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Affinion Group owns not only "Web Loyalty" but also a slew of other companies that operate using the same scam. You sign up for a "reward" by accepting "trial" membership in this service and then they continue to charge your credit card. After cancelling my membership before the end of the trial period - even being given a cancellation number - my card was charged for an additional year! It was my own fault for not noticing sooner. They recouped two months of charges so that MasterCard would get off their back - and then I never saw another dime. Remember, if they want your credit card number for the "trial," don't do it.

Orbitz apparently duped me into signing up for their Reservation Rewards program 2 years ago. They then proceeded to withdraw $12 per month from my checking account until I finally questioned the billing one month ago. They refunded 4 months worth, but still owe me 37 months x $12 = $394! Both Orbitz and Reservation Rewards have been stonewalling my complaint.

In early April this year I discovered a reacurring charge of $10. We hadn't noticed it before because it was buried in all the other charges. We have cut back on using the card now so it finally became apparent. It was called "Reservation Rewards." Neither of us signed up for anything and we weren't getting anything.

On 4-7-09 I called and found it was a membership to get coupons and discounts. I told them I didn't sign up for it. They said I did when I ordered an item from JC Whitney on line on 9-15-07! They cancelled the membership and said they could only refund 2 payments and would do so. I told them it was unacceptable and wanted all my money back. They said I would have to fill out an affidavit form and mail it in. I said send it over. They said they would email it.

On 4-16-09 it hadn't come so I called and talked to Melissa. She said she'd email it again and that maybe my "spam blocker" wasn't letting the emails through. On 4-20-09 still no email. I called JC Whitney and they apparently are aware of Reservation Rewards and do subscribe to it. I told them too bad because they just lost a customer!

She suggested that I have the company fax it to me. I called that same day and talked to Arlene and told her to fax it. It never came over the fax, no big surprise. On 4-28-09 I wrote a letter to Webloyalty and demanded my money back. They mailed me a letter and the affidavit. Basically saying that unless someone else used my credit card and email address I was out of luck! I filled out the affidavit anyway and mailed it on 5-9-09.

Second time they charged my credit card for services I never agreed to. I don't know how they got my credit card # which really concerns me.

They have been billing my American Express card @ $12 a month without authorization (two months) so I called and got a recording that I was a member when I never applied for any membership. I contacted AExpress immediately and had to cancel the current card number and get a new one. I read on the internet that this is a scam. This has caused me a lot of aggravation so any assistance would be greatly appreciation.

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It seems Super Shuttle company that provides transportation services to airport in California provided my credit card information to another company called Reservation Rewards, which is charging my credit card for no reason at all. First it was a $1 deduction and I thought it was some kind of mistake and I ignored it. Then they have charged $12. I am going to try and ask my Bank to stop payment on this one. But please do something about this company.

I feel I was cheated and the Rewards thing was imposed upon me unknowingly.

When I booked a trip through Costco I also made reservations online for a flight (through Orbitz) to the area where the trip would depart from. During this time information popped up regarding discounts and seemed ligitimate. I never filled information in, to include credit card information, and somehow the company began to charge my credit card. I contacted my credit card company who in turn contacted this company and they indicated that they will refund the money. I have no idea how this company retrieved my credit card information and legally began to charge my account.

I found some answers by briefly searching this company online and noticed that this has happened to numerous people. Although class actions suits have been filed it is still going on! This seems rediculous and yet they are still able to con the consumer into buying their 'product'. Something still needs to be done, its fraud no matter how you look at it.

I bought a gift certificate for my mother in law to use on a cruise with Royal Caribbean this past Summer. When she got on board she was told that the gift certificate needed to be called in four days prior to boarding to register it. This condition is listed in 10 rules and regulations in fine print on their web page. They wouldn't even let her use it four days into the cruise.

I called and wrote to Royal Caribbean after they got back. They refused to give me a refund for my gift certificate. My wife and her family spent over four thousand dollars on their cruise. Royal Caribbean won't refund the fifty dollar gift certificate.

After registering for tickets on, a pop-up window appeared for Reservation Rewards. I closed out of the box, however, Reservation Rewards started charging my account (the same one I used for $12 every month.

This caused me to overdraft my account. I was charged $35 every time Reservation Rewards took $12 from my account. On top of that, every 7 days my bank charged me $10 in overdrawn account fee.

This company attempted to take 12.00 out of my checking account without my knowledge, or consent. I was sent a letter by mail that I was signed up for their services, and that I needed to confirm my email address. The letter stated that my debit card would be charged 12.00 monthly for their services. Fraudulant and unauthorized!

I called my bank and informed them of this company. I sent an email to customerservice and told them they tried to take money out of my account without consent or authorization. As of yet, no response.

I have no idea how I wound up paying for this service but I canceled it as soon as I saw it show up on my credit card. I'm still tracking down the company that gave them my credit card info. Interesting - i also got nailed by Shopper's Discount & Rewards and they have the identical address???

Still working that out but I was able to cancel the services.

They have been stealing money out of my family bank account, $10 at a time, for the last 6 months. I never signed up for their services, and I never used their product. I don't even know what their product is. They also have a sister company that has been withdrawing from our account too.

My bank account has been over drafted twice because of them. I've spent weeks of time and effort researching trying to find out where the charges have been coming from.

I went to Peru on a volunteer/cultural exchange program sponsored through my company. I decided to take a couple of days extra after the mission and visit Macchu Picchu in Cusco. I made reservations on line for 2 different hotels and recieved confirmation via e-mail that the rooms would be secured if I sent in credit card information by a certain date. I filled out the forms for both locations and e-mailed them to myself and the agency. After a couple of days I had not heard anything so I sent them another e-mail asking for confirmation. They replied that they had already sent confirmation. I assumed everything was set.

After the mission when I returned to Lima the first hotel said that a reservation had been made but had been cancelled. Myself, the Hotel mananger, and a local resident tried to call all numbers we had available but with no answer or voice mails. I paid for the room on the spot and continued to try and reach the agency and the agent who was suppose to pick me up at the airport in Cusco for the next 2 days. No answer or machine ever picked up. Myself and the person I stayed with on the eve of the night before I was to depart for Cusco called the hotel that I was suppose to have reservations at and they said they had no reservation for me or did they have any availability at either of their properties. We contacted 2 more hotels in Cusco with the same results. I was forced to change my return flight home and miss what surely was a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the seventh wonder of the world.

I sent multiple e-mails to the agency when I got home and called the numbers I had available but never recieved any response. After about a month and resigning myself that it was useless I recieved a phone call from someone with the agency that had gotten my e-mail and seemed geniunely concerned and was going to check into it.

The short of it is that I was told that They never recieved my credit card info by the deadline stated and that I should not have used the internet because it is unreliable and that I should have faxed it instead. As I told them that their e-mail address is clearly stated as an option on the credit card authorization form and I chose that method because I did not want ALL of my personal information along with credit card numbers sitting on a fax machine in South America. I have sent all documentation to them proving e-mail transmission dates and information which proves everything I've just said. I have asked numerous times for Mr Debakey to call me to discuss but he has refused to do this.

Out of Pocket - around 750.00
Frustration - incalculable

Oh, and they're still charging me 160.00 for the train trip from Cusco to Macchu Picchu that I never got to take. Curious how they recieved that credit card information by the exact same transmission as the hotels.

After placing an on-line order with Tiger Direct ( I selected a link that I thought directed me to a product rebate. As it turns out this link enrolled me into Reservation Reward.? This scam service then began debiting my credit card $10.00 every time I visited the Tiger Direct web site. After discovering the situation I contacted Reservation Reward? and they credited me back all fees. The complaint is that this service indiscriminately started charged my credit card, without my direct knowledge. The charges came every time I logged onto Tiger Directs web site. I am not sure that Tiger Direct is involved with this scam but it seems like some kind of payola.? Obviously Reservation Reward? does not want their practices known since they willingly returned my money. This seems illegal!

I perches merchandise from JC Whitney Co and was sinned up for Reservation Rewards for no reason they started charging me $10.00 a month on my credit card.. I did not sign up for this I got scammed by JC Whitney and Reservation Rewards...JC Whitney gave out my personal information with out my permission..

Somehow this company access to my credit card account (either explictly stealing it or not being clear about me signing up for their service) as has been charging me $20 a month for the past 6 months. I just found this out and called and cancel my account with this company and received a refund. This is rediculous and very scary. In fact I did some research online and found that many people have had this same unsettling experience.

Yahoo advertised free coupons to Chili's restaurant and I took the bait. It stated that I only needed t take a survey. That survey went on and on until I finally tried to exit. In the meantime, I had done the WRONG thing and gave my personal information and credit card because the system would not allow me to go further. 2 things happened. My email address was bombarded with spam, first day, 250 spam messages.

Secondly, they charged my account.I did call and found out I was enrolled in a membership. I immediately cancelled the membership and got a refund. A while later, a charge appeared on my AT&T bill. I called and complained and that was credited as well. I believe this was a different company but my guess is they operate under one parent company.

My husband also got scammed when he bought movie tickets through Fandango. He was realed in for an offer for a free movie ticket. He too had a survey to complete and since they already had his visa information from the purchase of the movie tickets, he was enrolled in reservationrewards too.This company again charged our account $10.00, 6/11/07. I called and got them to cancel and they gave us the credit on our account.

The damage is my email address. It constantly gets spam and it won't stop. I cannot seem to get rid of it, even though I have bulk mail automatically empty. Now, it seems to skip going into the bulk mail and is going directly into my inbox. Since the company has credited our accounts each time we have caught the billing, there is no financial consequence. My concern that other people will get scammed and they may not be so diligent with their bank account or bills and may just pay the fee unknowingly.

Through Fandango, this company scammed me by charging my CC without my knowledge and continuing to do so for 3 monhts. Caught the charge on my AX and they are disputing the charge with We Loyalty. I called WebLoyalty and cancelled the account/charges. I cannot believe these guys are getting by with this.

I was going over my bank statement when i noticed a charge from WLI*ReservationRewards 800-732-7031. I knew this was not a purchase i had made so i called the 800 number, discovered full company name and web address,(,and went to the site.YUP-never been there! Then i get to researching online and it was quite easy to find this company in connection with the words 'fraud' and 'scam'. I followed the advice of others i saw and called them the next morning and demanded my money back as well as closing 'my account'?? with them. This is a horrible scam and i cannot believe some of the companies i thought were honest, that clearly are not.EBGames..among many others..

I called my bank and they confirmed there had only been 2 charges from the company, so it amounted to $20.00 USD. The money is really beside the point here now for me. If there are no consequences for these companies except to say 'oh sorry' and refund your money, CLEARLY they are banking on the people who never even realize they are being charged for this fraudulent service.

I don't really know what is going on. I cancelled this membership in March. I called to tell someone on the phone several times, and the automated message said that my account was cancelled. You guys keep charging my credit card monthly. I have forwarded this complaint to the better business bureau and the comsumer protection agency for them to review. I want all of the credit I should have received for all the charges you have submitted since March. i also was charge fees that I will need re-imbursed that I cannot get until my fees have been reversed. Please look into this matter and get back to me. Acct #7537019003. Thank you, Anna Smith

My bank atm card is being charged monthly.

I recently purchased an item through and was offered $10 coupon on my next purchase if I signed up with Reservation Rewards, so I did. To sign up, all I had to do is enter my email twice. Seemed harmless enough, until I got billed $7 to my credit card by Reservation Rewards. As it turns out, buried in a paragraph above my email entry, there was a statement that if I signed up I gave the authority to transfer my credit card information to Reservation Rewards!

I am appalled! Granted, the information was there, but I feel as I have been tricked by small print. If Reservation Rewards meant to inform me in all honesty that I would be charged for these services and that they would get my credit card information from a third party, there would have at least been a check box for me to confirm that I had read the material.

I cancelled my membership by phone and was refunded $7 out of the $14 billed. Luckily we caught it after the first billing.

i purchased some products online and after a few months later, I found out that my credit card has been charged $7.00 a month from, even though i never signed the contract or aware that i was making any contract with them. when i called them to complain , they told me that when i made an online purchase, i was automatically signed in their contract.
i told them, i never saw that kind of statements and i didn't signed any contract with them
they told me that they will reverse charges applied to my credit card, and cancel the contracts.

but i think they are deceiving all the customers who make online purchases

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