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Well my wife and I were invited to a Pre Auction Event hosted by Scott Yancey. Well we attended and were told that if we became Students we would receive exclusive financing options and forms contracts and software to get us up and rolling. They did not hold true to their words. False promises to get us to the next level to sell us some more high priced education. Very dishonest and we will hold this company accountable based on the laws of our State. We have evidence against them that will prove our complaint. We have suffered damages because of the lack of performance by this company to honor the contract made.

I attended a Yancey Event and signed up for a 3-day workshop that cost $2000. They changed the venue from Atlanta to Newnan & I could not attend. I requested a refund and got a call wanting me to become a member of "their team" which would put together investors, real estate scouts, etc. I was never put onto a TEAM. I got some CDs to listen to and a workbook. I was given a coaching session for Friday afternoons at 4:30 whenever she was available. I was told to use!! I paid over $5K and they want a total of $11k. Yet I have not learned one single thing that I did not already know! They claim they will finance your "deals" for only 1% of your profit when trying to enlist you for the "team", but I was told take a mortgage on my home and rental units for financing. I have tried to talk to my "coach" about a refund and have called their offices, but cannot get anyone to talk to me.

I am writing about an issue I have with a large company in your state. The lead guy is Mr. Dean Graziosi, the Real Estate Guru. He has several different companies, but my issue is mainly with PMI or Professional Marketing International. The business is located at 3049 North Executive Parkway in Lehi, UT. I have called them to request a refund for products I ordered that were far less than promised. I got no response from them other than an email asking when to contact me that was never followed up on. These people are honestly very slick and do everything possible to use your desire to do better in life to take advantage of you.

Now I realize we are all responsible for our purchases, but this is such a scam that you get caught up in it and do not really understand what they are doing to you until you look back. They literally encourage you to open additional credit cards and max them out, use 401K, whatever it takes. The problem is the products are outdated, incomplete and nowhere near what you need to get started in Real Estate investing or what is promised. I spent close to $50,000 because I was so anxious to accomplish what they told me I could. It was a never ending sales pitch for one thing after another. All hype.

When I really look back at all I purchased I clearly see that I purchased the same material over and over, just repackaged with new hype, but the same old outdated, incomplete material. I have not heard a word from them. I will next file a complaint with the BBB. I truly feel these scammers should be shut down. There are a lot of people out there that want to do better and are willing to invest their hard-earned money for something worthwhile. Problem is this crap is useless.

So now I have spent all my savings and have done all I can, but the education is so basic and the coaching so lame (basically just a call from a coach asking you, "What's up" and telling you to study the course. For $17,000 that is ridiculous). Please advise me of how I can go about getting a refund from this company. I am so furious as I read about all the other people that got ripped off by this scam artist. We all need your support to hold these thieves accountable.

I ordered a book "Cash In with Real Estate Probate" from an infomercial and was soon contacted by Professional Marketing International who sold me their real estate training service. I was told on the phone that I would be mailed a contract of purchasing this course to look over, sign, make a copy of and mail back to Professional Marketing International. I never received it and the customer service department refuses to mail it or acknowledge such a contract exists. I asked to be sent the refund policy which I read when I first ordered the course, but the customer service department only acknowledges the 3-day cancellation policy. I was refused a refund or a copy of the refund policy which seems to no longer exist from the time when I signed up for the course.

Please note that when this all started I was Shirley M. I married in July and am now Shirley C. It all began when I ordered a book calles Advertising Profits From Home by Anthony M. A few days after receiving the book, I got a phone call on 3/27/2010. The caller identified himself as Max H. and was calling on behalf of Mr. M. They were looking for people to become Mr. M.'s next success story. Mr. H. asked a lot of questions and qualified me over the phone for Mr. M.'s program. Then he asked Allen's and my credit card information. What our limits were, balances and well over $8500 later, I was enrolled into the program. I would be making money in 30 - 60 days (most did it in 30). It was okay that I didn't have a lot of computer knowledge as it was better to learn what little I needed to know from my personal coach.

At the end of the call, he told me that our credit card statements would be billed as Training. This much was true. There was no mention of any other company names. Later, I learned that I was doing business with PMI (Professional Marketing International) and stores online. It was all billed as its training so I can only assume that they work together. Now I should mention that the site does have Anthony M. training videos but, they are the same as the ones given to me with the free web site from Anthony M. when I bought his book. Here it is, over four months later, and I have not made a cent with their program.

As a matter of fact the web site that I apparently bought through them still does not even have a properly built home page. No one seems to be able to instruct me on how to build this page as far as what needs to be added or where or how. If I ask my coach (now my 3rd), she simply says web page questions need to be directed to the tech support team. It would seem that the coaches can only tell me what training videos to watch. Well the support is no help as they never really answer the question and have even given me completely wrong information. I'm tired of getting the run around by these people so on 8/1/2010, I sent them an email asking for my money back.

On 8/2/2010, I got an email from them that said my account was on hold and a Q.A. Rep would call me. The rep called on 8/3/2010 and informed me that they could not give me a refund. He never did tell me why not. He did however say he would add more training videos to my account (how to sell on e-bay). He knew I wasn't happy with this but wouldn't take no for an answer or offer any other solution so we ended the call. The next day 8/4/2010, I sent another email to them stating that the rep did call and according to him the disclosure laws don't apply to them, they can't give me a refund and that he would only add more unwanted training programs to my account. I told them this was a less then satisfactory solution and I would have to take further action. I have not heard from them since. They took me for over $8500.00. Now I am sending letters and complaints to every one I can think of. Thank you for your time.

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