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I own a reputable small business which has been selling products online for the past twelve years. Our reviews on every other site are near perfect. We've even received an award for top five internet companies for our line of business. PissedConsumer.com has recently became a thorn in our side. It publishes so-called consumer reviews without any verification or proof whatsoever that the person writing the review has actually made a purchase from our company. It then charges big bucks to remove the complaint! They won't even list the price on their website for this service, you have to call for a "quote" to have the complaint removed. Oh, and for $250 per month they will let you "screen" the complaints prior to them posting them. Ha, what a joke!

How do I know if PissedConsumer is writing the complaint themselves just to extort money from my business? (There are a couple of complaints on there that we have no idea who the customer is nor do we have any record of them buying anything from us.) This has got to be illegal... What a racket they have going on. And shame on Google for allowing them to come up so high under the search engine results when our business name is googled. I will be the first one to sign up for that class action lawsuit!

I run ** in Stratford Upon Avon. I provide a dedicated, meticulous approach to my work, providing service all hours of the day and night via a live chat service. I have been in business 21 years. 3 years ago I found a terrible and malicious review via Pissed Consumer. A customer made me aware of it. To my horror I found this review could be placed without any verification, order receipt number, etc. Due to my transparent approach I linked to the review from my site, Facebook page, etc. highlighting the dangers of such sites but this must have given credibility to the link as the site ranks #2 on Google when searching for **!!

For the past 3 years I have had this site hanging over my head and it's only down to my own reputation and over 1000 positive reviews found on my site (which are ALL third party verified) that I have managed to continue trading. Their site is mentioned every week and it's totally depressing. Pissed Consumer have told me they charge $1000 per review to have them reviewed and removed. This makes their site nothing more than a SCAM. I cannot believe Google can allow their site to be ranked so highly on their search engine. If ANYONE can help - please let me know. If anyone wants to contact me you will find me at my site **. They should be locked up.

PissedConsumer is in fact little more than an extortion operation. It stays just within the law by allowing responses online without paying a fee. The moment you start responding though, they will start with the sales pitches for their paid services. We have hard proof that they in fact have REMOVED POSITIVE COMMENTS posted to their site. They also do absolutely nothing to verify the legitimacy of the complaints posted on their site, many of which are false and libelous. They clearly have no intent of being a legitimate consumer protection organization.

This site has been used to attack and malign my friend Pastor Tom **, a man dedicated to feeding, housing and educating orphans around the world. I posted multiple responses to malicious comments in defense of my friend and just found that every one of them has been deleted. Has anyone considered coming together to form a class action lawsuit against this miserable site?

This company has no regard or concern for people's businesses. Anyone can leave a comment and there is ZERO accounting for the truth. I was wrongly accused of poor business practice on pissed consumer but in order to respond they want a huge fee. Isn't that extortion? This degenerate company should be closed. An attorney fee to remove a comment from pissed consumer is 5k. Absurd!

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Pissedconsumer.com was at one time a reputable consumer complaint platform. Recently I've been watching as several but one individual in particular have been using other people's posts to comment with racist remarks. Some remarks are very racist and hateful but I'll attach a screenshot of a milder one so hopefully this review will get published. I've emailed the address provided for website support and they won't respond therefore they must approve of cyber bullying and racism. I feel that in today's society there should be no room for bullying through racism. If pissedconsumer.com continues to allow this they should be banned from the web.

Slanderous and defaming information posted online - I was recently informed that when my name is "Googled", a complaint from pissedconsumer.com comes up, which includes horrendous and defaming falsified information about me, and my minor daughter. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the work of my ex-husband who is a documented criminal.

I want this removed immediately for the sake of my daughter who recently discovered this, and can't understand why anyone would do this to a child. This company, pissedconsumer.com, has yet to respond to my emails or letters and this posting remains. Is it not illegal to print names of children in disgusting and inappropriate manners?

I had a customer purchase from me that attempted to deceive my company by claiming an item from her order wasn't sent. After I proved that she was trying to deceive my company and she blasted infantries all over on a site such as pissedconsumer.com and http://sheister.net. Any time someone tries to defend my company, this former customer is slandering them and their name as well even going as far as saying I have people working for me and making other completely false statements. The customer in question is defaming and slandering my company without any truth to her statement. Everything she says is taken as truth. It all started when a customer made an order and tried to state that she haven't received an item that was on her order. In the beginning I gave her the benefit of the doubt and began checking the inventory which was correct and the shipping weight of her package. The product that she ordered was 8 ounces.

I checked the inventory and examined the weight of the customer's order without adding the product. The shipping weight of the order without the solution was under 13 ounces which meant that it would have been sent first class. The customer's order was sent out with a weight of 2 pounds and sent out Priority Mail. After I addressed the issue with the customer she changed her story to claim that she was supposed to get something for free with her purchase that was listed in the site's description that isn't even there and it never has been. Once I caught her in my email's, which I still have, she got hostile and began blasting me, my company and my integrity on internet sites. Sales have slumped and has caused emotional distress on myself. I have worked hard to get where I am. The consumer is bitter that I proved she lied.

I registered a complaint on their website. The company, Great American Days, contacted me after reading my complaint and agreed to give me a full refund. The only stipulation was that I have the complaint removed from the site of PissedConsumer.com. I have written to the address of PissedConsumer.com, and I have a called a number that I found on a website. It says to call that number regarding their website and speak to a woman named Joanna. I got no responses from anyone associated to this website. If I don't get the complaint removed, the people at Great American Days will not refund me $300.00.

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