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The administrators at Flickr website have allowed my account to become corrupt. Now, I can neither create a new account, nor sign into a "supposedly" still active account. There is no support contact.

The new format that Flickr introduced without warning is a mess. It's difficult to navigate and confusing with almost none of the interesting features the old format ad. It's also in-your-face loud. For example, if you knocked on my door and instead of answering with a hello, I shoved a poster sized picture two inches from your face and every time you tried to turn away from that poster, I shoved another one in your face, until you couldn't move without being buried in pictures you didn't want to see, and I wouldn't let you see any photo you might actually want to see without wading through every other poster sized picture in the house.

Would that make you feel welcome and comfortable with being in my home? Would you want to spend more time there, being inundated with huge pictures so that you couldn't see anything else or do anything else? How about if I didn't offer you any refreshments or conversation while you were digging yourself out from under all those pictures? Yahoo has lost its way and is uninterested in its users and historically unresponsive to complaints. It seemed only interested in advertising revenue. It ruined a good thing in the interest of profit and flash. I'm just ranting I know, but what I wish is that it would either give users the option of using the old format or restore some sanity to the new one.

For the last three weeks, I have been unable to access my Flickr account. I have over 10,000 photos on it and have been using it on a daily basis. For some reason, it suddenly won't accept my previous user name and password so I cannot log in. I immediately used their contact me page (after discovering Yahoo could do nothing). Since it won't recognize my user ID, I cannot simply reset my password. I received a form letter acknowledgement of my email and since then, nothing. I have paid the Pro subscription fee for 3 years and expected at least a proper follow-up but zilch. Not the type of service you expect and should receive from what considers itself to still be a major player in this field.

Connection Time Out: Whenever I am trying to open my Flickr account, it is showing connection time out. I have precious pictures there. Please sort out the technical things whatever might have happened.

My daughter’s Pro Flickr account and Yahoo account were deleted without notice. I sent well over 50 emails requesting the reason. The only replies I kept receiving were standard replies referring me to a breach of their terms and conditions. I knew there was no breach so I requested exact details of the misdemeanors but never received any information. I went as far as their HQ in London, the legal department, who fobbed me off. I then received an email from the Customer Care team telling me they would answer no more of my emails. I am furious! I lost my money and my daughter lost all her photos.

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I have been complaining for several weeks about service that does not work. I have had only email replies sending me from pillar to post, without any answers of resolved action.

Around July 2010, I signed into my Flickr account that I hadn't used since I became an SBC Global / AT&T user nearly 7 years ago. When I logged in, it took me through the initial set-up of joining Flickr, and then was prompted to start uploading some photos. After a few hundred uploads over the next few months, I noticed a "Pro" status next to my name. I noticed this status on other friends accounts, who also paid for AT&T internet. I was under the assumption that being an AT&T member, having a Pro account was a benefit just as the free McAfee software, etc. After uploading over 1000 photos and having lots of traffic on my photos, I signed in one day with a message box that indicated that my pro account was no longer free, and I would have to pay $24.95 to continue using the Pro account perks, which include viewing any of pictures over the 200 mark. But if I deleted the current albums, I would be able to see the next 200 pictures.

I attempted to start downloading the original sized pictures from the albums I still had access to. But now the option to download the original size of my images was gone, apparently also a Pro perk. Out of frustration at the lack of "here's your free trial and your free trial is about to expire", I just deleted the 200 photos and refreshed my page to see the next 200, but to no surprise now, I have no pictures in view! My first attempt to contact customer support via email, I was told that my case would be transferred to a senior account representative. Nearly one week later, I receive a generic response telling me basically what the pop-up box told me the day I signed in, excerpts:

"Thank you for contacting Flickr Member Support. With a free account you are limited to viewing only your 200 most recently uploaded photos. Also, only the most recent 200 photos will show in public searches and when you are viewing your photos by tags. Your older photos haven't been deleted, but they will

remain hidden from your photostream and sets until you delete newer photos, or upgrade to a Pro account."

This still doesn't address my concern of why wasn't I told that my account was trial, and that it was about to expire. Instead my photos are being held ransom. I responded expressing my concerns, and received this following email, which again was generic and gave me no answers as to why my account was given to me for free and then revoked all without any notification. Excerpts of their email:

"Thank you for contacting Flickr Member Support. Beginning January 2009, Verizon and AT&T Internet Service subscribers will no longer receive free Flickr Pro with their Internet access service which our members were informed about via email. All Verizon and AT&T Internet Service subscribers' Flickr Pro accounts were be converted to free Flickr accounts, which are subject to some limits."

This makes no sense, why I signed in July 2010, and was given a free Pro account for several months. If this was no longer complimentary as of January 2009, then why was it given to me? Was it a mistake, or a scam? Either way, they are not making the situation right, by giving me temporary access to download all of my photos off of their site. And I am afraid if I pay $24.95 for the Pro account, my pictures won't even be there, and once again I will be left at the mercy of auto-response generic emails from their so-called customer service, and they'll have their $24.95 anyway.

After numerous attempts at trying to get answers regarding my recently terminated account, Flickr customer support has been anything but supportive. The only responses I get are automated. No one can seem to tell me how my account was in violation of their TOS. This leads me to believe that they don't know how it was in violation either, and since they've deleted it, they're just trying to cover their asses.

Sorry, but they deleted over 13,000+ images (that I can't get back) and over a year's worth of work. So an explanation is the least they can do. And no, another "This account was in violation" won't cut it. In violation of what? That's the question that I'm waiting for an answer to.

If an error was made on Flickr's part, they need to own up to their mistake and apologize for it. I'm standing in the middle of their customer service department, screaming at the top of my lungs and no one is listening. 13,000+ images were erased (that cannot be retrieved), ultimately affecting over 1,400 people.

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