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They have everything! It was kinda fun to be able to look up anyone I wanted and check out their background. I was able to look up blind dates, my mechanic etc. They were able to get every report I could have ever wanted! They get background, address, phone and arrest reports. Even lawsuit and educational background!!! It was much cheaper than other sites I have visited. By about an average of 30 percent cheaper. I was highly impressed with the amount of information you get for the price. This was definitely the one site that had the best value and quality for the money I paid for it. It was refreshing to see a site that wasn't trying to take my first born just to make sure that the contractors working on my house weren't thieves or someone that had been arrested for embezzlement!

They offer a wide range of services that I use over and over again. When my daughter started dating this questionable guy, I did a background check on him and found out that he had been in jail a few times. The report type was easy enough to decipher and read. It wasn't too complicated to figure out and it told you everything you needed to know. It's one of the easiest to read. The price for a monthly subscription is very reasonable. I have used it a few times and it's worth every penny that I have spent on it. It's a great service that I will continue to use. The perceived value is very good for the service that you receive. I pay a low monthly fee for unlimited use. I enjoy it very much and use it as much as I can.

A customer can find a list of all of the pricing options on their website in a small bottom bar tab. There is a spreadsheet that pops up for customers to view that has a list of all of the pricing options at KnowX. KnowX has been in business for now seventeen years, and their Mother Company has been around even longer than that beginning in 1975. Being in business this long is a huge benefit to customers because they more readily know how the industry runs. They can be competitive in their pricing but still give their customers a fair deal for their product. KnowX also has an advantage being apart of such a large corporation like LexisNexis because of the resources this gives them.

Very few online background check companies offer online chat help to their customers and KnowX is one of those companies. They also provide an emailing option for anyone who would rather send in a question via email. However, with both forms of communication, they are only available to help at certain times of the day and week.

Wide range of services for me to use, easy to navigate and use with accurate results on background check that I ran on the site. Was easy to find what I needed. The report type was a background check, was easy to find and the site was easy to navigate to find the report that I wanted to run with no trouble whatsoever. The price for this was very competitive compared to other background check services and it was the cheapest option available from checking around other services. The value was great compared to the other services that I had checked on before. This one was the best value for the price and I am very glad that I chose this service.

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KnowX is a background check company created in 1997. It provides customers with access to public records in the U.S.

  • OFAC list check: KnowX offers the ability to check the OFAC List, which can help people identify terrorism suspects, potential drug traffickers, and more.
  • Range of subscription options: KnowX offers clients a variety of subscription options and payment plans, which offer customers different numbers of checks and access to the site based on the amount they pay.
  • Simple to use: KnowX offers a minimalist, clean and simple website that is easy for customers to use as any traditional search engine.
  • Customer service options: Customers of KnowX have several convenient customer service options, which makes using the site easy. KnowX has an online FAQ, an e-mail help function, an online customer service chat, as well as phone support.
  • Reputation: KnowX has been in business for nearly two decades, which means it has a successful reputation for providing public records and background information.
  • Best for People utilizing online dating sites.

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