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Our children gave us a 12 cup programmable automatic coffeemaker as a gift... model #CM500W. We never used it as we had a working coffeemaker but we kept it packed in the original box in reserve for when we needed it. Well, the time came and we took it out of the box and used it 3 days ago. It worked like a charm and we loved it... Then this morning it just wouldn't work. The lights came on so we know it was connected but it would NOT brew. I called the "help" 800 number and explained the problem but since I did not have a purchase receipt and I told them that I think it was probably over a year old they would do nothing except replace it for about $90.00.

We are very senior citizens... My husband is over 90 years old and a World War II veteran. We followed the directions exactly. It did work the first and second time and then just stopped. I can't understand that I had it in the original box why it would be our fault for it not working??? You would assume that the coffeemaker would last much longer than that length of time. And it is hard for me to understand how the gentleman I spoke to told me since it was over a year old nothing will be done. It had NEVER been used before... NEVER. It is a Gevalia coffeemaker... How can this be?

After years of buying Keurig brewers and having each one break down within 6 months, I finally decided to try something different. Purchased Bosch Tassimo brewer. Salesperson said that brewer comes with free coffee much in the same way as Keurig does. Once the brewer was unpacked, I quickly learned that free coffee wasn't included. However unique to Tassimo, they want you to register your product online at, and with registration, Tassimo will mail me 2 boxes of pods for the brewer. When going to, you are rerouted to That's not a good start. Next you register providing serial numbers, etc. When you check the box for your free gift, their software application/form crashes! They suggest you call them. I did.

After a rather long hold, a very disrespectful woman takes the call and confirms that Gevalia has the reservation including all information. She enters the order and you are promised that within 24 hours you will receive 3 emails. One congratulating you on your purchase. Another providing you with a 15% discount on your first order. And the last email with a secret code used to redeem your gift. Within minutes I received the first 2 emails, and as of 30 hours haven't yet received the secret code.

So after 30 hours I called again. This time "Amy" takes the call claiming to accept complaints on behalf of Kraft, Tassimo and Gevalia. Learned that really isn't the case. She is in customer service for Gevalia and defended Gevalia's program wholeheartedly. She was able to confirm my brewer registration, however wasn't in position to override the secret code needed to release gift. After keeping me on hold for about 35 minutes, she transferred me to her supervisor, "Jason."

After another 20 minutes with Jason, I'm told that he can't figure out what went wrong, is unable to correct problem, can't provide gift and promises that within 48 hours an "administrator" will call to fix the problem. Your guess is as good as mine whether we ever hear from the administrator. My guess is that Gevalia does everything they can do to delay redeeming until you forget about it. Waiting another 48 hours is a good example that strategy. I'm curious if Tassimo, Bosch or Kraft is aware of the questionable business practices of Gevalia.

I enjoy this product. I have purchased this product at Walmart. The contents have been short in 2 boxes. The froth packages were short by 2 in 2 boxes. I have 1 other box which I has been opened yet. I will continue to buy this product. Thanks.

Placed an order on a special "buy 3/get 1 free" Tassimo coffee promotion. One product (purchased at $7.99) was available. Other product (purchased at $11.99) was on back order. Gevalia did ship first order. Maybe for internal billing on their end - they charge for all 4 but discount each as if only paying for 3. No problem - I dont mind - costs the same whether discounted 25% each or 4th free. HOWEVER, on 2nd order (the more expensive item) - they cheated me. They just reduce the cost of the each item from 1st order by another 25%, rather than off the $11.99.

So essentially - Gevalia cheated me $4. Not a big deal but its my right to not get cheated. When I called customer service - they were indifferent. Customer service supervisor was even worse. She said "I will speak with my team and call you back tomorrow." Who has customer service resolution - after being on hold for 32 min - that needs to speak to team to see where they went wrong on their end? I am such a loyal customer - now the $4 cheat is made worse by inability to credit me $4 - even on next purchase - locking me back in. How insane?

Product is fine; Customer Service is terrible. Unpleasant and NOT helpful: They read from a script, super slow, rude, don't answer questions but ramble about stuff not asked, give false information.

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I recently tried to find out if my Gevalia bags were recyclable. First operator had no clue but said she'd connect me to "product dept." No answer. I called again and 2nd operator said all paper is recyclable. I informed her Gevalia uses metal bags since paper would not hold a vacuum. She switched to Operator 3 who promised to find out while I was on the line. Her answer: "All glass, paper and cardboard products are recyclable." What about the bags? (She also had no idea how they were shipped.) "Call your recycling center." I had and they needed the bags' composition. "Hmm, I think recycled paper and stuff." I then tried to write from their website but got an error message "Illegal characters in comment section" even when blank. You can't make this stuff up!

After reading the other reviews of Gevalia Coffee it looks like I'm not alone in my dealings with the company. When they stopped sending whole bean coffee I tried multiple times to cancel my subscriptions. The multiple account numbers they used made it difficult to keep track of what I owed for what items. I finally started returning all their shipments and only then did they stop sending them. I called to find out what my final balance was and was assured that the amount they gave me was my FINAL FINAL balance. I promptly paid that amount and now I received a collection notice from them for a higher amount. When I called and asked for a list of shipments and payments they told me that unfortunately they couldn't give me that information. That's ridiculous. I will never do business with Gevalia again and will tell everyone I know not to.

Had been a customer for over 20 years. Then all of a sudden, incorrect orders, shorted orders, substituted orders, and even things I did not order came in. Coffee and product quality hit bottom. Then no products except a few types of coffee that I could purchase from local store and even at a lower price than online. After I found out Kraft had purchased company I understood. Profit above customer had come into play. So no more Gevalia, there are many other quality and much better selections online than Gevalia ever had even thought of having. Too bad.

When Gevalia was going through its changes, we received 2 separate shipments. We returned both of them because the shipping was like paying double for the coffee. We could have got the coffee from our local supermarket. We did not know that we had to call them to tell them that we were returning the shipments. When I received the first bill, I called and was told that our account was clear of any required payments. We received a second bill. I called again. One rude associate said to me, “so you received the shipments and now you don't want to pay?” I say to anyone thinking about using this company to get their coffee from -- do not do it. They will rip you off. I hope they enjoy the 23 dollars because that is the last they will receive from us. We have been loyal customers for over 10 years. Good riddance to a trashy, crooked, company.

I love the Gevalia brand of coffee, that is until the trusted company after 23 years of impeccable service and coffee, sold their business to Kraft Foods. My morning love affair has been cut off. Kraft has dropped Kona coffee from the product line...I suppose too expensive to carry now that the company has been restructured. Gone, are the higher standards of coffee, once offered to loyal customers. Thank you Kraft for turning Gevalia into Gubment Cheese. How utterly American...

All the coffee makers that I had owned stop working without any warning. I made a pot of coffee and 20 minutes later decided to make more and all of a sudden it just stopped. Have experienced that with three pots, two I ordered and the other one was a gift. I enjoy the various types of coffee but the coffee makers has no longevity.

Bought two bags of House Blend from Walmart on 10/30/2014 paid $6.78 per bag plus tax. The coffee was stale and tasted like crap which ruined my mornings since opening both bags to find they both tasted awful when brewed. I called Kraft Foods who owns Gevalia to complain. The nice lady took down my information and told me how sorry they were. She said I will receive a coupon to replace them. What I received was one (1) $3.00 coupon to replace the two bags of sour coffee that I trashed. Unfortunately, I will not buy another bag of Gevalia because this has happened before and occurring too frequently. Hate to waste money on bad coffee.

After several years of receiving a recurrent order the coffee was replaced by a different/darker/roast without a prior notification. I contacted Gevalia on the phone and was given a credit. When I asked about the return instructions I was told not to ship the coffee back but to give it to someone. So I happily proceeded with giving the shipment to my neighbor who liked darker coffee. To my amazement my credit card was still billed and despite a lengthy dispute I still had to pay for the product that I never intended to purchase and was told not to return by their own employees.

I have attempted to cancel my auto-ship orders at least three times through their web site. They say that the shipments may be canceled by request with an email. I receive a letter in the mail that I can call (which is hard due to my schedule - they only have daytime call hours) or cancel via the web site. The consequence is nothing happens! The product is great - the service is bad.

I purchased 6 boxes of K cups with one dollar coupon in box and K cups are empty!!! I was a Folgers coffee drinker but enjoy your coffee better. I thought my Kuriq maker was at fault and took it to a dealer. What is going on with empty K cups. Please advise. The store will not refund my money and said write to the company. Very disappointed! Numbers on Box 2015 Apr 27 J850525 AE1. I expect to hear from you Please.

Terrible customer service for online consumers!!! BEWARE. I have tried to purchase a large order on the Gevalia online site. After completing a detailed profile asking for billing and shipping addresses, I am NOT able to place my large order. Apparently, the website (template) asks you to enter your address asking if shipping and billing are different (which they were). Then they request you complete each separately asking for: 1) Country; 2) State/Province; 3) City; 4) Zip/Postal Code.... After you complete all the way down, the system rejects the postal code for Canada even though it asked for it!!!

The frustrating thing is after completing all this and spending over 2 hours on the phone with customer service, product support and technical support, no one can help!!! They even transferred me to Tassimo when I own a Keurig coffee brewer! Talk about poor customer service! Don't try and order anything online if you live anywhere in Canada - even if your shipping address is in the United States at a UPS store (which they also accepted in the set up stage of the order.) Bottom line is Canadian credit cards are not allowed!!! Imagine in this day and age!

My Coffee Maker AN# 6370070m494 Model Number #bcm4c 6-94 has been through hell and back... still perking away through 50,000 miles of travel, roadside picnics, from dust storms to storage lockers. It was given to me "Used" at that as a gift on a $2.00 free table. Keep up the good work and product line. Is there a replacement model # or model "JUST IN CASE"??

I just received my first order of Gevalia coffee. I ordered 2 8-oz. bags but received 2 7-oz. bags. When I called customer service, the young man that answered was surprised and put me on hold. He came back and I was told this was due to fuel cost and coffee supply, etc... I asked if he was serious and wanted me to accept this. He nervously said he understood and would refund my money. I said, "No, have someone call me." Heard nothing yet. Unbelievable...

I have an automated delivery for a specific coffee set up for years, continuously upset with their timing of deliveries as well as their "I don't care attitude". In August, after the scheduled delivery date has gone by, Gevalia sent me an e-mail with a cancellation notice. Customer service tells me that it was cancelled due to a problem with my CC or bank. That it b. s., because there is plenty of money... I made a phone order with customer service that day. At least two weeks are needed for processing the order she says. Four days later (today), I received a cancellation notice.

My phone call to customer service explains why: product is not available. Lady is unfriendly and cuts me short when I complain about Gevalia's service and snippy in her answer about availability. I should check out their website - which I do. The product I want is available (their website says). Customer service disagrees. Both times they cancelled my order, blaming my insufficient funds. The truth is, they don't have the merchandise (which happened before!!! She connects me to their complaints department. That's another company, servicing 18 different businesses. After waiting for quite a while I can talk to a lady who sounds fed-up and bored. I start my conversation and she hangs up. All I have is a busy signal. GEVALIA does not deserve loyal customers, should not be in business, they simply don't care... bad business, horrible manners!

One of the worst most inconsiderate and incomprehensible customer service. As soon as you have an automatic order which is impossible to stop and your recorded credit card which is not updated backfires, they send you to a sleazy North Shore Agency collection center. This agency has no idea what you owe or why just that Gevalia has immediately, without attempting to collect anything, sent it to them. When you call Gevalia, you are told it is in collections and “we can no longer speak to you about it. Bye.” What a nightmare.

For a number of years, my wife and I subscribed to Gevalia. We enjoyed the coffee. UPS delivered on time to our front door with never a problem. Last year, Gevalia began to send the coffee by UPS to the city and then have UPS drop it off at the post office. We received three shipments with the boxes ripped wide open and shoved in our mail box. The packages were in our city for five days according to UPS tracking before being "crammed" in our mail box. Gevalia said the problem was with the post office sorting equipment, but made no effort to ameliorate the situation. We cancelled our membership!

I made the mistake of not reading reviews before ordering my first shipment of coffee and tea with a promise of a "free" coffee pot. It has been almost two and a half months and two emails and still no coffee pot. It is "back-ordered". At this point, I would not recommend doing business with them, going off with my personal experience and from what I have read.

I was a customer of Gevalia for many years until 6 months ago. I have been receiving bills from Gevalia for 6 months now and I returned the items 6 months ago. Every month, on or around the 5th, I get a bill from them. This shipment was sent out at the same time I cancelled my membership. I was told all I had to do was return the item and I would get a credit. I returned the item and was sent an email thanking me for returning it and that I owed them no money. That was after I complained that they wanted me to pay for the shipping. No place makes you pay shipping if you return something unopened! I had to go around and around with customer service for hours to get that back!

I finally was told the balance on my account was $0. Well, nobody told the billing department! So I got billed for the shipment. I called again and was told that the person was putting a "note" on my account and that I owed nothing. A month rolled by and another bill for that shipment. Six months of this! Today, I got a letter from a collection agency. I called Gevalia customer service today and said why did I receive an email from them saying that they got the return when they are billing me for it?! The customer service person (Yoshena) then told me that they don't send emails for returns. I asked if she was calling me a liar and she said no, that I was just mistaken. I was reading the email to her as she said this! So I got a Louisa, who then got me her supervisor, Lawrence.

Lawrence told me he would make a note on my account that I owed nothing. I told him that there were several "notes" on my account and that wouldn't help. He then hung up on me! Yoshena told me that I could fax them a copy of the return email so she could make sure it was true. I got the fax number and I went to my place of employment and did just that. But I also included the three bills from last 3 months and the name of the person and date when I called them. And I copied off Internet complaints that said the same thing I am saying right now. I wish there was a class action suit against them for unfair billing, so I could join it. I have wasted over 8 hours or so of my life and have gotten nowhere with this company! Beware of Gevalia! Do not do business with them!

Gevalia gave me free shipping and handling for life for the many years that I was enrolled in their coffee service delivery plan. Several months ago, they changed over their phone/computer system and I started being charged shipping. I called immediately and after a long time, finally got someone on the phone. I was told about the change in the phone system as an explanation as to why I could not get anyone on the phone. I was told that everything would be fixed. My name was taken and put on a list. I kept receiving letters asking for payment. I wrote three letters and called dozen of times. Each time, I was told it was fixed. Now, guess what? I'm getting letters from collection agencies.

I kept a copy of each letter and recorded the calls to Gevalia. I will see them in court. This is ridiculous. They think sending a letter from a collection agency will scare me into paying for something I don't owe. Well, you got the wrong one! I cancelled my account and I'm telling my friends who also joined Gevalia about this. That's the way you deal with stupid companies like this, hit them in the pocket.

I've been a customer of Gevalia for many years but decided to stop the automatic delivery. Despite the company's acknowledgement, I have received the next shipment anyway... I called Customer Service, and they told me to send it back if I didn't want it. No problem there, so I did it. The problem was that they kept sending me invoices for that shipment. The response was, every time I called, that they received returned product but the Billing department hadn't updated their system. Last time I called, I spoke to a supervisor and she told me that they credited my account finally but that I owed them a shipping charge of $5.99. After my threat to close the account, she agreed to waive the charge. Two months later, they sent my account $5.99 for collection. What a shady and dishonest company. I'm calling for a class action lawsuit against Gevalia for taking advantage of its customers. Please be aware of their practices.

I have been a customer of Gevalia for several years; however, in December of 2011, I decided to cancel my automatic delivery. Much to my dismay, several months later, I received a notification advising I owed for December's shipment. I contacted customer service and was advised they would take care of it. The following month, I received another notification advising the balance of $37.41 was now past due. Again, I spoke to a representative and was advised despite my canceling, the order it had been shipped to my former address. I advised the rep. a notification of change of address was with the post office and I in fact received a shipment in September at my current address. I was placed on hold and advised upon return a supervisor would contact me shortly. As you can imagine, there was no return call nor did I receive any more correspondence until February 2012. That correspondence came from a collection agency.

I telephoned Gevalia and was advised by a representative the package had in fact been returned to the post office as non-deliverable, according to the tracking system; however, it was not returned to them. He further advised since I did not advise them of my address change, I was responsible for payment. I was floored. I asked what was their procedure in retrieving their merchandise from the post office and if that does not happen, is that not a shipping/vendor issue? He kindly suggested I contact the post office about the package and have them forward it to Gevalia. However, I was still responsible and it's such a small amount, why don't I pay it and try to resolve it before it's reported to the credit bureau(s). I subsequently sent a letter to headquarters advising of my complaint and what I was advised. I did not get a response.

I again called Gevalia two weeks ago, after yet again receiving notification of collection and was asked my information, and told someone would get back to me. I received a Notice of Intent from yet another collection company this week dated 10/4/12. I'm frustrated and certainly do not want this to be reflected on my credit. I'm disappointed in their lack of professionalism and courtesy.

I had been a Gevalia customer for a few years. I love their coffee and the convenience of home delivery was a plus. Beginning late in 2011, I was having issues with their method of billing/payment. While one can enter a credit card online to be charged for shipments, you cannot actually pay the bill online. After having issues making sure I was paying for these shipments, I cancelled my Gevalia account in March 2012. Afterwards, I received a past due balance of $33.91 for a shipment that was shipped after cancellation.

I attempted to remedy this several times by calling Customer service - in March, May, July, and August of 2012. The only reason I called was because I received another bill for the March shipment. Each time, I was told that because of the cancellation and lack of communication, I would not be responsible for these charges. Each time, I later received a bill for the shipment in question. Finally, I spoke with a supervisor (Dominique?) on August 21, 2012. Apparently, previous representatives had never forwarded this information to the Billing Department, but only made a note of it on my account. Dominique was conciliatory, and offered to remove the charge for the coffee if I paid the remaining balance for shipping of $5.95. In my eagerness to leave this issue behind, I agreed.

I called today to handle that payment since I had received a notice from a collection agency for the full amount of $33.91. During this call, the representative told me that Dominique had credited my card for a shipment dated August 26th, 2012 (5 days after I spoke with him). It was my understanding that this credit would apply to the March 2, 2012 bill. In fact, this was the first time I had been made aware of a shipment for August 26th (note, months after I cancelled all of my Gevalia accounts). The representative told me she had forwarded a request to void the March bill to their Billing Department, and I requested both a follow-up email and phone call from said department when the issue was decided upon. We shall see how/if this is resolved.

Needless to say, I should have been more vigilant in requesting follow-up in the past. The fact that on multiple occasions, I was told the issue was resolved, only to find out it had not been (via another bill - no call or email), is appalling. The fact that I was "charged" for a shipment 5+ months after my cancellation is even worse. The representative could give no answer as to why a cancelled account was ordering/shipping coffee. In total, I have spent 3-4 hours on the phone dealing with this issue. My credit may be negatively impacted, due to contacting a collection agency for a bill of $33.91 that has been in dispute since March 2012. I would give fair warning to anyone considering Gevalia to stay away. The issues with their Billing Department and customer service are not worth the risk.

I had an account with Gevalia with the coffee billed to a credit card. Earlier this year, I received two shipments that showed an amount was due and I thought my credit card on file with them had expired, so I paid with two separate checks. When I received a bill from my credit card company showing that my card had been charged in addition to the two checks I sent, I contacted customer service. I was told they had changed their method of billing and the credit card was now charged after the bill had been sent instead of before, so it just looked like I owed them money. I was told I would be refunded for the amount that was double billed.

So far, so good, right? Wrong! It took two additional calls to finally get a check for one of the double-billed shipments and I am still working being reimbursed for the second. So far, it’s taken a total of five phone calls and probably two hours on hold over the course of those phone calls. I have been lied to where they said, "The check is in the mail and you should have it by next Wednesday," but it never came, and I was disconnected when supposedly being transferred to billing. The joke is that their automated line says something about wanting to provide superior customer service. In reality, they are the worst customer service organization I have ever had to deal with. They will say whatever they need to say to satisfy you and then do nothing, absolutely nothing to solve the problem.

Reading the litany of complaints about Gevalia's customer service, it hurts to even say the words customer service and associate them with this company and I now realize my case is not an isolated incident. They could not possibly be this bad unless their policy of providing bad, non-responsive customer service is part of their corporate philosophy and encouraged and condoned by top management. Maybe it's time for a class action attorney, State Attorney General, or consumer organization to take legal action against this company which takes advantage of its customers in every way possible.

I prepaid and tried a sample offer by Gevalia. I didn't like it and thought they were way overpriced, so I cancelled immediately. I never got any more coffee, but I did get a bill a year later for over 30 dollars. Now, I'm being hounded by their debt collectors for money I don’t owe! This is highly illegal. A company can't collect money a customer doesn't owe - that’s against the FDCPA and is false advertising, as they say you can cancel within 30 days which I did.

I placed an order and contacted them to leave payment/price information out of the box, as this was a gift, just to be told that they put an invoice in every box. I asked them for a special request to leave it out, and also why can we put an invoice address and then a different delivery address if they are giving the recipient all the payment information. No joy, they said they would inform the management, but with an attitude. If this box gets delivered with an invoice in the box, I shall then take this further and seek legal advice.

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