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Last updated: July 21, 2017

30 HubPages Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 21, 2017

I have been writing on HubPages for over 5 years. During that time I have had no problems getting my articles published and featured. My views and earnings have gradually increased. I'm not ever going to earn a living by writing there, and you should not expect to either. They are picky about the good English thing, and they have a lot of restrictions about how many and what kind of links you can have in your articles. HubPages has been penalized by Google for "spammy" content in the past. So, they don't like anything that smacks of over-promotion. Amazon ads are especially scrutinized.

If you are looking to "get rich quick" or promote your own business, then this is not the site for you. In fact, I don't think that site exists on the Internet anymore. They also do not allow "duplicate content." If what you are posting is substantially similar to anything else posted on the web, it will not be allowed. HubPages is the best site on the web for amateur writers who do not want to create their own website to publish content. If you are an original author, and write quality articles that follow their rules, they will be published, and have a fair chance at earning you a few bucks.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 30, 2017

My articles have received over a million views on Hubpages, so at least some of them are highly popular. I would probably have two million views if I hadn't taken one of the articles off of Hubpages and converted it into a Kindle report. Like many others who have commented here, the staff of Hubpages are entirely unhelpful. For starters, if they decide an article "needs improvement," the author gets to guess what the improvement might be. I'm a published author, and my books have received amazing reviews on Amazon. So forgive me if I'm not able to guess correctly.

Many years ago, the staff put all my articles into the Hubpages 'doghouse.' This means that any changes made to an article I make results in the article being unpublished to a couple days or more. This includes a adding or subtracting a single comma from one of my articles. In fact, once the edit function is clicked, it means the Hubpage gets temporarily unpublished.

This killed the traffic one of my articles was getting from Pinterest, for example. Pinterest was sending on average 1,000 visitors a day to one of my Hubs back in mid 2016. But as soon as Pinterest noticed the link was bad, visits from Pinterest have fallen off the table. Right now I get fewer than 200 visits for all my Hubs per day.

No amount of effort has gotten me out of the Hubpage 'doghouse.' As others have reported, responses are either unhelpful - such as telling me my articles are not unpublished although there is a notice at the top of the Hub in question of the pending nature of the article until a review is completed - or they just don't respond at all.

I learned the hard way to stay away from the forum. It's populated by cranks and unhelpful moderators. Moderators will totally ignore what the issue is, i.e., suspending articles that have been edited, while expressing a generalized defense of a nongermane issue. Then when you bring it up again they advise contacting support - support that is not answered! Starting at the beginning of the year, the ad revenue has fallen 75% although the visits were about the same before and after the new year started. Those commissions are going somewhere - just not to me.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 16, 2017

    I recently signed up for HubPages due to a recommendation from a blogger's article. I reasonably assumed that I could post some articles I had written but published on other forums. It turns out, it wasn't such an honest mistake! I got one warning that my articles had already been published. But they never gave me a chance to learn from the experience and "banned" me and even put a notice on my page that I was "banned" for anyone who chances upon my page to see. Did I post pornography? No. Did I post a call to violence? No. Did I threaten anyone? No. All I did was post some of my already-existing articles in one shot. These were all business marketing-related articles.

    I even put a link on a couple of my websites, so if someone were to click on that link, they'll see that I was "banned." Bad me! So, I wrote to them, and this is the lousy response I got back..."Hello, your HubPages account has been permanently banned as a result of serious rules violations. Your account cannot be reinstated. We wish you luck in your online writing ventures." "Serious rules violations..." Who else has a "serious rule" that you're not allowed to publish your own article on more than one service? NO ONE. In essence, HubPages sucks.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 28, 2017

    I have been with HubPages for 2 years and I felt the need to chime in a bit. I see a lot of negative reviews and I personally feel they are slightly misleading. HubPages is an online writing platform, complete with easy to use templates and zero cost to the user. You can make money. What I notice most about complaints is the lack of money people are making. This greatly has to do with many Hubbers simply putting together content and posting it. Although the content may be extremely well written if you are not putting in any effort to research SEO and keywords for your articles you cannot expect a large amount of traffic. When I first joined I barely had any views, largely because I had no idea what keywords and SEO were and why I needed to use them. So I put in a little time, did some research and I am now making payouts from HubPages. I have under 100 articles (hubs) published and get steady views daily.

    You do have to write and make sure you adhere to the guidelines in order to pass the quality assessment process to have your articles published. People tend to get discouraged but of the 3 times I have been asked to edit an article so it would be published, I found errors. There is money to be made here if you are willing to put forth the effort in creating content. Using your own high quality images, and creating in depth content while researching keywords will greatly help you in growing a fan base, and getting a large number of daily views.

    You will not get rich quick, and you will have to work for your payouts. The recent addition of niche sites means even greater potential for income growth with HubPages. Articles that fall into these niche sites and are well written are handpicked and moved to those sites. These sites generate more views than the articles I have on the basic HubPages sites and have more than doubled my payouts, and daily views. All in all it is a great way to start blogging without paying for your own domain and web hosting services.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 9, 2017

    When it was Squidoo it was fine, became Hub and it was okay, was left same as was Squidoo... until today I find my one page UNpublished. My page spoke of my joy of collecting old VHS classic movies, talking film with other film fans, my collecting 16mm film to project out under the stars, as well as obscure books that were made into films.

    The reasons they gave for halting my page was it was too spammy and the cover of one of the book's pictures not high enough resolution. I removed what I figured they must consider "spammy" my link to Facebook, Pinterest??? As well as the picture of the book cover they pointed out. Did all I could but still would not let me publish, so I thought it was just a bug or site glitch but when inquired got an email back telling me I needed to have at least 5 lengthy article pages turned in & published... sounded like high school homework, way too time consuming and rigid in their expectations... sucked all the joy out of it and I quit. They should be "SnubPages" NOT HubPages.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 10, 2016

    It has been long that I wrote in HubPages. Recently I have opened a new account with HubPages with the intention to share my knowledge with other Hubbers. Having said that, the experience now is far different than it used to be. Last time I was writing with the intention of promoting affiliate links and was based on a diversified range of topics on weddings and events. The approval rates then wasn't as cumbersome as it is now. I not quite sure of where they are heading but definitely on the top of the list for being the most hated. My approval rate then never exceeded 2 times for review but now it was worse.

    For now they got this alien language or moderator team who expect writers to know their mistakes and make the necessary adjustments to our journals. I have even wrote in to feedback but it seems to be on deaf ears. Never in my experience in HubPages that I had to go for more than 5 times review just for an article. Perhaps their level of English is the level of the solar system or otherwise their language might be of a third world country.

    For my recent article was to share some knowledge on how hubbers can learn photography and use the correct filters meant to create a certain effect, with all the details my hub (article) was permanently unpublished. That was after the fifth time I submitted for review. I have removed educational videos from B&H, removed one affiliate link (the ONLY one) and even to the extend of removing source links from images which violates copyright. With that still my article remains unpublished and they simply left a note that the article needs improvement. A general go-to term that they usually use. Feeling really pissed I decided to write this review.

    For goodness sake, I haven't had any issue with my articles when I posted them on EzineArticles (which is higher and more demanding than HubPages). However it seems that they are in their own world. My advise to fellow writers is not to waste time on HubPages as well as Squidoo (coz HubPages recently bought over). You will most probably come across the same issue as me and other reviewers on this page. Don't waste your precious time writing on HubPages and any of their associated websites. Our articles are precious and it requires the least some respect.

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    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 7, 2016

    I have used Hubpages for 4 years now. When I created my first account back in 2012, I was an oblivious, and extremely motivated journalist and creative writer. I wrote 100+ articles there within a couple months, but I can't tell you how many times every one of those articles were ridiculed and unpublished by the Hubpages Team over extremely small errors, flaws, or rule-breaking content. I honestly believed the problem was with me; that I was an amateur writer and I just needed to learn from the best (Hubpages Team themselves). Well, not once did they ever tell me what exactly needed to be fixed on my site articles, so I they forced me to play a guessing game every time I wrote a new article.

    My articles (they call them 'Hubs') were near flawless most of the time, so much so that I was invited by HubPages themselves to take part in a program that enabled me to moderate and teach other users to write. I fell in love with Hubpages, until they showed me their darker side. I had successfully published over 100 Hubs by this time. I had completed a HubPages Leader program, and I have a positive stream of viewers on a daily basis. What was the worse thing out of it all? I have ONLY MADE $150 since then. Four years and tens of thousands of viewers later, I make $0.10 per day.

    I feel mocked, belittled, and betrayed to say at the very least. I recently made my own website this past week and I am very happy to say that I already have a steady, small audience. I visited HubPages one last time, today, to publish more articles and possibly make more pocket change, but they decided to unpublish a product review and an article on Astrology. Both articles were filled with images, context, and professionalism... I've decided not to lie to myself about HubPages any longer. I am still quite embarrassed having put my sweat and tears into the website, but I will never work for them again.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 25, 2016

    After having used the site for a day I decided it was rather cumbersome to use as nothing seemed simple to use. But it won't let me shut my account down easily though just like with everything else! Has everyone else had the same problem?? Most bloggers rave about this site but I think it's just another scam. I also would like to state it asks for an awful lot of information when signing up and you can't just simply get to anything without having to do a million things first!

    profile pic of the author
    Original review: July 14, 2016

    They told me to improve my hub then I did for 5 times and then he unpublished my hub for 5 times. I'm looking for a better website which tells me exactly what I should do to make the moderator "satisfied". I'm disappointed.

    Original review: April 27, 2016

    I know several great writers who were members of hubpages. All of them left after being unfairly singled out & banned for "alleged" rule-breaking, although all around them, 90% of the members did all the same things. Their Administration is biased, unfair & treat their writers like dirt beneath their feet. Money is so little. It's not worth the time to sign in. These people were amazed at the crap they had to endure from other members & could not reply in kind or be banned. The original big mouth got away with murder while a person giving them a taste of their own medicine was called out. Think about it. Would you even consider putting up with that? NO!

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: April 14, 2016

    I have found on HubPages extreme prejudice by their moderation team against Christians and their beliefs. Here is just one example of which there are many. One writer there, his username is "**" started publishing HubPages 6 weeks ago starting with "Genesis Chapter 1 - Bible According to Satan" and so far ending with "Genesis Chapter 5 - Bible According to Satan". All his "chapters" are full of vulgarity and profanity, e.g. the first chapter uses variations of the "F" word in 6 verses and referring to Jesus. He and his HubPages have been reported and flagged for violations multiple times from the day his first Chapter was published and no moderator has done anything to put an end to this. Were this guy doing the same thing to the Koran you can bet they'd have banned him the first day!

    I have come across HubPages that were nothing but a non-stop sentence after sentence of profanity aimed at Christians and Christianity, profanity so vulgar I'd never even seen it used that way anywhere in all my life! How can they allow such stuff to be published when HubPages have to be approved to be published? Yet they will censor HubPages with facts about transgenders or Muslims in a heartbeat if one person flags them as hate speech. I've been on this site for many years and can attest to these things as fact. How HubPages determines what is of literary acceptance or violation of their rules is a joke and their moderators are fostering a cult of vulgarity and religious intolerance on their site like I've never seen.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Feb. 27, 2016

    Push you to join just when you want to read a blog and then ban you from the site if you don't give them all the information they want on you.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 27, 2016

    Please cancel my account and PayPal association. I recently discovered my account was banned. I was not even given the courtesy of notification. After doing some research and delayed due diligence, I do not wish to be associated with a company with so many complaints filed against it. It is ironic that you ban my account, then allow it to be linked to PayPal. I find your actions unprofessional and not worthy of my interest. Again please delete all traces of my account.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 8, 2015

    I participated on HubPages for over 2 years. I wrote over 500 hubs, along with many accolades. Let us just say the experience was just fine until I was singled out by the very narrow-minded liberals. Not only referring to other writers but the HubPages staff as well. The administration has its pets and will side with them regardless of the topic. In other words, save yourself the wasted time and hard work. The pay is very minimal. The rules and regulations only apply to a certain few. To sum it up, stay away from this site!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 6, 2015

    I have been writing on HubPages for 5 years. Many people join thinking they can write crappy short articles with pictures that are not sourced, or articles that have been copied and pasted from around the internet, and somehow make hundreds of dollars. That will never happen. Making money writing online is… WORK!!! You have to learn how to write in ways that is reader-friendly. You also have to learn SEO, keywords, and social media marketing. I have 50 articles on HubPages and I make money. Will you get rich? NO! It is however possible to make money. I know of a few people on HP making hundreds ($500+) a month. I am not one of them because I don't commit nearly as much time or write nearly as many articles. It is possible for those who aren't lazy and don't expect results overnight!

    The community is also amazing. I became homeless a couple years ago. A fellow writer started a forum thread on HP for me. Enough money was raised for me to afford deposits on utilities. While that is not something that happens often, the community is still amazing, even among people who have differing opinions. People come to HP from places like Squidoo or Bubblews who had low standards and allowed spam, and they basically go through culture shock because HP doesn't put up with low quality or spam.

    With that said a lot of the policing done is up to the other members, and well we can't catch everything to flag it, so some spam still makes it through. If you go to the Q and A section and start posting spam, you will be banned. This isn't a site to babysit anyone. When signing up for HP we all agree to the Terms Of Service. Violate it and they will boot you out, sometimes without explanation! With all that said, I love HP. I've been on it for many years. Yes, it's a lot of work and learning, but long run it is very worth it!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 13, 2015

    I began writing on this site for two reasons. The first was for the experience. I needed to know if I was any good and if others would be interested. The other was to earn some extra Money with their advertising. I have written almost 200 short stories and articles and I have found that I am a pretty good writer. I had many people read my articles and leave comments and I had a base of 250 people that followed me. This site build my confidence and allowed me to follow through with the children's books that I wanted to write.

    That was the positive experience that I had. When it came to their advertising and payment plan, that was pretty much a disappointment. I have had 200 articles posted on this site since 2010 and I average approximately 3 to 7 cents a day in earnings. I was led to believe that I could make as much as $500 to a thousand dollars a month and that just didn't happen. This was primarily because the system was too complicated and I just did not understand how to link and draw traffic to my articles. All in all for me it was a positive experience and my articles are still posted there today. I still get small checks once a year or so.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 1, 2015

    I was one of the writers imported to Hubpages from Squidoo. I had about a 1000 pages on Squidoo, spread over 4 accounts. In addition to the account I already had, that made 5 accounts. On Squidoo I was a respected author. Yesterday my accounts were all banned. I found out because someone noticed that one of my accounts said so. I had received no mail on the topic and on the HubPages backend it did not tell me that I was banned. All I could see was that my pages had all been unpublished. I have heard from Hubpages: they will pay out what is owed me. However, I don't know what I did wrong to get banned. I'm being treated as a spammer. I'm not.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 4, 2015

    I recently tried to publish to hub pages. Because I wanted to be able to show my products to my zazzle store. I tried to publish it twice. Each time they would say that they could not post it due to it being poorly structured and overly promotional. Never mind, they have plenty of other people that are doing exactly the same thing. I'm still in their so-called boot camp whatever that is so apparently everything I post is subject to their scrutiny. I don't understand what it is that they want, and I don't care too. Needless, to say I deleted my hub page and closed my account. Their standards are just too rigid and self-aggrandizing for my liking. I will look for something much more user friendly. They are not it.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 23, 2015

    I just finished building my website and has been ready for business the past 2 months. I have not had any members to date yet I found my web address on a list of so called "Scam sites" on a hubpages article. When looking through this article I found other comments from angered businesses who also found their links on this website. Hubpages makes it literally impossible to contact them directly about these types of problems. My only choice was to post it in a forum and in that post I encouraged the other business owners to contact me for a class action suit. I have been working online for over 10 years now and frankly I am just tired of these businesses allowing this type of behavior.

    A respectable site would not allow you to slander anyone. The problem is this person obviously did not join the 100 websites he has listed as scams so I would like to know what real proof he has that any of these businesses are fraudulent? I certainly know he has never joined mine and I know that my business is not a scam. This is often done when someone is trying to promote their own business. Hubpage blocks you from adding promotional links however all you need is followers and email addresses which leads to potential sales. This is the probably motive for this man using our websites as a lure to obtain these sales leads. This is a dirty and dishonest way of doing business. Nevertheless if you are a honorable business you would not allow these types of dirty tactics.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 9, 2015

    I've been a member there for years. Complaints about serious rules violations by atheists or abortionists go unanswered while any member of those groups can report a post by a Christian simply because it calls them out on a lie or proves them wrong, and it results in an immediate ban. HubPages refuses to cite the specifics of the alleged violation, usually not even responding to emails asking for clarification. Moderators have retaliated to forum posts by unpublishing my HubPage about atheism with a bogus reason after it had been published for 3 years. Over a week of asking why it was unpublished (because the bogus reason couldn't be corrected as it did not exist), I elicited no response. I had to get a hold of a supervisor who republished it immediately. HubPages is moderated by prejudiced and unfair moderators. I've talked to more than a few of my followers who are Christians who have had the same experiences a couple of which left because of it. Many of us will not use it anymore as they will not respond to complaints about the moderation.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Nov. 22, 2014

    I was a member of Squidoo from November 2012 until August 2014. It was in August 2014 that Squidoo writers were shocked by a sudden announcement that HubPages had acquired Squidoo. This obviously had been planned for many months, although Squidoo writers were kept in the dark and many misleading statements were made about the future of Squidoo and supposed improvements. The deadline for either transferring all articles to HubPages or opting out was very short, about two weeks.

    Meanwhile, there were many questions not answered. So on Squidoo, I specifically asked about our payments, and whether going along with the transfer was required to get all the pay that we are owed. The answer was that this was not a requirement, and that all money owed would be given for any articles deleted. Therefore, I deleted all of my articles on August 20th and expected full payment for them. Turns out I only got about half of what I was owed. They lied to me, and punished me and other writers who did not go along with the transfer. I later found out that they only had intended to pay writers for Amazon and eBay commissions, and they confiscated earning from ads.

    They also said that any accounts without featured articles would not transfer to HubPages. However, after I had deleted all of my articles (but not my account), they still transferred my account and username and photo to HubPages - requiring me to make a password with HubPages and then go into the website and deleted my account. So this was another lie. Meanwhile another site by Squidoo, called HugDug, existed and they gave zero information about what was happening to HugDug. I deleted all of my reviews from HugDug just in case, and they much later announced that, basically, HugDug reviews were incompatible with HubPages and all would be deleted.

    This entire situation was done manipulatively, giving writers very little time to adjust - with obvious intent of trying to force writers onto HubPages. How HubPages can make a deal to "acquire" Squidoo articles, which never belonged to anyone but the writers, is beyond me and has to be illegal. The way they tried to maximize this acquisition was through manipulation and lies - such as giving very short notice, misleading everyone up to the sudden announcement, and the false statements such as the ones I shared above about payments, and about accounts transferring.

    Due to HubPages' obvious complicity in this entire situation, I will never consider writing for them, and I believe that many writers who allowed their articles to be transferred felt they had no other option, no time to adjust - which was what HubPages intended and hoped for. I was willing to lose my monthly dollar amount, and to take my time putting my articles up elsewhere, rather than have my work displayed on the website of a company that had very much proved itself to be the exact opposite of trustworthy.

    However, I wasn't willing to lose the money that they had promised me, and I have to wonder how much they confiscated like this from writers as punishment for not consenting to the transfer. I also know that they transferred authors' work who had never consented whatsoever to having their content moved to HubPages. The sale of work that did not belonged to them, as mentioned above, has to be completely illegal. Terms of Service stated that the work belongs to the authors/writers. The whole transaction is permeated with lies, deceit, and manipulation.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 18, 2014

    Been on since 2004, I started to create new hubs, one was kicked back for duplication (which it was MY work). I tried to fix it, again kicked back so I just deleted it. Then I was permanently banned as a result of serious rules violations including, but not limited to, promoting a prohibited site and duplicate hub. I have no idea what this is in reference to so I sent an email asking for clarification on the rules broken. They would not respond, just kept telling me that you are banned so I just requested to have all of my work deleted from their site (they don't need to make money off of MY work). I already had copies of all of it saved. Stay clear of this site! Ridiculous that you can ban someone for breaking rules that they didn't (never made a dime from this site!).

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 10, 2014

    On September 13th, 2014 I received an email from HubPages stating: "**: Your Lenses Have Been Imported!" Without my permission and despite my numerous public protests during the Squidoo-HubPages acquisition, Seth Godin et al. sold my user information and content to Paul Edmondson et al. HubPages Terms of Use (TOU) states: "18. GOVERNING LAW - These Terms will be governed by the laws of the State of California without regard to its conflict of law provisions." California's receiving stolen property law (Penal Code 496) imposes harsh criminal penalties on people who buy, receive, conceal, sell, or withhold from the owner any property that they know has been stolen.

    Marina **, Product and Quality Manager for HubPages, was asked if money actually changed hands in the acquisition. Her answer was yes. Squidoo's Terms of Service stated: "7. OUR PRIVACY POLICY IS YOUR PRIVACY POLICY - We will NEVER, however, disclose personally identifying information, except as specifically authorized by you or in the good faith belief that such action is reasonably necessary to comply with the law, legal process..." Both Squidoo and HubPages had/have identical statements in their terms of service/use: "HubPages [Squidoo] does not claim ownership of Your Hub Content or Author Content. Such content will be owned by You or a third party from whom You got permission to post the content."

    I reported HubPages to the IC3 within 24 hours of finding that email (still unopened) in my inbox. No one asked my permission - they just took my work, identity, profile, and 293 of my articles and sold it for ??? What's more, I won't get paid for any of it unless I "verify my payment information" with HubPages and accept their Terms of Use. This is criminal. It's like finding your car stolen one morning and then receiving an email from the thief stating, "I have your car! In order to get paid something for it, you need to send me your payment information."

    On InfoBarrel (where I was planning to put my articles), I've written about this. I've included screenshot proof, video, public posts, and the laws which have been broken throughout this illegal sale of content owner's (author's) work. ** Not only have I filed with the IC3, I've file DMCA notices with HubPages ISP and the Google Removals Team.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 29, 2014

    They never gave me the chance to write article. They banned without any reason before I wrote any article. They DID not give any reason.

    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 18, 2014

    I'd been writing for HubPages for 21 mos. almost 2 years by my math. I never had an issue, had followers, got reviews, feedback, etc. I didn't or couldn't make much money on the ads, my niche which was focused on the disabilities, advocacy and assistance (medical, financial or social service support) of those with Mental Illnesses and mentally based disabilities (Autism, ADHD, etc.). I am a freelance writer and have been hired to write articles, e-books, e-magazines, blogs, forums, etc., so I know a little about what sells and what doesn't sell, how to SEO articles (because of experience), how to make them attractive for the client who hired me. I've written on every topic (clean topics, nothing pornographic or hate crime type) from coffee to olives and everything in between.

    Imagine my shock when hubs I wrote that once passed the publishers on HubPages suddenly became unpublished unceremoniously and without notice. I had 20 such hubs, received accolades and followers. What was their problem? I discovered they had a so-called "boot camp" run by snobs and "snobettes" that think nothing of tearing apart good quality hubs. As many posters here have shared, they let Hubbers whose hubs sound like a 2nd grader wrote them stay. Actually it's more like they hadn't gotten to those yet. By my calculation, in the next year, they will only have their hubs published, everyone else unless you know the publishers will be edged out either out of frustration of because HubPages booted them out.

    I thought I left the bullies on the playground when I graduated high school, but, I see bully tactics are alive and well on HubPages. Thanks for nothing guys. Enjoy your elitist club.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 24, 2013

    I have been on HubPages for 4 years, not there to make money, but to practice my writing, and to share with other writers. I actually had 3 accounts. One for fiction writing. One as a "daily blog" about what I was doing in my little world. One for writing about current events. I got into a "comments" debate with a staff member (didn't know she was a staff member at the time) over a Hub I wrote about dangerous breeds of dogs.

    Well the next thing I knew, I was publishing Hubs that were unpublished by HubPages, sometimes within a quarter of an hour after publishing them. Also Hubs that had been up and running for months were suddenly no good. For example, I wrote a Hub titled "The Rapist" which was a play on the word THERAPIST that was deemed no good because of the violent content. If a staff member had bothered to read the Hub, they would have realized there was nothing about physical, sexual assault anywhere in the article. In fact it was a humorous.Hub. All three accounts began to be weeded through, with Hubs dismissed by the staff.

    I Unpublished one of my Hubs which had received over 75,000 views myself, so the staff can no longer make money off their ad program, with my work. In fact, I have unpublished several of my big ticket Hubs. I have begun to publish in hard copy form. I recommend other Hubbers who have something meaningful to say, those who write for the joy of writing, and who have a talent for writing, to go the hard copy route. Whether you self-publish, or get an agent, there's way more money in it than you will ever make on HubPages. And, you can write to your heart's content!

    I have very loyal "fans" at HubPages, and have even developed real friendships with other Hubbers. But I do not recommend HubPages to anyone. If you can't get into the "club" or if you dare to disagree with a staff member, you get blackballed, discouraged, and "run out of town" in HubLand! Also, some of their "successful" Hubbers, those with just hundreds of Hubs, who write as if they are experts about everything from A to Z, are allowed to continue to publish, no matter how canned their writing is, no matter if you are able to go find the near exact wording on sites such as Wikipedia.

    I have seen on my "Stats" where other Hubbers have visited my Hubs (one Hubber is chronic), then go back and write almost the exact same Hub as mine, and are allowed to stay published! On the other hand, I have had Hubs unpublished by staff after I have spent hours, and sometimes DAYS researching a particular subject, with the reason being "duplicate". Then after using every keyword I can think of in the HubPages search bar, looking for what they thought I duplicated, finding nothing! It's just a joke.

    One of their favorite all consuming reasons for unpublishing me is "needs improvement". So I go back and check my sentence structure, let spell check do its thing. Add a couple of paragraphs, maybe another photo or video. Republish it, and BOOM! It's unpublished again. Yet, I can go on HubPages, and find Hubs up and running, that could have been authored by a 4th grader! Sentences that run on and on. One thought repeated over and over in the same paragraph. Misspelled words. Hubs that are one or two paragraphs long. Several Hubs on the same subject, with no different insights offered, one from the other!

    Yes HubPages is a "club" and if you dare to step out of line, you get your butt kicked! There is no free speech on HubPages. If you become disfavored, it doesn't matter what you write, be it a children's story, or a Hub about the bullish silver market, it will be stomped into the graveyard of HubPages revenge.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 21, 2012

    I was censored out of existence by HubPages.com! I had been a regular Hubber, and my interest base was the Australian Artist James DeWeaver. I had received over 1,000 visitors to my 13 hubs that I had posted. One day, I received a violation for not writing an article or Hubs which advertising could accompany on the same page. Next day, all of my Hubs have been removed, with no rhyme or reason!

    If you type my name into Google, you'll see the results of HubPages.com censorship of my work, very bad for business, and I’ll take my talents elsewhere, thank you! HubPages.com you really hurt my feelings! My prediction is HubPages.com won't even exist in 2 years time if they keep censoring people who have complied with all their (HubPages.com) requirements for many months, and can't get their article up because HubPages can't find accompanying advertising, what **!

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    Original review: Dec. 30, 2011

    I wrote on the HubPages portal for almost four years. By accident, I had stumbled on to a nice niche topic. After three years, I had over 220 hubs and was getting almost 7,000 unique visits per day. I was making about $800 per month from HubPages alone. Without warning, and as far as I know, without any reason, in one fell swoop everyone of my hubs was unpublished. One of them, the day before un-publishing, was getting more than 5,000 unique visits per day.

    I wrote to one of the staff, who had sent me a letter, addressing me as a top hubber, asking what they could do to get me to write more hubs, asking him what had happened to my account. I got no reply, not even a note to tell me to buzz off. I wrote to Paul **, owner or founder of HubPages, but got no answer. What I can say is, I learned a lot about writing online at HubPages. I also learned not to trust them, or put all your eggs in one basket. Since this happened to me, I know five more people that had the same thing happened to their accounts. None of use were violating any rules or doing anything we had not been doing for over 1 to 4 years, making money for ourselves, and Mr. **. Now, I write for a pay per word website, and I am making double what I made at HubPages.

    I am not saying not to write there, but do not be surprised if they yank your articles for no reason. They thought their site as open, that anyone can write as they want, as long as it is not in violation of Adsense rules. That is a load of cow dung. The consequences would have been disastrous, if I had not been picked up by this other site. As it is, things happen for a reason, even if we don't know what they are. But HubPages lies when they say it is an open forum.

    My attorney is watching HubPages, and if someone there starts to publish my old items, we will sue them for abuse of my first amendment rights. Some of the other people they did this same thing to, live in other countries, and the few hundred dollars a month they were making was saving their lives and putting their children through school. HubPages yanked that away from them, with not one single word of explanation. In short , you have been warned. Write for HubPages and get burned. They absolutely are the most despicable liars on the face of the earth.

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    Original review: May 11, 2010

    I published a blog on Hubpages.com. They solicited me and I accepted. However, they just deleted three images that I published saying they were "vulgar" and "pornographic." They are not, one is a picture of a dog in a window, the other is a young black man with a white dove on his shoulder and the last one is a "Rorschach" looking image indeed made of a nude couple, but you cannot see any genitalia, and even if you did, it would not be pornographic, it is an inkblot test relating to an old joke. If you know it, the punch line is, "You're the one with the dirty pictures." These works are works of art. My work is sold as such at art fairs and in galleries all over the U.S., Canada and even Europe. Hubpages is guilty of art censorship, violation of my First Amendment rights--censorship of art is unconstitutional. I can publish or email the pictures if anyone would like or look at my website **, under black and white photography, under photoserigraphs and under nudes to see all three.

    Original review: March 10, 2009

    HubPages is a site created by Paul Edmondson. It allows people to create pages to voice their opinions on what ever topics they choose while earning money. Hub Authors, as they are called, earn money by generating people to their pages in the hopes of the viewer clicking onto the numerous Ads within that page. A Hub Author chooses a topic that will bring the most viewers. The problem with this is they don't need to have credentials on their topic nor do they have to let people know they are just voicing their opinion. Most viewers who are led to these hub pages, via a search engine, don't realize this, unless they have a reason for looking into it.

    HubPages is tied in with Google. Google, in turn, will lead a lot of people to HubPages with its search engine results. I looked into safe pet foods and was led to a hub page created by Susan Peters... under the profile: AskSusanPeters. For three days I was researching her pages on pet food ratings and taking notes on which ones to consider and which ones to avoid.

    For someone coming upon her site for the first time, you really believe she is qualified in this area. On the third day of researching, a red flag went up. I was reading other peoples posts and feeling like they were... very confused. Susan Peters is confusing a lot of sincere pet owners who, after the recall, are still searching for a safe pet food. She has been doing this for two years now. Her ratings contradict each other. For example, she rated Kumpi Kat food a 10/10 and said: Looks like a winner to me! and at the same time, on another page, she rates it Dangerous and Toxic.

    One of the goals for a hubber is to up their page count in order to gain points and earn income. One of her readers asked her if she was confusing us purposely to make us jump around to all her pages in order to up her page count. Anyway, I use Kumpi pet food and was happy when I read the first rating but, after reading her ratings on this same pet food on another of her pages stating it as dangerous and toxic... I was dumbfounded.

    What angers me is that there are so many innocent pet owners hanging on to her every word. They think she is either a veterinarian or pet food nutritionist. When someone asks her what her credentials are, she completely ignores them. She is neither, she is a pet groomer. She also has a court case online suing a pet food company. The judge in that case even stated that Susan Peters lacks credibility due to the inconsistencies in her filed complaints.

    The reason I am writing my complaint here is because today I realized that after posting my concerns last week to Susan Peters and Paul Edmondson on their HubPages and to warn Susan Peters' readers that she is not a professional, I have been blocked completely from both their sites. I had my suspicions that I was being blocked because there were no comments left after mine for days... on any of the pages I posted on.

    I searched the HubPage website and learned that they can mark a poster as a spammer and completely block them. This allows the person to continue to post a comment without realizing no one is seeing it. This is a site for the public to post comments without having to register and give your e-mail address, so how they are blocking me disturbs me (but doesn't surprise me). I'm upset because I only want to warn all the innocent people on Susan Peters' site who are seeking professional advice on safe pet foods that she is not qualified... and the door has been slammed in my face through the technology Paul Edmondson has set up on HubPages.

    Is it fair for the public that a site like this isn't monitored? I know a lot of Susan Peters' readers are aware like I am just by reading their posts. I'm sure a lot of them have been blocked just as I have been in order not to ruin her status with HubPages. When you click onto about us at the very bottom of a hubpage you will see The HubPages Team. Last week, before I was blocked , Paul Edmondson's profile was listed first as CEO and Co founder of HubPages. Now, that I'm blocked his profile is missing from this page. God knows I'm not out to cause trouble for anyone.

    I am only trying to warn people that Susan Peters is not a qualified professional in pet food nutrition as so many of her readers believe she is. I can only imagine how many Hubbers out there are causing this kind of frustration with their readers, it's a shame.

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