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Buyer Beware - Absolute rubbish... nothing is as it appears in photos! Ordered lights and 3 have never arrived. Despite my complaints there has been no resolve. You get...and don't get.... exactly what you pay for.

DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. Ordered one item for $1.90. They charged and sent two items I did not order and credited back the $1.90 for original order and didn't receive. Disputed 4 times on their website. No response. Tried to call number given by PayPal. DO NOT take customer service questions by phone (surprise?). Had to call PayPal to set up dispute which will take about a month to resolve. OUTRAGEOUS EXPERIENCE. ADDRESS: 1 Sansome St. San Francisco. But you can't get into their offices.

They took my money and the product NEVER ARRIVED! I tried 4 times contacting support, nothing back whatsoever. I am now well aware that I am not the only person who these people steal from. There's a lot of us out there so do your research. They didn't even have the courtesy to acknowledge receipt of my complaint and I NEVER GOT A REFUND!!! NO REFUND!!! WARNING, THESE GUYS ARE THIEVES!!!

First time customer. Had problems immediately regarding "free gift" promotion. They said I wouldn't get the free gift due to my error. Next, I ordered 1 item. My order total was $20. Almost immediately after ordering I had buyers regret and cancelled my order for a refund. I received emails confirming my purchase then my cancellation. The cancellation stated it would be up to 14 days which I found to be another red flag. Next, I received an email saying my "free gift" had been shipped but no mention of the headphones. Had constant problems with the app and with getting responses to my complaint. I tried to look up my original complaint on Geek and it's no longer there. It's either not user-friendly or its deliberate to scam.

Updated on 04/27/2016: I wrote a review earlier about this business. This is simply an update. Earplugs were defective & the Bluetooth headset never arrived. My daughter was so disappointed and I'm angry I'm out $. They never refunded my $.

As a first time customer I was given a choice of free items to pick from. Only had to pay $1 shipping charges. I chose Samsung phone headphones. What I got was a broken pair of cheap imitation headphones (certainly not the real deal Samsung). The sound quality on those is the worst I've ever heard on a pair of headphones. There are unexplained noises, the sound level is very low and the ear buds keep coming apart. What a way to greet a new customer! I will never become a shopper.

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Geek order never received and no help from the vendor. I placed an order on toward the end of January, and still have not received the order. I have received a confirmation email that it was delivered, but nothing else. support is an oxymoron. Never order from this company!!!

I purchased some headphones for my granddaughter. She only had them for one week, needless to say, they are no longer working. I am highly disappointed at the quality of the merchandise and will never use again.

I bought a hoverboard on on November 28, 2015. It is now January 15th, 2016 and I still have not RECEIVED this item. I spent $260 on this, not happy at all. They told me my item should be RECEIVED by December 20th, 2015. Where is it then? I emailed them and have not received an email back. They do not have a number to call them on. DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS WEBSITE. IT IS TERRIBLE AND YOU WILL BE VERY DISAPPOINTED and you probably won't even receive what you purchased. May I add, this was a Christmas present for my boyfriend's son. Yet, he still does not have it. This company should be ashamed of themselves.

Do not buy from It is a scam. The first product I bought was fine. The next order I made, they sent several other products including a motor for a boat. I don't even have one of those boats. It was expensive. I tried to send it back and get the charges reversed on my credit card and wasn't able to. I couldn't call a customer service rep. I couldn't e-mail them. They have some BS protocol you have to go through in returning an item. Do not deal with them. It is a scam. You have been warned. I will never purchase from them again. NEVER.

I have been ordering items from this company with no problems. Always have received what I have ordered. Now I check my order history and they tell me no orders have been placed. There is no records of my account but they took my money for items I never received. I called their number and was transferred 7 times to different people and at the end and after one hour and 22 minutes, they hung up on me. I'm very disappointed and frustrated with them. Please help and God bless. They took my money and are nowhere to be found. Company name is Geek. Thank you and hope you can get back to me.

Ordered I4s case. Figured how messed up could this request be. Took what seemed forever to finally get. Item was not pictured as one on site. Piece of cheap plastic AND doesn't even fit the phone I have. Approximately an inch smaller. What a scam. My fault for not looking at reviews first. Don't waste time or money!!

I placed a order 17 Days ago and nothing. This website should be shut down. It's a class A piece of **.

I ordered a watch. It still has not been delivered and every time I ask a question about it no response.

Purchased micro sd 128 gb class 10 memory for my phone. Had it for less than a month. Doesn't keep and lost all data on the card. Now you have to figure out how to send it back and who it is you have to send it to. No such luck. Just passed the 30 days. The vendor seems to count the days since it left their hands in china. He counts 52 days, it hasn't been more than a month in mine. Now any other product in a retailer would definitely have more than 30 day warranty anyways. My advice. Don't buy Geeks products at all. You'll get stiffed with the product. When I went to site to see for returns, no phone numbers. And even when you get a response I realized after a week that they responded. It didn't come through my email account. This is at the very least a shim sham operation. Not worth even 20% of retail price as you see by most reviews. Save your money. Don't buy Geeks products.

They sold me a crap mp3 player that my computer didn't even recognize.

I ordered a neck band bluetooth online. They accepted payment and let me know it was not in stock. No number to contact them so they emailed to say they would return money back to card. Never did. VERY DISAPPOINTED. I DO NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE TO ORDER FROM THEM. my advice would be DO NOT buy from them unless you are in the US. They claim they deliver to Australia. I paid with my credit card, then received an email that they are "currently reconsidering their payment policy" they haven't put on their website yet. And that they will only accept a wire transfer ($20 fee + extra days of waiting). When I asked them to stick to the terms on their website, they turned deaf and rude (did not bother to respond back). Unprofessional, unclear in their terms, wasted two days of my life. By the way, the funds they authorized on my credit card (yes, they did not accept my card yet took funds from it) may remain blocked for another 30 days.

I bought a PC from **** and what they sent me was a non-working PC. They requested that I send it back and I did so. Once I had returned it, they said they did not have a suitable replacement so they refunded the cost of the PC. However, they have refused to refund the $64.78 that it cost for me to ship it back to them.

Overpaid for shipping on second day; didn't receive it for five days. No one will refund my money or any portion of it.

Don't count on these people for quality service.

I purchased a refurbished HP computer (HP Compaq dc7600 Pentium 4 3.2GH) for $169.99 on 27 May 2011 via PayPal. I received it in about a week after my purchase. I tried to use it on my existing system (i.e. monitor, keyboard, etc.) but I could not set it up completely. In trying to effectuate the setup, I somehow lost the installed MS Windows Home edition program. I wrote twice to for help. I have not heard a peep from them. They are just ignoring me. I have bought other items over the past 1-2 years with satisfaction; but this is the first time I needed their help after the purchase. They are on my "rogue's list" now and I will not buy from them again. I am taking them off my subscription list. I am out the $169.99 as of now. It makes a good bookend.

I received a Biostar motherboard from them in March of 2010. The motherboard was defective so I returned it at my expense. I got another defective one and returned it. Then I got another one which is defective but this time, I complained and they paid for return shipping. I was able to get a promise of an in-house credit to use on my next purchase but, to this day, the in-house credit does not show up when I try to use it.

I have contacted the company many times by e-mail, and my last few e-mails have gone unanswered.

I purchased a DVR-4GB-PEN - 4GB USB Digital Pocket 640x480 Video Recorder and Ballpoint Pen for $40.99 and paid shipping of $9.00 for a total of $49.99. The item was defective so I had to return it. Since I am from another country, I had to pay $15 USD to return it. When the item was replaced, I had to pay $5 USD to clear it. This item was also defective. Now, I have to pay $15 USD to return it. The company says its policy is not to pay for shipping returns. This is unfair to me since both items were defective. Now, I will end up paying almost double for this item while this company will continue to sell defective items.

The "debranded" computer I bought from was defective. So I returned and paid my own shipping. They told me nothing was wrong and shipped it back. Now, it fails again, so they are willing to pay the shipping for me and reexamine.

The thing I want to point out is not that, however. Their debranded computer seems to be problematic in general (GPU error). I searched online and found HP recall model "slimline 3120n" to be similar. Since the brand on my computer was "Global" (the original manufacturer in China), I think they are trying to dump the defect stock that HP stopped buying. Please tell me if that action is legal or not.

For the last couple of years, I have been ordering things for mostly family members from computers, motherboards, memory and almost every time they fail to send all that is included with the purchase like drivers, cables and etc. Sometimes, the product is broken in the package, on three different occasions for me. But this last time, my mother bought me a server motherboard combo kit for my 38th birthday and when I received it, low and behold, the driver disk wasn't there, the IDE cable wasn't there, the SCSI cable wasn't there and one of the CPU heat risers looked like it was stepped on.

Now when you call them, they will give you a RMA no. and a printable label so you can return damaged items at your cost. Yes, I know how generous of them and because the family members I did the repairs for ordered the parts with their credit or debit cards, geeks will only talk to them. Unfortunately they do not know anything about the parts of a computer. So will just frustrate you until it's no longer worth the time and effort, it would just be easier to go to the local computer parts store and pay twice the price, which after dealing with seems like a bargain.

So this is a friendly warning. Their ad wording is deceptive and their customer services [are bad]. Just think long and hard before you order. Well my mother was heartbroken because she felt like she bought me trash for my birthday and now she’s out $80.00, but hey what the geeks care. They made their sell.

I bought a computer with this company **. On the website, it stated that the system did not come with any operating system. I understood that. When I received the computer, I had a technician installed a brand new operating system. Then a few problems came up. First they debranded the computer and did not want to speak to me about resolving the issues. The tech said on the website, that the system had no driver and it would not work. Now, if I saw that, (which is a lie) I would not have bought this computer. they keep blocking my calls and avoid my complaints. Now I have no computer and no help. My OR number is 340 644. This computer came with no operating system and I'm not able to install any operating system because they debranded the system. So it's useless to work with. Company Profile

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