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I do a lot of work from home, so, on moving to a new region of the country, I had a lengthy chat with New Wave reps about the stability of their product at my address. They assured me I would be safe doing business with them. I pay every single month early, and I lose service easily 10 - 20 times per DAY. It happens at all hours--morning to night.

Tech support has spoken with me on the phone and sent agents out to assess the problem. Customer service agents are, to their credit, always polite--as are the agents who come out to my home. However, if you need your car (or heart) fixed, after a while you don't care about how kindly your mechanic (or doctor) is; you just want to know if they can fix what's wrong. Well, New Wave tech support gives me a vague "answer" every time they come out to my home, and the problem persists. Not only that, it's gotten worse every month.

On the advice of one senior tech support agent, I tried using New Wave's own modem, since he surmised the problem was that New Wave corporate hadn't updated their files with the appropriate packet information for communication with my modem (a standard, highly-rated modem, I should add). I continued to lose service with their modem, too.

Now when I call New Wave, trying my hardest to remain calm and respectful, I notice they are no longer picking up. I don't want to be paranoid, but it's as if they recognize my number and just have stopped answering. More, I leave my contact information and a brief summary of the problem, and whereas last year they'd at least call me back, they no longer do that. It's as if they've given up trying to diagnose or fix the problem. But, they continue to cash my monthly checks for intermittent service.

The worst part of this experience is that I relocated here to save money on living expenses, consulted with them in advance, and now I'm here working, my survival is being threatened simply because there's no competitor in the region. My family now has to move AGAIN. And I hear from others in the region that they have similar problems with New Wave. Just do a Google search on "review New Wave." If your company can't offer what you've advertised AND have sold to customers, stop charging us for your sub-par product.

One last thing. An acquaintance of mine told me he'd recently been hired as a local New Wave tech agent. This man and I have always been friendly to each other and I don't mean to malign *him,* but he's become a tech agent for New Wave despite (a) not having a degree of any kind, and (b) being wholly unfamiliar with networking or the basic engineering of the infrastructure (despite a very brief onboarding training, according to him). It's no wonder the tech agents who've shown up to my home so far haven't been able to do anything I myself couldn't do. These are not engineering techs well trained in this technology. I'm profoundly angry that this problem has persisted unabated an entire year AND that now my family has to absorb the cost to relocate to a part of the USA that has sufficient infrastructure development to enable what the UN defines as a basic human right (stable Internet access).


I payed NWC, inc. $170 with shipping for a membership amd after 3 weeks reciecved half of the promised material. since I have sent many emails for more info on the promised money back promise and other things i did not recieve but have not heard one response after 1 month. they are a fraud.

I can't sell things to costumers that I can't get costumer service on.


I placed an order on 7-15-04, recieved half of it about 8-25-04. I still have not recieved the rest of it as of 10-19-04, I have left many voice messages and emails and have not yet had a reply. After I had placed the order, associates of mine told me they had placed orders and either they never arrived or took 6 months.


On the 16 of December 2003 I placed an order for some merchandise through New Wave's website ( After a couple of weeks had passed I emailed them asking if they had recieved payment and if the merchandise had been shipped yet; they replied saying that a shipment had been made for part of the order and that the rest would be shipping soon. However, after many months now, I have yet to receive a single item from them. They have since refused to even answer the several inquiries that I have made on the matter and have ignored my request for a refund. I believe that I have been more than patient with this company, but when they will not even show the common courtesy of responding to my questions it is time for a new course of action.

The total monetary value for the purchased items was $214.65 which has yet to be refunded.


I submitted an order to their web site ( for gaming goods. They charged me for the full amount of $203.10 USD, however only send a partial shipment of what was ordered (in this case I’m buying modeling paint). I wrote to them after a month for a status and they said the rest of my paint is on backorder. Finally after waiting another month I complained and I received another part shipment. It’s been 5 months (with a number of e-mails to them) and I still have only received half my order.

I contacted the company that manufactures the paint and found that there isn’t a shortage in the US. After this I started investigating and found a newsgroup (see and found other people that have similar situations to me. New Wave will only fill part of the order making excuses about backorder / shortages of supplies hoping that people will give up and go elsewhere. I think that credit card laws state that you can only charge someone for goods that are on premise, so this is where there is a weakness in their scam. It would be great if someone at Consumer Affairs could confirm this for me. Normally I wouldn’t make an issue of this to the Consumer Affairs if I thought this incident was only limited to myself, however I know other people are going though this as well.

So far I've lost approx $100 US, however I'm hoping to minimise this. I may look at contact my bank that issues my VISA and see if they are able to help. Still I think potentially many other people could be losing more than me.

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New Wave Net Corp
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