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Read their return policy before you order. I ordered a fan/heater combo that turned out to require a 20A circuit (not mentioned anywhere). When all is said and done it will cost me $65 to return it ($23 for return shipping, 15% stocking fee). Completely intact, re-sealed as new (it doesn't matter according to their return policy) Should have read it before ordering, I am used to Amazon shopping.

I bought a 1,000 Kohler faucet in 2012. It is broken, they do not return emails and the phone # is no longer active. This company is clearly out of business and Kohler will not stand behind lifetime warranty!!!

Ordered a Hansgrohe Thermostatic Cartridge from Plumbers Surplus. On order screen indicated they had 2 in quantity. Because I needed the part quickly as possible, I opted for fast delivery, which paid $18.60 on top of the actual part cost which cost $58.50. Hoping the part would arrive at the end of the week so I could install the Thermostatic Cartridge.

Later received email from Plumber Surplus. In turn I went ahead and TRIED to cancel the order. Plumbers Surplus gave me the complete run around, jerk around. I also tried to call their customer service line. To no avail. Their business name in itself is misleading. Plumbers Surplus, yeah ok. The Hansgrohe part was received on 2/6/15 after my initial order date of 1/26/15. After reading other reviews from consumers who experience the same thing, I will not spend another red penny or recommend anyone else to with this business

On Dec 23rd, I placed an order for two Items. A Bemis toilet seat 2L21 50T 000 $110.45 and Kohler 1133070 bumper kit for toilet seat $2.11. Their statement says the seat would be shipped in 3-5 days. The bumpers would be shipped in one to two weeks. I still had not received bumpers. No phone number shows on their website. I left messages on the phone, to no avail. Anything you can do to help. Thank you.

DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE!! We bought a couple of commercial faucets for our business. They took almost 2 months to deliver them .When we got them there was hardware missing. We try in call (and call, and call, and call!) and the phone is not working now! Not where to contact this people! We send them back either way and it's been a month and nothing. Now we are $523 short and no faucets.

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I am in the process of a bathroom remodel and I live in a small, older home with only one bathroom, so timing is a little critical. I ordered a drain and supply line kit for our bathtub from this website, which both showed as in stock at the time of order. I placed my order on the 19th and was informed on the 23rd (four days later!) that both of my items were on lengthy back order (2-4 weeks for one item, 6-8 for the other). Obviously I cannot be without a bathroom in my home for close to two months, and I also feel a retailer shouldn't advertise items on their site that they clearly do not have in stock. I consider this to be a deceptive business practice.

I then placed a second order for replacement items and paid for expedited shipping since they have put me in such a bind with my remodel. They state it will be 1-4 days before the items even ship. What's the point of charging me extra for faster shipping if they're just going to sit on the order for 4 days?? I've ordered a ton of stuff online, and even other plumbing fixtures for this same remodel, and everything has been at my door in 2-3 days MAX. I even ordered a faucet from China off ebay and that was here in less than 4 days. No excuses for these delays. Horrible company to deal with in this day and age!

I ordered a replacement tub faucet & realized too late it was a wall mount, not tub mount. No problem they said. I returned it & ordered the correct part. It was threaded poorly & I returned it. I paid for shipping back to them for every return. I paid $198.26 for the original (wrong) part. They refunded me $148 with no explanation. They dinged me to recover their 'free' shipping & assessed 20+% restocking fee. They also were more interested in arguing about the quality of the poorly threaded product than trying to make it right. AND they don't include enough parts to actually install the faucet - but I'm sure they'll be happy to sell them to me. I seriously hope the last one they delivered fits so I can be done with them forever. Between the 2 orders I spent over $500 which I may as well have used to light a cigar. Really... buy anywhere but not from these yahoos.

These people are scammers. Ordered a pump, 1 week later not shipped. Cancelled order, two weeks later they shipped it anyway knowing it was canceled just to collect a 20% cancel fee on purchase. When you read other customer complaints it all falls into place. Do not order from them.

Company did NOT include the hardware to affix the sink to the wall. Description explicitly said mounting hardware was to be included. Sink arrived, plumber unpacked, and hardware was missing. Company agreed to send the hardware, but shipped it to arrive within 3-5 business days. I contacted the company to request expedited shipping, and they refused. Project is held up at least one week by this mistake, and we are out $ due to plumber being called to site without all the components.

I ordered a towel rack ($42.33). They sent me a 2-pack of night light bulbs ($4.00). Now they won't send me the towel rack or give me a refund until they receive the night light bulbs back. And they still haven't sent me a label to return the bulbs. Nothing WORSE than a company that holds customers responsible for their MISTAKES. INCOMPETENT IDIOTS!

I ordered a ceiling fan. They sent one that was about $150 cheaper than the one that was ordered. As it took me over thirty days to finish the bathroom, they told me I could not return it or get a refund for the difference. They are dishonest and do not even seem to have a problem with it. Evidently, the problem was mine for not noticing the problem earlier.

I ordered over $750.00 worth of supplies from this company. The order included 2 sinks with the appropriate drains. No one could tell me which drains could be used on which sinks, and I subsequently received 3 items that had no relevance to either sink. When my plumber arrived to see what was there, it was past their "30-day" requirement and I was told I would have to "eat" these parts for over $200.00. As Aaron said, "We are not plumbers." They just sell plumbing supplies - how profound. I will never order from them again and suggest you be very careful if you decide to.

Do not order from this website. I purchased over $100 worth of items from them and they cancelled the order. When I contacted them, I was told by Aaron that the price advertised that I purchased was not correct and they didn't want to overcharge me for the order and told me I could order them again if I wanted. The new price was only a few dollars higher, but I will use another vendor now that I found out they are scammers. Shady. Do not do business with them!

Stay away from this company. They are ripoffs. Stay away. I ordered a toilet and had to return it because it was the actually the tank, not the bowl. They charged me for the initial free shipping and a restocking fee after I paid $80 to ship it back to them. I got $23 back after they finished charging the fees that were supposed to be free.

Gordian Project, LLC, California - I placed an order for a pedestal sink lavatory. The online description was a pedestal combo with mounting brackets. When only the pedestal arrived, I called to be told by Aaron that it was a mistake and that it was listed correctly but it was still a mistake and that I could purchase the other piece at a discount or they would just issue me an RMA to return the huge box that I now need to take to UPS. I, too, am in retail and I know the value of my customers. If I make a mistake, I own up to it and I stand by my products and company - not this one. There was no help from anyone, even the Supervisor!

I ordered a sink and faucet that were bundled together on their website. But when the plumber came to install them, he said the sink had too many holes, and then I discovered later, the holes were too small for the faucet they had bundled with the sink. The faucet and sink were fine separately, but did not work together. When I requested a return, they told me I not only would have to organize and pay for the freight shipping return on the sink, I would also have to pay them a 20% restocking fee on a sink they recommended I buy, but which did not work with the faucet they recommended I buy it with. Now, I'm having to pay a plumber to drill the holes bigger to accommodate the faucet. Consumers should know that this website puts up misleading combinations of products and has a bad return policy.

I ordered a Moen part for my tub faucet and the part does not fit. I called and asked for an authorization to make a return. I was assured that I would receive complete instructions via email within hours. But I have never received an email containing any instructions. Next, I utilized's own email contact system to request a return authorization and a refund. has not responded to that email note either. I have called several times, but only get an automated answering system that tells me to leave a message. I have left messages and have not received a response. does not seem interested in customer satisfaction, only in getting the money out of your pocket. I would not recommend PlumberSurplus to a friend, even to an enemy.

Purchased in the amount of $35.70. Credit card was charged same day. Company cancelled order because they had the wrong price on website. Now it's $275. I contacted them and was told, "Too bad. We have the right to cancel if a price is incorrect." This is not right! They said they would refund but it is the principal. They should have honored the price for the product and the amount that they charged me. Besides, Home Depot has the same thing online for $55 so how can theirs be $275? Do not buy from these people.

I ordered a sink from this company. It arrived with a small flaw in the rim that caused a cut to my finger. It was not visable unless you looked closely or ran your finger around the edge. I obtained a RMA and returned the sink. We rec'd notice that they did not find any reason for return and charged us a restocking fee of 20%. They now have the sink and insist that it had no flaw. They now have the evidence.

I want a full refund. I should not be paying a restocking fee. As a result of this sink being damaged I also have a overflow drain that i purchased with it that I am having to keep (and pay for) They would not accept the return, even though I no longer had the sink that it went to.

On December 12, 2007 I ordered and was charged for a shower tower with a total cost of $385.36. I ordered this item directly off the website and I was not informed that this item was on back order that there would be a delay in shipment. My bathroom remodel was quickly coming to an end in January, and I still hadn't received my product. I called the customer service number provided on the website but I was directed to an answering machine. I left a voice message on the machine and waited for a call.

I did not receive a call for several days, during which time I called numerous times at different times during the day, and no live person ever answered the phone. Finally, someone returned my call and informed me that the item was on back order and it would be shipped in about a week. A week went by and I never received the item. Again, I went through the process of calling and leaving a message and waiting for a return call. Again, they told me that it would be shipped in a few days.

As I waited and waited the progress of my bathroom was held up by the delivery of this item. I then decided that I could no longer hold up my bathroom remodel and decided to cancel the item. It was now going on 2 months since I had placed my order. I called the customer number and placed my cancellation. The customer service representative took my cancellation request and told me I should be receiving a full refund in a couple of weeks. At this time I clarified with the representative that I expected a full refund including all shipping and handling charges, she agreed.

About 4 days later, I received the item at my door, I told the UPS delivery guy that I canceled this item and I was refusing its delivery. I then called the customer service numbed, left a message and waited for a phone call back. Someone called back letting me know that they had not yet received it back but when they did I would receive a full refund for the mix up. Several weeks went by and I received no refund. Again, I went through the process of leaving several messages until someone called me back. This time, the customer service representative was not even aware that I had refused delivery and let me know that the item had never been received back at their plant. The customer service representative then said she would do some research and track the UPS number and would call me back.

About a day or so later I received a call letting me know that it was somehow shipped to another state! I was told they had put in an order to bring it back to the plant and when they received it back I would be sent my full refund. Several weeks went by and still not refund. Again, I called and left a message and waited for a return call. A customer service representative called me back and let me know that the item was now back at their plant and they would be issuing a refund in several days. Several weeks later, still no refund! I placed another call, and waited for a responsethis same process has continued until today.

Today when someone called, they informed me that the refund would be sent today in the amount of approximately $260. I was not happy and proceeded to inform the customer service representative of this long ordeal they had put me through and that I was told I would receive a full refund and not be penalized for shipping and handling. The customer service representative also informed me that I was now liable for restocking fees!

I asked to speak to a supervisor, after being placed on hold for about 10 minutes the supervisor told me there was nothing she could do and I would have to pay all shipping and handling charges as well as restocking fees. I told her this was unacceptable that that I needed to speak to her superior. She advised me that Josh, a manger, was not currently available and that she would leave him a message to return my call. so here I sit--again--waiting for a return call! I am out $385.36 and countless of hours of time spent on the phone and many fustrations Company Profile

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