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I purchased a flip key with remote from this company for an Audi A4, when I received it, the locksmith laser cut the key and programmed it but could not program the remote so I went to the Audi dealer. They couldn't program it either. They checked the ID number and found it was the wrong remote. I called Remotez4less and they said they had the correct remote but it cost $20 more than the first one. I paid, sent the original back to them, they sent the second remote and the exact same thing happened. It's the wrong remote, it even says a6/Tt on it. When I called them again, they told both the locksmith and Audi are wrong. They said if I sent the key and remote back to them they'd refund the money paid for the item, but I'm out the $50 I paid to have the key cut and all shipping charges. Do not buy from this company!!!

Purchased remotes to sell for our store to a customer. Sent the company the issue we were having. No contact back so we have bad feedback which was well deserved. Tries to give them another chance to purchase more product being as though our company has a high 99% rating and no bad feedback I am aware of and come to find out they put us on a blacklist to sell to. Totally unprofessional to say the least and being a salesman at a family-owned shop who thrives on customer service for return customers and future business; see this company as a joke and hope to help future unaware customers to have the knowledge not to purchase any equipment from them or you will be met with disappointing service and product and a possible waste of money!

We purchased a remote key that took 6 weeks to arrive. We were incredibly patient and when it arrived the locksmith told us it was not the correct key for the car. Contacted Remotez4Less by email and phone. "Sean" replied, insisted it was the correct key, and said that the locksmiths like to use their own keys and not customer-owned keys. Back and forth to 2 more locksmiths and 3 dealerships for next 6 months - all said the same. Finally, asked Remotez4Less for a replacement and for them to send a return label for us to return incorrect uncut/unused remote key. Gave us the runaround and didn't return calls. Finally spoke to "Darius" who was distressingly aggressive over the phone.

Bottom line: they stalled beyond PayPal/eBay return period and then said we waited too long to request a replacement. No accountability here, and a little bit of a street mentality.

I ordered from eBay and they stated that the key worked. I lost my money and the money I spent on getting the key laser cut - terrible company!

They sell cheap aftermarket products. The products break easily, even with great care. Also the seller will never respond to you if you need help. Stay away from these thieves!

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I purchased a replacement key fob from this seller on eBay. On the product description, it listed that it was compatible with my vehicle, year, model and make. I paid for the item and it was shipped promptly. When I received the remote, I went to the dealer to have it programmed. I was then informed that only BMW could sell and program these keys. I called a half a dozen locksmiths, who told me the same thing. I called the support center, who were of no help at all. They told me I should've read the fine print and called the dealer prior. I told them that their site clearly stated that my make and model were supported. They refused to refund my money, even though they clearly sold me a product that cannot be used. Do not purchase a product through this group!

I purchased a replacement key fob from this seller on eBay. On the product description, it listed that it was compatible with my vehicle. I paid for the item and it was shipped the same day. I thought to myself how wonderful the seller is by shipping so quickly. I received the remote a few days later but it would not work with my car. I sent them a message and they responded to call Sean. I called Sean immediately and he told me I ordered the wrong remote. I pointed out to him that on their web page, it showed it was compatible with my car and the item listed on the page has a different part number than what they shipped to me. I believed they made an error and sent me the wrong item.

He responded that he wasn't going to argue with me, that I ordered the wrong item but if I would send it back, they would send me a replacement but I needed to include $3.00 for a restocking fee. I objected to having to pay for shipping AND a restocking fee when the error wasn't mine. Nonetheless, I said fine and hung up. He called back and told me that he spoke to his supervisor and they agreed to waive the restocking fee and to send the item back and they would replace it.

This was on August 8th 2011 and I mailed it that day. On August 22, 2011, I still hadn't received my replacement remote and sent them another message inquiring when I should receive it. They responded by asking me to call them to get the exchange taken care of. I called and she said it was going out today. I was a little upset by their lack of promptness and left them appropriate feedback on their eBay seller page. The feedback simply stated that they sent me the incorrect item and I have yet to receive a replacement. They responded to the feedback saying that I was a New eBay customer, was impatient, had a short fuse and a foul mouth. I responded by saying that I was nothing but polite, never used profanity and just wanted what I bought. I was then bombarded by emails from this seller calling me names and calling me a liar, ** and a know-it-all. They must have sent me five emails berating me. I still haven't received the replacement, but I did report their harassing emails to eBay.

My wife and I bought a Kia Spectra back in October 2009. When we bought the Kia, they only had 1 key and 1 wireless remote for it, but they said we could buy another one on our own and they would reimburse us. I searched online and found a remote on eBay from a powerseller, Remotez4Less. I purchased this remote on 10/19/09 and it was sent to me shortly thereafter. This remote must be programmed by the dealer and cannot be self programmed. We live about 50 miles from the Kia Dealership and this was not a pressing issue, so I decided to just bring the remote in to be programmed the next time I went to Kia to have my vehicle serviced.

I took the vehicle in today, 2/19/10, to be serviced and I brought the remote along to be programmed. I was told by the dealership that the remote was incorrect and could not be programmed with my vehicle. When I got home, I searched online and found that Remotez4Less had sent me a remote for a Kia Optima or Kia Amanti, and it would not work with a Kia Spectra. I found the correct item number for the remote that does work and called the company so that they could send me the correct item and I could return the incorrect item that was sent to me.

I called the company and the first person I spoke with told me that I was not entitled to a return because they have a 60 day return policy. I explained that I understand this, but this is not an issue where I decided I no longer wanted the item or an issue where I broke the item. I advised that this is a brand new item. I took it to the dealership today when I serviced my vehicle, and I was advised that it is the wrong item. When I looked it up online, I confirmed that it was the wrong item number. I said that all I want to do is exchange the item for the correct remote.

The man again told me that I was not entitled to a return because I was past the 60 day return policy. At this point, I started getting a little irritated and slightly raised my voice. I said to this man that this issue is their fault. They are the ones who sent me the wrong item. They advertised and sent me something that they claimed to be a remote for a Kia Spectra, when it is actually a remote for a Kia Optima. The employee promptly hung up on me.

I called back and the employee answered and said to me, "So, are you ready to talk now?" I remained calm and restated my case. The man again told me there was nothing he can do because they have a 60 day return policy. I asked to speak with his manager. The first person I was speaking with appeared to hand the phone to someone close by. I asked this man what his name was and he said "Sal" or "Al", I'm not entirely certain which. I asked what the first employee's name is and he told me that wasn't important. I explained that the first person I spoke with was very rude to me. He would not tell me this person's name.

I explained my issue to the manager and the manager again stated that they have a 60 day return policy. I again said that I understand that, but this was an issue caused by them. They promised and said they were selling me one item, but they actually sold me another item that was incorrect. At this point, the manager told me that all he could do is to have me send in the remote and they would charge me a 50% restocking fee and then they could apply my credit to a new remote. They also asked me to include a money order when I send back the remote for a new remote.

I told them again that I do not owe them anything. All I am doing is asking them to exchange the wrong remote they sent me for the right one. I said again that I understand their 60 day return policy, but that this is a different case. It's not as if they were supposed to send me a basketball and a soccer ball arrived. I'd immediately know that was the wrong item. The Kia Dealership does servicing on the weekdays only and it is 50 miles from my house. I could not just run over the day I got the remote to have them program it, though I would have if I'd ever expected that they would send me the wrong remote.

At some point, the initial sales person took the phone back from the "manager" and started yelling at me. I told him that at this point, I was going to file a complaint with eBay and the Better Business Bureau because this is ridiculous. This is all over an item that with shipping and handling only costs $18.31. The sales person then yelled to me "[Expletive] YOU" and hung up the phone.

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