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OnSale and Amazon should address all the grief and dissatisfaction from the cancelled orders on the TouchPad. A $20.00 Amazon gift card to orders cancelled? It would be better to round up a supply of TouchPads and offer delayed shipment to customers who cancelled. Customer's goodwill is most important. Remember what happened to CompUSA and Circuit City? As a holder of a cancelled order, I will base my source of Christmas orders on the Amazon response. Respond in a positive way or just ignore the customer?

I ordered an item from OnSale via Amazon.com. The item showed in stock when I placed the order; however, I received a cancellation three days after placing the order. During this time, I could have purchased this merchandise for a better deal elsewhere. Now, this item has been discontinued. I could not reach OnSale.com customer support via phone or e-mail. The phone number I saw put me on permanent hold and the e-mail I sent went unanswered--unless cancellation is considered a response.

A star was marked in error because they are undeserving of any positive marks. Same goes for Amazon for allowing such behavior. I am very disappointed with Amazon.

I ordered 2 HP tablets during a big sale and OnSale showed in stock. However, after the sale was over, I received a notification that they have cancelled my order. They should not be allowed to cancel an order when a product was in stock. If I wanted to go in there now and order for the original price, I'm sure they would find items in stock. It is unfair to treat customers this way and it's a shame on Amazon for allowing it. I won't shop at Amazon or OnSale again if this isn't corrected and if they don't get my items shipped. This is very, very poor business.

I would like to lodge a complaint about OnSale. I have bought camera from them online. I used my brothers card in this purchase. After one week, they wrote me one mail mentioning that they need all documents of brother credentials which I have sent to them. After five days, no response. When I have called, they said it's not accurate, send again. Two weeks, they have taken money and were not processing the order and no communication from their side every time I have to call them. What a poor service.

At the last after trying all efforts and speaking to their credit card department also nothing worked out and I cancelled my transaction and still waiting for money. Two weeks, they kept my money and gave no response and clue why it's happening. It's actually very unprofessional on OnSale part the way they offered their service to the customers. I would request everyone to not to use OnSale for any kind of shopping or offers.

I purchased the following laptop on 11/29/09 as a Christmas gift for a child. I received the laptop on or about 12/02/09. I wrapped the gift and put it under the tree for the child to open on Christmas day. Upon opening and use, he has had challenges ever since. We have been getting keylock password errors, log-in interface, DLL msgina.dll errors (failed to load), application ODBC32.dll failed to load, etc. He has had very little use of this laptop.

I contacted Onsale.com around the first 10 days of January 2010. I was told that I needed to contact HP.com for them to assist with challenges because it was under their 90-day warranty. I contacted HP, was transferred to several departments and spent over an hour on the phone trying to resolve the issue. I was disconnected from them. Because I was so frustrated, I did not call back. I then went out of town on a business trip for seven days.

Today, I attempted again to call HP.com for support. I was run through a few diagnostics and was told that I was given two disks and I should have the operating system and the driver disks. Only the operating disk for XP Professional for refurbished machines was included with my packet. She told me it would be $10 for me to purchase the driver disk or to install from Internet once we installed operating system. We attempted to reinstall the operating disk. I was on the phone for over two hours again attempting to get help.

I was told by the HP representatives that my warranty was expired. That this machine was purchased on November 2005 and the warranty expired on November 2008. I again repeated that the machine was purchased from Onsale.com and that they have indicated to me that this machine is under manufacturer's warranty for 90 days. The HP rep told me that I would need to send in proof of purchase before she could help. I emailed her my confirmation from Onsale.com of the order. I was then told that the email confirmation with my order number and purchase information was not sufficient, that I would need proof of purchase. I inquired whether the packing slip would suffice. I scanned in this document (attached) and was told that I needed to send to this department to reinstate the warranty.

I continued to attempt installing operating system. Because of the length of time on the phone, I asked the HP rep to call me back in about 40 minutes after it installed and we could continue to next steps. Once I hung up with her, an error message popped up and said hp.sys is corrupt. I called again the number she gave me and when prompted, spoke Business Notebook.

I was directed to an individual who, after providing my case number and gave the update of what had just occurred, indicated to me that my warranty was expired. Again, he stated that the notebook was purchased in November 2005 and the warranty expired in November 2008. I again repeated the process at which I have obtained this laptop and what I was told by Onsale.com about a 90-day warranty. He told me that is not so and there is nothing he can do for me. The warranty does not exist and I need to call Onsale.com. I again repeated what I had been told by Onsale.com. He again told me there is nothing they can do.

I called Onsale.com back. A (Fritz) gentleman answered the phone and I asked to speak to a supervisor. I requested a full refund and I want to return the item. I have spent hours on the phone attempting to get this resolved and this laptop has never worked properly since receiving. He told me that I needed to contact HP.com. I explained what I had already done about installing operating disk, error messages and what I had been told by HP.com reps. He put me on hold to call HP.com and speak to them about the warranty.

He came back after the first call to HP and told me that they told him the same. The warranty is not covered but that he should speak to a different department. I have been put on hold again while he speaks to that department. Already, I have been on a call to Onsale.com for over an hour. So far, today, I have spent nearly three hours on this issue. I am fed up. I want my money back from Onsale.com and I want the computer gone. I have spent a great deal of time on this laptop and am getting nowhere and my time is valuable. The computer has not worked properly since purchasing.

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I bought a Sandisk 2GB Cruzer Mini Falsh Drive online from OnSale.com 12/16/06. There was a SanDisk rebate of $30 on this. I downloaded the Rebate Form(Promotion# 13023) from OnSale.com and submitted to SanDisk. On form it says "PC Mall/Mac Mall/on-Sale.com Rebate Offer". After four months, Sandisk sent me a card which says that rebate is declined due to following reason:

"Offer valid only at PC Mall, eCost, Mac Mall, Club Mac and CCIT"

While the form I filled-in says it was valid for On-Sale.com. I called On-Sale.com (phone#888-760-0300) many times, they always say that tey will contact SanDisk but nothing happens even after one month.
I called SanDisk also they say rebate was not valid for onSale.com.

All these companies are trying to cheat the consumers on rebates.

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