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While I do understand some peoples hatred of this service, I used it myself for a person that sorely has some displeasure coming to him. I did not do the tokens (the paid services), I used one of my two free calls for a day. I enjoyed the recording aspect, as I could hear the "conversation" and reaction. However, if you use this on someone with PTSD, or anything of the like... I seriously pray someone does you one worse. If you are using this to just make someones day a little worse who deserves it? Go for it. I enjoyed hearing the confusion in his voice.

(First of all, I used to use this service. I've stopped using it.) This is the worst service I've ever used. First of all, it only allows 2 calls, and it forces you to download its app and purchase a number for the app. The pranks aren't even funny. On top of that, it usually doesn't work at all. None of the features are either working, useful, or on the damn website at all. It also has you buy tokens on the website. It doesn't make you do that, but it's still not good. In closing, I dislike it. With a passion.

This is a horrible website. And I am unfriending certain friends and changing my phone number due to this **. Also looking for a lawyer.

I have PTSD and anxiety and I am shaking as I write this review. Someone calls me while I am in school and uses the thug voice with the hit my car one and I flipped out, started shaking, almost had a seizure due to this app. PTSD is not a joke and I am not even laughing. This is not funny and think people are cruel and I am so upset right now. They need to take this app off the market before someone has a massive heart attack!! I am so mad and hope to see this app get shut down!!! If I ended up in the hospital, I would definitely sue this app company!! This is not freaking funny and I'm extremely upset.

I received 3 calls within an hour late at night. All of them were disgusting and insulting. I am disabled and was awoken by this damn "prank." People say the site isn't responsible because they didn't call. However, they ARE responsible. Harassing people is against the law. They made a service that allows people to harass others at all times of day and night in secrecy. They also generate false information regarding where the calls are coming from. This causes problems for innocent people due to fraudulent information. It's called Aiding and Abetting or CONSPIRACY. I am calling a lawyer and seeing about getting a lawsuit going for pain and suffering and punitive damages since this is a calculated product made to hide the crimes of others.

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I have been prank dialed by this company and want to know who to contact. I am in the beginning of a harassment lawsuit with my job and these 16 calls have been placed on two days in the middle of the night. When I search out the number it is impossible to find out the true caller. I need to know if this is coming from the parties involved. All the calls were upsetting and around Christmas. I cannot believe that a site like this exists and is allowed to advertise AND a part of Facebook!

My son's cell phone rang last night so I answered & it was a woman upset over an affair. Seriously, with all the media attention about bullying, I would think the owners of this website/business would be concerned about a lawsuit if anything were to happen after taking such a call. It sounds as though some of the "calls" could very well be taken seriously... seriously enough that a young person (or old) could take it the wrong way and do something to hurt themselves. I would be very very very concerned if I were the owner. Not only that, but it's very juvenile... Not funny at all!

I am receiving the "found your cat" 'prank'. This is a cruel app and heartless not funny at all! Do people have any idea the false hope and joy a child would have having a call saying their beloved pet was found and was safe?! RIDICULOUS! To the company pathetic use of human skill or talent (should be ashamed, not proud). To the people who use this Grow up! And try to develop some human compassion you **!

On August 2nd I received a very threatening phone call stating that I had hit someone's car and left a note on the dashboard. I was terrified for the safety of not only myself but these two children I was caring for because the voice on the phone sounded like a Thug. We are in our late 40's and don't know anyone who would have the lack of morals to make such a call other than my husband’s two teenage daughters. The caller ID number was either masked or they used a friend’s phone. The police called the number on my caller ID and spoke to a man who denied calling my phone. The number is not from our local area but was near a place where one of my stepdaughters was working for the summer.

The police told us about PrankDial, and sure enough the prank phone call we received was on this site! I emailed PrankDial to ask them to verify if a call was placed to my cellphone and the number or IP it originated from. They refused to help verify who my harasser was unless I submitted a subpoena. Because this app allowed perps the ability to mask their phone number with any phone number. People receiving these phone calls have no way to track down who is harassing them. This is wrong. They think people will just make harmless prank calls, but these are not harmless at all.

My husband talk to his daughters to find out which one of them may have done this and it has become a mess. The girls of course denied their involvement and their mother believed them. She has been a B to my husband ever since. If we could get proof, not only would the girls have to face the consequences, but my husband's ex would leave my husband alone.

I can't purchase any product from your website, but you are taking amount from my ICICI A/C for last day without my intimation of INR 408.20. Info VIN*PRANKDIAL on 23-09-2015 06:45:53. WHAT IS THIS??? You are making fraud from customers ah??? You must refund my amount Rs 408.20 immediately. Take my complaint & clear my payment at the earliest.

I paid 25.00 for tokens and you took my pranks. Why you take my money?

I receive a call from these people asking me for my social security number and where I live. Never give these people your information. All they do is want to steal your identity and their number is spam so people beware.

Purchased tokens and we never received those and they did charge my credit card. Contacted the company and did not receive a response. It was under $6.00 but if they do that as their common business practice then they should be shut down. I will contact my credit card and attempt to have charge reversed. Thank You.

I was listening to my vm's and all the sudden I hear what sounds like a guy having a conversation with someone else! Except I could only hear him. Started talking about dropping Mikey off and if I was allergic to peanut butter, using a muzzle, etc. Huh?! I honestly thought maybe my phone had screwed up and accidentally was recording someone else's phone conversation. Was very confusing. Anyways when I went back to look up the number it was sent from it didn't even show up on my phone. Unless I deleted it because this was actually sent to me last week. (I don't check my messages often if I know they’re not important! Lol) It said the message was sent from "Bill" which I don't know of anyone of that name!

So did this send this to me? Or someone personal? Who's to know! If they did, I don't advise it. If people want to send them, whatever but my opinion is, it’s a bad idea! I read where a guy had a panic attack because he was told about some car accident and his 80+ yr old mother answered! Not cool at all! If they say something funny or crazy off the wall stuff that's one thing, but you gotta draw the line! When they call random numbers, they have no idea who they're doing it too! That's just not right. Like I said, if someone wants to personally do a prank on someone, fine, but make sure its "clean fun”, you know?!

I have PTSD and was prank called from this company. It was the “you hit my car” and left a note prank. It was early in the morning and my 80 year old mother answered the call and handed it to me. This call caused my blood pressure to go through the roof and then brought on a full blown panic attack! I thought I was going to have a heart attack. It's 5 hours later and I am still getting the shakes when I think about it. Most people might laugh at me but they don't have PTSD. This was really upsetting to me and I would sue or prosecute them if I could! (I'm 51 years old). That's about all I have to say about them.

The selected message sent was sent 4 times. This ended up scaring a normally good humored individual. It was not the intention of the sender to multiple calls sent. This made everyone unhappy.

This site is funny. I enjoyed prank dialing my mom and later making fun of her for being so sassy. As for the dramatically angry people on this page, FYI: PrankDial does not harvest phone numbers and dial them at random. If you received a call, then someone you know either thinks you'd find it funny or wants to pull one over on you. Wishing a "fiery death" upon website owners (as does someone on this page) because you can't take a joke. It's really a sign that you are a sociopath and should not be allowed to interact with sane human beings. The site does the same thing. A friend could do by blocking his caller ID and playing a recorded message. If you're upset, you should find out what person you know has decided to prank call you.

My mom received a call about a month ago from this website, and the prank was some thug-sounding guy accusing her of stealing his laptop. My mom ended up hanging up before it said it was a prank because the guy was very threatening. It scared my mom to think someone like that would have her phone number, which, being listed, can be used to track her down. My dad received a call from PrankDial too with some old man yelling at him. My dad has heart problems, so added stress is not appreciated. I just received another call from them with some woman claiming to be set up on a blind date with me.

This website isn't funny. Even listening to others being pranked on their website isn't funny unless you're 2 and don't know right from wrong. I heard an even worse one on there with some thug claiming to be this lady's neighbor, and he accused the woman of stealing his newspaper, and he told her he's "Going to come over there". These pranks are threatening and inconsiderate to women and the elderly who live alone. Didn't PrankDial learn anything from those Australian radio hosts who prank, called the hospital in London where Kate Middleton was staying when she had morning sickness? Someone killed themselves over that. This company should be shut down. The damage pranks can do is boundless.

This is a very destructive, annoying and upsetting program. Why is it not illegal to bother and harass innocent victims? I got one of these calls at a most inopportune time. Dealing with death and other medical issues. I called the number back to find she also was a victim by the use of her cell number to mine. This site should be taken down. It is in no way funny. Funny is when everyone laughs, not just the perpetrator. Please take it off the internet. This is the kind of site that gives the internet a bad name.

I received a call from a local cell phone on Jan 19, 2015 at 3:18 pm EST. Caller was male voice asking me if I had been seeing his wife at a yoga class. I have no involvement with another woman except my wife. There was some kind of disclaimer at the end of the call and laughing. I do not recall threat of violence against me nor any profane language, but at 68 years of age and my wife present while I responded to the call, it was rather stressful.

"Use your Facebook account to login". Well what happens after that is they somehow hack the email account attached to that Facebook account. Within hours, my email account was taken over and emails started being sent to everyone of my contacts with a malware link that caused havoc and I'm STILL apologizing for. I have proof and need to find the proper organization to file a law suit violating my privacy. They also do not give you any "tokens" for completing surveys. All I got as about 1000 spam emails a day to the separate email account I used. HOAX. Someone please take them down or provide me with info on how I can sue them.

I paid $5.99 for 25 tokens... I did only one prank... After the prank was done... all of my 25 tokens disappeared. $5.99 was charged to my Fido account. This is not fair to me.

I ordered tokens, never received them but the money was taking out of my bank account.

I just received a Prankdial call at MY PLACE OF BUSINESS! This kind of thing could result in causing trouble for a recipient in a call center workplace.

If you got a call from prankdial.Com and no one confessed to pranking you, I can assure you, you pissed off someone in the business world. Most likely someone who works on a computer. Most likely someone who has all your information and you were very rude to. Don't be mad at the website. Be mad at yourself. Either your friend pranked you or someone was getting back at you for being impatient and rude. To be honest, only a very impatient person falls for a recorded voice prank like this. If had any patience at all, you would realize it keeps talking when you don't. But you get so worked up and have no patience you walked right into this prank. Your lack of patience is the same reason you're even getting pranked in the first place. So lighten up. Relax. I've pranked many like you and will continue to do so.

I just received a phone call from and I was not to happy that they were able to get my cell phone number and call me and get very upset and annoyed. This site should not be allowed to hack in to accounts and get other people cell phone numbers. I don't give mine out freely, it has to be to someone I know very well and for a very long time. I think this site is a piece of trash and should be taken down and the owners of the site should be arrested and fined. I don't care for nonsense like this and this site gets people all upset over nothing. What if I had a heart condition or if it was a senior citizens that was ill and got a call like this? Something should be done and I hope its done soon.

I had the unpleasant experience of answering one of your calls you ** piece of **. I hope all involved with this piece of ** website die a fiery slow and painful death. go ** yourselves and back off in your own backyard. Hope someone rips off your ** and shove them in your face or cuts off your ** and shoves it up your **. You pathetic, ** disgusting **. Everything bad that happens in your life has a reason you **. I’m be glad when you are dead.

For over a year, my husband and his bassist were getting calls used with They were getting calls connecting them to each other and to other people, businesses, etc. Also, these calls were coming all hours, including 2 in the morning. Today, between 7:22 to 7:26 pm, someone used to load me with 5 prank calls. They connect two numbers together so both think the other made the call. A year of this, we are into harassment. Not to mention, they are connecting calls from FL to other FL and MI numbers, which is illegal in these states.

Our business received a so-called prank call today. Apart from the issues with violating the national Do-Not-Call registry, we really didn't appreciate this idiocy. Besides, the audio quality was terrible. Even if it had been funny rather than just stupid, it would have been a poor joke since it was too difficult to understand what was being said. Don't waste your money on this juvenile outfit.

I bought $13 in tokens yesterday. I was charged for unanswered calls every time someone didn't answer. I would like to get those back please. I thought you wouldn't be charged for unanswered call?

Thank you.

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