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Freebee Gas took my car under the guise of a return of $500.00 in gas credit cards for the FEED THE HUNGRY Foundation. I donated the car from Midway Transmissions in Bridgewater, NJ 08807 August 2008. I complied with the gathering of $100.00 of receipts per month as requested along with paying a $5.00 PayPal fee. Months went on submitting receipts to them but they never responded. Phone responses were just that they were sorry for the delay. They were based out of Brooklyn, NY. I saw this was a scam from the numerous reports building on the internet. So basically they stole my car and gave me nothing. It had a new 10 disc CD changer in it. I'm sure FEED THE HUNGRY got nothing also. Did anyone ever get these thieves?

Sent $5 check with voucher to receive a $100 Shell gas gift card: On 10/30/2008, I sent a check in the amount of $5 drafted on 1st Pacific Credit Union, 536 Santa Clara Street, Vallejo, CA 94590-5923 and payable to, 141000 Walsinghan Road, Suite 36, Box 12, Largo, FL 33774. I never heard from them. I just happened to find my carbon copy of the above check and decided to see if there were complaints similar to mine. I decided to contact you, knowing there are others like me.

I did a test drive at this dealership that promised $300 in free gas, I got a voucher for and I paid a $5 fee.They promised a $25 gas card for $100 in monthly gas purchases. I mailed in receipts for 7 months but still no gas card. The promo was a bad reflection on the dealership that used it.

I never received the $300 in gas vouchers. I sent in $300 in gas receipts and never got anything in return. I wasted about 3 hours of my time getting the certificate and buying gas over a few months of my valuable time,

I received a voucher for $500 free gas from LJ Snow Ford Dealer in Colton California. The Dealer no longer exists and went out of business. I sent an email to where I registered and got no response. The cost to me was $5 to register fee, 13 postage stamps, and time. I am not complaining about spending the $100 of gas a month because I do use that regardless of this coupon but I did not appreciate that I was lied to about receiving the $500 in $25 increments a month. The last two hundred dollar gas receipts were returned to me, returned to sender not able to forward. The phone number no longer exists. I have the returned envelopes I mailed and e-mails from them.

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I got a 300 dollar gift card for submitting Gas receipts. I submitted 6 months worth and never got a $25.00 voucher that I was supposed to get every month. I paid pPypal 5 bucks and 6 months of postage as well as several emails/phone calls. The major damage wasn't the 5 bucks I lost to Paypal. It wasn't the postage to send 6 months of receipts in nor was it the hassle of tracking and keeping all my receipts/ finding the gas station of choice. I wasted a whole day of my life that I will never get back.

The only reason I went to this time share offer was for this $300 in gas. Gas was 5 bucks a gallon and for work I was driving about 25k per year. So I took the 2 hour (each way) ride to Killington, listened to this ** try and hard sell me air for a few hundred a month for nothing. Did I mention the guy tried to turn my girlfriend who was there on me to get me to buy basically selling the off peak weeks where the resort was either closed or in the Carribean during hurricane season? These scams need to be stopped.

I received a $300 certificate from a Honda dealership in Laurel MD in the summer of 2008. I went online to, registered, and paid a $5 registration fee. I submitted receipts for $100 in gas purchases for gas purchases for 3 consecutive months. I didn't receive any gas card or any other reimbursement from them.

On 6/25/08 I received thru the mail from Gerry Counts Auto Sales an invite for a chance to win a car and free gas. I did not win the car, but I won $300.00 in free gas. I did not have access to the internet at that time, so I mailed my info and a check for $5.00 as instructed. The $5 was to be refunded in my final redemption month. My check was cashed on 7-8-2008. Time went on and I receieved no info for my free gas. On 12-3-2008 I sent a letter, a copy of bank statement showing my check was cashed, and copy of my free gas coupon. I still to date, have not heard from anyone.

After attending a presentation by Global Estates on May or June of 2008, we were given a certificate for $150 in free gasoline to be issued in gift cards in increments of $25 per month. We followed all of the instructions on how to redeem our gift cards and then telephoned the company repeatedly to inquire as to their whereabouts. We were told that they were running behind due to the large response to the offer. To date (July 2009), we have not received any of the promised gift cards. We paid a $5.00 fee which was to be reimbursed after processing the final month of redemption.

I got from this dealership. I tried to get $25.00 gift cards from them, but they kept giving the run around. I went back to the dealership when I could not get a response from them. I sent 6 months of receipts, but I got nothing in return and the dealership could care less.

In return for ordering some magazines, I received 3 $50.00 gas vouchers from There was no number listed so I went online to the website and registered. They told me I would have to pay $5.00 per voucher through PayPal so I could receive my gift certificate from the gas station I chose which was Citco.

I went to PayPal and paid them $5.00 for the first voucher. I followed the requirements exactly, sending $100.00 original gas receipts with my voucher for January and February of 2009. I never received anything or heard anything for about 3 months. Now, here I am looking crazy because I got scammed. I went back to the website and it does not exist or has changed to another company.

This is simply not right. How many others did they get like me? $5.00 payments can add up if thousands of people did as I did! How can people steal our money and get away with it? Please give me some type of input on how I should proceed! Thank you very much. I paid $5.00 to them through PayPal, wasted a stamp, and spent extra money putting in enough gas so I could reach my $100.00 mark within 3 weeks as required so I could get my $50.00 gas card. What can I do, sue them?

I too was taken in by the ploy of free gas for a year, by one of our local car dealerships in Clarksville, TN. I however did receive $100.00. I am still out $100.00 for receipts I turned in. I fought very hard for the $100.00 I got but I don't think the stress is worth it. I received a $300.00 voucher, but at least, I did get something. Now, the phones are shut off so I guess that is all I will receive. They did come up with every excuse and I think the only reason I receive the $100.00 is I told them I was going to call the BBB.

I got a certificate for $450 of free gas from a car dealership. It said if I sent in $100 of gas receipts for the month I would recieve a $25 gift card. That was suppose to start in October of 2008. I sent in the receipts for the months of Oct., Nov., Dec., Jan., Feb., and March. I have not seen anything in the form a gift card since. I dont see the point of doing this for another year if I am not getting anything in six months. This is a scam.

I also was offered this free gas with the purchase of $100.00 in gas at the same gas station. My offer came from the magazine company I am enrolled with. They offered this to me if I paid up my balance which was over $400.00. I did this on my credit card that I had for emergency use. I did receive 3 $25.00 Visa cards. I still am owed $325.00 in rebates.

We bought a television at Tweeter, now out of business, and receive $500.00 back in free gas through FreeBee Gas redemption certificates. We never received a single redemption certificate, after mailing several gas receipts in. A big scam.

We bought a television at Tweeter, now out of business, and receive $500.00 back in free gas through FreeBee Gas redemption certificates. We never received one redemption certificate after mailing several gas receipts in. A big scam. A loss to us of $500.00 in free gas plus a $5.00 registration fee.

After a presentation from a local water purification company, I received a coupon for $100 in free gas. I had to print voucher coupons, use the same gas station for four months , purchase $100 each month, send in receipts and vouchers to Freebeegas. I received one conformation e-mail from the company during the four months, was charged $5.00 for a setup fee, and never received any gas cards back. I was supposed to receive 4 $25.00 gas cards. I have all the emails that the company sent me.

I was given a voucher for $50 in gas by now-defunct Grass Valley Ford dealership. I collected required receipts for 2 months and paid a "fully refundable redemption assistance fee" of $5. This started in October 2008. All required receipts were sent in by me and there is no response. The website I was given no longer exsists. I would at least like to get my $5 back.

We sat through a time share sales for 90 minutes at Grand Discovery Resort in Myrtle Beach to receive 2 gifts one from Free Bee Gas and one from CERTS, Inc. First the Free Bee Gas gift card was to collect $100 gas/month for 6 months and receive gas cards of $25 each month for a total of $150 plus return of $5 redemption assistance fee. We haven't received one gift card. Then the other gift was 2 free airline tkts good for anywhere in 48 US States...through CERTS, Inc. We made one small mistake on the application which they said invalidated the certificate. We called customer service and tried talking to a supervisor they were rude and unhelpful. We would not recommend either company to anyone.

give them $5.00 to recieve gas vouchers by email, have sent in 5 vouchers with gas receipts and have recieved nothing, Oct 08-Feb 09. was suppose to get $500. worth of gas cards, this was a deal thru Ashley Furniture of Montana

I participated with a RainSoft representative to do a survey of the quality of my water. In return, I was promised $125 worth of gas redemption gift cards once they received a voucher along with my original receipts. The vouchers were redeemed for Aug., Sept., and Oct. and I received my gift cards. However, I never received gift cards for Nov. and Dec. plus the initial $5 for the refundable redemption assistance fee. I spoke with a gentleman at one time because of a misunderstanding about the Terms of Use and he added an additional voucher for Dec. My gas code is **. I purchased all my gas from Sunoco.

I had intended to give these gift cards to my son for his birthday, 12/22, and Christmas, 12/25. I wanted to give him something special as he was going into the US National Guard Army on Jan 12th. In the first place, when they contacted me about testing the water, I asked them if this had anything to do with RainSoft and they said no and I also asked them if they were going to try and sell me something and again they said no. They said that there had been complaints about the water in the neighborhood and they just wanted to test it and, in return, I would receive a $100 gas coupon. Well, it did turn out to be RainSoft and he did attempt to sell me their product not once but several times. He also took up about three hours of my time. I thought well, at least, I would get a $100 gas coupon and then Freebee Gas came into the picture. I was lied to and they did not fulfill their end of the bargain.

I test drove a car at a local dealership, Des Moines Chrysler, last summer (2008) and, in return, they offered $500 free gas (via monthly free gas vouchers through Freebee gas). I faithfully saved receipts totaling $100 each month and mailed them in. I received 2 cards for the months of July 2008 and August 2008, for $25/each. However, the receipts and vouchers I saved and sent in for Sept., Oct., Nov., Dec., and Jan. were returned by mail saying undeliverable address.

I received a free gas voucher for visiting a time share company in the Berkshires and have sent in $100 worth of sales receipts for over 9 months and have only received one gas card and am still waiting for the rest. I also mailed this month’s receipts and they were returned to me. I want my gas money and my $5.00 Paypal fee. Times are hard and when you have to buy a name brand gas to get your voucher, it makes it hard when there is cheaper gas right down the road. My husband was very ill and I had to go out of my way to buy gas. I did my part and now they should do theirs.

There was to be $100 in free gas if I took a time share tour. After the tour, I got the rebate info. Buy $100 every month, send in the receipts and you get $25 gas card till you have collected your $100. It required a $5 deposit which was supposed to be refunded in your last card. Well, after 3 months and no cards, I emailed requesting what was up. I got a reply that the computer had crashed and they were in the process of recovering and would be sending out cards in mid to late Feb., but to keep sending in those rebate forms. Jan. rebate was sent in early Feb. and on March 4, it was returned to me as undeliverable. I did not send in Feb. rebate but tried to email. A week later, it came back as undeliverable and the 800 number I had was disconnected or not answered. That's 7 months, no gas cards and I'm out $5.

I suffered through a bulk vacation buying presentation in order to receive $300 in free gas. I received a voucher with a serial number that I used to enroll in the program. The enrollment process also required a $5 upfront fee that would be refunded at the end of the program. I received 12 little vouchers, in which I had to collect $100 in gas receipts from the same brand gas station each month. Then I had to mail in the receipts with the voucher and I would get a $25 gas card each month. The $5 fee was to be refunded after the last voucher was completed. I have not received a single gas card. In addition, my last submission was denied and returned to me in the mail. I have never been able to contact anyone at the company because the phone would just keep ringing. I want my free gas and my $5 for keeping up my end of the deal.

I purchased a car last year under the understanding that I would receive $400 in gas vouchers from When I sent in my first receipts, I never received back my vouchers for free gas. When I sent in my second set of receipts, my letter was returned to me as undeliverable. I have yet to receive my gas vouchers despite having filed everything correctly according to their program instructions. Now, I also understand that this website may no longer be in business and that several suits are pending. I still have all my paperwork for the gas vouchers that were promised but six months later, I still have not received any vouchers.

I bought a new mattress in Sept. 2008 from Ashley Furniture and was supposed to get $500 in rebates sent in Oct., Nov., and Dec., and I never received a card. The paperwork said it would only take 4 to 8 weeks after gas receipts were received to get gas card.

We went to Deerbrook Chrysler in Kingwood with the promise of a free $500 in gas if we test drove a new or used vehicle. I did test drive a new vehicle and started sending in my receipts to Freebee Gas. I've been sending in my receipts since August of 2008 and I haven't received a single gift card back. I even resent all of my receipts via Priority mail and the envelope/package was refused and sent back to me. That cost me another $5.60 in postage. To me, this was false advertising on behalf of Deerbrook Chrysler.

For attending a timeshare presentation, I was told I would receive $300.00 in free gas. All I had to do was sign up and send $5.00 processing fee and for the next year purchase $100.00 in gas from a certain gas station. I would receive a $25.00 gas card. I started this in September of 2008 and have yet to receive a gas card. I am very unhappy! I've spent over 100.00 dollars by trusting this company.

I sent $5 to enroll in $500 gas rebate program. In exchange for $100 in gas purchases every month, I was to receive $25 in free gas. After $500 rebate, my $5 was to be refunded. After 6 months of submitting $100 worth of receipts, I still have not received any of my $25 gift cards. I’m currently out $155. Company Profile

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