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In 2011, I bought a Xerox toner cartridge on from Restockit for an HP laser jet 4ml printer that was supposed to be compatible with my printer. It printed streaks up and down the paper it printed. I called Xerox and they told me that the reseller was responsible for any warranty or service. I contacted Restockit and they wouldn't honor any warranty and told me that it must be the printer that was the problem. Of course, I had no way of testing it unless I spent $90-$130 for a genuine HP toner cartridge so I could do a test. I wasn't about to do that. I used the printer for anything that anyone else didn't have to see but often couldn't read the text because of the streaks.

Finally, at the end of 2013, I found a genuine HP cartridge for $30 and bought it. This week I got around to replacing the Xerox cartridge with the genuine HP cartridge. The very first page I printed was perfect. No streaks and the text was perfect and crisp. To me, this was indisputable proof that the Xerox cartridge was defective. Would Restockit have refunded my $ if I were able to test a new HP cartridge? My guess is they wouldn't based on my conversations with them. Did they really expect me to spend $90-$130 on an HP cartridge just to test theirs? This was not practical and I believe a reputable company would have taken the cartridge back and refunded my money or sent another to try.

I followed their instructions and contacted them by email to obtain an RMA number for the return. After second email, they stated I would receive it in two business days. I sent another email and still, I have not received the RMA. I do not believe they want any returns.

I ordered a keyboard wrist pad. it arrived USPS in very bad shape the box was actually broken in half. The product is not what I expected and am trying to make a return. The packing slip attached to the mangled box stated you must call for an RMA# for returns. There is no phone number on the packing slip. I get online to get the number and call it, it rings probably twice and hangs up. I send a message through their website and get no response whatsoever. I contact two different people via their online chat and both say an RMA is forthcoming. I still have not received any. and the chat has a neat little tool that says if you would like a transcript of the chat conversation to key in your email and they will send it to you. Never got that transcript either. also had another question and tried to online chat again a few minutes later - get the message the service is not available at this time!?!?!?!? Company Profile

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