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I've had two bad experiences with this company, but this last instance is absolutely ridiculous. I will never use this company again. Both instances had to do with textbooks I needed for my college courses. The first one hadn't come after a decent amount of time, so I logged back into my account to see that they had never sent it at all and just gave me a refund. Sure, that's great, but I needed those books!

The second instance is absolutely unacceptable. I ordered another textbook that I really needed, and after a month and a half, I still hadn't received it. I logged in to see the situation, and there wasn't even a tracking number (and there should have been). I finally got a refund (after two months of this), and they only refunded me $21 of $33. Are you serious?! I've been emailing customer service, and they tell me that this is a restocking fee. WHY DO I PAY THAT?! I'M THE ONE WHO NEVER GOT THE ITEM!! UNACCEPTABLE! DO NOT BUY FROM HERE.

I sold a hard-to-find video game to a buyer. The buyer requested that I leave them positive feedback after they had gotten what they bought, and so I did. Then, a couple weeks later, they falsely claimed they received an empty package. Half.com awarded them a refund and asked them to send the empty case back. After reviewing their feedback, the user had their account for less than a month but two other people had also reported being scammed the same way. Customer service would not offer any help to report fraud. I now don't have my game or my money, and I can't change my feedback on the buyer (which is why they wanted feedback left before pulling this scam). It's way too easy to get scammed this way. All the buyer has to do is claim the disc wasn't in the case. That's it. I won't be doing business with Half or eBay again.

I ordered a textbook on August 27th with plenty of time left before the first day of classes. Today, September 15th, I received an email that I have "received a refund." With less than one week before classes, I'll either have to pay over a hundred dollars for this book or just go without it. I understand that things happen and books go out of stock, but the fact that I was informed over 2 weeks later is infuriating.

The entire experience with Half.com has been horrible. I have bought and rented textbooks from many different sites before and have never had a problem. I placed my order for a textbook a couple weeks before classes started and kept checking to see if it had shipped. When it had not shipped yet I contacted the seller who told me that the order had been cancelled shortly after it was placed, I was not informed of this until the seller told me. Over 3 weeks later the charge is still on my credit card. I asked the seller when the charge would be removed and they said they returned the funds to Half.com and now I had to get the refund from them.

After contacting Half.com I still have not received a refund and they said they would review. Once the seller initiates a refund they do not have to do anything and all I can do is file a claim against the seller. Their response was not helpful at all and now I have filed a dispute with my credit card company to hopefully get the charge taken off. This site is a scam.

This issue has been resolved by PayPal. I did try to email the company's vendor TxtBroker, and their ultimate response was to send the book back. However, since this was a fraudulent sale, being that it was a "not for sale" instructor's edition, I was advised by the publisher not to do so because the company would turn around and fraudulently resell it. Thank goodness for PayPal, and their consumer protection and grievance department!! I advise consumers to avoid this company as well as it's vendor TxtBroker!! Always purchase through PayPal when possible. I have never had to file a grievance in the past, but they were super responsive, and they ruled in my favor within one week.

Original Review

I ordered a college English book for my daughter and thankfully paid through PayPal. When we received the book, it was covered in many areas with black duct tape. Out of curiosity, we removed the tape only to discover that the textbook that we purchased for 160.00 dollars, was an instructor's edition. Under the tape it was clearly printed that the book was not for sale, and is only issued (for free) to instructors for review before using them. It is illegal to sell an instructor's book, and the seller was well aware of that fact, which was substantiated by the abundant use of duct tape.

I contacted the publisher, and they advised me to either send the book to them or destroy it but absolutely do not send it back to Half.com. I immediately notified Half.com and requested a refund and I relayed what the publisher had advised. Through at least 5 email exchanges, Half.com refused to issue a refund unless I sent the book back to them. I advised them that I would not participate in illegal activity by allowing them to dupe somebody else.

After getting no resolution through Half.com, I put in a grievance with PayPal. It took PayPal less than a week to resolve the grievance in my favor. Be careful, after reading all the reviews on this site, I consider myself one of the lucky ones. From now on, we will only purchase textbooks through our campus bookstore. I also forgot to add that half.com sent an alternate edition. I typed in the ISBN number prior to purchasing the book to ensure I would receive the proper copy. The photo presented the correct edition, but we certainly did not receive what was advertised. Bad and illegal consumer practices is what you will receive if you shop at Half.com!! I just reviewed my receipt and want to add that the vendor that sent the book through Half.com was TxtBroker.

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Ordered a book that my son needed for school. Received the "book," but it was completely misrepresented. It was six sheets of printer paper with copied text (may even be a copyright issue). I contacted the seller (tinkr79) and received no response. Worked through Half.com with very disappointing results. I wouldn't recommend this vendor or seller to anyone. I regularly buy books for my children, but I will never buy from this company or this seller again.

Happy when I found the book I was looking for. Purchased it only to get a message back stating my book was sold and I would receive a refund. 3 days later no money back. Found another book for a dollar more. Ordered it and again the same message. This is a scam! Do not order unless you wanna fall behind in class. Not reliable. Unethical.

I've sold many college course books on the site and my last 2 sales I've been ripped off. I sold 2 books as brand new, which they were. I priced the books lower than the others in the same category and sold them. Both times the person who bought the book complained the covers were ripped, pages torn, or that the book was old and they wanted to return the book. They returned a used, old book in place of my brand new. Both times I lost money and nothing was done to these two buyers. They won't even let me warn others of this scam. I won't use eBay or Half.com again. I'll go to the school bookstore.

I ordered a book that was listed as "New." The item I was sent was not the book I ordered nor was the book new. It has writing in it. I tried to facilitate a return through Half.com's website but was unable to do so. The website states I have had no recent purchases. The seller's "name" is "Olivialee0505." Be careful if ordering from this seller.

Ebay is introducing scams to people. Half.com is nothing but a scam. They don't have protection policy and email says that they don't cover half.com. Ebay says, it is a different company. While I bought book I thought it is part of eBay. It is a different scam company. They are not taking care of a book I bought and I don't have the book, while I paid very high money for the college book. So I thought to make you aware of this scam website. Never buy from half.com.

Half.com offers no assistance in dealing with unethical third party sellers. I purchased an algebra textbook for my son's high school class, but received a teacher's edition. I sent back the book, as requested by the seller (goes by ** and 'andy **' of Grand Island, NY) but never received my refund. eBay offers no assistance with Half.com transactions, and the Half.com website offers no area to file complaints or warnings to consumers. Stay away from this seller, and think twice about transacting on Half.com.

Ordered a book on the 3rd of September for a college course. I chose the expedited shipping option, as I did not want to fall too far behind in the readings. The website would not allow the "Has not arrived" option when trying to contact the host, advising to wait until the 21st. By that date, I had still had not received the book in which I was charged for on the 4th. After writing a poignant message to the seller, I was told that I was going to be getting a refund. That's it? You wasted 18 days of my time. I'm impressed with your god awfulness, half.com. I know that ebay runs this site. Does it mean literally half as efficient as ebay?

I was not looking for reviews, but found this nonetheless. After reading perhaps a dozen customer reviews for Half.com, I was convinced (or compelled) to write something positive. As a long time eBay (and later, Half.com) member, one has to realize that eBay and Half.com are: 1. The same company, 2. A medium for transacting business. I both sell and buy on both sites, and have since about 2000 (fifteen years to you math-challenged readers). They have a ratings system that you can rate sellers and buyers (this is useful if you know how to read them and know what you're looking for). There are many bad sellers. This is not the responsibility of Half.com. If you have a problem, they have a complaint line that works well enough. You have to use your discretion and common sense!

Half.com I have purchased about 35 books over the years, and sold more than 75 (mostly textbooks). On eBay I have purchased quite a bit and sold hundreds of items. I always get paid, but sometimes someone is unhappy and I have to refund money or return something. I have also complained about pricing, and quality of my purchase and got positive results all three times it happened (you can take away from this that nearly all my experiences were good). It's a lot like a virtual flea market. You have to be smart about your transactions. Many of my great deals include a $145 textbook for $12. Free complimentary textbooks I have turned around and sold years later for $100 each. Plus, it's a great place to (try to) find things you can't find elsewhere. Half.com has saved me SO MUCH money over the years. Remember, they DON'T SELL ANYTHING except advertising space for buying and selling. Their website works quite well.

I received an email from Half.com stating a deposit they were trying to make to my account was declined and I needed to update my account information. I went into my account and was not allowed to make any changes to the bank account info. The site just wouldn't allow it. I email customer service and received a response back. The response was addressed to someone named "Greg" and listed a phone number I've never seen before. Ridiculous. I tried again with no success to reach customer service. Finally I figured out how to trick the site into allowing a change of bank information but only after someone else posted how to get it done. Horrible customer service and after a hundred items sold on there, I'll not sell with them again.

I rented a book from Half.com. and upon attempting to return the items, the postage labels were swapped with the return label for Amazon. I was notified of this error via e-mail and I worked to contact the companies about this mistake. Upon contacting Half.com they seemed understanding and I notified them that it would be up to a month before Amazon would be able to send it back. I just recently received the book and when I went to print the return label again, there was no option for me to do so. I contacted them via e-mail because there is no phone number and I got no response. They have charged me for the book that I am unable to send back to them. They charged my account without notification or authorization. I will NEVER use this company again. I do not recommend that anyone utilize this company either.

They're refusing to pay me the money I am owed for selling books. They don't answer emails and don't have a working number to call where you can speak to a human. I have filed a complaint with the BBB. I'm posting their rating with the BBB and it includes a working number where you get a human.

If you intend to sell books thru Half.com, please be warned and advised. This site does not care about sellers. They cancelled our selling account after 10 years of long standing good history, because of a supposed shipping violation; they never explained the violation even though we requested explanation several times. Only possible communication with them is via email (they call themselves "an online company"); the online customer representative was very rude and not helpful, ignored all our questions or concerns and simply kept referring us to their "help" pages.

Since Half.com accounts link to eBay.com, this caused our eBay.com account to also be blocked, which is a totally different site with different policies. This blocks seller activity also on the other site, and doesn't even let you use the account for buying any product; but Half.com did not care about helping resolve the situation. The eBay people tried to help but they could not do anything about the already blocked account.

On top of this, Half.com does not immediately pay seller revenues, as policy they only pay twice a month and they provide no option for requesting immediate payment if you are in urgent need of the money. So upon cancelling an account like they did to us, they place your pending payments on a 60-day hold period, which we doubt is legal. After 60 days when you try to reclaim the frozen funds, they come up with another list of hurdles and "account identity validations" in order to release your money. In our case we did not have any extra identity validations to do since our account had current up-to-date information, so then the customer representative simply stopped responding to our email requests for payment. (There is no way to contact them via phone.)

We had to call eBay for advise, they provided a phone number for Half.com (800-545-9857). When you call this number, it is an endless loop voice response system that never connects you to a real person. So, when there is a problem with this people, there is no simple way to resolve issues and you are stuck, and THEY ARE EXTREMELY DISREGARDING AND DISRESPECTING OF SELLERS, who are THE ONES WHO ALLOW THEM TO EARN THE STEEP FEES they charge on every book sale. If you intend to sell with this company, beware of their questionable and unfair practices, try to take your business somewhere else. Thank you.

I'm a college student and the first time I bought a used textbook from half.com it was not similar to how it was described so I had to return it, but half.com doesn't really have a customer service so after contacting ebay's customer service I finally realized it's better if I contact the seller. Long story short I ended up paying for the return shipping because the used book was not AT ALL how the seller described it and it's been more than a year that I'm still contacting half.com for this and they don't even respond. So as a broke college student I just want to give you an advice, just buy it from amazon.com because their customer service is worth it.

I ordered a book from Half Price and they sent me the wrong one(!!) and they didn't refund me till weeks later. I will NEVER buy anything through this company again.

I rented a book from half.com and they sent me a book from bookrenter.com. All has been fine until the due date. I cannot print a return label and their site does not acknowledge that I even rented a book. They have been emailing me about it but I cannot get in touch with customer service and have sent 5 emails to the customer support website in the past 2 days. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THESE PEOPLE TO ANYONE. EVER.

A book I ordered shipped on 8/8/14. Received a notice 8/24/14 the buyer was having "remorse" and I was refunded $44.66. My card was billed $59.31. The book was for a college class that's already started. As a result I haven't been able to start class. The number to contact half.com is bogus ** this number appears on my credit card.

I sold $275.00 worth of textbooks on Half.com. I never set up an account with Half.com. When I typed Half.com into the search engine, the site recognized my computer and I was in! I listed my children's textbooks and they sold relatively quickly. The site suggests that they will deposit the money directly into your checking on 15th and 31st of each month. I am writing this because after 9 hours of working to collect on this money... no one seems to know how to get this money transferred into my checking account or to see what actual information is shared between eBay and Half.com. Do yourself a favor and find a different website to sell your books!

I have recently sold 3 books through Half.com. I realized after the first sale that my checking account on file was no longer valid. As a "security" measure, you have to write customer service and ask for them to lift a lock on that screen so you can change info... I did that, took me 4 days to receive a response. They called, did not leave a callback # (I was at work and could not answer) so sent an email with instructions to respond. After doing that.... 2 days later, I was able to change my checking account info on file.

Then, I got an email stating that they had attempted to deposit part of the money owed but the deposit failed, and the email gave me instructions to check the same "seller payment screen". Lo and behold... it was locked. Had to send another email, this time took me 2 days to get a canned reply stating that they had confirmed my information as being the same in the email. This email did not mention a failed deposit and just said that I would get a deposit the next cycle. I emailed them back demanding an explanation... It has now been 5 days with no response. I am livid.

They have over $200 of my money. I have removed all other listings from their site and will never do business with them.... have no idea how to get the money they owe me, as they have no telephone listed and the only way to contact them is to email their horrible Customer Support. I have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission but am not sure that they will help.

Advice: sell your books anywhere else.

I had a book listed on Half.com. In the description I stated everything that you need to know about the book including that it was an international edition. A person bought the book and then 3 weeks later told me it was the wrong book and wanted a refund. I stated that I made everything clear in my posting. Never heard anything from her. Instead, she filed a claim with Half.com. Instead of them reaching out to me to get my side of the story like PayPal does, they ruled in her favor and just took money out of my account that I was not expecting. I reached out to them because now I am out $78.00 plus I have no book. Here the lady shipped the book to an old address on file that I lived at 4 years ago. Now, I buy from eBay and Half.com and my stuff always comes to me. However, why did this book get shipped to NJ. I don't live there. All they keep telling me is how to update my address on file. And that I should reach out to whoever lives at the address and see if they have the book... over a month now, I have no money and no book!!!!!!!!!!!! They are rip offs and frauds and I will escalate this to whoever I have to go to. It is not a lot of money but it is in my case.

A buyer ordered a book, had it drop shipped (clue there). In the end, the buyer stated that the book was not what they told her it would be and returned it back to us. Lib service demanded full refund, return costs, etc. They made 4 different claims to half as to condition; none of these were even vaguely true. Half.com claims that Lib services judged the book & returned it because of condition. That's not possible; they never had any contact with book. As a result, we had our account debited for sale, postage, etc. Oddly, the party we shipped the book to send her paperwork & emails. She bought the book from "daily deals" Amazon, at over $100. So how does that work? We list books with Half. "They" buy our book through eBay & resell or re-list at Amazon & then sell it through that? If this is not a scam, it is right on the edge. Half keeps citing USPS tracking # that, at no point, shows any connection to LIb Services or Amazon. We have tried leaving feedback - nope, no negative feedback allowed. We have requested blocking these people. They refuse to do right in all this. Now how did the trail of "sales" go from Half.com to eBay to Amazon?

Where do I begin with Half.com? First, I bought a book from one of their sellers for several of my college courses. I usually purchase my books from campus, Amazon, or Alibris but I thought I'd give them a shot, specifically because they were listed as an option on my college's bookstore for used books, and also because I read their buyer protection plan. The plan supposedly guarantees that your order will be in as described condition or Half.com will refund your money. The policy also does not explicitly state that they require the book to be returned. I will never buy from them again, and here is why.

All of my books came in good condition except for one: my Developmental Psychology book. It was described as in very good condition with some highlights and no markings. I paid approximately $80 for the book, and, boy, was I surprised when it showed up. Not only was the cover in bad shape (it has dents all over the cover as though someone used it for a writing desk), but the binding is torn. In addition, the book has excessive pink highlights to the tune of 60 plus pages. That is far from some highlights. The book also has markings inside but, worst of all, the book smells like someone smoked weed around it for years, a God awful smell. It smells so bad it could get even get an Arkansas law enforcement agent who burns marijuana fields high. Therefore, I contacted the seller, but the seller was uncooperative about giving me a substantial discount or issuing me a full refund. Therefore, I filed a claim with Half.com.

Half.com sent me a message that they would contact me within 72 hours to resolve the problem but almost 10 days later, I still had not heard from them. So I searched on their website in order to find a customer service number, a physical address, or even an email so I could find out the status of my claim. No such luck. Despite my searching, over an hour of searching to be exact, I could not find a number, an address, or an email for Half.com. So I began to search online, and I finally found a physical address for Half.com listed with the California Secretary of State. To date, I have not found a phone number that links you to a live person, and I only found a service email address that bounced originally, stating it does not accept emails from customers.

More than two weeks later, I finally received a reply from Half.com. Apparently, they did receive my email sent from the service email address, despite the message to the contrary that this email does not take replies, etc. They are failing to honor their buyer protection plan as advertised on their site, and they are demanding that I send the book back in order to receive a refund since they cannot determine the condition the book is in, which seems to defeat the wording in their buyer protection policy.

Half.com clearly has communication issues. In addition, they seem to not hire people who know how to clearly read emails and respond to customers, since they keep referring me to their refund policy and not their buyer protection policy. As much as I'd love to send this piece of trash back, my classes start in about a week, and I do not have time to send the book back, to wait for a full refund (which with some merchants takes 30 days or more), and then to order a book that is in very good condition or better. To do this would put me behind on my reading material, and getting behind at the beginning of the semester is simply not an option if I want to keep my GPA over 3.5.

I would even be happy with a partial credit, since the book is worth maybe $40 on a good day after it is aired out. So, as of now, I have filed a complaint with the BBB office of Silicon Valley, the Attorney General's office of California, and the FTC. Maybe this will get someone's attention that is literate with Half.com, and then I will be happy to send pictures to the previously mentioned organizations.

I ordered two expensive text books and the next day, I wanted to cancel the order. I tried calling Half.com, but I was shocked to see that they don't have any customer service! Having no other alternative, I emailed the seller. It has been a few days and I did not hear anything from him! What terrible service they have got! I never want to shop again on Half.com.

Terrible business - I thought after painful, painful experiences ordering textbook rentals with mysterious charges, no explanations, and no customer service line, it would be over, but sadly, it's not. The return process has also been hell. Since the return process is what I'm going through currently, I will just talk about that and not get into the ordering process. There are two outstanding rentals on my half.com profile account: one of them has been already returned and one of them was never sent to me (I received a refund months ago for it). Nonetheless, they are still on my account and said to be due shortly after Christmas. They have sent me email notifications reminding me to return my books.

I have tried in the past couple of days writing service@half.com three times, each time with some other bogus response (full of misspellings) that seems to outright ignore my question. What pisses me off most is that they repeat that they have reviewed my situation, and thank you so much, blah, blah, ignoring my question and wishing me to do more business even though I stated I wanted to close my account and didn't trust them with my credit card information. Because these "outstanding" books are on my account, I cannot close my account or take my card information off. This is ridiculous counting that I already returned my book and the other book was never received by me. Half.com's "customer service" (which is an email) repeatedly fails to address my simple question (can you remove these books from my account?) after three emails. I feel as though I'm knocking my head against the table.

They say the reason I never received the book is due to a technical issue, which will be fixed ASAP. The first time I asked about that, it was a month ago and now they're giving me the same line. I bet anything that in a few days, half.com will start charging my bank account for these books that are still on my account (even though they said to ignore the notifications for the returned books). They also said I said I had never received the other book (which is not what I said - I said I had returned it, it was received, and yet it's still on my account) and went through their line of how to contact a seller. **. I swear to God if I receive notifications that these imaginary books haven't been received and they're filing a claim with me, I am calling the cops. This company is a joke and should be put out of business. Their terrible business practices and lousy customer service will turn the most relaxed person into an irate customer.

I made an instant sale on Half.com (an eBay company). They owe me $38.10, which they should pay up via PayPal (also an eBay company). Unfortunately, when I made the sale, I entered an incorrect email address for my PayPal account, so the payment that Half.com attempted to make did not go through. Subsequently, I have contacted Half.com and given them my correct PayPal address, but no payment has come. I have exchanged more than half a dozen emails with them over the last 2 months to reach a resolution to this matter. I get "cut and paste" replies from them that vary from "We can only give you a gift certificate for $38.10," "We cannot change the PayPal address," and "We will send you the payment shortly." Nothing has happened.

Lesson learned. Never do business with an online company that has no phone support. Half.com cannot be reached by phone! Can you please help? Thank you.

As a seller it cost me $2.66 to mail a DVD media mail USPS to a buyer, plus an extra 25 cents for a padded mailing envelope and my time. The actual cost to the shipper is $2.86. Half.com charges the buyer $3.00 shipping but only reimburses the seller $2.39 for the shipping cost. Half.com charges the seller a 15% commission on the sale plus what is a 20% on shipping cost. There have been 2 postal increases since they set these rates and have not responded directly to the issue after several complaints.

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