The home health care industry has exploded, and software solutions are racing to keep up. Software companies are providing their health care agency customers with solutions to streamline operations.

To keep abreast of regulatory and guideline changes and improve patient care, home health care agencies are just beginning to take advantage of Internet solutions. Software as a Service (SaaS) and the use of mobile devices for data collection are helping take home health care into the future.

Top 10 Best Rated Home Health Care Software

Brightree has been providing home health care companies with software for more than 10 years. The company develops cloud-based software that serves more than 68,000 users.
HomeTrak is a home health care software company that was founded in 2001 by Rick Morey and Alex and Ray Kapteyn. The company is headquartered in San Diego, CA, and it currently serves more than 1,200 customers.
CareVoyant is a home health care software company that uses Microsoft technology. The company, located in Schaumburg, IL, specializes in consolidating clinical, financial, point of care and business intelligence functions.
Based in Boca Raton, FL, ContinuLink is the creator of home health care software that has been used by more than 11,000 customers. The company has been in operation since 2002.

Shelley Webb is a registered nurse, geriatric care manager and freelance writer who concentrates on the subjects of eldercare and health.

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What features matter most?

Scheduling and time tracking

Agencies with hundreds of employees - and perhaps high turnover rates - can find immediate benefits with software that can manage schedules.​

  • GPS location tracking: Keep track of where caregivers are for coordination and reconciliation of the location when notes were taken.
  • Track mileage and expenses: Tracking of mileage and expenses within the software helps organize and analyze provider expenses and can alert agencies to unusual situations.
  • Automatic schedule updates and notifications: Communication among caregivers is the most important aspect of health care. Schedules are constantly changing, and software with automatic updates and notifications can help avoid mistakes in scheduling.

Billing and electronic claims

Claims and billing are a time-consuming aspect of any home health care business. Electronically tracking claims and automatically billing providers and payers saves time and reduces costs and errors.​

  • Automatic tracking: Keep track of all claims and remittances for a quick and easy snapshot of financial data online or using reports.
  • Generate electronic claims: The software generates claims for private insurers as well as for Medicaid and Medicare. Claims are HIPAA compliant, and the system is paperless.
  • Collections management: Promptly know when accounts are past due and gain insight into customer financial performance, which can mitigate risk and reduce bad debt.

Point-of-care information

The ability to collect notes and information at the point of care can be critical. Information can be taken at the point of care and synced with the main system later or, with cloud-based programs, data can be entered directly during the visit.​

  • Simple clinical and progress notes: Providers can focus on patient care with easy-to-use notes. Notes may provide real-time communication with other team members.
  • Teaching guides: Give caregivers the information and knowledge they need, when they need it, with teaching guides and videos.
  • Access to care plan, medication interactions and allergy checks: Avoid mistakes with comprehensive patient care information readily available to all parties. Ensure caregivers are alerted to potential issues with drug interaction and allergic reactions.

Human resource tasks

Some agencies have hundreds of employees. Software providing HR tasks can greatly reduce the task of managing employee payroll and benefits.​

  • Manage employee information: Manage employee contact information as well as tax forms, background checks, credentials and time management.
  • Payroll functions: Handle time record management, pay rate and paychecks in one interface. Integrate payroll with invoicing for financial reconciliation.
  • Employee reviews: Keep track of employee reviews for record keeping and performance appraisals.

Client management (CRM)

Relationship management among employees and with clients is important for health care agencies across disciplines. Software can assist with HIPAA compliant messaging, email coordination and scheduling consistent communication.

  • Coordinate among specialties: Ensure communication across specialties, departments and agencies with integrated HIPAA compliant notes.
  • Support for volunteer coordination: Some agencies make heavy use of volunteers, requiring relationship management tools for communication and support that differs from those available for employees, like email campaigns.
  • Reminder notifications: CRM features include reminder notifications that can be used as appointment reminders, educational event reminders or birthday wishes for clients.

Regulatory compliance

Regulatory compliance is a large part of the health care industry. Software can assist agencies with Medicare/Medicaid, HIPAA, Joint Commission and other compliance regulations.

  • Have confidence during audits: The software should have integrated alerting when compliance issues arise, allowing the agency to address and correct issues to remain compliant.
  • Ensure use of best practices: Caregivers can stay up-to-date on the latest guidelines and best practices in care.
  • Keep up on Medicare & Medicaid changes: The software should be automatically updated with changes to Medicare and Medicaid requirements.

What are different types of home health software?

Web-based software

Web-based software is accessible via an Internet web browser utilizing the SaaS approach and often includes mobile capabilities for use on an iPad, tablet or smartphone. Web-based software is not accessible without an Internet connection.

Installed software

This type of software is installed directly on a caregiver's laptop or other devices. The installation allows access even when there is no Internet connection available. The data from patient visits is then synced with the main agency data at a later time.

Who's it for?

Hospice care agencies

Hospice agencies are organizations typically caring for the chronically or seriously ill patient. The health care setting can be a health center or home-based. Hospice care is aimed at end-of-life support and care for both the patient and their family.

Home care agencies

Home care agencies, or home health agencies, provide nursing and other skilled care, as well as home health aides to sick patients. Home care workers are generally supervised by a physician, nurse or other clinician. Care from various disciplines is coordinated by the agency.

Therapy agencies

Therapy agencies retain health care providers in the fields of physical, rehabilitation and occupational therapy, as well as other forms of therapy. Therapists come to the home of the patient or provide services from a centralized therapy center.

Private duty agencies

Private duty care is a subset of general home health care. Private duty providers can provide nursing services but also aim to provide whatever is necessary including companionship, bill paying, medication reminders and assistance with errands.

Company reviews

  • HomeTrak

    HomeTrak has 1,200 customers in the North America and Europe, and its leadership has over 25 years in the home health care industry. HomeTrak is based in San Diego, California.​

    • Best for Home care agencies, therapy agencies and private duty agencies.
  • CareVoyant

    CareVoyant launched its software in the 1990s and works today to provide integrated health care solutions to streamline the health care work flow.

    • Best for Hospice care agencies, home care agencies and private duty agencies.
  • HomeCare Accounting Solutions (HAS)

    HomeCare Accounting Solutions is a small company with fewer than 30 employees. The company is based in Lincroft, New Jersey.​

    • Drug interaction and medical database: Caregivers can review important drug information to avoid potential adverse reactions. Medical information can also be researched.
    • Schedule management: HAS allows for proactive management of scheduling as well as integration with payroll, accounts payable and accounts receivable.
    • Export payroll into ADP: ADP is one of the largest providers of payroll services in the world and HAS allows a customer to easily export payroll data in the ADP format.
    • Demo available: Customers interested in HomeCare Account Solutions can request additional information and a demo through their website form.
    • Clinician-centered point of care: A robust reminder and alert system eliminates record inconsistencies and reminds clinicians of best practices and agency standards.
    • Best for Agencies looking primarily looking for a back-office streamlining product.


    Founded in 1992, HEALTHCARE first targets Medicare-certified home health and hospice agencies.​

    • Available as a monthly subscription: Long-term contracts are not required, making the software affordable for small or new agencies.
    • Educational resources: HEALTHCAREfirst actively engages professionals through conference attendance and presentations as well as educational webinars offered through their website.
    • Easy-to-use mobile app: The new Android app is easy to use and fully integrated into this cloud-based software. The app requires minimal training and is intuitive for clinical and field providers to navigate.
    • Multiple lines of customer service: Users can contact HEALTHCAREfirst by phone, email or through their online contact form.
    • Business analytics: Analyze operations with robust insight into receivables, revenue and patient eligibility.
    • Best for Hospice care agencies and home care agencies.

  • AxisCare

    Based in Texas, AxisCare focuses its products on non-medical, private duty home care customers. AxisCare was founded by home care professionals.​

    • Online training and skills assessment: AxisCare provides online training videos and skills assessments, free of charge. Topics include understanding guidelines and safety procedures.
    • Unlimited support: Along with unlimited training, AxisCare offers unlimited support to its customers.
    • Marketing plan and lead management: AxisCare includes tools to manage marketing activities and track leads. The company also provides lead conversion reports.
    • No cost for additional users: There are no additional charges for adding users or for adding additional offices. As a business grows, this can be a significant cost saving.
    • Free demo: AxisCare will schedule a free product demonstration for determining if the program is a good fit for your agency.
    • Best for Private duty agencies and therapy agencies.

  • FasterNotes

    FasterNotes is one of the most respected products in the industry. The company is based in Mountain View, CA.​

    • Integrated with all mobile devices: Easily access FasterNotes from any Internet-enabled device. FasterNotes is supported on Windows 8 and Mac OS.
    • Helps manage compliance tasks: FasterNotes helps agencies deal with documentation and tasks related to CMS, ACHC, CHAP and Joint Commission reviews.
    • Always available customer support: Support from FasterNotes is available 24/7 via phone, chat or email.
    • No user cap: FasterNotes offers its customers the ability to add unlimited users.
    • Cloud-based and secure: FasterNotes uses the same high-quality cloud-based servers as major companies such as Amazon. Your data is always accessible with no downtime and is secure.
    • Best for Home care agencies and private duty agencies.

  • TherapySync

    TherapySync was developed 10 years ago by the owners of a contract therapy company who were looking for a software solution for their particular industry. It is now the No. 1 contract therapy software on the market.​

    • Business consulting services: TherapySync, in addition to software, offers business-consulting services. As the owners of a successful therapy company, their passion is to help others succeed.
    • Notes to PDF: Clinical notes can be downloaded and saved or printed as PDF files.
    • Easy documentation: TherapySync prides itself on its comprehensive and accurate documentation. This allows customers to find solutions quickly beyond the customer support service.
    • Work offline: With TherapySync, users can still work even when there is no Internet connection available.
    • Free demo and support: TheraypSync offers a free online product demo and ongoing and responsive support through their website and 800 number.
    • Best for Therapy agencies.

  • Alora Home Health Software

    Based in Atlanta, GA, Alora was started in 2005 and now has satellite offices throughout the United States.​

    • Online and offline access: Alora allows data to be entered in real-time through devices with an Internet connection. In addition, the installed component allows for data entry when offline that can later be synced with the main system.
    • Responsive customer service: Alora support is responsive and strives to offer solutions for customers and their unique situations.
    • Multi-lingual website: Alora offers a version of its website in Spanish.
    • Social media presence: Alora has accounts on multiple social media platforms, making it easy for users to connect with the company.
    • Robust billing and receivables: Alora handles Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance and private pay.
    • Best for Home care agencies and private duty agencies.

  • Brightree

    Based in Georgia, Brightree was started by health care industry veterans and now has more than 68,000 users serving over 3,000 post-acute care organizations.

    • Best for Hospice care agencies and home care agencies.

11 – 11 Best Rated Home Health Care Software

DeVero, Inc is a software company that makes cloud-based solutions for healthcare organizations and other medical professionals. It's HIPAA-compliant, scalable software is appropriate for businesses of all sizes.