-3 business days. During this time were moving and just ASSUMED that it had been deposited.

On 10/13/08, I went online to request more funds and realized that the previous wire from 9/29 was still showing PENDING. I didn't research this until after I had already requested the additional wire. On 10/14 I emailed Safepay Solutions to ask them about both wires. After being told that their Merchant Bank was holding our money and it should be released shortly, we filed a complaint with the NV BBB.

Long and short.......On 11/20 their support person (maria) added a note on the account stating that that the wire went out on 11/18/08 and if it was not recieved shortly to let Safepay Solutions know and they would investigate. On 11/24/08, I emailed support to let them know that I have not received the wires and to please inquire with their bank. Their response email was received and forwarded to the bank department and I should hear something shortly.

My husband tried several times to call the business only to be forwared to a voice mail with no return call.

We are out $700.50

I have been getting charged $13.00 per month in my checking account and by a company that I don't know. I've been all over the internet looking for them but there's nothing substantial about them. Some of the information said PayPal in it, but I was on hold for 2 hours and still didn't get a representative to respond to my call. Also when I put in Safe Pay in the search engine at PayPal, I get check spelling error.

This last debit of $13.00 would have put me in the negative for a payment that I have deducted from my account every 20th of the month, but a friend loaned me the money. I'm already in debt and trying to pay off everyone, I don't need this!

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